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Warm Up Activities using Authentic Materials (Part 1 of 5)

ESL lesson using job advertisements (14-18 years)


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Create new words:


 Language and skills

vocabulary, spelling, combining letters into known words




beginners / intermediate / advanced




2 minutes and more (depends on teacher and learners)




paper and pen (dictionary for checking spelling)






Procedure  Pair, group or individual work. The learners should write as many words as they can using letters in the words JOB ADVERTISEMENT. They can use fewer letters but not more. Examples: men, read, red, advent, tea, a, an, the, tear etc.


The teacher can decide on categories such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and learners have to write words that fall into the category or the topic is given such as PROFESSION, HOBBIES, TRAVELLING etc. and learners should write words that would fall under the topic label.



Fill in words:


 Language and skills

topic related vocabulary, spelling, dictionary work




intermediate / advanced




3 minutes and more




paper, pen, dictionaries


Procedure: Individual/pair or group work.


The teacher writes words job advertisement on the blackboard like this:






Apply (an example)



Experience (an example)











These letters are initial letters of words learners must write. Less advanced learners can write any words, for advanced learners teacher can state the topic area such as JOBS (examples given), INTERESTS, ENVIRONMENT. In case the teacher uses this activity as a warm up activity for the lesson that aims at making use of job advertisements in developing language and skills, such areas as WORK, PROFESSION, WORK PLACE are strongly recommended.


The learners can check their words with each other or in dictionaries. This activity can be organized as a competition with a time limit.



Jobs around us:


 Language and skills

thematic vocabulary, spelling, dictionary work




pre-intermediate / intermediate / advanced




5 minutes and more




paper and pen (dictionary for checking spelling)






Procedure: Individual work leading to class work. The teacher writes the alphabet in a column on the blackboard. The learners must use every letter as an initial letter of a job. If necessary the teacher can deliberately omit letters which are not initial letters of any job. Less advanced learners can use dictionaries, for advanced learners a time limit can be set.


Example: Accountant, Businessman, Correspondent, Designer, etc.


In the feedback stage a complete list of jobs can be written on the blackboard.



Who is this job for?


 Language and skills

scanning / answering questions




pre-intermediate / intermediate




10 minutes 




copies of several adverts




questions written on the blackboard or transparency


Procedure: Learners work in pair and skim job adverts to find answers to the following question:


Which job would be suitable for someone who:


- Enjoys traveling?

- Has business experience and wants responsibility?

- Can't work during the day?

- Has got telephone skills?

- Can't work in the evenings or at weekend?



In the feedback session learners justify their ideas by forming statements such as:


Sales representative is a good job for someone who likes traveling.




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2. Teaching Reading

3. Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar

4. Teaching Writing

5. Teaching Communication



Copyright 2004 Eva Homolova



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