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Students Looking For Tutors: I am looking for one-to-one English language course homestay in the USA  by: Saleh
I am looking to learn English for my work, over the next three months in USA . I search home stay and teaching me english If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at salehh30@..
Arabic Tutor: Arabic and quran teacher  by: ritage
My names Ritage and i live in Alexandria, Egypt for the past 6 years , I worked as a chemist then i changed my career to be an Arabic teacher. i have been teaching Arabic for children and adults as a..
South Korea  by: Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith (630)-390-6944 Current Address: Permanent Address: Champaign, IL 61820 Crystal Lake, IL 60014 Objective: To obtain an internship that utilizes my interests in public..
Wuhan, China  by: Israel Lagatule
Israel Thomas Lagatule Email: D.O.B: 1981 Skype: Israel.Lagatule Summary  Currently studying 120 hr TEFL qualification  English Native Speaker  Mandarin..
Bogota, Colombia  by: GOLL English
Hello! Are you an enthusiastic, “people-person” who wants to teach English in Bogota? If yes, GOLL English wants to interview YOU! Who We Are GOLL English has been teaching professionals since..
Accra, Ghana: Volunteers  by: Dera Foundation Ghana
Dera Foundation Ghana, is an NGO operating in rural areas and communities in Ghana. We are into education ,Health and community Development. We currently need Volunteer teachers and General..
Profiled Agency -- Daqing, China: ESL/EFL English Teacher **11,500CNY Monthly Salary  by: Teaching China
Job Description !!! Monthly Package worth up to 11, 500 per month !!! Salary:8000 - 10000 RMB Monthly Bonus of 500 RMB Contract Completion Bonus of up to 10,000 RMB Apartment: Free, private apartment..
Agency -- Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai  by: Trines
U$2600 monthly + U$2300 signing bonus + other bonuses and benefits - ESL/EFL Teachers wanted in China We are looking for several teachers on behalf of a well-known organisation who are recruiting for..
Major cities: Public school  by: Public school jobs in Korea
Adventure starts here! Teach in South Korea! Since world is globalized rapidly, English has become the major language people use internationally. Thus, English education in Korea is now so much..
Yangpyeong: Summer Camp  by: Yangpyeong English Village
Dates: May 15th ~ August 5th Summer camp programs will include students from Korea, China, Kazakhstan and Russia. **Must be able to arrive at least three days prior to the starting date for training..
Re NYT article: "China Close to Passing Strict Law on Foreign Groups"  by: amused
The law may affect some FTs and their educational institutions even if they don't run "clandestine operations". Israel/Russia that you bring in here are high up on the UN list of dictatorships...
Re why to blame China?  by: nijao
Education should NOT be a business but it is. western teachers have big debts in student loans and other debts from the time they were studying and waiting unemployed for a job based in their..
Re Simply English Moscow   by: Travis Lee Bailey, Esq
Simply English Moscow does a wide variety of illegal activities. Which can be found here: I was assaulted and threatened by the director Каркач Владимир..
Re AVOID NAHEYA BILINGUAL SCHOOL IN Hohhot  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
No, she was most likely a hotdog vendor with fake certificates or diplomas from.....Naheya Pretend Monolingual "School" where only Chinglish is taught and spoken. [edited] She is the woman who only..
Re: Teaching in the Middle East  by: gharwell1
Hello, Get the job before you go. Do NOT just show up and expect to get a great job. It may be a good job or a cool job but you have to remember and expect that at sometime during the contract you..
We Are looking for investors for a school in Zimbabwe  by: Takura
We Are looking for investors for a private school in Central Zimbabwe. The economy is not good and the middle class has been eroded so the are the super expensive schools and the poorly equiped low..
Agents in the UAE offer their services to Colleges in the United Kingdom, Canada & Australia  by: Khurram Aurangzeb
We are looking for College & Universites whom we will provide students from UAE. Any Institute are interested send us email with programs of Study and Fee Structure Admission criteria. Contact via..
School in Cebu Philippines is looking for agents from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam  by: Ms. Aki
HI! i am the School secretary of Cebu Smart English Academy Located in Cebu City, Philippines are looking for well-motivated and inspired AGENTS who can recruit or give students for this academy from..
Student looking for one-to-one English language course homestay in the USA  by: Saleh
I am looking to learn English for my work, over the next three months in USA . I search home stay and teaching me english If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at salehh30@..
Ireland Host Family Programmes, Ireland  by: Cultural and activity Programmes in Ireland
Language Holidays in Ireland We offer individual personalised Total Immersion programmes with Irish Host Families. Our families are inspected and police vetted . Our Programmes include: Total..
Watching Indian + English TV in Beijing , China?  by: Felix
English & Indian IPTV are available now . Your home have China Telecom or China Unicom Internet and Router ( At least 10 M pbs ) We offer you one TV Box to watch below tv channels...
Books: Teach Science with Hands on Activities  by: Erin
Are you in s Korea and looking for ways to introduce science vocab in your classroom. Use two new books by Nomad Press to engage 9-14 year olds in science vocab and experiments. Using engaging..
Pen Pals for my Students: English  by: Niall
I am an ESL teacher currently working in South Korea. I have some students who I would like to set up with some penpals. I would like to set up a weekly class in which the students can e-mail or make..
Re SCAM ALERT: Scammers using the name of a real school: Centro Linguistico Eureka  by: clyde
Yes, they have contacted me. Report them to Skype. Keep the conversation and take a screen shot of it, then send it to Skype help desk.
SCAM ALERT: Scammers using the name of a real school: Centro Linguistico Eureka  by: Someone illegally using the name of Centro Linguistico Eureka
WARNING Someone illegally use the name of Centro Linguistico Eureka and all the information given on our website offering a job position and interviewing via skype with the false name..
Re: Hohhot Waiban RP Policy Change  by: foxy
An update is necessary. If you have a Chinese relative with a Hohhot hukou, you can get a 6 month RP without having to take a medical. This also applies to renewals. If you opt for a 1 year RP,..
Re: Scumbag schools  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
Singling out certain "schools" that are really bad is one thing and may help newbies to avoid them. In the end, it is only a temporary work-around. To make things really better, you have to ask the..
ESL English Lesson: St. George’s Day  by: D.J. Robinson
Who is the patron saint of England? It is St. George. English people celebrate St. George’s Day every year on April 23rd. It has to be said though that unlike the Scottish and Irish, who celebrate..
Teaching ESL: How to Have a Successful English Corner  by: Kevin R Baker
I must admit that after hearing "What-a is-a your favorite-a color?" for the 100th time, I was not too interested in English corners. The idea was to give the Chinese students an opportunity to speak..
Food Poisoning - An Overview  by: Karen Peralta
What is Food Poisoning? Food poisoning results when you eat food contaminated with bacteria or other pathogens such as parasites or viruses. Your symptoms may range from upset stomach to diarrhea,..
Study Finds That Technology Helps Engage Students in the Classroom  by: Alli Lawrence
A one-year study evaluating the increased use of education technology among middle school students found that technology helped to engage students in the classroom and encouraged them to work..
Flashcards! Flashcards! Flashcards!  by: Chris
New sets of flashcards are available at The Flashcard Hub. Each set offers seven different selections to meet your teaching or learning needs. Animals (set one) Animals (set two) Around Town (set..
advise tutoring adults esl  by: Collin
Hello Dr. Zack and partners, I would like to tutor Latin American adults beginners. Groups of one to one. Would you be so kind to give me a few tips. Thank you! Collin
Teaching Academic ESL Writing - Practical Techniques in Vocabulary and Grammar  by: Eli Hinkel
Psychology Press, 2004 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 360 pages Teaching Academic ESL Writing: Practical Techniques in Vocabulary and Grammarfills an important gap in teacher professional..
| E Learning Technology for the Classroom: Pro's and Con's  by: Reggie O'Halloran
The great amount of progress made in technology over the past 20 years has led many people to reconsider the implications for education. How can educators and teachers use computers in order to..
USA - New York - New York City (Brooklyn)  by: Bell Language School - English for English Teachers from Overseas
English for English Teachers from Overseas program is specifically designed for English teachers from non-English speaking countries. It includes English language classes, lectures on American..
Teacher Cover Letter Example Is Useful for Both Fresher and Experienced Teachers  by: Alan Bleiweiss
A Teacher Cover Letter Example should contain a material which is sent to the employer. It should correct and profession in all aspect. There should not be poor spelling, grammatical mistakes and..
Wrong Reasons to Quit a Job  by: Emma Wanjiku
Many people will have ridiculous and silly reasons for quitting jobs. However, it is vital to acknowledge that people are different and what might seem silly to you may be a life line to another..
You Only Have One Life to Live  by: Ryan Best
People live life, much of it complaining about things. People have all different kinds of problems to deal with. They forget to understand that they should make the best of what they have, and grow..
A French Teacher's Memories: How to Ride Poetry  by: Gabrielle Guichard
I have a confession to make, I do not like poetry very much. As a part of my French teacher's job was to explain French poetry, I tended to dispose of this part in as few lessons as possible. Of..
Options For The Self Publisher  by: Celia Webb
You have finished writing your book. Now you want to figure out how to get it published. The traditional way is to approach established publishing companies and get them interested in the project...
Five Tips on How to Build a Quiet PC  by: Aaron Brandon
If you're a computer enthusiast who's ready to mod your current computer with the latest and greatest computer hardware, or if you're someone who just can't stand the noise your computer is..
Perspective while disputing something  by: Eric Roth
Sometimes we view conflict only in negative terms, and that's a terrible intellectual mistake. Here are three quotes to emphasize that critical point. Have you learned lessons only of those who..
Proven Tips to Reduce Your Foreign Accent (Accent Reduction)  by: Nara Venditti
Accent Reduction What is an accent? Simply put, an accent is the combination of pronunciation and intonation. Varying degrees of these two factors result in a variety of different accents...
Foreign Accent - Is it Part of Your Identity?  by: Amy Nutt
If you have a foreign accent, you probably have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, you know that your accent is a part of who you are and points back to your country of origin, a place..
Croatia - Zagreb  by: Presto Language School
We are inviting You to try out our on - line system of learning, with the Skype™ video phone - system. Learn foreign languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Croatian, Hungarian etc.)..
Sichuan - Chengdu  by: The Leman International School - Chengdu
The Léman International School - Chengdu PRC, is an International, English-language-based school that offers Pre-Kindergarten to sixth grade in the rapidly growing expatriate community in Chengdu,..
Philippines - Cebu City  by: Socorro Casquejo
Intelligent ESL and Tutorial School is new school located in Cebu City, Philippines. It teaches ESL, IELST, TOEFL and TOEIC at a very reasonable price. Our teaching staff is dynamic adhering to the..
Tokorozawacity, Saitama prefecture  by: Aussie English School
Aussie English School in TOKOROZAWA(Saitama-prefecture) Students are mostly adults and small group.(2-4 people in one class). And they are very friendly and good manner.
Seoul  by: Hwarang Elementary School
Welcome to our school! Hwarang Elementary School is very famous for its beautiful environment and great teachers. There are over 20 staff that work at Hwarang English Education Center.
Australia - Cairns  by: GEOS Cairns College of English
Learning the English language is fun and easy with GEOS Cairns College of English, a fully accredited English language school based in Cairns, Australia. The Cairns College of English offers a wide..
Argentina - Buenos Aires  by: Buenos Aires Centre - Learn English in Argentina
Buenos Aires Centre - Spanish & English in Argentina We teach Languages in our School located in Buenos Aires City and Online. We have International Accreditation. Offer Total Immersion Programs for..
Illinois - Carbondale  by: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - CESL
For over forty years, CESL (Center for English as a Second Language) has been a successful intensive English program with a well-established international reputation. Students enjoy small class sizes..
Apricot Online  by: Alternative online education for vulnerable young people
Live, online education working directly with mainstream schools, PRUs, Hospital Schools, Education Authorities, and more, as part of a blended learning programme to offer quality alternative..
German in Germany /Vogtsburg im Kaiserstuhl (nr.Freiburg)  by: Die Sprachpension/The Language Guesthouse - Living+Learning Combined.
Die Sprachpension / The Language Guesthouse - Living+Learning Combined. Aim of the Language Guesthouse is… …to meet the individual academic needs and requirements of each student, …to help him..
Youth With A Mission (Worldwide)  by: Worldwide
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) encompasses thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world. In every case, our passion is to know God and to make Him known. We are a..
Visa to India - The Best Tips on Completing Applications for India Visas  by: N. Martin
From the excitement of the Mumbai streets to the surreal experience of visiting the Taj Mahal, make sure to get your visa to India before going on your vacation. The application procedure can be..
Top Three Tourist Attractions in Seoul, Korea  by: Timothy Drew
Seoul is a city of contrasts where the past and the present co-exist side by side. It is a city where you can feel the beat of a nation as it changes and evolves. The top three tourist destinations..
Lovely Laos  by: Brittany Stephen
I have been in Laos less than 24 hours and already i am in love with this place...It truly is, as my guidebook said, "a breath of fresh air". Perhaps it is just escaping the madness and mayhem that..
Is it cheaper to pre-pay and book domestic flights within Thailand before we go?  by:
An Overview of Japan for Travelers  by: Richard Monk
For such a tiny total landmass, Japan has left an undeniable stamp on human history. If you are considering Japan as a destination, here is an overview of the country. An Overview of Japan for..
Tropical Island Paradise - Busuanga Island, Philippines  by: Michaela Rinnofner
On Busuanga island you will find the beachfront hotel Alam Indah which translated into English means "Beautiful Nature". And this is what your eyes and mind will be spoilt with when you come to the..
Rajasthan - The Epicurean State  by: Shivani Ahuja
Rajasthan, a state displaying utter magnificence has an admirable past. The relics that are still standing tall in their sheer vastness sing the songs of the valor of the warriors of the state...
Australia Travel Visa - A Quick Guide to Australia Visa Requirements For Visitors  by: Annie R
Just about anyone traveling to the land downunder will need Australia travel visa. This might surprise some people, but the general rule is unless you have an Australian or New Zealand Passport you..
German Food? (Germany)  by: BK
I have just recovered from a long fit of laughter upon reading about how good you think German food is. Having lived in the country for some time I can attest that I don't miss much in terms of..
Best place to live/teach in Mexico?  by:
I want to move down to Mexico to teach. I am a certified teacher in the US. Whats safe for a single woman? Do you know anything about Durango? Wht kind of school should I teach at? I want to work in..
How to Find a Good Location to See the Hollywood Sign  by: Collaborator
So you want to see the Hollywood sign from a decent location. You might want to take a photo. It's a landmark of 50-foot high letters. First erected in 1923 to advertise "Hollywoodland", a housing..
USA - San Francisco, CA  by: Travelodge San Francisco at the Presidio
Travelodge San Francisco at the Presidio is located in a quiet area of San Francisco, just half a block from the Presidio National Recreation Area East Gate. With its simultaneous views of the Golden..
Why Buy Travel Insurance?  by: Bill Mason
When you choose to travel, you take the risk of lost luggage, flight cancellations, reservation cancellations, theft and many other situations which may cause anxiety. Planning a vacation is..

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