Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Shanghai is looking for native English speakers  by: DADAABC.COM
Hey everyone, Our company DaDaABC is expanding thus we need more foreigner teachers. We are paying up to 25$/Hr to our teachers. If you are interested please send your email with your brief..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Students are Chinese, 6-15 years old   by: USASISHU
Full time or part time position. Well, we are a fast developing language school offering online classes for young learners aged from 6 to 15 years old kids, using our own web-based educational..
China - Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangdong province  by: Sandra Sabic
About me Name: Sandra Sabic Nationality: Croatia Working experience (in China): 3 years (2 years teaching Business English at "211 University") Projects:..
Asia  by: Paul Bourgeois
PAUL BOURGEOIS 1996 +33 6 85 52 48 22 27110 Le Neubourg, France Professional Objective Internship between January and June or July and December 2018 Education Economic and..
Sanyoonboda-shi, Yamaguchi-ken. Japan.  by: The British English and New Dance Academy.
The British English and New Dance Academy. We teach New Dance and English Conversation. Warm friendly atmosphere and great possibility for long business relationship. Wonderful Part Time ESL Teacher..
Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu  by: The Hillside Internatonal School
We are in a need of a passionate educationist for our 21st Century school in Coimbatore. The position is for a Principal who must have a minimum experience of 6 years out of which 2 years as a Home..
Agency -- Beijing  by: Beijing Public schools
Wanted: Public School English Teacher (Beijing)--Working visa with FEC - Monday to Friday teaching - Relaxed workload Beijing Huanyu Zhida International Education Consulting Co.,ltd.which is a public..
School -- Guiyang  by: Princeling Kindergarten
We have several postions available at our new, all-English, international kindergarten in Guiyang, Guizhou, China. Here are some details: Type of School: All-English kindergarten Start:..
EPIK Spanning across South Korea  by: SeoulESL
Great Opportunities to Teach in South Korean Public Schools with the Government Sponsored EPIK Program Job Description Discover Korea and teach English in Korean public schools through the English..
Bundang, Daejeon, Seoul  by: YBM EDU - Adult Academies Division
Teach Motivated Adults in Seoul Locations: August - January Start Dates YBM Language Institutes is searching for dynamic and professional instructors to join its teams located in Daejeon, Seongnam..
Re: Drunken Aussie Yobs On Flight to Phuket  by: Fifi
Taffy, I found it!!!! The essence of this article is bogus because of the following: "The organization’s “presidential advisory” was a fresh look at the science and came in response to a..
Re: Drunken Aussie Yobs On Flight to Phuket  by: Silverboy
Meat industry probably is behind it. Every now and then there are ads on Australian TV promoting the virtues of beef and pork. In Australia the beef industry in particular is massive business. So,..
I regret to have to say that I also had the misfortune of working for this organisation. This is an organisation that sends teachers to work in schools which do not have a licence to have foreigners..
Re TEFL Heaven Scam?  by: Mike
Not sure who you are or why you posted this... you are obviously not interested in our program, so perhaps a competitor. If you want to read the Thailand salary guide, you can do so here:..
University of Liverpool  by: Hsajohn3
Hi guys, need some help. I'm currently doing my dissertation for my MA TESOL and I have to conduct a survey. If you know someone who is.. A) A non-native speaker of English (intermediate or higher)..
Seeks curriculum providers  by: Gihan Peiris
Hi, TEFL FIRST English Center is fully equipped with 3 modern classrooms, 16 Lecture chairs in each classroom, with a white board, projector and a computer. we base at the city center in Sri Lanka...
Online school based in the Philippines is looking for agents in Korea, Japan, China etc.  by: PBNS
We are looking for agents who can recruit students from Korea, Japan, China etc. to learn English from native speakers! Get up to 30% of revenue for each successful enrollment!
School in Paris is looking for agents  by: Robert
Greetings from Sustainable Development Management Institute (SDMI). SDMI exists to prepare students ready to serve as effective business leaders with purpose and generosity in a changing market..
Homestay Host in Minnesota  by: M and M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (ESL lessons available)  by: Anna Nicholas
One to two week homestay available in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario. Close to Toronto and three meals a day provided. All the comforts of home. Bachelor apartment available. Shared washroom. ESL..
Free Wordsearch Puzzles  by: chrissy Carter
Great way to learn vocabulary.
Full Color Rhyming Book explores the Use of Alphabet Homonyms  by: Shirley Whitney
HOMONYMS – The English language is not the easiest or most logical language to learn. Grandma’s new, full color rhyming book explores the use of alphabet homonyms. Alphabet letters are hidden in..
My Arabic for your english  by: AMAL
My Arabic for your English
Quasar Private School uae scam  by: Mary
Pretty convincing scam, with rudimentary website that looks a little bare bones at first but upon closer inspection is filled with mistakes like the word signature rather than a signature for the..
Re Online franchise  by: interested-buyer
The next morning I got an email saying I wasn't on the short list for moving forward I would say that if they rejected your application then it's hardly a scam?
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Alias Taffy
You can choose to evade the book of rules. Good luck, bro! An appropriate song for you, featuring Ziggy Marley and the Heptones - enjoy! This was all about providing your own medical before you..
ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
Questions and Answers Matching - Short Lesson  by: js
You need to have an even number of participants, so you may need to join in yourself. Get enough 3x5 cards so that you have one per person. On half of the cards write questions, and on the other half..
Water - What It Can Do For You  by: Sharon Cacho
Every system in your body depends on water. Water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. It also..
How To Deal With A Difficult Boss  by: Tristan Loo
Most people at some point in their lives have to deal with a difficult boss. Difficult supervisors vary in personality from being a little pushy or rude, all the way to being downright abusive. Many..
Places to buy Cheap books or get free books for teachers?  by:
I've looked on ebay and even e-bay is a little expensive for a teacher who is trying to purchase as many books as possible for her classroom (my cousin Lauren). does anyone know of any resources or..
Multilevel English Learning class  by: Seema
Hi, can anyone tell me where I can find lessons that would incorporate English Language learning levels 0 to 3 for adult learners. I have some ideas for strategies but i have yet to come across..
Book List for At-Risk Students  by: Bill Feaver
Teaching language arts in a juvenile detention facility, I have observed a marked improvement in reading ability just from reading. First, obtain a student's reading level through one of several..
Virtual Classroom Software  by: AHungryPolarBear
An integrated web conferencing tool by YouSeeU. It helps instructors engage learners in two-way video conversations.
Italy - Florence  by: International TEFL Academy
Situated in the middle of Italy, Florence has long been recognized amongst the most important cultural and political centers in Europe. From the medieval Guelphs and Guibellines to the birth of the..
Lying on Your Resume Could Be the Best Thing You Could Do For Your Career  by: Derek Johnson
Have you ever been passed over for a job despite the fact you KNEW you couldve done the job in a stellar fashion? Are you frustrated because you never got a college degree yet do the EXACT same job..
When To Make Your Career Move To Self Employment  by: BB Lee
Knowing when to make the right career move and start a home based business is just as important as the business you choose to start. The First Step! You should honestly examine the real reason..
Does Attitude Affect Outcome?  by: James Heller
History is filled with men and women who made some of the greatest achievements by excelling only slightly over the masses of others in their field. Often that slight edge is attitude. We must admit..
5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Day Job  by: Timothy Ward
Most of us would stop working if we could. We constantly dream about it, but that's about as far as we get-dreaming. Working a 9-5 just seems inevitable. I, Timothy Ward, however am a master at..
Do You Need an English Degree to Write Well?  by: David Bowman
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me he or she has difficulty communicating in writing, I'd have... a lot of dollars. When I ask why, the response is invariably the same: "I just don't..
How to Install Fonts  by: Kenny Leones
Adding a font in Microsoft Windows is very simple. However, there are certain rules that apply before installing on different Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). One should check the..
Gabrielle Giffords returns to Washington  by: jp
"It's not everyday that you encounter examples of sheer, sheer courage, selflessness and dedication like you see in this couple," Biden said after awarding Kelly the Legion of Merit." "Gabby, you..
English Vocabulary Words - The Best Way to Get Ahead  by: Frank Dee
English is a universal language around the world. A mastery of English vocabulary words is now a requirement to the best school, colleges, jobs and social events. Excellent English vocabulary creates..
How to Translate English to French  by: Contributor
So you want to translate English to French? You shouldn't worry because it has become extremely easy to translate English to French in these internet days. The method you use to translate English to..
Romania - Bucharest  by: Fundatia International British School of Bucharest
We are designated as a: - Foundation because we have foundation, non-profit making status in Romania - International because we enroll children from around the world - British because the British..
Jinan - Shandong  by: Optimum English Education
Optimum English Education We are located in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong. Our private school started as EF (English First) and our franchise became independent in 2010 under the name Optimum..
Turkmenistan - Ashgabat  by: Ashgabat International School
Ashgabat International School , a private non-profit institution that opened in September of 1994, offers high quality education in the English language for elementary students from three years..
Kobe, Kitano  by: St Michael's International School
St. Michael's International School is a Primary School in Kobe, Japan, catering for children from 3 to 11 years of age. It is situated in Kitano, conveniently close to Central Kobe. The school..
Chongju , Chungbuk  by: Chongju University
Cheongju University is one of the oldest universities located south of the Han River. If history is the process of a constant search for new values, the history of Cheongju University reflects this..
Australia - Sydney - Parramatta  by: QIBA Sydney
QIBA Mission To grow an affective network of professional educators and business enterprises for the purpose of empowering indigenous, domestic and international clients,through innovative programs..
Argentina - Buenos Aires  by: Downtown School of English
Los cursos de inglés están diseñados en 6 niveles. 2 niveles básicos, 2 intermedios, 1 intermedio alto y 1 avanzado. Ingresando a "Prueba" podrás acceder a nuestro Test de Nivel y ver en..
California - San Luis Obispo  by: California Coast Language Academy (CCLA)
The finest school and location in San Luis Obispo, California. The feeling when you enter the facility at 672 Higuera Street in downtown, San Luis Obispo is one of high quality and excellence in..
Kaplan International Colleges  by: Accredited English Courses Online
Learn English Online with Kaplan International Colleges. Our English courses are available anywhere you have access to the internet. Learn English from home, at work or on the move!
Polish in Lodz, Poland  by: MANAGEMENT CENTER
Poland is located on the Baltic Sea. It is now a member state of the European Union and is part of the space shengen since December 21, 2007. Courses on offer: 9-month course Polish language course..
True Travellers Society (Worldwide)  by: Worldwide
Volunteer Abroad: Frustrated by the "volunteer in Asia, volunteer in Africa, volunteer in South or Central America, but first pay us lots of money" opportunities? We are too. Our organization is a..
Yes no.  by: Dos
Whilst I agree that some provinces don't ask for a degree, many do, for private schools and universities. It varies! > No, you don't need a degree to teach in China unless you're teaching Once again..
Ha ha! - ESL in Korea  by: Caz
Ha ha! Yes I should have checked for mistakes before I posted my message. I've got a degree, TEFL certificate and five years teaching experience in three different countries, so I should be working..
Where to Backpack Within South East Asia  by: Matthew Coe
Thailand Thailand is usually the best place to start for the first time independent traveler. It's very easy to get around and there are always lots of other backpackers about to chat and hang out..
Guide to Expatriate Employment in Thailand  by: Lily B
There are three distinct, but inter-related, laws that impact on expatriate employment in Thailand, and expatriates need to comply with all three of them: • Immigration law; • Labor law; and •..
Teaching English in Japan?  by:
Often times, I see people asking questions about teaching English in Japan. I've noticed that a substantial amount of people want a teaching job in Japan. However, I always wonder how many English..
Home Decorating in the Philippines  by: Veronica Smith
Those who visit or live in the Philippines after previously living in another country are often amazed at the diversity of the arts in the Philippines. Although the country is often thought to have a..
A walk with Salaam Baalak Trust, New Delhi  by: Pankaj Singh
Let’s be frank – India can be a terrifying place. Recently, a stranger I met at the Sunburn festival in Goa related an interesting story. His friend had apparently decided to Visit India for a..
Australia, A Land Paradise Down Under  by: Jay Cel
What is it the secret behind Australia that captivates the heart of many travelers and attracts them to take and experience their holiday vacation down under. Is it their great natural resources,..
Berlin Germany Insider Sigtseeing: TOP 10 Sights: Part 1 of 4  by: Marcus Hochstadt
With about 3,400,000 inhabitants, Berlin is the largest City in Germany. It is 38 kilometres long and 45 kilometres wide. Consider that Berlin has a lot of suburbs and districts. As you know, the..
Bolivia - Video  by: teacher
Do Destin for Your Next Vacation - Florida  by: Caitlin Moore
There are destinations that make you smile as they tease you away from your responsibilities for a few days and do their best to make you relax and unwind. Then, there are destinations that totally..
India - Aleppey (Kerala)  by: Eco Lake homestay Alleppey
Prevent Road Rage and Air Rage  by: Cindy Chung
Over the last 20 years, we have seen the rise of a new form of human aggression known commonly as road rage. Most of us who drive on busy roads have, at one time or another, been exposed to..

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