Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Korea looking for US or UK or Canadian citizens only who are living in the US or the UK  by: EnglishAloud Online School
We are an Online English language school based in S. Korea which was opened in March 2008. We are looking for native English-speaking teachers who are living in the USA or in the UK and who feel..
British Tutor: Highly experienced and demanding tutor  by: Julia
I am a professional ESL tutor with more than 10 years’ teaching experience. I am Irish currently living in Ukraine where I am working as a language teacher at British school. I offer general..
Korea, China, UAE  by: Ben Smits
Hello. I am an enthusiastic, passionate and experienced TESOL trainer and ESL instructor prepared to contribute my knowledge to maximize the student learning experience. I have taught adults for 6..
china  by: Joel Abellera
Greetings everyone. My name is Joel Martinez.I'm looking for an online teaching job.I've been an ESL teacher for 6 years now.kindly contact me here. Skype: Joel.meriden email:
Kabul, Afghanistan  by: Wise Education Center
We are looking for Monitoring and Evaluation Expert for short term evaluations in Afghanistan. The consultant must have 3-5 years experience in program monitoring, evaluation and reporting with NGOs,..
Long Thanh, Vietnam  by: Viet Sang
Teacher is needed in Vietnam from 10 Nov 2014 VIET SANG is looking for a native English teacher in Long Thanh, Dong Nai, Vietnam (60 km away from Hochiminh city). Nationality: British. Start Date: 10..
School -- Beijing  by: Beijing Expertise Education
We are looking for an enthusiastic and energetic teacher to join our staff. Experience is preferred but not necessary. This position is great for someone who is looking to fill a year or two of work..
Profiled Agency -- Experience the wonderful attractions of Guangdong, China  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have 12 positions in Guangdong to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Guangdong (simplified Chinese: 广东; traditional Chinese: 廣東; pinyin:..
YBM ECC: Central Seoul & Haeundae Busan for January and February 2015  by: YBM Head Office
YBM ECC: Central Seoul & Haeundae Busan for January and February 2015 Est. 1961. 50yrs & still Korea’s #1 ESL Org. Choose Prime/Central Seoul-Busan-Gyeonggi-do locations with Pre-Paid Air, 100% Job..
positions in Yongin, Ulsan, Chungju, Jinju  by: Stacy Bang
1) Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (North American female preferred) Type of Students : Kindergarten school students Working days a week : Mon~Fri Payment : 2.2 - 2.4mil won per month Housing : single..
Re Chinese women and the entitlement mentality  by: Beth
You say that people you consider to be over a lower social status to you have no value to you and you say I'M the one writing drivel?! Hilarious!
Re Chinese women and the entitlement mentality  by: Beth
seems you have extreme views in regard to many issues. Please do explain how the following things qualify as 'extreme' views... 1) Teachers should not have sexual relationships with their students...
Re Korean Teacher From Saint Paul American School,Clark FOUND DEAD!  by: Simon
Very Interesting,since the real owner of Saint Paul Clark is a shady 'mafiosa type' Korean Darren Shim or President Shim, as he likes to be called.I hope they do a full investigation on Shim and this..
Re Zhejiang Beilun High School- Beilun, Ningbo  by: Rhett Butler
I was hired at this school in 2009. I was told to come on a certain visa. Upon my arrival a man picked me up and drove me to the school. I met a teacher who they fired within two days of my arrival...
Re: Foreign misfits in ESL//Another lollipop for Beth, please....Hahahahahahha  by: Turnoi
[edited] There is no 'food for thought' for me here, Turnoi. Just another glaring example of you droning on and on and on... Yawn
Partner to someone with over 40 years of teaching success, Mexico  by: Luis Tamayo
Ready to grow and advance to higher levels? Partner wanted for operating new branch of English Language School in your city of choice throughout Mexico. Low investment in exchange for part ownership...
College in Singapore is looking for agents  by: Eric
We are looking for agents who have students who wish to study in Singapore.
U.S. (Pennsylvania & Ohio) Agency looking for agents  by: Benedict Ho
Greetings from the American Scholar Group! We are reaching out to you with the intention of expanding our student recruitment base for study-in-America programs at the high school and university..
Agency: Study-in-America Organization (Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio) provides students school placement, housing and student service  by: Benedict Ho
Greetings from the American Scholar Group! ASG is a full-service study-in-America Program based in Western, Pennsylvania, and Eastern, Ohio. Our programs give international students the opportunity..
Host in Bournemouth, UK  by: Student Works
Hi We can help with accommodation in host families and in private rooms as well. All our families are within 4 miles from the town centre and our properties are all 5 mins from the town centre. If..
Nagano, Japan: Need Production Assistants for US TV Show 13-16 Nov. PAID JOB.  by: Brandon
My name is Brandon and I work for a Tokyo Based Production Company called Virgin Earth Inc. Next month, we have an American TV crew coming into Nagano to film a "Big Famous American TV Show" The..
Pen Pals: English, French (my native language is Russian)  by: trina
I am looking for a person, who wants to improve English/ French. I want to speak by Skype or email. native language:Russian.
Re: Re SCAM ALERT: Teaching jobs in Dubai,,  by: Admin
The scam works as follows: They will ask you to send money for visa processing, security deposit or other reason. Typically, if they get money from you once, they will try a second time, with a..
Re SCAM ALERT: Teaching jobs in Dubai,,  by: irelish
Thanks for the heads up. What happens if you reply and apply for the job?
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
Well done sir!!! Snow beers to celebrate!!!! It's their own bloody minded stubborn ness that shoots them in the foot!!!
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
ESL English Lesson: Hong Kong Students Protest  by: David Robinson
The eyes of the world are watching closely what is going on in Hong Kong - where tens of thousands of students have been demonstrating peacefully against their government. ‘The Umbrella..
ESL Summarizing Games  by: Victoria Weinblatt
Reading or listening to a short article or story is a common English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom activity. Following the reading or listening portion of the lesson, teachers often employ a..
How to Make an Aboriginal Boomerang  by: Brian Adler
An Aboriginal boomerang is a throwing stick. Thrown into the air, it curves away from the thrower before arcing back and returning. Traditionally made of a tree root, the native peoples of Australia..
Careers - Considering Teaching  by: Pam Donaldson
Being a teacher is definitely a different and odd kind of job to have. There are things that go along with being a teacher that don't apply to any other job you can think of in the world. If you are..
Re: Offering FREE Homestay in Guangzhou China  by: Ingy Pasha
Dear Mr. Ed: I may be interested in your offer. I am a professional ESL educator wo might come to Guangzhou in Mid-January for a business trip of a bout 2 weeks. If things go well I will have to..
Discipline in the classroom  by: Julio Luque
Hello, everyone, my name is Julio and I work in a language school in Lima, Peru. Well, I have read several messages about cheating and other disciplinary problems, so I would like to know what..
Lessons in the Korean Language and Culture For Teachers of ESL (PDF)  by: Kim Chang Whan
Free ebook. "Lessons in the Korean Language and Culture For Teachers of English As A Second Language" by Kim Chang Whan, Peace Corps Publication, 1971, 171 pp. Seeing some more recent complaints..
How Has Technology Changed Schools?  by: Chris Rowling
As we live in technology-dependent age, it is becoming even more important that our children learn about how to use technology in schools. This is not a controversial idea but has faced resistance as..
Canada - BC - Vancouver (downtown)  by: Global Village Career Training Centre - CELTA, DELTA, TESOL
CELTA DELTA CELTA YL-Extension GV TESOL Diploma The Centre: Located in the heart of the cosmopolitan Yaletown District of Vancouver, BC, Canada Affiliated with Global Village English Centre –..
Resume Writing Help  by: Chuck Masterson
Writing a resume can seem to be a frustrating task especially if you have never written a resume before. Thankfully in the new age of technology there are several online websites that offer to help..
Questions to ask in the Job Interview - How to nail your job interview  by: RedStarResume
As a job candidate what is the best question to ask in an interview? At some point in the interview (typically at the end) the hiring manager will turn to you and ask “Do you have any questions..
Choosing Our Moods  by: Jerry Nehr
First question(s): What kind of mood are you in as you read this article? Relaxed? Bored? Grateful? Frustrated? Rushed? Sad? Hopeful? Something else? Second question: Did you choose your current..
The World's First Comedian?  by: Rix Quinn
If you ever saw Aristophanes live on stage, you must be sincerely old. Thats because he appeared around 400 B.C., and back then the videos were pretty bad. This amazing Greek dramatist knew how to..
Creating a Successful Writer's Retreat  by: Cynthia Morris
The dream of escaping daily life for a creative retreat is common to us artist types. Yet not everyone has tons of time or money to slip off to the beach. Not a problem. Creative retreats are easy to..
An Introduction To Free Online Games  by: Gabriel J. Adams
The world of online games is vast world, with games to suit nearly every taste. Everyone from a scholar to a wannabe fighter pilot can find a game that suits their tastes. In this article, I'll give..
Patience  by: jp
Patience is the key
Why Should I Learn English?  by: Dedi Walker
Learning English as a second language has a variety of benefits, which will hopefully keep students inspired and motivated through the educational process. Many people focus on learning English to..
Interactive Ways To Learn Spanish  by:
While you are learning Spanish, you will be exposed to new concepts of the language. Though taught well by the tutors, some of you may be facing huge difficulty in practicing and applying these..
United Kingdom - Devon (Tavistock)  by: West Devon English Language School
The West Devon English Language School is situated in Tavistock in the very heart of Devon, England’s third largest county. The School lies on the edge of Dartmoor national park, an area of..
Beijing  by: North China Institute of Science and Technology
North China Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST) is the only one public university affiliated to the State Administration of Work Safety (the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety), NCIST..
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and Penang  by: Fairview International School
Fairview International School, an education institution registered with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, was established in 1978 with the aim was to provide young people from the age of four with..
Nagai  by: Lesley English School
Non-profit conversational English school in Yamagata-ken near Yamagata and Sendai. Teachers design their own lessons and have freedom in their classroom. Students age range: 3-60s.
Daejeon (Daedeok-Gu )  by: Taejon Christian International School
TCIS is a diverse community that cares for students by providing a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, a myriad of student activities, and an experienced and dedicated faculty. TCIS is a..
Australia - Townsville (North Queensland)  by: Townsville International English School
Townsville International English School (TIES) is a small school located in tropical North Queensland, Australia. Townsville is a vibrant city with a country atmosphere and is situated at the gateway..
Argentina - Buenos Aires (Tortuguitas)  by: Bede´s Grammar School
Bede´s Grammar School has fixed as its principal aim the establishment and efficient running of a modern, open school, tending towards the development of good, capable, healthy and honourable..
British Columbia - Abbotsford  by: Gladwin Language Centre
ESL classes for Adults. Tutoring and group tutoring for all ages. University trained TESL teachers.
Kaplan International Colleges  by: Accredited English Courses Online
Learn English Online with Kaplan International Colleges. Our English courses are available anywhere you have access to the internet. Learn English from home, at work or on the move!
Spanish in Colombia - Leticia, Amazonas  by: The Amazon Spanish College
Learn Spanish in the Colombian Amazon region! The Amazon Spanish College offers a unique opportunity to study Spanish, Amazon studies, participate in volunteer projects and discover the wonders of..
Volunteering England (UK)  by: England - England's volunteer development agency
Volunteering England works to support and increase the quality, quantity, impact and accessibility of volunteering throughout England. What is Volunteering England? Volunteering England (VE) is the..
same schoo?  by: Ned
Anshan Starting Foreign Languages school at ?????????
Hangul-Lyrics.pdf  by: pdf
Scroll to browse this PDF Move your mouse pointer under to: save as pdf, print, zoom in/out
Vacation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia  by: Kevin Hellon
Cambodia is a South East Asian country of around 12 million inhabitants and is most probably best known for the tyrannical exploits of the Khmer Rouge led by the now deceased Pol Pot and subject of..
Pattaya Show Off Implausible Alternatives of Accommodation  by: Wolfgang Jaegel
Pattaya is an incredible destination in Thailand, located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand in Chonburi region, about 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. Occupying an area of about 208..
A Guide To Japanese Customs  by: Isabella Olsen
Do you want to go on an electronics shopping spree while eating all the sushi you've always dreamed of? If so, a trip to Japan is in order. Before you pack your bags, though, make sure you take some..
Re: Setting up a private school in the Philippines  by: Marcus Samuels
TO: Richard I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my profile. I would like to introduce myself and give you a brief description of who I am and my interest in working with you. My..
Troubled with Bindi in Hindi?  by: Jannat Bhullar
"Namaskar! Lekh ke prarambh mein lekhak ka abhivaadan sweekar karein". If all of this seems Greek to you, then may I take the opportunity of saying that it’s Hindi. And all those big, heavy words..
How To Get To Melbourne's Beaches  by: Mairead Foley
Middle Park Beach and Albert Park Beach are located side by side and are wonderful, safe and beaches. Both have lovely little cafés and restaurants along the promenade. With a lovely clean sandy..
France   by: Sa
For this and more pictures, please visit the photo gallery:
Hi , my name is Nathalie and I' ve lived my whole life in Montevideo until I moved to Usa. I think it's a great idea to teach tesol , back in Montevideo there are important Language school : LOndon..
Nashville Tennessee Attractions  by: Kelvin Bush
Nashville is the place for all country music lovers; the place is home to several landmarks with distinctive features and great entertaining times while you are at this place. Some of the biggest..
India - Jaipur, Rajasthan  by: Shahpura House
If you are looking for budget stay in jaipur, Shahpura House is most recommended hotel in jaipur for that.It is well known in Jaipur hotels and one of the best hotels of jaipur. It is very popular in..
Shipping Your Car: A Better Option  by: Ma. Roma Agsalud
Are you planning a vacation? Yes. Do you want to test drive your new car? Yes. So what could be stopping you from doing it? For most people, especially those who are fond of taking a vacation or..

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