American Accent: English Tutor   by: Andrea
Native English Speaker with over 8 years teaching English on Skype. I teach all levels of English both Academic and Business English to help you advance confidently to the next level. • Do you need..
English Tutor: Learn English on Skype   by: Teacher Diane
Hi! My name is Diane and I am an English teacher from New York. I am a TEFL Certified teacher, with five years of full-time English language teaching experience. My English lessons on Skype can focus..
Hello, I am currently seeking for a new teaching contract anywhere in China. I am a license teacher from Philippines with over five years of teaching experience in China. I hold a valid working visa...
anywhere in china(hefei)  by: HENRIETTA
I'm a female teacher with many years of teaching experience in China. I've taught students ranging from Kindergarten to Middle school..I use interesting games and songs to captivate the attention of..
Kurdistan region  by: International Schools of Choueifat
Join the SABIS team and make a difference in the lives of children and young adults by delivering a high-quality education for a changing world. We are currently seeking English teachers at the..
Sanyoonoda-shi, Yamaguchi-ken. Japan.  by: The British English and New Dance Academy.
“The British English and New Dance Academy. (Anglo)” We are a small Culture School based in S/W Japan. We presently have ESL Teacher openings in August/September of 2014. We teach a wide range of..
Profiled Agency -- 8000RMB/M public high school positions in Xi'an/Fujian/Changsha/Tianjin/Sichuan  by:
Location: Changsha,Xi'an,Tianjin,Putian,Leshan etc Vacancy:20 Native English teachers wanted for August,2014 Salary: 8000RMB/M Working hour: 20classes per week Accommodation: free, well-furnished..
Profiled Agency -- 4000rm/M Qingdao public college looking for Oral english teachers for the new semester  by:
Responsibilities: Qingdao public college is looking for 1 Oral English teachers for the new semester, working hours are less than 16 hours per week. Wage: 1)basic salary 4000rmb monthly 2) round-trip..
Gyenggido Anyangsi  by:
[Myenglishjob] [Gyengido Anyangsi ]Tues Thurs 8~9Am /Group Location: [Gyengido Anyangsi Manyingu] Schedule:Tues Thurs 8~9Am /Group Type: Group Subject: English Level: Basic English Korea Female..
Elementary-Middle School Teaching Job in Seoul  by: Clover Recruiting
Clover English is an ESL teacher recruitment agency based in Korea. Please view the details of the position below, and if you are interested, please email your resume and a picture of you to..
Re A Chinese crap pretend "school", corrupt officials and a dead American ESL teacher  by: Concerned Teacher
This was in Guangzhou, IIRC??
Re Wumaos are plenty - NYT article "Trending: Attractive People Sharing Upbeat News About Tibet"  by: Frederick Dibnah
Deported is a bit harsh; here's hoping you have a legal visa/permanent residency whereever you are...
Re: Gateway Language Village Hangzhou  by: EFlynn
(14) GLVChina Hangzhou will also confiscate your Foreign Expert Certificate and Ivy will hide it in her safe. Most teachers new to China do not realize that without a Foreign Expert Certificate you..
Re Frank Zhang -WARNING!  by: Sarah
Would you post Larry's contact info (phone numbers, email addresses, physical address, website, etc)? It would be useful.
Re: Dave's ESL Cafe- Never Again!  by: Shoddy
Why would he open a school? He's pulling in more than $250,000 per year in advertising revenue from his site.
Need donations to open school in India  by: Rudrani Bhattacharjee
We are running a NGO named Holy Krishna Welfare Society, which is a Registered Society. We would like to open a school on the CBSE pattern along with Hostels, Orphanage and an Old Age Home. But, as..
Online English School looking for agents  by: English-Classonline
To whom it may concern, We are English-Classonline; an online English school specialized in teaching different Educational programs to ESL learners throughout the world at affordable prices. We offer..
School in Edmonton, Alberta Canada  by: English Training Center
Unit #203, 9918 – Whyte Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Y9 CANADA It is our sincere pleasure to introduce to you a new English training center in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA We welcome all (adult)..
Looking for homestay in Changsha, Hunan, China, from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014  by: Adam
A 28 years old foreigner is looking for a free home stay in Changsha city,Hunan from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014.I am 175 cm, easy-going and amusing.I prefer home stay with single females if..
Canadian English Teacher Homestay (Toronto)  by: Andrea
Hello Everyone and welcome to Toronto, I am a Canadian English Teacher currently hosting international high school students. I have hosted students from all over the world including South Korea,..
Looking for homestay in Changsha, Hunan, China, from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014  by: Adam
A 28 years old foreigner is looking for a free home stay in Changsha city,Hunan from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014.I am 175 cm, easy-going and amusing.I prefer home stay with single females if..
Are you coming to the UK to go to University this Year? Do you still need to obtain a higher score in your IELTS? Well this is your last chance, we have a 4 week course starting in August in the UK..
My Russian for your English   by: Ravil
Hello everyone! I am 23. I recently graduated from Kazan Federal University (Russia). I am a geneticist. I have a minor education as a translator (eng/rus). Nowadays I am preparing for the TOEFL to..
Hi there ESL world! I'm an English teacher in Brazil and currently teaching students from 12 to undergraduates to TOEFL classes. In my next semester project I will be working with Chinese Culture..
Re: Re,Fake hotel job, England  by: Frequent Flyer
Can you post the email(s) they sent you? Some of us could tell you if it is likely to be a scam or not. If you are not in/from the UK, ask yourself why a hotel in the UK would bring a receptionist..
Re,Fake hotel job, England  by: Irene
Hello. Please I wish to find out if bays water inn hotel is currently offering jobs. This is because I've been applying for jobs online and I got a recruitment mail from a site regarding a..
Final Pay  by: John
So I know that most countries have to pay all dues once your contract is finished. Is that the same in China? If it is and your employer doesn't wish to pay until the next months pay day what can you..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
The stupid bloody logic of it all is, they drive away blokes like us who actually like the women and the food, and the easy teaching hours. Then they grumble when they get neophytes who can't teach,..
ESL English Lesson: Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine  by: David Robinson
Today, let’s talk about the terrible Malaysian Airways disaster that happened on the 17th July 2014. The Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine near the Russian border as it..
ESL GAME: Rescuers  by: Sabia
Give out animal flashcards (3 per each student). Put a paper crocodile in front of each flashcard. Tell them that they are rescuers and they can save their animals from the crocodiles by answering..
Who Invented Sign Language?  by: Venus Kelly
Sign language does not have an actual creator but instead has evolved over time with influences from different cultures. Many countries have their own versions, just like verbal language has evolved..
Learning English  by: Hugh O'Connell
Many people consider it one of globalisation’s greatest inequities that English, one of the world’s hardest languages, has become the international one. Few languages of any type have a grammar..
Free tool to help distribute class materials   by: Andrus P
Hey, we've developed a piece of software that many university professors have started to use for distributing course materials. It's more convenient than emailing, it allows feedback and commenting..
Writing Center ESL advice  by: Santanna
Hi, I have a question regarding the tutoring of ESL students in a college writing center. I am a student at a local JC and work part-time in the writing center. The writing center helps students (NES..
Free E-book - William Shakespeare - MacBeth  by:
Courtesy: American Literature -
Assistive Technology for Teachers  by: Katlyn Joy
Assistive technology is defined in IDEA, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as any item or piece of equipment or system, that is used for the purpose of maintaining, increasing or..
Vietnam - Nha Trang  by: Australasian Training Academy ATA TESOL
TESOL FOUNDATION - INTERNATIONAL TEACHER'S LICENSE - TESOL DIPLOMA The core "Standard" course qualifies you to teach in over 80 countries around the world. Material covers TESOL communication,..
How to Write a Resume While in College  by: Collaborator
You may think it's difficult to create a resume while you're still in college and lacking any applicable work experience. But highlighting your strengths and filling out a page is easier than you..
Changing Careers – Ultimate Tips For Success  by: Heather Eagar
Are you thinking about changing your career? Are you worried about how difficult the transition is going to be? Then you are not alone. Many people go through similar anticipation when thinking about..
Stress Tips  by: Bill Reddie
26 ways to minimize and manage the unhealthy effects of stress, anxiety and burnout. No doubt about it - we live in an increasingly competitive and stressful world. In many subtle and not so subtle..
Top 10 Ways To Fail Your Driving Test  by: Kevin Gallen
1) Challenge the instructor to a drag race at Deadmans Curve after the test finishes 2) Insist on playing your own mix tape really loudly while driving 3) Rev the engine and beep the horn furiously..
Tips on Writing a Good Biography  by: Tiffany Provost
It is understandable that you may be bored with an assignment which asks you to write a biography. Biographies, done properly are quite entertaining, and can get you a good mark. Just follow this..
Why Are Laptop Batteries So Bad?  by: Julee Mitchelsin
If you are like most people with laptops you know that they are only as portable as the nearest outlet. The companies advertise like their laptop batteries make these machines so that they can go..
Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from ..  by: yi
Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game
The Top Ten Syllable Rules  by: Mark Pennington
Knowing the Top Ten Syllable Rules can help improve reading, pronunciation, and spelling. 1. Every syllable has only one vowel sound. Some syllables have just one vowel; others have two. But even..
How to Learn Arabic Quickly  by: Laurel Brown
Over 220 million people speak Arabic worldwide, and it is also the religious language of Islam. In recent years, Arabic has become an increasingly popular language to study, but many people become..
Germany - Hamburg  by: Hamburg School of English
Die HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH ist eine auf Geschäftsenglisch spezialisierte Sprachenschule und bietet schon seit fast zwanzig Jahren erfolgreich maßgeschneiderte Kurse und Fachseminare an. Unser..
Liaoning - Shenyang  by: Gold International Training School
Excellent environment here, plenty interesting activities, lovely children The school is located in the middle of a popular shopping area, and we teach adults English who is mostly above 15. Our..
India - Ootacamund (Tamil Nadu)  by: Hebron School
The Aims of Hebron School: Hebron School is an independent, international Christian residential school. Recognising the value of each individual in the community and believing that the best..
Takamatsu, Kagawa  by: englishbiz
We are an English school that primarily teaches elementary school students. Our curriculum is focused on teaching English basics in all four areas (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and is..
Seoul  by: Topia Education, Inc.
TOPIA Education, Inc., a well established and rapidly growing private institution in Seoul, Korea, specializes in English education and magnet high school entrance examinations. With 700 employees..
Australia - Melbourne  by: Einstein College of Australia
We are Australia based College situated in Melbourne, Victoria. We operate General English Courses , Certificate III in ESL, Certificate IV in ESL course for many students from non English speaking..
Peru - Lima (Surco)  by: Markham College
Markham College was founded in 1946 by a group of Anglo-Peruvians who had previously sent their children to the great independent schools in Britain. Rapidly, Markham began to distinguish itself from..
Ontario - Guelph (close to Toronto)  by: University of Guelph's ESL University Preparation Programs
PROGRAMS: Graduate Preparation Program: For many international students, studying at the graduate level in a respected Western university is an important factor in professional and academic success...
English Aloud Online School  by: English Aloud Online School
English Aloud Online School We are an online English school, our main office is located in Seoul, Korea. Our school was founded in March 2008 and teaches English to..
Arabic Online and in Cairo, Egypt  by: El Kateb for Educative Software
El Kateb Educative organize intensive online courses in Arabic language and culture. The proposed subjects: a. Arabic language; b. Culture; c. Contemporary Art. A. Arabic language. Course A1 – Read..
Searchlight  by: Malawi - Africa
Hi friends, Searchlight Orphan Care is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of orphans in Malawi, Africa. We welcome volunteers from all over the world to teach in our..
Famous Mausoleums  by: Ryan Cockerham
From the beginning of recorded history, human civilization has attempted to solve complicated questions related to death and dying. Creative thinkers across a variety of disciplines have expressed..
Traveling from Suwon to bucheon/seoul?  by:
Why You Should Consider Dating Asian Women Online  by: Dao Jones
In the comfort of your own home you can search for Asian women by using an Asian dating service. This method is obviously very convenient. You can look over a catalogue of beauties in the comfort of..
Chiang Mai, Thailand, Trekking Tour - A Typical Adventure  by: Lynn Upthagrove
We are up in time for the tour and do not need the scheduled wake-up knock. Today, the one day we probably need the nutrition and energy provided by a real breakfast, we have only coffee and a..
Any way to look up a person's phone number in Japan ?  by:
Island Hopping At Hundred Islands  by: Allan Merin
The Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan is one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines. Comprising 123 small islands, this UNESCO Heritage Site covers an area of 18.44 square..
Visit India - The Most Demanding Tourism Destination of the World  by: Michael Smith
India the land of scintillating natural beauty is the most popular tourism destination of the world. It is place where the Holy water of Ganga Rivers purifies the souls. It is place where the prayer..
Fun Travels in Australia and New Zealand, Part Two  by: John F. Rooney
This is Part Two of my article on my trip through Oz and Zed. From Auckland we took a thirteen day cruise which made four stops in New Zealand, three stops in Tasmania, Australia, a day in Melbourne,..
Getting To Greece And The Islands; A Visitor's Guide  by: Orson Johnson
Greece is a country located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula with over two thousand islands under their name. Many people say you can never finish seeing all of the islands in one..
Weather in Peru and What to Bring  by: Sharon De Hinojosa
What to bring If you're in one of the big cities: Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Lima, Cusco, or Arequipa, you can probably find everything you need. Clothing is cheap here as are shoes. Bring clothes..
Romantic Things to Do in Reno, Nevada  by: Crystal Green
Although Reno, Nevada is known for its gambling, the city has more to offer couples looking for a romantic getaway than you may think, including spas and resorts for personal pampering, outdoor..
Thailand - Pattaya  by: Pattaya Garden Apartments
Boutique style hotel on Pattaya beach offering one or two bedroom apartments and swimming pool. Photographs, details and reservations. Pattaya's latest boutique hotel preserves the exotic & elegant..
The Costa Cruise Line: An Exceptional Cruise Line  by: Darlene Berkel
The Costa Cruise line is an Italian-based cruise line. It has stayed on top for a very long time now by sheer dint of the excellent quality they offer, and the exceptionally entertaining itinerary..

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