Students/Tutors Portals: Mobile app to connect students with mentors!  by: Simon
Become an English speaking Mentor! – Get paid for speaking. Flexible work schedule. Fun way to meet people around the world! Would you like to earn supplemental income by simply speaking English..
English Tutor: IELTS Speaking with British Teacher ($50 for 10 Lessons or $85 for 20 Lessons)   by: IELTS Speaking Course
. Do you need help to prepare for your IELTS speaking test? Book your free 20 minute trial lesson Visit to get started. ---------------------------- • $50 for..
Foshan GUANGZHOU  by: Lola
HELLO EVERY ONE. I am experienced Esl teacher looking for a part time job in Foshan or Guangzhou
Anywhere in China  by: Darya Galeyeva
Hello Everybody! My name is Darya Galeyeva, and I am from Kazan city, Russia. I am 23 years old. This year I have graduated from University with the bachelor degree certificate in Teaching English..
Taiwan: Immediate ESL Positions – Start ASAP/August 2017  by: Taiwan Language Schools
Taiwan Language Schools Immediate ESL Positions – Start ASAP/August 2017 JOBS DESCRIPTION: JOB 01: School Location : Fengshan District , KAOHSIUNG CITY School Type : Cram school Students age :..
Taiwan: Certified teachers needed in K12 Public schools  by: Michael Yang
Certified teachers needed in K12 Public schools TAICHUNG - Starting: Aug, 2017 –July,2018 - Salary: from NT62,720-73025 /month (depends on education back ground & seniority) - House reimbursement:..
Profiled Agency -- Brilliant jobs in Jiangxi,China  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have over 200 positions in China to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Skype us at lynn.horizon NANCHANG - Private Training School - Adults (Ref #: JXNC-07)..
Profiled Agency -- ESL jobs in Shanxi is waiting for you  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have over 200 positions in China to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Skype us at lynn.horizon JINZHONG - Public University (Ref #: SXJZ-01) Salary: 7000..
EPIK Spanning across South Korea  by: SeoulESL
Great Opportunities to Teach in South Korean Public Schools with the Government Sponsored EPIK Program Job Description Discover Korea and teach English in Korean public schools through the English..
Bundang, Daejeon, Seoul  by: YBM EDU - Adult Academies Division
Teach Motivated Adults in Seoul Locations: August - January Start Dates YBM Language Institutes is searching for dynamic and professional instructors to join its teams located in Daejeon, Seongnam..
China holds Canadians 'for smoking marijuana'  by: expat hubby
Re a great timepiece  by: Silverboy
Well, there are a lot of frustrated women around, especially white women living in Asia. They feel entitled and think they deserve special treatment. They also throw a tantrum when they can't get..
Re Sino-Canada = ESL Hell!   by: Choose Sino Canada Your Gateway To The World
IT is located in a place called Luxuzhen which is heading east towards Suzhou using the G50 Highway. It is bang next to a lake called Fen Hu (Lake Fen) and also has some kind of rubbish hotel there..
Re Sino-Canada = ESL Hell!  by: Choose Sino Canada Your Gateway To The World
can confirm that as of 2017, there is still no way of getting to local town via taxi when you first get there and want to go out and explore. for anyone reading this. the location of the campus is..
University of Liverpool  by: Hsajohn3
Hi guys, need some help. I'm currently doing my dissertation for my MA TESOL and I have to conduct a survey. If you know someone who is.. A) A non-native speaker of English (intermediate or higher)..
Need financial support for school karnataka. St . India  by: shyju.Daniel
We are a started English medium school karnataka. pre primary school , we want to finance support for land and buildings for school next year primary upper primary we want to open .This areas not..
Online school based in the Philippines is looking for agents in Korea, Japan, China etc.  by: PBNS
We are looking for agents who can recruit students from Korea, Japan, China etc. to learn English from native speakers! Get up to 30% of revenue for each successful enrollment!
School in Paris is looking for agents  by: Robert
Greetings from Sustainable Development Management Institute (SDMI). SDMI exists to prepare students ready to serve as effective business leaders with purpose and generosity in a changing market..
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (ESL lessons available)  by: Anna Nicholas
One to two week homestay available in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario. Close to Toronto and three meals a day provided. All the comforts of home. Bachelor apartment available. Shared washroom. ESL..
Homestay Host in Oxford, UK  by: Geraldine Knox
Homestay in Banbury Oxfordshire Banbury is a market town in northern Oxfordshire, England, located on the River Cherwell. Many famous people have stayed here including Johnathan Swift, who is reputed..
Free Wordsearch Puzzles  by: chrissy Carter
Great way to learn vocabulary.
Full Color Rhyming Book explores the Use of Alphabet Homonyms  by: Shirley Whitney
HOMONYMS – The English language is not the easiest or most logical language to learn. Grandma’s new, full color rhyming book explores the use of alphabet homonyms. Alphabet letters are hidden in..
My Arabic for your english  by: AMAL
My Arabic for your English
Re Online franchise  by: interested-buyer
The next morning I got an email saying I wasn't on the short list for moving forward I would say that if they rejected your application then it's hardly a scam?
Scam teachers positions at schools  by: Marie
I would like to warn this website that I have spotted TWO web sites that look very similar to the website scam I received. Both have 'hotmail' or 'gmail' addresses. Just be warned.....and follow your..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Alias Taffy
You can choose to evade the book of rules. Good luck, bro! An appropriate song for you, featuring Ziggy Marley and the Heptones - enjoy! This was all about providing your own medical before you..
ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
Perfect game to learn each other's names - Cross Circle - Short Lesson  by: yi
Everyone in a circle. One person (A) starts by calling another person's name (B). At that point, A starts walking towards B. Before A gets to B, B needs to call another name (C), so B frees her spot..
Origins and Functions of Clothing  by: Kenny Leones
Clothing is a garment made from various kinds of materials and taking several forms used by men and women to cover their body. These garments maybe made from woven materials (silk, polyester), animal..
Teacher and Student Relationships in the Age of Social Networking  by: Michael Hines
That education and social media will share borders and encroach on each other's area of influence shouldn't come as a surprise. On one hand, education as we know it is very much a social engagement..
Free and inexpensive eBooks with Canadian content  by: Elise
Canadian Winter Homeschool Materials offers free and inexpensive downloadable eBooks, such as 'English Grammar: Adjectival, Adverbial and Noun Clauses' (includes funny references to moose and Canada)..
Games for classroom  by: Jen
I'm a mother helping out with a classroom party in my daughter's first grade class. They're having a South African themed party and I'm looking for a game to play in the classroom that will take up..
FREE Childrens Art eBook  by: Mary Lee Mattison
You be the Artist written and Illustrated by Mary Lee Mattison
How to Effectively Use Technology in a Classroom  by: David Stewart
For a generation being reared on e-readers and gizmo toys, learning in a traditional classroom atmosphere can be frustrating. Harnessing information technology to teaching can grab and hold the..
UK - London  by: The International TEFL Corporation (TITC) - TEFL / TESOL Courses with Certification
Our school in London is accredited internationally and your TESOL certificate will enable you to work in the UK or elsewhere around the world. Our London TESOL course center is located in the heart..
Functions Of An Interview  by: Amit Bhagria
I believe that an interview is a social encounter between two or more individuals with words as the main medium of exchange. The interviewer needs to be clear about the purpose of the exchange to..
How To Write The Perfect Letter Of Resignation  by: Richard Adams
Resignation is the event that not only affects the person but the professional life of a person. Resignation can be of various reasons which can be personal as well as professional. Leaving a job can..
How to Regain Lost Motivation  by: Errin Reaume
It's so easy to start a new project or exercise regimen. You have an initial burst of energy and optimism, but those feelings begin fade as the realities of the task presents itself, leaving you..
Humor Makes It Happen  by: Gary Le Mon
Im often asked, How important is humor in a Safe Money Seminar? Cant I just deliver the content without trying to get laughs? Yes you can. But in the words of Dr. Charles Jarvis, one of the great..
5 Tips To Writing Articles That Connect With Readers And Have Them Click Through  by: Matthew Robert Payne
TIP 1 Educate someone. As far as I know Jesus Christ doesnt get royalties on the Bible. But in His sermons we find wisdom that still has people simply read His acts and spoken words and fall to their..
Common Mistakes When Building A Quality Website  by: Johnny H
A Google search on ‘how to build a website’ will give you hundreds of thousands websites with simple text and video tutorials, most tender rock-solid theory and ideas, but which teach you why and..
People pay top dollar  by: runner
People pay top dollar for time.
How to Fix Run-On Sentences  by: Mark Pennington
Learning how to fix run-on sentences can be challenging for writers of all levels. From beginning writers who don't have the conceptual grasp of a complete thought to more experience writers who get..
Spanish Dialects  by: Steven Muller
A dialect is defined in linguistic terms as a language variety which is spoken in a specific territory. In the Spanish peninsula, for example, there are different dialects of Spanish. One should not,..
United Kingdom - Broadstairs  by: Broadstairs English Centre
Our English courses for teenagers and adults have been designed by the most experienced English teachers. Therefore they offer an excellent standard of teaching and include a full social/activity..
Jiangsu - Suzhou  by: QSI International School of Suzhou
QSI International School of Suzhou, a non-profit institution that opened in August 2007 offering high quality education in English for students from three (3) years of age through middle school -..
Singapore (Upper Boon Keng Road)  by: Cambridge Business School
Cambridge Business School was founded with the purpose to provide quality distance learning education for students who want to pursue further higher education. The school was established in 2003 with..
Tokyo, Edogawa-ku  by: Shane English School Japan
English school in Japan.
Seoul, Incheon, Ilsan, Bundang, Daejeon, Daegu, Changwon, Busan  by: YBM Education, ECC Division
Established in 1961. Over 2500 full-time employees YBM has numerous divisions catering to the sole purpose of English language education in Korea. Our publishing division is in charge of publishing..
Australia - Adelaide  by: Bradford College - English Studies
Bradford College is a pre-university college offering international students a pathway to studying in Australia, in an Australian University. Bradford College is situated within the University of..
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro (Zona Sul and Barra)  by: British School of Rio de Janeiro
The British School, founded in 1924, is a non-profit, independent and co-educational day school located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We offer a complete and coherent curriculum for British,..
California - Peasanton  by: ESL Global Institute
ESL Global Institute, located in the Pleasanton, East Bay Area, California. At ESLGI, we offer a specially designed English as a Second Language course for adults, to make your dream of speaking,..
Conservatory Prep Senior High  by: SACS accredited American High School has unique online curriculum
Conservatory Prep Senior High has been a leader in alternative college-prep education. Our program is geared towards the creative, gifted learner who is college-bound and needs an 'out of the box'..
Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai  by: Mandarin World
Just a few of the reasons to study Chinese at Mandarin World in Shanghai High quality and practical Chinese courses Fun cultural activities Modern school environment Dedicated student service..
Touch-Humanity International Voluntary Services THIVS (Kenya, Uganda, Sudan)  by: Kenya, Uganda and Sudan
About us: Touch-Humanity International Voluntary Services (THIVS) is a non-profit and membership organization founded in October 2001 by former volunteers and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)..
Re: SHOCKING!!! *Picture*  by: Andrya Perez
To Lilian: Hi, I am a tropical brunett Venezuelan woman. I graduated as an English Teacher in 2004. I have been working for a well known English Institute for two months and a half. During the last 3..
Serviced Apartments  by: mrsj
I am supposed to be coming to Korea next week. I got a teaching job there, but it does not come with housing, just housing allowance. So I need to find my own place. I made reservations at..
Mauritius: An Island Nation Suited for Honeymoon  by: Swati Singh
Mauritius Tour, Is an island nation which is located south west of the Indian Ocean. This island nation is highly visited by many tourists across the globe for its beaches and scenic beauty...
Do Americans ever retire in poorer countries such as China or Thailand, because they can live like kings...?  by:
For instance, I went to Thailand two summers ago and it was great! Food was delicious, 4-star hotels cost only around $30 USD per night or less, and you could get a 2-hour massage for $6 USD! (In..
Strattera & other ADHD med's available in Japan?  by: Yoshi
I know someone who has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). S/he must take Strattera every day. S/he wants to teach do the JET Program. Are any of you English teachers in Japan take Strattera or know..
A Visit to Philippine Bureau of Immigration  by: Rusty Ferguson
Expats living in the Philippines, without a resident visa, must get their visa extended every 59 days. I usually try to stay clear of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) just to make sure no one upsets me..
India – The Country Of Surprises  by: Jena Smith
Here is a country full of surprises - India. This country has everything on offer for tourists; you can choose to visit any region based on the climatic conditions. For snowy weather, you can prefer..
All Black - New Zealand national rugby union team  by: reed
The New Zealand national rugby union team, more commonly referred to as the All Blacks,[2] is the representative side of New Zealand in rugby union. Rugby is the country's national sport[3]. New..
An Overview of Where to Visit in Turkey  by: Olivia Neate
Turkey has a combination of rich cultural heritage, amazing cuisine, vibrant coastal resorts and a genuinely warm reception from its people and just a 4 hour flight from London. Together, all of this..
How to Take Your Pet to Brazil  by: Tricia Chaves
Although Brazil doesn't have any exceptionally strict regulations for admitting your cat or dog into the country for your visit or move, there is a short window of time in which to gather all of the..
Fun and Sun in Florida  by: Marsha Maung
Florida is not known as the land of fun and sun in the United States for nothing. With sunshine all year round, its easy to see why tourists and holiday-goers make it to go to Florida often. Florida..
Cambodia - Phnom Penh  by: DV8 Bar & Guesthouse
In central city across from the Tonle Sap River. Rooms and rates, facilities, location and travel information including photos, visas and local attractions.
Luggage Tips for Safer Travel  by: William Manor
Ever had your luggage lost during a trip? Heard horrors stories about lost luggage from others? Well, losing your luggage is not the only thing that can happen to your bags and their contents while..

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