English Tutor:   by: E-chalk
E chalk provides ESL virtual learning to master the English language. We create young individuls to be communicable and connected globally. And, we do this at the comfort of your home. The purpose of..
English Tutor: Cambridge Certified English Teacher   by: Martin Norling
Hi! I'm ready to help you master your English. I offer my 17 years of language training experience to students around the world. I speak four languages, so I know what it takes to become a confident..
Any and online  by: Trudie
Have TELF CERT From Ghana classed as a Native speaker . Open to all offers Pagargertrude@gmail.com with details .
Anywhere  by: Meena Swaminathan
I am writing to express my interest in a English teaching position. I graduated from Marshall University Forensic Science program. I have Master of Science in Forensic Science, a Bachelor of Science..
Hong Kong  by: American English Workshop
American English Workshop is seeking qualified Native English Teachers to work in Hong Kong. We will also consider qualified male applicants whenever the position allows it. Positions are immediately..
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand  by: Sithammarat Suksa EPAMC
Si Thammarat Suksa School (EPAMC), in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand is currently looking for 3 new teachers to start in May. Please see a blog post by one of our teachers about our school and area..
School -- Shijiazhuang  by: Shane English 13300 RMB 25 Teaching Hours, Airfare, Visa Fees + 4000 RMB Sign On Bonus! (No Degree)
Are you looking for a change of scene? Do you like working with kids? Are you looking to experience Chinese culture? Do you want to learn Chinese? If you answered yes, to any of the above; then Shane..
School -- Native English Teachers Needed In Liaoning China  by: Victoria English House
WORK IN NORTHEASTERN CHINA! That’s right, Victoria English House (open since 2001) is looking for some fresh new faces to join the team. We are currently expanding our school through new branches..
Seoul, Incheon, Busan  by: Pagoda Academy
Please read ad in its entirety Only serious candidates will receive a response. * Position: English Instructor for motivated Adult ESL learners (Group or 1:1) * Positions available: Full-Time FT..
All Throughout South Korea: EPIK Program  by: SeoulESL
Teach in South Korean Public Schools with the EPIK Program Job Description Discover Korea and teach English in Korean public schools through the English Program In Korea (EPIK). Korea, also known as..
Re China's going mad  by: expat hubby
What "potential trouble" are you talking about? I am no "backpacker" but a professional teacher with three kids and a local wife. My family travels around when we want to have fun, when my wife goes..
dear leader  by: Silverboy
He is our "Dear Leader". He said it will be sunny and 25 degrees today.
Re The English Teacher Training College of Austria (aka ABCi) - BEWARE  by: MK
Its legit. There is no requirement to stay in the dorms but everyone did when I was there. I just completed the TEFL course recently and am in touch with some current student teachers. It was intense..
Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam  by: mickymick
Too many foreigners or foreign teachers in popular places lowering costs for students and salaries for teachers. Supply and demand kicks in in combination with lack of work ethics cq respect and..
Advert: Qikit Text Inc, a revolution for English Writing  by: qikittext.com
I have a program to provide a new option for teaching English. It can be used as a starter program, and as a support program. Both are critical for new learners. As a starter program, it is easier to..
Financial Support needed for a school in Punjab  by: Satish kumar
good morning sir/madam i am from india punjab,my dream is to provide free education to the poor and needy students for that i want to start a school would you like to support me financially to..
Agency in Qingdao, China is looking for freelance recruiters  by: Bruce
Freelance Recruiters wanted About Us Global Tour Education (GTE) , is one of the biggest human resource centers for foreigners in Qingdao, China. We specialize in assisting foreign teachers and..
School in Prahchinburi Thailand is looking for agents  by: Damien Vanderwolf
The Joy Of English would like to invite students to our new Thailand Campus starting the 25th of July 2017. We cater to all Students needs as our lecturers have had over 17 years TESOL Teaching..
Homestay Host in Baguio City Philippines  by: Crisanta Estayo Padilla
Stay with us here in the beautiful City of Baguio Philippines and learn English and new culture while touring around the city and nearby places. I have been teaching English for 13 years. My husband,..
English speaking host in Perth Australia  by: Niki
Hello students If you would like to stay in the beautiful city of Perth Australia and learn english whilst we go touring around the city, and learn english in practical situations such as Learning..
EFL Magazine  by: Philip Pound
Check out EFL Magazine for some fantastic articles on English teaching
ESL website: Experiences of an ESL teacher in China, ideas, games, etc.  by: easyeslchina / brent jones
hello yo whomever is reading this, thank you for taking the time to read my message. im working as an esl teacher in china, i have been for nearly 2 years now and i thought one day i would like to..
Pen Pals: I am looking for pen friends from Japan  by: Hồ Phương Thảo
Hello from Vietnam, I want to find some pen friends from Japan. I admire this country a lot. Hope to see any replies soon. I love to learn more about this country.
Why do they do it?  by: Nata
Hi all. Some time ago I have posted my resume on this site and indicated my e-mail address as a contact. Recently I wondered where else my CV could get to, so I searched for my e-mail in Google. And..
Re Is Teaching-experience.com a scam  by: George Alexander Brown
Hello there, I have also been contacted by this guy and everything he is on about just seems to good to be true. Smells fishy
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Alias Taffy
You can choose to evade the book of rules. Good luck, bro! An appropriate song for you, featuring Ziggy Marley and the Heptones - enjoy! This was all about providing your own medical before you..
ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
STATUES - Short Lesson  by: re
Play the traditional game of statues. All the children stand up and dance or move around to some lively music. When the music stops, they have to stand completely still or else they are eliminated..
Top 5 Songs About Education  by: Sarah Maple
The subject of school has been a big theme for pop songs since Chuck Berry goose-stepped his way through School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) in 1957. However, it seems that the seventies heralded a..
Best Ways to Handle Disruptive Students in the Classroom  by: Jennifer Dobson
No classroom is free from having at least one or two students that seem to constantly and incessantly disrupt the entire classroom with their antics. But in order for all students to learn..
Free phonics worksheets  by: Fun Fonix
Fun Fonix.com offers free phonics worksheets, clipart for phonics worksheets, worksheet makers, and phonics e-books. Take a look some of the worksheets that you can make below.
tips on teaching english  by: bonog
how will i tach my students how to love english? what strategies are good for slow learner? thank you very much.
Technical-English-Vocabulary-and-Grammar.pdf  by: pdf
Scroll to browse this PDF Move your mouse pointer under to: save as pdf, print, zoom in/out
How to Teach Music With an Interactive Whiteboard  by: Amber-Jean Nash
Interactive whiteboards are rapidly replacing chalkboards and standard whiteboards in the classroom. Using an interactive whiteboard allows for a dynamic and engaging learning environment that..
Vietnam - Hanoi  by: TESOL course in Hanoi, Vietnam
TESOL CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE By doing our TESOL Course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), teaching and traveling in countries around the world is absolutely available to you. You get a..
Job Interview Tip - One Thing You Must Not Do  by: Elton Lowe
Almost everyone that goes into an interview gets nervous. But what if you're not nervous? What if you sit down and find instant rapport with the person doing the interview? There is one mistake you..
7 Travel Job Search Tips  by: T Hale
Looking for your ideal job? Maybe you're looking for a part time job or a completely new lifestyle. We would all prefer 'easy money' jobs over hard labor jobs. The job that everyone is after involves..
Change Your Life By Being Uncomfortable  by: Delton Doucet
Many people talk about their dreams, the lives they wish to lead, the income they want to attain in their lifetime, yet 95% of the people either start and quit, not getting very far and not putting..
Humor - Unintentional Humor  by: Michael Russell
It's one thing to laugh at something that's meant to be funny. After all, that's what joke writers, cartoonists, sitcom writers and the like want us to do. If we don't laugh at their material then..
Learn Writing Style - What is Technical Writing?  by: Deanna Mascle
Technical writing, sometimes called business writing, is writing for a specific purpose and with a specific goal. Usually its goal is to inform/instruct or persuade/argue. Technical writing can..
Re: Poke'Mon Exposed  by: Anonymus
This post may be old but, to be honest this is absurd, I was a Pokemon fan and use to play their card games, watched their TV series, and play their video games, heck I still play their video games..
How Thomas Rongen, the soccer witch doctor, healed the worst team in the world  by: jp
The new soccer coach earned a certain amount of trust. For one example, Rongen put his wife in a hotel but slept on the pavement with the rest of his team. “I felt early on that I needed to show..
How to Use Adjectives vs. Adverbs  by: Contributor
We use adjectives and adverbs to qualify or limit the meaning of other words, but we can't substitute an adverb for an adjective in a sentence. Each one has its own specific job to do. 1 Limit or..
Mini Spanish Course - Lesson 1 of 20  by: Perriann Rodriguez
Spanish Vowels Knowing how to pronounce Spanish vowels will take you very far in Spanish. You will be able to pronounce words correctly and quickly. When you are learning Spanish, the vowel sounds..
Switzerland - Saanen (near Gstaad)  by: John F. Kennedy International School
The John F. Kennedy International School is a co-educational English-language boarding and day school for children ages 5 to 14 (grades K - . The student body is made up of 65 students from over..
Anhui - Fuyang  by: Fuyang Teachers College
Teachers College is situated in Fuyang City, the central city in the Northwest Anhui Province. It is a city which has a long cultural history. Some Chinese historic cultural elites like Guanzi,..
India - Mansarovar, Jaipur  by: International College for Girls
The International College for Girls, Jaipur is a pioneer institution for women education in Rajasthan. With English as the medium of instruction, the founding of ICG was necessitated by the demand of..
Kanazawa, Ishikawa  by: Shining Star English
Shining Star English..
Daegu  by: Daegu English Village
The Daegu English Village (DGEV) was established via a partnership between The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado and Yeungjin College (YJ), Daegu, South Korea. The purpose of the..
Australia - Perth  by: PIBT
English language courses that move into university at Edith Cowan Univeristy in Perth, Western Australia. Courses include: Academic English General English Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation..
Mexico - Chiapa de Corzo  by: Dunham Institute - TEFL Certification
TEFL Certification - Our 4 week intensive TEFL certification course will prepare you to teach children and adults. This internationally recognized certificate will enable you to travel the world and..
DC Washington  by: International Center for Language Studies, Inc.
group classes: INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM (IEP) The Intensive English Program (IEP) is designed for students, business managers, diplomats and other professionals who seek to develop mastery of the..
Online Tutor For English  by: Online American Tutors for TOEFL and ESL
eLearning online school for American English, ESL, Regents, TOEFL for junior high, high school and college students. American native and certified teachers teach courses by advanced e-learning..
Spanish in Valencia, Spain  by: Hispania, escuela de español
Hispania, escuela de español opened its doors in 2002 with the idea of creating a philosophy of life through the teaching of Spanish language in which humanity, tolerance and positivity prevailed..
Global Routes (Worldwide)  by: Africa, Asia and Latin America
Summer Teen Community Service Programs & Gap Year/College Semester Internships in Africa, Asia and Latin America
Re: why chinese women want western men  by: Ken Gomes
Trev I had a similar experience in Thailand but fortunately not as expensive. I met & fell in love with a beautiful 24 year old bar girl. I gave her money to leave the bar & go home. She had been..
Stairway to Heaven - Famous Korean TV Drama  by: Erika Ayala
Did you know that Stairway to Heaven is one of the most successful Korean dramas ever made? It continues to be popular in countries all across Asia most especially the Philippines. The drama was a..
Spotlight on the Asian-Themed Wedding  by: Blake Kritzberg
By Blake Kritzberg Asian-themed weddings are on the rise, and at first this might come as a surprise. After all, nothing could seem further from the Laura Ashley vision we get when thinking of a..
Why You Should Travel To Pattaya  by: Jeremy C.
Pattaya is well-known for its nightlife and a wide variety of fun and entertainment. The best parts to be explored are the Central and Southern regions while the Northern part is quite calm compared..
How To Write Your English Names Into Japanese Kanji Symbols For Your Tattoo Design  by: Takanori Tomita
A lot of Western people love to get their names in Japanese, especially with the Japanese script called, Kanji. But, we also use 2 other Japanese scripts called Hiragana and Katakana to write names..
Philippines Palawan Island - One Of The Best Vacation Spot In The Philippines  by: Werty
Take a great summer vacation by going to one of the Philippines' ideal travel destinations- for the certified beach bum Palawan. Palawan Island is considered the most well conserved major island..
Rajasthan Tours Allure Tourists From Each Corner of World  by: Mahi Manral
Rajasthan is a globally famous tourism destination of India. It is the largest state of India offering range of tourism and holiday options. Tourists come here to visit its magnificent forts, elegant..
What to Do in Australia - The Northern Territory  by: Trisha Garbrick
Twice the size of California, and the least populated state in Australia, the Northern Territory is considered to be the real Outback. Of its culturally diverse 200,000 residents, approximately one..
Paris for Families (France)  by: Richard Greaves
Although the city is pleasant to visit any time of the year, in October the number of summer tourists has declined, the city centre is not so crowded and attractions are less busy than in the summer..
Capoeira - Martial Arts to Prepare For a Brazil Vacation  by: Gary Sargent
It's commonly acknowledged that if you share something in common with people from your travel destination, you'll have no problem connecting with locals. Surfing in Australia, cricket in India, tango..
Vacationing in North_Carolina  by: Robert Vrabel
There may be winter weather during February in North Carolina but that shouldnt stop you from seeing and doing all that North Carolina has to offer. There are some of the highest ski slopes ease of..
China - Beijing  by: Tianxiang Heritage Courtyard
Relax, indulge, explore at one of the finest hotels in Beijinga hotel with all the modern conveniences amid the charm of a bygone imperial age. Discover the magic of the Tianxiang Heritage Courtyard..
Carry On Luggage Size Restrictions - Everything You Need To Know  by: Emilie Nicola
Considering about the carry on luggage size is important whenever you want to travel. You may need the small or large size of carry on luggage according to the way you travel. If you want to know..

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