English Tutor: English and German Lessons Online and in Matsuyama Japan  by: Klaus
Teaching English and German lessons to children and adults in the Matsuyama, Ehime-ken, Japan area. All levels. Test preparation (TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN and others) as well as proof reading. Online..
English Tutor:   by: Jane Martinet
$ 8 per hour ESL Lesson Hi! This is teacher Jane and I could be your ESL online tutor. I have been an offline / online teacher for three years to Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean students of..
China-- SPRING TERM 2018 Job  by: octavius
With 13 years of ESL teaching experience in China: --12 years in college/university --1 year in primary and high school Country: Philippines Current Address: Jilin Normal University, Jilin..
Shanghai (All Ages) 2018  by: Mr Rossouw
My name is Lindsay Rossouw, a teacher from South Africa. My designated country and city to teach at in 2018 is China, Shanghai. I have a degree in Linguistics, and a qualified TEFL certificate of..
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  by: Ethio National School
Ethio National School is located in Akaki Kality Subcity, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The school was established in 1998 G.C. to serve quality education for the community and the country at large. At the..
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand  by: Sithammarat Suksa School
Sithammarat Suksa School (EPAMC), is looking for 2 awesome teachers to join our team in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand ASAP! Grade 7-12 Regular Program English Teacher = 20 periods per week working..
Profiled Agency -- Broaden your horizons in Hunan, China  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have over 200 positions in China to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Skype us at lynn.horizon CHANGSHA - Private Training School - Both (Ref #: HNCS-09)..
Profiled Agency -- Teach English in lovely Liaoning, China  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have over 200 positions in China to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Skype us at lynn.horizon SHENYANG - Public Middle School (Ref #: LNSY-03) Salary:..
Seoul  by: ISK

Do you know every other school is different? Here are things you need to consider. Plus March~April starting positions. 
Experienced instructors know that salary and working time are not only..
Changwon city  by: JE consulting
FOR ONLY COUPLE POSITION –JOB DESCRIPTION and WORKING ENVIRONMENT Changwon is a city in and the capital of Gyeongsangnam-do in South Korea and it is one of the cleanest cities in Korea with a..
Re testosterone ethnicity  by: Silverboy
Maybe you should remember your hero Obama. He was certainly no novice when it came to telling lies. Muslim men come from a culture where rape is promoted and accepted. Western men do not. Maybe you..
Re Web and favoritism based on ethnicity  by: Silverboy
Many cities like that in China. Just crap.
Re Sino-Canada = ESL Hell!  by: SCHS..."at a glance"
Teaching at Sino-Canada School, Luxu, Jiangsu If you arrive at self-proclaimed China's best school Sino-Canada: your gateway to the world, you may think wow that looks nice, as you approach from the..
Cunzhi school in Wujiang is a fraud that doesn't pay the teachers  by: malpy
This is the worst school in whole Suzhou. The school says its near the metro but it is not even in Suzhou its in Wujiang an hour away from the city. Nothing they say in the ads is true they lie about..
What should i do  by: Mark Seaton
Hello! Planning a 12 month meander through SE Asia as of March 2018 (being 48 and getting LSL has its advantages!) and whilst I have absolutely no intention of teaching, as I have a Bachelor's Degree..
Financial assistance for running a school in Dhaka Bangladesh  by: sujit Ghagra
Hello friends and well wishers. I am Sujit Ghagra from Bangladesh. I have been running a school since 2007. This school is basically for underprivileged children and less fortunate students who pays..
Crown Academy, the best University/College Preparation program in Canada  by: Crown Academic International School
Crown Academic International School Crown Academic’s high school department, offer:  Ontario High School Diploma Program (ESL Program and Grade 9-12 High School Credit Program)  University..
Online school specialized in IELTS is looking for agents/school partners worldwide  by: Josh Hancock
IELTSedits is looking for schools or agents who wish to work with us on a commission basis. We offer online help for students studying IELTS writing and specialize in Writing Task 1 and Task 2..
Homestay in Nepal  by: Indra Foundation
Explore Nepal & Community Volunteer in Nepal This is a unique opportunity to visit rural community and experience Nepal with a difference that leaves a lasting impression! The opportunity to stay..
Host in Glendora, California  by: Tammy Palmer
Hi students, please contact us if you want homestay parents in southern California at the above email address.
Download quality ESL textbooks, flash cards, games, charts  by: Kinney Brothers Publishing
Download quality ESL textbooks, flash cards, games, charts - everything for the ESL classroom!
Creativity workshops: Leadership, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Writing Without Fear, Overcoming Creative Blocks, etc.  by: The Creativity Workshop
At The Creativity Workshop, we believe that creativity is for everyone! Located in New York, we teach it to educators, business professionals, writers, scientists, psychologists, and artists...
Pen Pals for my Students: Looking for Pen Pal/Skype Pal Nepali to English and Spanish to English  by: VIkki
Hi I am a k-3 Elementary ESL Teacher looking for Elementary k-3 Spanish Speakers and Elementary K-3 Nepali speakers who would like to communicate with my English and Nepali Speaking Students. My..
Re Union Jack Schools in Napoli ( Naples ) Italy, a real school that scammers are impersonating  by: Molly
Just an update! The REAL director of the school, Mr. Dawn Kerry Reynolds contacted me from [email protected] to let me know that those who were contacting me are, in fact, involved in a scam...
Re Union Jack Schools in Napoli ( Naples ) Italy  by: clemieclu
I've actually seen this too!! I thought it was super fishy too. They have this flimsy website and a Facebook page that is bare bones. So it all stinks to me! If anyone knows anything, I'd like to..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Alias Taffy
You can choose to evade the book of rules. Good luck, bro! An appropriate song for you, featuring Ziggy Marley and the Heptones - enjoy! This was all about providing your own medical before you..
ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
ESL Games - R  by: jt
Run And Get It Divide the class into two teams and have them stand in two lines facing each other. Assign each team member a number from one to four. Place a few flashcards in the middle of the two..
The History and Evolution of The Bicycle  by: Michael Russell
Bicycles are one of the most popular forms of transportation in modern cities today. Particularly in some parts of China and in Dutch countries, bicycles are used as a primary form of transportation...
Can you give me some better ideas how to teach english to adult esl students on a 1/2mnth deadline?  by: answers.yahoo.com
Can you give me some better ideas how to
Christmas materials for upper-level learners  by: Chris
Heads Up English has four ready-to-go lessons for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. All the materials are for upper-level learners, and can be used to focus on any language skill set. Yet the..
Re: Teaching ESL in the USA  by: Brais
Dear Publio, I also commend you on your efforts and your devotion to learning another language. I would like to comment that because your post contains several errors it is somewhat ironic. 'Being..
Free E-book - Study Success Formula  by: A. Adam
By: A. Adam Discover the Study Success Formula to boost your grades dramatically! www.study-habits.com/blog
Want your own Elearning website??  by: Verzog
Ever wanted your own Elearning website(LMS) or do blended online learning with your live class? I specialize in ESL websites using Open Source Software(free). I can: 1.Deliver a fully setup site with..
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City  by: International TEFL Academy
Boasting thousands of years of history and culture, Vietnam offers a rare blend of traditional charm and tranquil natural beauty with the dynamism of one of the world’s fastest growing economies..
Fixing the Job Board Trap  by: Don Goodman
Every day I hear from people who tell me that they have sent out dozens of resumes and are not getting calls. Some of these people have very good resumes so what's the problem here? The problem is..
Contemplating a Move Overseas As an Expatriate?  by: Michael Davies
I made the move nearly 30 years ago, I am still overseas, and if I was about to take the decision again, I would not have any hesitation in taking exactly the same decision. That is said in the full..
Excuses - Break The Habit  by: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
Many people suffer from Excusitis; that is why many people are where they are in this moment. When you realize you have the Power within you to Change your situation in respect to hindrances, you..
Humor and Your Relationship  by: Michael Russell
What is it about Humor that can really get things going? Have you ever been in a workplace meeting where everyone is "brainstorming" some new idea? Everything is going stagnant and nothing is getting..
How to Stimulate a Productive Response With a Tactful Complaint Letter  by: Jean Taylor
A complaint letter should never be written in angry or sarcastic terms. It is quite likely that the fault lies entirely with the supplier, and the customer has reason to feel angry and burst into a..
How to Start Video Blogging?  by: Kanicen Nichathavan
Videoblogging is the next generation of posting ideas and products over the internet. Everybody knows about textblogging. Now they use videos for a better way of expression. This form of..
The saying goes  by: tn
"when the fox couldn't reach the grapes, she said it is sour grapes and I don't want it".
Benefit of Learning English As a Second Language Online (Learning Online)  by: Jamie Pickrell
If you are moving to an English-speaking country or are going to be a foreign exchange student, you will need to acquire extensive English speaking and writing skills in order to communicate..
Learn Finnish with Sulkasiipi! - Part 1 - Say Hi!  by: Sulkasiipi
Related lessons in Finnish Introducing yourself Weekdays
Hungary - Budapest  by: American International School of Budapest
Welcome to the American International School of Budapest! We at AISB are proud of our vibrant international community. We have currently students from over fifty different countries, with all that..
Jiangsu - Yangzhou  by: Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou
Established in 2002, the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou has a capacity of 4,000 students. With its founding, New Oriental completed the first step in realizing its vision of..
India - Electronics City (near), Bangalore  by: Treamis World School
Treamis World School is a co-educational, kindergarten - 12th grade, day and boarding International school in Bangalore, India. In addition to its own integrated global curriculum, Treamis offers..
Kagoshima  by: Kooka Kids English House
Kooka Kids English House (クカキッズイングリッシュハウス) We are a small English school located in..
Jeju City  by: Cheju National University
Cheju National University has upgraded its education and research programs to secure international competitiveness, using the geopolitical position of Jeju Island at the center of Northeast Asia...
Australia - Melbourne  by: Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA)
At Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA), students can be sure of receiving high-quality education and training. We provide a wide range of career-oriented courses like English Language Training,..
Mexico - TEFL program  by: Teachers Latin America
If you would like some quality international experience, have some time to travel, and are interested in new places and cultures, or want to discover international educational opportunities, then we..
Ontario - Toronto  by: University of Toronto's English Language Program
Academic English Full-time Intensive Program (10 or 12 weeks), Part-time Courses and Business English for International Professionals. Benefits of learning at ELP: LEARN MORE in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE..
Language Space  by: English, Portuguese
Skype English and Portuguese language classes. Preparation for all exams - GMAT; TOEFL; TOEIC; CPE; IELTS; BEC Executive English language classes with professional experienced native English language..
Arabic, Yemen  by: Yemen Institute for Arabic Language YIAL
Arabic school in Sanaa, Yemen offers a number of courses upon request, like: MSA, Yemeni dialect, Arabic calligraphy, Arabic media and Arabic poetry, ...
Global Volunteer Network (Worldwide)  by: Worldwide
The Global Volunteer Network (GVN) offers volunteer service opportunities in community projects throughout the world. We currently provide volunteer programs through our partner organizations in 21..
Xingtai  by: The Woodcutter
Secured a job teaching at Xingtai University commencing September 1st. Any expats living in Xingtai who fancies meeting up for a drink and chat?
getting ready for teaching english in korea, should i bring my snowboard?  by: theirishlion
i will be leaving soon to teach in korea (1st timer) should i bring my snowboard, or are there good boards to rent?
Northern Mariana Islands Cruises  by: Laura Rico
The Northern Mariana Islands are located in the Western Pacific Ocean, and are considered part of Micronesia. The island chain is a self-governing commonwealth of the United States. It was taken by..
Do You Like My Music Video About Getting Rolled by Monkeys in Thailand?  by: Macaque Daddy
Been teaching abroad for years - the five last ones in China, but Thailand's been a great getaway for me. We shot this music vid a month ago on vacation in Phuket (since I had just written the song..
10 Tips For Business Success in Tokyo and Avoiding Cross Cultural Faux Pas  by: Honor Dargan
Pre-Departure Preparation If you know you will be traveling to Tokyo with the objective of doing business, take the time to think ahead and prepare yourself as much as possible. Find out about the..
Motorcycle Accident in the Philippines - Fact, It's Rising  by: Paul Smeeton
Have you noticed that a motorcycle accident in the Philippines occurs on almost a daily basis? This trend has set off man police departments around the area including the Philippine National Police..
India Wildlife Tours  by: Jenny Franklin
India is consecrated with the beautiful seasons, natural scenic beauty and also the distinguished wildlife that enable the tourists to experience the mind blowing adventure while they spend their..
Circular Quay - Gateway to Sydney's Charms  by: Richard Greaves
Circular Quay is not just a fascinating place to explore; it's also the gateway to the rest of Sydney's abundant charms. Whether you plan to explore the city by bus, boat, monorail or on foot,..
An Overview of Belgium for Travelers  by: Richard Monk
Located on the European mainland, Belgium often is short-shifted in discussions of Europe. Following is an overview of Belgium for travelers. An Overview of Belgium for Travelers Belgium is located..
Top 10 Argentina Attractions For A More Memorable Trip  by: Tom Wick
When you travel to Argentina, you will most likely arrive in Buenos Aires, which is a stunner of a huge metropolitan city. Buenos Aires is the number 1 Argentina Attraction, and where the adventure..
Outdoor fountain in Las Vegas, free and spectacular  by: Will Eller
If you are visiting Las Vegas one free attraction you will want to see are the spectacular outdoor fountains in front of the Bellagio. You do not need to rent one of the rooms at the five star hotel..
Cambodia - Siem Reap  by: Lotus Lodge
The Lotus Lodge is situated away from the center of Siem Reap. Away from all the big hotels and busy street life, it offers an oasis of greenery. An excellent place for a well deserved rest after..
How to Tip a Bellhop  by: Collaborator
Tip whenever a bellhop provides a service, which might include carrying your luggage, showing you the room, opening blinds, showing you how to operate the air conditioner or putting large pieces of..

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