French Tutor: Manila  by: Amir
Areas of Interest: Fluent in French language with great proficiency in teaching the subjectKnowledge of the process and difficulties of language acquisitionComprehensive knowledge of French history,..
English Tutor: Learn English Online  by: Ismaeel
Hi students would you like to improve your English from the comfort of your own home? Now you can! gives you the opportunity to learn with "Professional Native English Teachers" Always first..
China  by: kevin
Experienced ESL teacher Searching For Summer Camps.
china  by: Badr Saad
A highly dedicated ESL teacher with a solid 8 years of teaching experience acquired through working with different levels of students and academic institutions across China. I hold a Master of Arts..
Chihuahua, Mexico  by: Chihuahua Campus
Hello, We are looking for an English grammar teacher, who is a Native speaker from the US, or Canada, or the UK. This position is full-time, and we require a teacher that can easily commit to a..
Juchitan, Mexico  by: universidad del istmo
Full-time position available at a small public university in southern Mexico. Attractive local salary and benefits package, including medical insurance, offered. The university seeks EFL professors..
School -- Native English Teachers Needed  by: Victoria English House
Hi Victoria English House was founded in 2001 in Tieling City Liaoning Province,From the year of 2002 we started to hiring foreign teachers so we have a long history of working with foreign..
Agency -- Beijing  by: UFEIC
Please forward all applications and resumes to Please attach your photos. Dear all, This is Bilingo-China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, a leading institution that..
Nonhyeonno of 26 51 Avenue, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea  by: Key publishing company
Key publishing company is looking for competent hosts!! Have you ever wanted to be a television or radio host? OR have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could become one? If you do, come..
Naju  by: Dongshin University
Dongshin University is currently looking for native English speakers for full-time assistant-professor positions to start August 25, 2015. 1. POSITION DETAILS You are contracted to teach 12 hours of..
Re (When in China) act more like chinese and less like foreigner.  by: Haha
I almost forgot, I love doing the absolute minimum to get by at work, don't expect me to work my arse off when local employees won't. I do not owe you anything.
Re This is china and every1 with money in the west like china to be like this.  by: Haha
They don't argue over environmental impacts as well. Have you ever seen sparrows or pigeons in China? No, because they were all exterminated. Beside Pandas and only because billions are spent on..
Re: Re Rubbish Yuncheng Middle School, China  by: ROXY IN CHINA
The problem with your suggestion is that most recruiters in China (and not only there) are crooks. It's better to contact schools directly and to ask them whether a criminal background check in one's..
Re Guangzhou Commercial College Jiulong town Guangzhou  by: ROXY IN CHINA
The dispute broke out in the foreign teacher’s office Guangzhou Commercial College, when Professor Ozzie made a comment defending his family. The attacking foreign teacher Paul Howard Crown took..
ELL assesements pro and cons  by: Johanna
How do you feel the ELL's assessment meet the needs of these students.
Re: Need Information on How to Start an Accredited School Online  by: Leeann
Thanks for the response, but after speaking to someone about it, I see that I was wayyyy ahead of myself there. I'll inquire about this again in about 5 or so years. Thank you :D
English Language School in Cebu, Philippines looking for agents  by: Pacific Tree International Language Academy
English Language School in Cebu, Philippines looking for agents We are a new school employing only qualified and experienced teachers, accredited by TESDA (the government body responsible for..
School in Los Angeles USA is looking for agents  by: Grant Elliott
Hello, I am the academic director of an ESL school that is located on the campus of a well-known university in Los Angeles California. We are seeking agents to help us in our global recruitment..
Beijing  by: jakelin
Beijing Homestay or short stay at Chinese family Package I: Chinese & Culture Environment, 5 hours/week English help to family, free dinner; 2600 RMB/month; Package II: Chinese & Culture Environment,..
Homestay Program all International Students  by: William
ATLAS is a Travel and Study program that offers Homestay Services for international students of all ages. Our Homestay families are located throughout the US and are screened, interviewed, and..
Moving and Relocation Company in Beijing  by: Toby
Beijing Mover run the business in Beijing since 2006 ,which is specialized in household goods and personal effects transportation; relocation; warehousing; large-scale office moving service. Beijing..
Learn English for $1 USD  by: Grandma
Watch Grandma’s videos and learn to read and speak English! Habla Ingles!..
My English for your French   by: Leeann
Version Français en sous Hello, I'm looking to exchange my English for Canadian French. My only requirement is the person I practice with must speak Quebecois French. I can practice with someone..
Re Scam Alert in Turkey! Uskudar American Academy  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
I have heard that this Academy is also known under another name - Eşol Eşek Academy....LOOOOOOOL
Re Scam Alert in Turkey! Uskudar American Academy  by: Arif
now the same system has applied for Kabataş erkek lisesi in İstanbul. please be aware..
My former school wants me to do extra work.  by: TeacherStephen
Hello, to whom it may concern I have just finished a 9 month university contract and now back at home in America. I did everything that my head (Chinese) teacher told me to do when working the..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Silverboy
It's all very racist IMO. Like I said in another post, the only way to know if everyone was STD free ( including Chinese themselves ) would be to test them every week, which is impractical, and also..
ESL English Lesson: Great speeches that changed the world  by: David Robinson
Today, let’s look at some famous speeches that changed the world. Here is a selection. “Freedom or death” – In the struggle to get women the vote, Great Briton Emmeline Pankhurst made her..
ESL Telephone Games  by: Kara Page
For English as a Second Language students, learning to speak and understand English on the telephone is a particularly challenging task, as many students rely on reading facial expressions and..
About Campfire Songs  by: Dawn R. Levesque
Camp songs--those frivolous lyrics we sang over and over again around a campfire or on a school bus--actually served a purpose at one time. Both inspirational and familiar, camp songs are deep-rooted..
How to Motivate Lazy Students  by: Collaborator
Teaching is a rewarding career for many people, however it can become frustrating when you have difficulty inspiring unmotivated students. To motivate lazy students, you must think creatively and..
Adult Conversation Lessons (with surveys)  by: Paul Hefford
Here are 23 practical and engaging conversation lessons for teaching English to adults. Please use and share these 23 lessons. They're of course free and your students can access from a mobile phone..
Re: how to teach a diverse classroom of students  by: Turnoi
In fact, it is quite normal in the private ESL industry (training centres) to teach ESL/EFL to a multinational audience with diverse linguistic native speaker backgrounds. Since English is the..
Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  by: jon
Assistive Technology for Teachers  by: Katlyn Joy
Assistive technology is defined in IDEA, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as any item or piece of equipment or system, that is used for the purpose of maintaining, increasing or..
Italy - Florence  by: - TESL / TEFL /TESOL courses
Enjoy a TEFL language course in italy at our language school in the city of Florence Learn Italian in an absolutely breathtaking city, Florence has so much to offer the international student looking..
Aggressively Written Resumes  by: Alesia Benedict
When writing resumes, it is important to remember whom it is you're trying to please - (is it you, or the hiring authority?) In this article I will present my ideas of what makes up really aggressive..
Career Moves Strategy To Beat The Jobs Slump  by: Linda Whittern
Plan your career moves wisely... you can't afford not to when the job market's as bleak as it now is. Good career planning safeguards your job security. Even if your current job abruptly vanishes..
How To Identify The Characteristics Of Low Self Esteem  by: Darren Williger
Low self-esteem can occur at any point in a person's life. Some people who are especially susceptible to such feelings are usually teenagers who are influenced to a large extent by what other people..
Why Laughter Is Good For You  by: Glenn Plaskin
How Laughter Can Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones. -Proverbs 17:22 Feeling stressed out, angry or sad? Dread going..
There's No Such Thing As Writer's Block  by: Marilyn R. Henderson
If you think you have writer's block, it's all in your head. Like any idea, you can accept or reject it. The best way to handle any problem is to prevent it. Here is a proven prescription for..
Anti-Virus Software Maintenance Lesson  by: Michael Russell
Don't learn the hard way like I did. Anti-Virus software is important. If you surf the internet, this software keeps your computer alive. To keep the anti-virus software working effectively it must..
Noam Chomsky on Libya  by: CL
"There comes a point when you cannot support your favourite dictator anymore." Professor Chomsky spoke to the BBCs Jeremy Paxman and warned against intervention in Libya. Paxman asked about the Wests..
Learning English (Learning Tips)  by: Hugh O'Connell
Many people consider it one of globalisation’s greatest inequities that English, one of the world’s hardest languages, has become the international one. Few languages of any type have a grammar..
The Conjugation Of Italian Verbs: Part 2  by: Scott Wells
Italian verbs have two voices. A verb is considered to be in the active voice when the subject of the sentence performs the action of the verb, such as Marco ha preparato le valigie - Marco packed..
Iran - Tehran  by: Respina Talk
With the Department of Education being run by the English Newscaster and Universtiy Lecturer, Shahram Jodeiri, Respina Talk is proud to be the top English School in Iran and the Middle East region...
Hainan - Haikou  by: Hainan YuDa Foreign Language Academy
YuDa: The Key To Your Child's Future Success. At the Hainan YuDa Foreign Language Academy, we understand the difference between learning about a second language and acquiring it. We know that English..
Philippines - Boracay Island  by: A Boracay Paradise English Language School
About Paradise English, Paradise English Language Institute was established in 2005 and has had a successful enrolment rate. We have had students from over 20 countries. During non vacation times we..
Akita City  by: Olive English オリーブイングリッシュ英会話秋田
Olive English is an English service located in Akita City that delivers quality English lessons to private homes or businesses. We have years of experience in teaching in many different areas of..
Suwon  by: Ajou University
Ajou University’s name bears an ambition to become ‘the best university in Asia in the 21st century when Asia becomes the center of the world’. Since its foundation, Ajou has pursued the..
Australia - Townsville (North Queensland)  by: Townsville International English School
Townsville International English School (TIES) is a small school located in tropical North Queensland, Australia. Townsville is a vibrant city with a country atmosphere and is situated at the gateway..
Venezuela - Caracas  by: British School Caracas
Key Stage 1 (Pre-school to Year 2), Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6) and Key Stage 3 (Year 7). The British School Caracas provides a high quality British style education based upon the framework of the..
Illinois - Chicago  by: Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology offers many programs for international students. Programs of various lengths are aimed at increasing participants' listening and speaking skills in English. The..
ELDC English Language Development Center  by: ELDC Manila
We are inviting you to study English Online with us! Contact us:
Chinese Mandarin - Shanghai  by: WOWO Mandarin language training school
You’re a smart person. You want to study Mandarin quickly, effectively, comfortably, and on your own terms. You’ve seen what’s out there and you’re not impressed. You won’t want to waste..
FUN - Nepal  by: Nepal - Hillside and Tarai
We are Friendship United Nepal (FUN-Nepal) is a volunteer Organization registered in District Administration Office and Social Welfare Council in Nepal as a non-profit making and non government..
Xiangnan University  by: Timothy Hogg
This is in response to Phil's scathing review of Xiangnan University. First off, why don't you tell them the truth Phil? Mr. Robinson broke the contract, no Xiangnan. He worked here for about a month..
How much is the maximum amount of dollars can I bring if I travel to South Korea?  by:
Maximum amount allowed to bring during travel to south korea?
Vietnam Cheap Air Ticket,vietnam Domestic Flights  by: Vietnam Flight
Vietnam Airline (airline in Vietnam) is recommended as the first choice for all domestic flights within Vietnam. Currently, with operation of fleet of 49 aircraft including Boeing 777-200, Airbus..
If you don't need a visa to enter Thailand, does it mean you can stay there for 90 days?  by:
Hi all, There is an instruction at the Foreign Office about Thailand: British passport holders are given entry for 30 days, without a visa, on arrival. From 1 October 2006, visa free entry will be..
I need a combination of 2 english words translated to japanese pronunciation  by:
I need these words as Japanese - heres the words Arcane-Moon i want them to be translated into japanese similar to how in bleach Ichigo Kurosaki's swords name is Zangetsu which translated to the..
Traveling in the Philippines  by: Mike Jonson
GENERAL INFORMATION: The Philippines has 7,107 islands. It stretches from the south of China to the Northern tip of Borneo. The unique Filipino culture was molded by several mixtures of foreign..
Dances in India - The Celebration of a Rich Culture  by: Sonal Arya
India is said to have the richest cultural heritage in all countries around the globe. This is due to the different communities that thrive under the same sky and the tolerance that they have for..
Beautiful Places to Explore in Auckland  by: Travel Expert
Featuring an array of large scale attractions, Auckland is a city with so many interesting things to offers. Unlike any other metropolis in New Zeeland, tourists will be thrilled to know that this..
Madrid Travel Experience - All Night Out (Spain)  by: Jeff R James
Madrid is Europe's third largest city and certainly one of the most exciting, exhilarating and fascinating. Your travel agent can show you how to best visit the historic barrios of Malasana,..
CNN> Americas news/articles (updated continuously)  by: jim
Your browser does not support JavaScript. Click to read the latest news.
The History of Washington_DC  by: Garik Tate
This is an article discussing the events of Washington DC. From its founding all the way to the civil war. To begin with Philadelphia had acted as the capital of the united states. However in 1783 a..
China, Shanghai  by: Regal International East Asia Hotel
Situated in the Xu Hui District. Hotel information, services and facilities.
10 Tips For Finding Bargain Airfares  by: Dwight Zimpel
Whether you're looking for cheap airfares or bargain airfares for your next travel experience having the proper search tools and knowing how to use them will help you. Taking an hour or two to look..

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