Teachers Looking for Online JOBS:   by: LILIANA STANESCU
I am a professional, highly motivated, enthusiastic, creative TEFL Instructor who is looking for an online teaching position. Qualifications: 1. BA in Foreign Languages and Literature - English and..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Students are Chinese   by: Aceish Education
Aceish Education, an educational technology & consulting start up, and online2offline language training organisation managed by western educators and registered in Beijing, China is looking for..
China, Turkie, Cypros, Greece, Egypt, UAE  by: Dinara I Fakhertdinova
I am a physics teacher in RF, i teach students in University and in college, i have more than 10 years experience in teaching. I ve graduated from Kazan State University named Ulyanov-Lenin (Kazan..
I am a professional, highly motivated, enthusiastic, creative TEFL Instructor who is looking for a part-time or full time position. Qualifications: 1. BA in Foreign Languages and Literature - English..
Turkey  by: Eskisehir Dil Koleji (Oxford Eskisehir)
We are looking for an ESL teacher. The city is Eskisehir. This is a private language school. The teacher will be teaching to all ages. here is my skype: yusufsengur
Bratislava, Slovakia  by: Espania
Our lovely language kindergarten in Slovakia is looking for a native English teacher to work with children from 3 to 6 years old. The working time is from 8:00 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and the..
School -- Haidian district of Beijing  by: Training school
Online English Teacher (need to work in Beijing and teach kids online) Benefits: Basic salary 22000 rmb + position salary 1900 rmb + quarterly bonus 0-2000 rmb + contract fullfilled bonus one month..
Agency -- Beijing  by: Beijing Public schools
Wanted: Public School English Teacher (Beijing)--Working visa with FEC - Monday to Friday teaching - Relaxed workload Beijing Huanyu Zhida International Education Consulting Co.,ltd.which is a public..
Seoul and Gyeonggi (near Seoul): 'Couple' or 'Co-applying' Six ESL Teachers Needed  by: gloii Korea ESL
We are hiring couple teachers or 2 teachers (regardless of gender) who're applying together for one same school. Any single individual teacher can apply to this positions. The school locations are..
Ulsan  by: Christopher
Fabulous school with 4 foreign teachers. I have enjoyed being well-received here, but am looking forward to other potential career opportunities that are in reach, and would like to get a teacher..
Mrs. Potato Gravy  by: FTinPRC
Whatever makes them feel better, nothing wrong with living in denial, I suppose. A month ago I walked the streets of central Bangkok. I was raised in New York City but I had never witnessed such a..
Re MGTOW  by: Mr Potato Gravy
Whatever makes them feel better, nothing wrong with living in denial, I suppose.
Re: Re Haida Agency in Hangzhou is a big scam  by: Bleh Blah
The people who work their are lovely The confusion of "their" and "there" is a mistake native speakers make. But not all of us can put two words together effectively.
Re: Re Haida Agency in Hangzhou is a big scam  by: Observer
Your Chinglish is crap
Advert: Qikit Text Inc, a revolution for English Writing  by: qikittext.com
I have a program to provide a new option for teaching English. It can be used as a starter program, and as a support program. Both are critical for new learners. As a starter program, it is easier to..
Wanted to Buy – English Schools  by: Modern English
Modern English Learning is a well-established organization providing English language learning solutions in Japan and internationally. We are expanding our organization through local and Master..
Student recruiting agents in Australia are looking for agents in Western Europe, US, China, Japan  by: Australis
Looking for agents in Western Europe, US, China, Japan. Can you find us students interested in studying in Australia? We can provide any types of courses in various accredited institutions including..
Online school based in Canada is looking for agents  by: TorontoeSchool
TorontoeSchool is an accredited Ontario online High School approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. We offer on line high school credits courses,University preparation courses, K-12 tutoring..
Homestay host in Toronto, Canada  by: Norma
Hi everyone, my name is Eddy, I'm 35 years old, currently working as a full time electrician. Originally from Taiwan, I came here when I was only 10 years old. I speak fluently in English and..
Homestay Host in Baguio City Philippines  by: Crisanta Estayo Padilla
Stay with us here in the beautiful City of Baguio Philippines and learn English and new culture while touring around the city and nearby places. I have been teaching English for 13 years. My husband,..
Language Learning Activities  by: Shirley Whitney
Need ideas for connecting language lessons with your students? Grandma has made a list of activities you can do together to learn and practice the language you are trying to teach - games,..
If you're looking for games and fun materials which you can use in your lessons you will find plenty of them on my blog!!!
My Arabic for your English  by: Mido Gismallah
I am Arabic language native and teacher. I want to teach you Arabic, and you teach me English.
Re: MPC connect legit?  by: Observer
iTutor and its sister company Tutor ABC are bad outlets. Stay away!
MPC connect legit?  by: Redroses
Hi, I've had an interview to teach English online with MPC Direct, which is based in Taiwan. I was interviewed by a recruiter from the itutorGroup. They sent me an email after the interview, offering..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Alias Taffy
You can choose to evade the book of rules. Good luck, bro! An appropriate song for you, featuring Ziggy Marley and the Heptones - enjoy! This was all about providing your own medical before you..
ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
Phonics - Teaching Vowel Sounds To Children Leaning to Read  by: Lindsey Watson
When teaching children how to read using a phonic teaching programme there are various elements which need to be clearly understood. This article focuses on how to teach children the various..
The History of Gambling in China  by: Maureen Katemopoulos
Because China has an ongoing tradition of enjoying a wager, the history of Chinese gambling is really a work in progress. While no legal gambling takes place on the China mainland, bettors have..
School bullying 2  by: tr
yeah you can bring the police in because thats what my mom did when i was young because it had gone too far. The bullie would actually pysically stop me from going home after school. dont wait for it..
FREE E-BOOK how to start your own language school anywhere!  by: School
FREE E-BOOK how to start your own language school anywhere! All you have to do is follow this FREE easy step-by-step guide to start your own teaching business. In just a few days you can be up and..
Re: Teaching skills  by: Turnoi
I might be able to help but I need some more information on the context in which teaching skills play a role in Human Resource Development in the ROC. For example, if you want to recruit staff..
Free E-book - H.G. Wells - The Time Machine  by: americanliterature.com
Courtesy: American Literature - http://www.americanliterature.com/
Building Social-Emotional Skills May Be Key to Classroom Management  by: Luciansw
Classroom management can take any number of approaches, but a study published in late January finds that some types of interventions tend to have higher success than others. Parsing through 54..
UK - Birmingham  by: UK-TEFL
UK-TEFL is a UK based organisation that trains individuals and groups in how to Teach English as a Foreign Language, with the aim of enabling them to teach English to non-native English speakers in..
Why You Should Send a Thank You Letter After You Had a Job Interview  by: Roger Clark
Sending thank you letters after you have been interviewed for a job it is a must. Thank you letters are part of your advertising campaign of yourself. It is well known that when you are looking for a..
A Dozen Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Job Search  by: Sandy Marcus
1. Recognize your motivational enemies in a job search. They are: constant rejection, constant failure, and lack of control. Don’t let them make you inactive and lacking in confidence. 2. Look..
Say No To Time Stealers  by: Eric Garner
If you find yourself going to work with the best intentions of making the most of every minute, but end up at the close of the day wondering where it all went, the chances are that you’ve been..
Humor - Computers 4 Beginners  by: Robin Day
Some folk ain't joined the computer revolution (like me). They are behind the times so I have drawn up a list to help ya along. 1.Mainframe This is the great big frame that goes around all the other..
Writing Help - Grammar Rules, Hints & Tips for Writing Dates  by: Michelle L Devon
As an editor, I am able to see many common mistakes that people tend to make consistently in their writing. Conversational style is great in the tone of the piece, and sometimes grammar does indeed..
Google Sitemaps - Amazing Free Tool for Webmasters  by: Lin Parker
I wanted to create an xml sitemap for each of my websites, as I feel sure that they help get you listed on search engines, and improve your search results. I went to the webmasters section on Google..
Learn from your mistakes.  by: tn
Everyone makes mistakes. It's how you learn from them that defines you as a person. Learn from what went wrong — and make sure that doesn't happen in the future.
English Grammar 101: Different Than Vs Different From  by: KJ Hutchings
As you know, there are lots of rules in English grammar and "different from" and "different than" are not exceptions. These two expressions have been used - almost interchangeably - for hundreds of..
Learn To Speak Spanish Today - 6 Tips To Help You Learn Spanish  by: Sean McCauley
I know you. You have been thinking about learning Spanish for…well it’s been while now. I know. “It’s too hard.” “I don’t have time” “It will take to long.” “I took Spanish in..
Hungary - Budapest  by: International House
International House Budapest is part of the International House World Organisation of more than 130 schools in 40 countries. We have been successfully teaching languages and training teachers in the..
Shanghai  by: Happy Goal Kids English
Happy goal KIDS English is an established Early Childhood Education Training center under Web Education Group. Aimed at helping early learners acquire English in our new schools opening in the..
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and over 30 centers across Malaysia  by: Erican Language Centers
Erican is a premier brand in language education and training with more than 30 centres spreading across the Peninsula. An authorized examination centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL, we..
Kyotoshi, Kyoto  by: Aiza International English School
An original Aloha Style Eikaiwa school teaching all ages and all levels of English! A.I.English is a comfortable, clean and modern style school that uses song, dance and a multi-media center for..
Seoul and Gyeong gi-Do  by: Chung-Ang University
Chung-Ang University has 86 year-old tradition of providing prestigious higher education, under the educational slogan of "Die in justice, Live in righteousness." Chung-Ang University has grown with..
Australia - Gold Coast  by: Green & Gold Day Night College
G’day, from down-under! Green & Gold Day Night College is located on a large campus on the Gold Coast of Australia where you can enjoy outdoor and indoor activities such as soccer, volleyball,..
Chile - Santiago  by: BLOOMFIELD ENGLISH
BLOOMFIELD ENGLISH is a new English provider established to enhance the quality and standard of languages in Santiago.
Ontario - Chatham  by: Chatham College School
Chatham College School ESL and high school. Chatham College School in Ontario CANADA, a great place to learn, have fun and enjoy Canadian culture. Our ESL programs are offered either in short or long..
Mingle  by: Learn any language online! Live classes, real teachers.
Myngle is the online global marketplace for foreign language learning where language teachers can give live-lessons sitting in front of their computer to students located in any part of the world...
Spanish in Queretaro, Mexico  by: Spanish School in Queretaro, Mexico
Learn Spanish in the Unesco World Heritage city of Queretaro, Mexico (the safest city in Mexico). The Querétaro Language School offers over 29 Spanish programs to students from all over the world...
English Volunteers for Change  by: Costa Rica
Volunteers will arrive in Costa Rica's capital, San José, where they will stay and attend a 3-5 day orientation on Costa Rican culture and English Language Teaching. On the last day volunteers will..
What insurance shall i get  by: Sarah
Hi I wonder if anyone can help me out here. This coming september, i am teaching english in China. The only problem is that im not sure what kind of insurance to buy. Can anyone else recommend me?..
Top Language School and visa  by: Cassidy
I was offered a job in Jeonju at Top Language School...when I google it, I get all of one hit on one message board (a positive review). Anyone know anything about the school? Is it even a real school..
10 Tips For Great Singapore Sales Shopping Spree  by: Soh Kok Min
We will show some shopping secrets on how you can make the most of the Great Singapore Sale... To take full advantage of this 8 weeks Great Singapore Sales from 22 May to 22 July, we have listed..
Re: italian teacher  by: Martin
Hi, You can visit www.ajarn.com Sometimes they need Italian teachers in Thailand, and post ads,there. Good luck, Martin
Conquering Japanese Verb Myths – Part 2 – Verbs in Costume  by: Minna Shiawase
Quick question: Is tabemasu a verb? If you said yes: congratulations - you're about to defeat your second myth of learning Japanese Verbs. I bet, if you're anything like me, you probably started out..
Phrases from English to Tagalog  by: andrew
You are fine (mabait ka) You are sweet (malambing ka) But I'm still a bit naive with my heart (pero mahiyain pa rin ang puso ko) When you're close I don't breathe (hindi ako makahinga kapag nasa tabi..
Honeymoon in Kerala- Cherish It for Lifetime  by: Sameeha Ghani
Situated in the south western part of India, Kerala is the most beautiful state of India. It is the most preferred destination of newly wedded couples, honeymooning couples who visit this beautiful..
How to Travel Between Australia & New Zealand  by: Yvonne Van Damme
Travel between Australia and New Zealand is relatively easy---by air or by sea. Both countries have plenty of airports, and the standard flight from the east coast of Australia to New Zealand is..
Beware Barcelona Spain  by: Ellery Coleman
Beware. Barcelona Spain is habit forming. This fascinating city will make you unwilling to leave and return home. You will be sure that there is some nook or cranny where you have missed something..
Argentine Culture: Styles of Tango Dancing  by: Kenneth M Ingraham
As you spend time in Spanish language school in Argentina, you will quickly find that dance and music are both quite important to the culture. You can learn a lot about a country by paying attention..
Top 10 Things To Do In New_York City  by: Matt Ahl
New York City is a truly amazing city. Everyone who has been there can testify to this. If you haven't yet had a chance to visit New York City you should start planning a visit, right now! The city..
USA - Jacksonville, FL (210 St. Johns Bluff Road)  by: InTown Suites Jacksonville Atlantic
Your next home away from home. When you stay at InTown Suites on 210 St. Johns Bluff Road in Jacksonville, you'll be close to everything the city has to offer, including great restaurants, theatres..
Great Islands to Party Around the World  by: Matthew Kepnes
Everyone likes a good party. If you are a young traveler or just someone keen on having a good time while relaxing in the sun, then finding the right party island will be important to you. There are..

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