Teachers Looking for Online JOBS: American, part-time  by: Online
I would like a part-time online English teaching job, and am an American native speaker.
English Tutor: Experienced Online English Teacher On Skype   by: Chen
Hello there! My name is Chen and I can speak English very fluently. I’ve spent the last couple of years teaching English online to students in different levels. I have a general American accent and..
Experienced F5 visa Canadian English teacher-looking for work in South Korea. F5비자를 가진 (��  by: Ted
Experienced F5 visa Canadian English teacher-looking for work in South Korea. F5비자를 가진 (영주권자) 캐나다 영어 생님이일을 찾 있습니다 I want to work for four days a week...
Anywhere in china  by: Kelly
Hello sir/madam, I'm an Experienced Cameroon teacher is seeking a teaching position Anywhere in china. I'm creative, hard working and totally dedicated to my job. Give me a chance to prove to you to..
Ubon Ratchathani,Thailand  by: English Plus One
English Plus One is looking for 2 native English speaking teachers for pre-school(3-6 years old) in Ubon Ratchathani. 35,000 baht/month. Maximum of 20 hours/week. Regular hours 8 am to 4 pm Monday..
Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam: Academic Director Position  by: Universal Language Institute
Universal Language Institute is a premier language center in Vietnam. ULI has been established and managed by a group of world-class scientists and scholars from top notch American Universities such..
School -- Beijing Changping District Line 8 ,Pingxifu subway station  by: Occidental Link
Full time English teachers needed in a training center, Teachinng kids English, songs and games. Wednesday to Friday, 14:30pm - 20:00pm ,Saturday to Sunday, 9:30am - 19:30pm,Easy going, patient...
School -- Hohhot  by: Inner Mongolia Kindergarten
Teach Kindergarten in China's Wild (but safe) West! (Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, PRC) A kindergarten in downtown Hohhot, Inner Mongolia is looking for 1 foreign teachers to start from early September...
Seoul and Bundang  by: YBM Education Head Office
Korea’s most popular teaching program—JUST--9:00am to 4:30 pm Working M-F in Seoul and Bundang + All benefits + Absolute Reliability Korea’s largest and most reputable ESL organization..
Seoul  by: DYB Education
DYB(www.dybedu.com) - Do Your Best is a multi-campus English academy situated in and around Seoul. Within each branch are Elementary and Middle school levels. DYB provides its own curriculum and..
Re crawling back down  by: Former FT in China
Re crawling back down  by: paul fox
She doesn't actually make any claims as such, but seems to me like she's a wannabe grammarian. She can usually be found in one of two places - perched on her extremely high horse or sitting in her..
Re Simply English Moscow's Illegal Activities  by: Former FT in China
Seems to me that most things in China are not any cheaper than in UK- including provisions like eggs which cost 80p for 6 in Aldi and as much if not more in China. I beg to differ. I bought eggs the..
Re Simply English Moscow's Illegal Activities  by: Odd Bob Job
Since ALL crap pretend "schools" aka crappy training centres It could be that the school I did a few lessons for last week is also of the aka crappy variety. But they didn't pay me in..
Advert: TEFL certification  by: Susan Robinson
I just got my TEFL certificate from www.gettefl.com This is a super course! Now I have a teaching job in Korea. I start next week!! So excited!!
Complete project report (start a play school) for sale  by: s lata
Hi, If anyone looking for a complete project report to start a play school at 5000/- only contact slata9687@gmail.com
USA based agent  by: Allen
US based agent looking for partnership and frenchise for Vietnam, China, India and Nepal
School in Liverpool, England is looking for agents worldwide  by: Liverpool English Centre
Liverpool English Centre is looking for Education Agents We are looking to collaborate with education agents who could become our partners in order to promote our school, Liverpool English Centre,..
Homestay host in Cebu, Philippines  by: Jerry Doran
Learn English in the context of your favorite subject. I can teach ESL in Pizza cooking, skin diving or whatever your area of interest. I am an exceptionally energetic and enthusiastic teacher,..
Learn English as a foreign language in sunny Malta  by: marisa pisani
Students may stay at our home (near the sea) and enjoy also a relaxed holiday. T & C apply Learn how to communicate in English by a qualified TEFL Tutor. Homestay in a relaxed and safe environment in..
Watch British TV and American TV Program in China ?  by: bjdstv
Inspire IPTV Package to interested people. We offer you one android iptv box to you and you can watch below all tv channels. Your home have 10-100 M internet ( China Telecom or Unicome ) via router...
Teach English in China  by: BrightSpark Teachers
BrightSpark Teachers have excellent opportunities to teach English in China for one year as part of a project to bring native English speakers into Chinese schools to assist students with their..
My Arabic for your Turkish  by: Ahmad orabi
my names is Ahmad orabi i am a designer graphic i want to learn a Turkish language and improve my skills in English if you need a help in English or Arabia language .. add me in Facebook to help you..
SCAM ALERT: Wells College London, wellsuniversity@wellsversity.com  by: Admin
*DO NOT REPLY TO THE SCAM MESSAGE BELOW* Submitted to our site - You will notice that their email domain wellsversity.com does not include the word "university", and the websites does not..
Re world-teachers.com / global-teachers.com: Is it a scam or not?  by: Turnoi Turjakuunnen
Recently, I received a strange email with the following content: Dear, we are a polar bear family and would like to hire you as an English teacher for our kid as we are considering to move from..
Re: Scumbag schools  by: utd
Name of school - Guangdong Country Garden School, Shunde, Foshan Type of abuse - Read the threads on this board, ISR School Reviews, International School Advisor. You decide.
Re: Hohhot Waiban RP Policy Change  by: PhD teacher
I didn't think for one moment that your post is rubbish. I was merely suggesting that the Chinese like you to take the Q1 visa route to your residence permit. And suggesting that direction allows you..
ESL English Lesson: Orlando shootings  by: D.J. Robinson
Today, let’s talk about the terrible shootings that took place recently at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. More than 50 innocent people were killed with 53 others wounded. The terrorist attack..
Grammar Questions for ESL  by: Nicole Schmoll
Learning English as a second language (ESL) can be challenging and time consuming. Learning the grammar of the English language, particularly if your first language is not a derivative of Latin, such..
Ox Chinese Zodiac: Fun Trivia  by: Gail Leino
Individuals born under the Ox Chinese Zodiac are often recognized for their ability to lead. Those people who are born under the sign of the Ox Chinese Zodiac are strict individuals who maintain..
Finding Your Teaching Pal - Tips For First Time Teachers  by: Dominic Bartalino
It's likely that you will find a veteran teacher that you feel comfortable around and who doesn't seem to mind helping out a rookie teacher that needs it. Even though you might find some veterans..
Get ideas and answers to teach better! FREE 10-day Mini course with tips, suggestions, ideas, and techniques  by: Chris Cotter
If you've ever imagined smoother lessons with students really participating... If you've ever wondered why your class just didn't understand... If you've ever wondered how some teachers make it look..
Re: ESL for Indian Adult  by: Yanni Zack
Kimberly, My suggestion to you is to develop the speaking skills for this person and use vocabulary and material that relates to his being a Priest. This will give him the motivation to and interest..
Free E-book - Study Success Formula  by: A. Adam
By: A. Adam Discover the Study Success Formula to boost your grades dramatically! www.study-habits.com/blog
How to Use Technology in Teaching Preschool  by: Shannon Hill
In today's world, it is imperative that educators keep students engaged and incorporate opportunities for exposure and proficiency with technology. This exposure should begin as early as preschool so..
Czech Republic - Prague  by: englishabroad.com - TESL / TEFL /TESOL courses
Enjoy a TEFL language course in the Czech Republic at our language school in the city of Prague. Prague is simply one of the most beautiful cities all around the world. Built by Europe's finest..
Resume Tips for Human Resource Assistants - What You Need to Know  by: Carla Vaughan
If you are wanting to break into the field of Human Resources, you will most likely have to start at an entry-level position and work your way up. A Human Resource Assistant is a position that does..
Online Employment Tips  by: Jagg Xaxx
There are many advantages to working online, not the least of which is the ability to stay at home, thus avoiding the expense, hassle and time commitments of commuting. Employers who are willing to..
Are They Right: Am I As Stupid As They Think I Am?  by: Paul Greenhill
Imagine you're driving in your car and realize that the low fuel light starts blinking on your dashboard. Before you make it to the next gas station, you run out of gas and your car comes to a stop...
Confessions of a Reality TV Junkie  by: Susan Ryder
It all started with MTV's Real World, which I joined midway through the first season over thirteen years ago. There was something embarrassingly intriguing about watching the story of seven..
10 Tips In Public Speaking  by: Eric Hartwell
"Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary. John F. Kennedy Delivering speeches, making presentations, giving lectures and even orating a toast at an..
Starting An Internet Based Business  by: Wayne Hemrick
You may have a great new business idea, and plan to set it up as an Internet based business. There are several attractive reasons why this can be an excellent choice for your new enterprise. The..
When a team is just that good sometimes you just have to ..  by: jp
When a team is just that good sometimes you just have to hold up your hands and congratulate them.
Words Commonly Misspelled Or Misused II  by: Manjusha Nambiar
Its and it's Its is a possessive word. The dog has had its breakfast. (NOT The dog has had it's breakfast.) It's the contracted from of it is or it has. Have you seen my phone? It's disappeared. (=..
What is the Best Way to Learn a New Language?  by: John Doey
There are many methods to learn a new language. Some of them are more effective, some are less effective. You can spend two years learning and still not speak a new language or you can spend six..
Portugal - Madeira  by: British School of Madeira
The British School of Madeira opened in September 1980. It is the only international bilingual Portuguese-English school in the Island which is officially recognised by the Regional Educational..
Shanghai  by: Shanghai I & C Foreign Language School
No description in English yet.
Thailand - Bangkok (near Samut Sakorn )  by: Baantorfun Kindergarten
Baantorfun Kindergarten was founded 10 years ago by Mrs. Naricha Vijittassana, because she could not find a proper Kindergarten for her own daughters. (That time most Kindergarten in Thailand treated..
Kumagaya  by: Hawk English School
Seoul  by: Chugye University for the Arts
In 1973, ChuGye University for the Arts was established by the ChuGye School Foundation under the spirit of its founder, the late Mme. Whang Shin-Duk, “Contribution to the Nation through..
Australia - Strathfield  by: Matrix Education
Matrix Education, a leading coaching college in Sydney, is a tutoring school specialising in HSC, UMAT, Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutoring. They have well qualified and..
Chile - Reñaca (near Viña del Mar)  by: Mackay School
Since 1857. La educación actual exige cada día componentes más dinámicos y novedosos que permitan establecer fórmulas adecuadas de desarrollo personal en los estudiantes. De igual modo, las..
Ontario - Toronto  by: World Life Education Center
Hello, We wish to introduce our educational institution to millions of expatriate students and their parents living and visiting Canada. Today, many families select studying abroad for their..
International House Buenos Aires - English and Spanish Courses  by: Online Language Learning
Individual students Find out about our online English and Spanish courses for all ages, levels and needs. General English - Premium Net Languages offers seven levels of online General English –..
Chinese - Online (based in Dongguan, China)  by: Easy Chinese learning
Individualized Chinese or English lessons, call for quote We are a professional language teaching company in China. We are offering basic, intermediate Chinese lessons as well as English lessons on..
United Planet (Worldwide)  by: Worldwide
Education is a birthright of all people, a key to providing a better life, and a vital bridge to enhancing cross-cultural understanding. United Planet’s unique Teach Abroad Quest program combines..
Is it safe to teach English in China (for single american female)?  by: answers.yahoo.com
Hi, Just wondering if it is safe to teach English in China (a but worried about government and police stalking me for no apparent reason). Ive just heard horrible stories of the "justice system" in..
Serviced Apartments  by: mrsj
I am supposed to be coming to Korea next week. I got a teaching job there, but it does not come with housing, just housing allowance. So I need to find my own place. I made reservations at..
Take the Train in Vietnam!  by: Fred Tittle
Train trips are the preferred travel mode for many people as they like the sights and the sounds that you don't get when you take a plane. You also get snapshot moments where you can see into the..
Thailand Tour - Explore its Captivating Attractions  by: Vinay
Welcome to the land of Smiles and where the white elephant’s welcome you to this wonderful world. The awe-inspiring combinations of natural beauty, splendid temples, hospitability at its best and..
6 Types of Accommodations For Travelers to Japan  by: Sammy Ho
The accommodation cost in Japan is very expensive. Self-service travelers may find that Japan gets the highest accommodation charges in the world. In addition to the language problems, it would be..
I am Australian. I am planning to marry a Filipino woman.Should we marry in the Philippines or Australia.  by: answers.yahoo.com
We would like to settle in Australia. What is the waiting period if we marry in the Philippine before Australian Immigration grant her a visa? Would it be quicker if we marry in Australia?
Finest Destinations for Couples in India  by: Travel Expert
India, the land of gorgeous scenery and exceptional landscapes, features the perfect choice for a dreamlike vacation. Admire the remarkable greenery and explore the top 5 romantic destinations to..
Working in Australia!  by: Sabrina Costa
Wanting to hit the Harvest Trail? Sounds great, doesn't it? 3 months of harvest work and you get a second year long working holidaymakers visa! Plus you get a great tan and get fit doing it....Where..
Italy - Spoleto  by: Paolo M
All of Umbria offers a glimpse into centuries long ago and Spoleto is no different. Here you will walk among the ancient Umbrian walls, the “cavea” of the Roman theatre, the Ducal Palace that was..
How to Find Rio de Janeiro's Best Tourist Spots  by: Isabel Prontes
Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in Brazil, second only to Sao Paulo. With an exotic atmosphere, amazing beaches, and rich culture and history, Rio de Janeiro welcomes millions of tourists..
5 Places To Visit When You're In Chicago  by: Gabriel J. Adams
When planning a trip to the Windy City, you will find there are plenty of Chicago attractions and activities to consider, including main sights, shopping opportunities, and entertaining cultural..
Romania - Ludus  by: Hotel Sabis
Hotel Sabis*** is a place that offers a new dimension of luxury and service quality. It's a place for exclusive events, from accommodation, seminars and conferences, to weddings. Sabis Hotel *** 29..
Spring Break Safety Tips  by: Alton D.
Looking for Spring Break safety tips? Here you will find information to keep you, your friends, or family members safe that may be traveling abroad this Spring Break. Partying Abroad Going to Cancun..

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