Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online North American English Teacher, Elementary Chinese Students  by: VIPKID
VIPKID is looking for energetic, motivated North American teachers to teach pre-planned English lessons online to elementary students throughout China. This is a great part-time opportunity to..
Teachers Looking for Online JOBS: Degree, TEFL, experience  by: Lindsay Rossouw
Good day to all. My name is Lindsay Rossouw, I am an English teacher living in Europe. My expertise is teaching one on one, small groups and ONLINE. I would love to offer my services to you. I can..
Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen available from Feb 2017  by: Elena Vladimirova
Vladimirova Elena 30 years old (1986) Current country of residence: China Applied position: English Teacher Telephone number: +8613106908527 E-mail address; Education 2003..
China  by: joel
Hi Everyone. I'm Joel from the Philippines. I'm looking for a teaching job any part in China. I've been an English teacher for 9 years now. I'm fun and very energetic teacher. I am a fast learner,..
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  by: Le Nhut Anh
WORKING IN: GO VAP DISTRICT – HO CHI MINH CITY – VIET NAM JOB DESCRIPTION • Teaching English for children in primary school from 6 – 10 years old. THE BENEFITS WORKING • Based on..
PAID VOLUNTEER ENGLISH TEACHING OPPORTUNITY IN INDIA Paid Volunteer English teaching in India is a life time opportunity where you can learn about unique Indian culture while learning new experiences..
Profiled Agency -- Taiyuan, China: Taiyuan, China Full Time See Job Description up to 12000CNY  by: Teaching China
Start immediately Job description: teaching kids aged 3-12 at a language training school Working time: five weekdays one week, two days off Monthly pay: 8 K-12 K Housing: Yes Working visa: No..
School -- Qingdao  by: April English Academy
April English Academy is looking for a English Instructor to teach at our branch in Qingdao. A April our focus is creativity and encourage the students to use this for everything. We Have our own..
MOE: elementary schools, small areas of South Korea  by: Matthew
The Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) Program which is funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), invites young, adventurous college students and recent graduates to teach English to elementary school..
March 6th 2017 Prime Central Locations of Seoul & Busan with 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Mon to Fri hours  by: YBM Education Head Office
March 6th 2017 Prime Central Locations of Seoul & Busan with 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Mon to Fri hours at our YBM company owned schools in Gangnam, Hongdae, Itaewon, Jamsil, Bundang, Haeundae YBM Head..
Re Hohhot Electricity Cost  by: Taffy
Power outage or equipment failure is only responsible for power cuts in China occasionally. Mostly it's rationing. Each region (apart from impprtant cities) has a generating budget.
Re Hohhot Electricity Cost  by: Taffy
My apartment is on the ground floor. I have a small garden with it. There, my better half planted green chilli seeds, tomato seeds of both kinds, normal size crop and the small size crop, and egg..
Re Haida Agency in Hangzhou is a big scam  by: Taffy
Good point Turnoi.
Re Just do not do it  by: Taffy
Haha! He will appreciate you making the gesture.
Re: CELTA in Perth, WA?  by: Ian
Yep, i can strongly recommend Lexis out at Scarborough.
Indian school in Dubai looking for financing  by: Joby
Greetings! We are one of the leading Indian school in Dubai. The school is presently having large number of students, with a long waiting list for new admissions. We find there is a big scope for..
Online school looking for agents from Latin America and Europe  by: Shannon Brazee
Hi everyone, My name is Shan and I have an online English learning school. My school is well established since 2011. I am looking for agents around the world to find..
Agent in South Africa offers to recruit teachers for your school  by: Kirsten Boic
Hi there. I am a South African based agent that can help get you the teachers that you need for your school. South African teachers are known around the world for their commitment and high level of..
Host in Plano Texas offers homestay to high school students  by: michael prose and cindy li
we are a couple in Plano Texas that offer a homestay during your high school years. Have schools that we work with that will get you into a US college. I'm a education major and my wife was a teacher..
Home stay host, Zhuhai, China  by: Andy Chen
We are a happy family in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. We have a daughter (around 7 years old) and we would like to invite female native english speaker (prefer from United States) to homestay..
Free printable class room material  by: Gerard O'Neil
One of the up sides of having more than twenty years’ experience as an ESL teacher is that I have amassed a huge amount of teaching material; the down side of this, is that, each time technology..
Super IPTV Installation, Renewal in China  by: SuperTV
Welcome to use our HDITV IPTV package! If you are an expat and cannot watch your native TV channels in your local area, then you have come to right place, You can always find your favorite TV..
Pen Pals for my Students: English, 7 - 10 year old students of primary school  by: Marta
Hi. My name is Ms Marta and I teach ESL in Poland. I'm looking for pen friends for my 2nd and 3rd grade students. If you would like to exchange letters, please contact with me. Hope to hear from you..
Re Alrash School in U.A.E SCAM ALERT!  by: ExplorerMakedah
Everyone who comes into this outfit should forward as much information about as possible to the local police and UAE Embassy. So far, two known individuals have been burnt.
Munish Mahim  by: D.
I was contacted by the above person who expressed an interest in accent reduction lessons. Tutors, beware - I suspect he is not genuinely seeking lessons but and has an ulterior motive for contacting..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Former FT in China
Having said that if one was to get a school registered under the wife's name, one could just organise(not teach) Western-run schools in China are better at persuading FT's to moonlight for them. The..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Taffy
Having said that if one was to get a school registered under the wife's name, one could just organise(not teach) Western-run schools in China are better at persuading FT's to moonlight for them. The..
ESL English Lesson: Remember Remember the Fifth of November  by: D.J. Robinson
Today, we are going to talk about Guy Fawkes’ Night, or Bonfire Night. The event is held every year in the United Kingdom, on the evening of the fifth of November. The annual commemoration is to..
Teaching the Third Conditional to ESL Students  by: Keith Taylor
Here's an effective way to teach the third conditional to your ESL students. 1. First, write a short story (a few paragraphs is fine) about someone who had a bad day. The first paragraph could start..
Becoming A Powerful Problem Solver  by: Roberto Sedycias
Becoming a great problem solver can help you in many areas of your life. From business to personal and it can also aid in stress relief. When you understand and know how to solve problems..
We need to revolutionize the studying habits of our students  by: Sava
On my way to class, I watched some students pacing back and forth while repeatedly reciting English words in an attempt to memorize their spelling. I could not resist the temptation to stop and ask..
Fun Speaking Lessons  by: Matthew
Role-plays, Conversation Questions and other Activities for the communicative classroom abound at
Teaching Conversational English  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Jessie-belle, I would recommend that you begin the assessment process of your students' Oral Language Fluency by using the Interview Technique, and have the students interview each other, and then..
Free E-book - William Shakespeare - MacBeth  by:
Courtesy: American Literature -
Technology Donations for Schools  by: Liza Marie
As technology prices come down and consumers continue to upgrade their systems, it is easy for a closet turn into a technology graveyard. Instead of letting the old computers pile up or throwing them..
UK - Birmingham  by: UK-TEFL
UK-TEFL is a UK based organisation that trains individuals and groups in how to Teach English as a Foreign Language, with the aim of enabling them to teach English to non-native English speakers in..
Ten Tough Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers  by: Mithun
The following are some of the most difficult questions you will face in the course of your job interviews. Some questions may seem rather simple on the surface--such as "Tell me about yourself"--but..
Anger Issues In The Workplace And How To Control It.  by: nt
Is your vocation success being hindered by your own or additional individual hot-headedness? Apply these Anger Management hints to set you on the road to success. Left unaddressed, wrath counteracts..
Are You Programmed For Success...Or Failure?  by: Larry Bilotta
Have you ever wondered why some people just have it all? They're well liked by everyone they meet, financially set and attractive…but what stands out most is their beaming sense of self-confidence..
Tax Quotes and Jokes for Tax Season  by: Richard Chapo
Like death, paying taxes is inevitable. In the case of most Americans, tax season is just around the corner. If only paying taxes was so easy. As you begin pulling out those receipts, the eraser and..
Five Steps to Gaining Good Writing Skills  by: Peter Morgan
The best way to start honing good writing skills is by learning to write good essays. The best way to start honing good writing skills is by learning to write good essays. At its most basic, there..
What To Do When Windows Won't Boot  by: Otis F Cooper
When Windows fails to boot it is normally caused by you installing a program or device and it has caused a conflict with one or more other programs. This will no doubt give you plenty of heartaches..
Sometimes everything seems to go in the right direction and  by: gtr
Sometimes everything seems to go in the right direction and you need to keep the momentum. Fernando Alonso - F1 driver
English Writing Practice - A Useful Exercise  by: Darren K Chow
Want to improve your command of the English language? There are tons of ways you can do that. For example, you can attend paid lessons. Or you can buy software to help you out. Here is an easy..
Learn to Read Chinese a Variety of Different Ways  by: Kevin Nadolny
Almost everyone today agrees people who have two or more languages are more successful. In fact, many states, countries, and education departments recommend high school students study foreign..
Germany - Hamburg  by: Hamburg School of English
Die HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH ist eine auf Geschäftsenglisch spezialisierte Sprachenschule und bietet schon seit fast zwanzig Jahren erfolgreich maßgeschneiderte Kurse und Fachseminare an. Unser..
Shaanxi - Yangling  by: Northwest A&F University (A&F)
Northwest A&F University (A&F) is a national key comprehensive university directly under the jurisdiction of Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE). The university is co-administered by Ministry of..
Pakistan - Karachi (Gulistan e Jauhar, Gulshan)  by: New Century
New Century School, a brand new K-10 modern concept school is located in Gulistan e Jauhar. It has a spacious building fully equipped with most advanced facilities. The school is a culmination of..
Saitama Okegawa City  by: RAM English Service
For students, check out my daily BLOG and weekend PUZZLERs for free tips and fun. For school owners, teachers, go to my Home Page for business opportunities. We also send teachers to your locales. I..
Daegu  by: Daegu English Village
The Daegu English Village (DGEV) was established via a partnership between The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado and Yeungjin College (YJ), Daegu, South Korea. The purpose of the..
New Zealand - Directory of English Schools in New Zealand  by: Directory of English Schools New Zealand
English Schools New Zealand - A Directory of all English language schools in New Zealand - find the best school that suits your needs. Information on study, travel, homestay, visas, weather and more.
Colombia - Manizales (South of Medellin, West of Bogota)  by: Colegio Granadino
Colegio Granadino is a bilingual (English-Spanish), bicultural, college preparatory, US-type school which provides a holistic education designed to develop good citizens and leaders. By incorporating..
Alberta - Calgary  by: Mosaic Learning Institute
Mosaic is a Calgary-based learning institute that helps to develop or improve English language and literacy skills, build cross cultural competency and acquire Canadian workplace employability skills..
Open Learning Center  by: English College
Open Learning Center is an online english college, you can use our service for free.
French in France - Saint André (Maurienne Valley in the French Alps)  by: The Language Cafe des Langues
The Language Cafe des Langues is an established language school in the Maurienne Valley in the French Alps. We offer english immersion courses (intensive immersion, combined immersion and sports,..
Enlighten Foundation - Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths (India)  by: India
ENLIGHTEN FOUNDATION is dedicated to the improvement of brain development, creativity, personality development, Genius Abacus, Genius Memory, Vedic Mathematics and exclusively IIT – Foundation..
My advice is to avoid private schools or learning centers until you have taught here long enough to have learned the ropes. It seems that you have been doing enough research to have noticed in this..
English travel agencies in Seoul?  by:
we're living in Seoul right now and are having difficulty finding reliable travel agents that speak English- any advice?
post resoanse  by: yahya suleman
i am gald to write to request for a teaching vacant in vietnam as a biology or maths teacher. i have taught for two years and therefore possesing the qualification after my university graduation. i..
Transportation in Bangkok  by: Michael Smallet
The main obstacle to a successful sightseeing in Bangkok is lack of time. Most of the temples, palaces and monuments are open for visitors only till 16:30. Another hurdle is the crazy traffic jams in..
Re: Learn Japanese Grammar To The Tune Of Silver Bells  by: Brett McCluskey
Hello Its a shame that Jappermon isn't live, but my pages on squidoo are a glimpse at what it was like. goto
How to extend visa in the philippines?  by:
The Tourism Exclusivity Associated About Agra  by: steily william
A city known for its monumental wonders, a city housing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a conurbation known for handicrafts and fine arts – that’s Agra. Located at Uttar Pradesh in India, this city..
Information on Australia  by: John H Cooper
I love Australia and I think it's one of the best countries in the world. I've decided to write the following article to inform you about general information in regards to this country. I hope you..
Rennes, Brittany (France)  by: boobootoo2
Rennes, Brittany
Best place to live/teach in Mexico?  by:
I want to move down to Mexico to teach. I am a certified teacher in the US. Whats safe for a single woman? Do you know anything about Durango? Wht kind of school should I teach at? I want to work in..
A Close View of The Niagara Falls  by: Marcia Brown
Niagara Falls is a must-see place in America, and foreigners should never miss their chances to visit this majestic scenery. Absolutely, it is a place that I have dreamed to go since I was a primary..
Vietnam - Hanoi  by: Hanoi Youth Hostel
Hanoi Youth Hostel is located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter among the main shopping streets. The hostel is close to Hoan Kiem Lake (just two minutes walk). The Hotel offers high-class services..
Top 10 Travel Advice  by: Zimo Myles
Always ensure that you have checked the latest travel advice for the destination you wish to travel so subscribe to any free email notifications each time the travel advice is updated. If need be opt..

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