English Tutor: Cambridge Certified English Teacher   by: Martin Norling
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR BETTER RESULTS? I offer thirteen years of teaching experience. Get in touch with me to arrange a FREE 30-minute Skype consultation. We'll discuss your language needs and plan a..
Arabic Tutor: Study arabic with an expert  by: mohammad elkinany
if you are on a tight schedule, dislike traffic, or have a lot on your plate then you should Learn Arabic with Mohammad. This is your chance to study at your place with a flexible professional..
amywhere in China  by: Julius
Italy  by: Valentina
Hello! My name is Velentina and I am an experienced English teacher in Russia. To expand the horizons of the profession and to master my teaching and language abilities I would like to try teaching..
Vientiane, Laos  by: Panyathip International School
Panyathip International School in Vientiane, Laos has immediate (starting August, 18th 2014) for a native English speaking lower-primary teacher and also a secondary level Art teacher. A relevant..
Tashkent, Uzbekistan  by: Education Hub
We are a popular ESL center right in the center of the capital city. We are seeking native English speakers to join our teaching team.
School -- Sihui, Guangdong  by: Ivy International School
Available Vacancies Kindergarten ESL teacher Primary school and junior middle school ESL teacher Start date: 1st September 2014 Main Responsibilities: 1.To prepare and conduct classroom lessons..
School -- Shanghai  by: Happy goal kid English in Shanghai
Happy goal KIDS English is a newly established Early Childhood Education Training center under Web Education Group. Aimed at helping early learners acquire English, Happy goal uses the “K.I.D.S.”..
Changwon  by: JE consulting
Talk to current native teacher to see about school and director !!. They have worked (extended) for 3~4 yrs so far. GORGEOUS SCHOOL & DIRECTOR you can talk to Current Native teacher during the..
Gyenggido Anyangsi  by: recruit4@myenglishjonb.co.kr
HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian, Russian and many other languages. We are..
Re Wumaos are plenty - NYT article "Trending: Attractive People Sharing Upbeat News About Tibet"  by: Concerned Teacher
I should add I am not studying it for any academic or personal gain; just out of personal interest, call it a hobby if you like. I will reflect on those points you raised. Either way, I hope you can..
Re Wumaos are plenty - NYT article "Trending: Attractive People Sharing Upbeat News About Tibet"  by: Concerned Teacher
Thanks for letting me know a bit more about Lovell. One point that many chinese don't know, and choose to ignore, and often get nationalistic about Hong Kong is this, Kowloon and HK Island was ceded..
Re Global Language Academy, Italy  by: Dubius Maximus
I am not sure of which "Mr. Maximus" you are referring to, but the contact name for this school was Pietro Tomme. If you are referring to me, I have nothing to do with this school and I..
Re: AMERICAN school Nagoya and AIES - ESL school review  by: anomymous
My experience at American School was definitely not as bad as this, but these kinds of situations do happen quite frequently at this place. If you have any sort of teaching experience, you will have..
Re: CELTA teacher training  by: cunning linguist
You might consider a university based CELTA course. Some universities, at least in the UK, run courses under the control of their Modern Languages department so you can be assured that your..
Looking for Partners for Virtual Classes and Webinars  by: Maciek
We are a private, Polish educational institution that has been on the market since 1990. We are currently one of the largest language schools in Poland with more than 300 teachers and 6,000 students...
Online school based in Jamaica is looking for agents  by: Clarisse Cesar-Wilson
ESL Nook Online Tutorials teaches General, Conversational and Business English under the supervision of both Native and Fluent English Speaking Tutors.Our school is looking for recruiting agents that..
Looking for agents to recruit ESL teachers for Shanghai and neighboring provinces of Shanghai  by: Shanghai MeiJi
Greetings! We are a recruiting agency 'Meiji' in Shanghai,China. We have cooperated with a recruiting agency in UK(TEFL org) for one years to recruit ESL teachers who want to work in China. It has..
Looking for homestay in Changsha, Hunan, China, from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014  by: Adam
A 28 years old foreigner is looking for a free home stay in Changsha city,Hunan from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014.I am 175 cm, easy-going and amusing.I prefer home stay with single females if..
Canadian English Teacher Homestay (Toronto)  by: Andrea
Hello Everyone and welcome to Toronto, I am a Canadian English Teacher currently hosting international high school students. I have hosted students from all over the world including South Korea,..
Seoul: romantic view 15th floor loft, low deposit, river side, 2min subway  by: koreahouse
low deposit house in seoul romantic view high rise house. very high 15th floor, wonderful view (day, night) You can use the whole house, no sharing with others. loft style, house has 2part, big..
read in many languages  by: Grandma
For CHILDREN’S BOOKS in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese go to http://www.mygrandmatime.com/3019-2/shop-with-grandma/grandmas-books/ Blessings! Grandma
My Russian for your English   by: Ravil
Hello everyone! I am 23. I recently graduated from Kazan Federal University (Russia). I am a geneticist. I have a minor education as a translator (eng/rus). Nowadays I am preparing for the TOEFL to..
Re: Geovisions Conversation Corps  by: BeijingTeach
Re: Geovisions Conversation Corps  by: Been There
For additional information, I always check the domain registration in WhoIs when I am not sure about a website. In this case (see link below) you can see that the domain was created in 2000, a..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: foxy
Thanks for your input. Hohhot Waiban can go to hell! I've got a new 1-year Residwnce Permit and am now actively seeking a new teaching position in a backwater of China. All's well that ends well!
ESL English Lesson: Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine  by: David Robinson
Today, let’s talk about the terrible Malaysian Airways disaster that happened on the 17th July 2014. The Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine near the Russian border as it..
How to Teach Your Beginner ESL Students About Weather  by: Collaborator
This article explains how to teach beginning students about weather. It is a common topic but weather conditions and weather words are local. For example, most of my students never saw snow, and are..
GROUP DISCUSSIONS  by: Piyush Bhatia
Basically, group discussion is as important stage of selection process, whether you are seeking admission in premier management institutes or jobs with top-notch corporate houses. There are many..
Why so Many Teachers Quit?  by: Dr. Joe Martin
While most people have decided to become part of the problem, teachers have chosen to be part of the solution; While most people question "Why?” teachers have dared to ask "Why Not?”; If you’re..
Children Songs - Free  by: Matt
Dream English has four free children's song downloads, written specially for teaching Children English. Be sure to check out the New Year's Chant. Check them out here:..
Video: Teach Kids English Show #1: Smile   by: dreamenglish.com
Today I am talking about a simple idea: smile!
A Contrastive Study of English and Mandarin Chinese  by: Suggested by Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
This e-book on a "Contrastive Study of English and Mandarin" (dating back to 1971) is a very comprehensive study of the differences between English and Mandarin Chinese covering systematically..
Cultural Issues Related to Technology Use in Schools  by: Sylvia Cini
Culture is a broad term that means many things to many people. In the field of education, culture is the body of traditions and beliefs that define a group of individuals, uniting them as a racial,..
Spain - Barcelona  by: Cambridge CELTA course at The Lewis School Barcelona, Spain
CELTA is an initial qualification for people with little or no previous teaching experience and opens up a whole world of exciting teaching opportunities. Because it is awarded by Cambridge ESOL,..
Writing Tips - How to Write a Winning Resume  by: Ruth Douglas
Writing a winning resume is your first step towards your dream career. A well written resume will show your future employers your achievements, skills and how you can make a difference to their..
Ideas On Looking For A Job While Working  by: Brad Remillard
Q. I'm currently one of those who is underemployed. I'm considering looking for a better job and would like to know what is the best way to go about it while working? I would start with your current..
How To Overcome Bad Habits  by: Dr Kem Thompson
A habit is a pattern of behaviour that you do repeatedly. Some habits are good, some are not. Some habits literally cut off years from your life, such as smoking and stress (perceiving events or..
What Sex Means to Old People: Funny Things They Say  by: John T Jones, Ph.D.
Old folks arent always up for sex. Old women are often against it and old men are often for it. Here are some of the things they say: Things Said by Old Women 1. Whats that you want to do, Honey?..
Article Tips - How to Write Article Content  by: Peter Nisbet
Article tips on how to write article content will be very useful in a year when article writing ability is going to be a definite advantage. Pay per click advertising is less of an attractive..
How to get Soccer (live) fixture in Beijing?  by: Don
In order to watch soccer live expediently in Beijing, We offer fixture forenotice of Soccer(live) to you in our website: www.areyouBJ.com, So that you can watch Soccer(live) in time, in here you can..
Kindness is the solution  by: ken
The more you practice kindness, the more powerful you become.
Idiomatic Expressions - Get Over it and Learn English (Idioms)  by: Michael L Wilson
I had so much fun writing the last article, "Learn English- Get the Idiomatic Expression Right!", that I just had to do a follow up. That word, "get", has got to be one of the most gettin' down..
How To Express Must And Should In Thai  by: Rippa Sama
There are certain times that you need to express "must" and "should" in Thai. For example, when you want to express that it's time that you should sleep now or that you simply must go to the toilet..
Portugal - Aveiro, Barreiro, Braga, Coimbra, Fig. da Foz, Ílhavo, Leça, Lisboa, Porto, Torres Vedras, Viseu  by: International House Portugal
In Lisbon: Business English Course - A 60-hour Business English Course leading to the internationally-recognised University of Cambridge BEC Vantage. - Work on the four language skills - Reading,..
Hubei - Jingmen  by: Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School
Founded in 1984, Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School currently has a student population of over 4,500. More than 300 teachers, including five ESL teachers from different countries, work in the..
India - Noida  by: Pathways World School
Pathways World School (PWS) an international baccalaureate school for approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options...
Fuji City -- Shizuoka Prefecture  by: Prime Eikaiwa
Prime Eikaiwa is a fun and energy filled conversation school focusing mainly on children from Pre-school and Elementary school. Although we just re-launched the school 2009 it has been operating..
Seoul (Yongsan ku)  by: Yongsan International School
Yongsan International School is a not-for-profit international school that offers a strong, well-rounded academic and extracurricular program for kindergarten through grade 12 students. Fully..
Australia - Brisbane  by: Kaplan's English School in Brisbane
Our English school in Brisbane is in a city with a large international student population that offers the perfect mix of city life and natural retreat. It also offers great shopping opportunities and..
Caribbean - Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo  by: Colegio Internacional SEK-Las Américas
El clima, la naturaleza caribeña y la secular historia del país, han sido excepcionalmente tratados por expertos profesionales de la educación en el Colegio Internacional SEK-Las Américas para..
Colorado - Denver  by: Colorado School Of English
Colorado School of English has the best location in Denver, in the heart of downtown, nearby restaurants, bars, shopping and museums. CSE is also easily accessible by public transportation. Denver,..
Sunshinetefl  by: Online Tefl course to teach English in Brazil!
Online TEFL Thinking of teaching English in an exotic location? Do our Online TEFL course and get ready for the challenges you will face! Visit www.sunshinetefl.com for more details of how to sign up.
French in France, Sigy-le-Châtel  by: Corcelle
Corcelle provides one-to-one residential courses for highly motivated adults. The programme is intended for business executives, diplomats and professionals who need to acquire French quickly. The..
Tepeyac Association of New York (USA)  by: New York, NY - USA
Tepeyac is looking for volunteers to teach adults English skills in one of the following levels: introduction to language, basic I, basic II, intermediate I, intermediate II, conversation and..
How do you bring money to China?  by: LG, da yan jing - Thread Dec 2004
LG -- 27 December 2004 If a foreigner decides to live in China for a long time and buy some property like an apartment,how does he bring the money with him from his own coutry?And also if a foreign..
Perhaps learn about the culture and history first  by: Peter
Hey, I suggest that first of all, you spend some time learning about the cultures and history of East and Southeast Asia. This region has been exploited terribly by imperialist superior minded..
Vietnamese hot coffee  by: Clarin
Ca Phe Sua Nong is Vietnamese hot coffee with sweetened condensed milk
Thailand Vacation - Things to Do in Bangkok  by: Ramin Assemi
Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It's loud, it's noisy, it's modern and fast-moving, and at the same time it's quiet, slow and old-fashioned. It's a fusion city, a city where..
Meiji Art in Japan  by: Craig Lodge
What is the Meiji Era? The Meiji Era was a time period in Japan, under which Emperor Meiji started Japan’s modernization. Under Meiji, Japan climbed to world power status. Emperor Meiji’s rule..
Shopping Malls to Visit in the Philippines  by: Alyssa Davis
If you love to shop, you'll find plenty of opportunities in the Philippines. Not only are there plenty of small shops, but are also some truly great shopping malls to enjoy. If you are visiting or..
Festive India  by: Richard Greaves
Indian festivals tend to be sensual extravaganzas. But despite their flamboyance, most are deeply sincere at heart in this country where Bhakti (spiritual devotion) is part of the fabric of life...
Unique Sydney: Five Great Reasons to Visit Darling Harbour  by: Richard Greaves
For many holiday makers, a visit to Sydney revolves around the harbour and Opera House. And while these are must-see sights, a trip to nearby Darling Harbour unlocks a wealth of attractions and gives..
Visit Stuttgart to Discover a City of Easy Contrast (Germany, Train)  by: Michael Hanna
Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Würtemberg and is beautifully positioned at the edge of the Black Forest; and as one of Germany's leading industrial cities, it is a hive for both..
Antigua Guatemala  by: William Shetz
In regards to the comments about Antigua, you may want to make a small correction. The volcano in the photo is AGUA and has been inactive for about 4,000 years. Pacaya Volcano can not be seen from..
Grand Canyon: 13 Fun Things to Know Before You Go  by: Keith Kravitz
In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson brought the Grand Canyon into the national park system. Since then, the canyon has become a huge hit with travelers around the world. If you are one of the five..
Mexico - Mexico City  by: Presidente Inter-Continental
A hotel located in the heart of the city across from Chapultepec Park, close to lakes and gardens. Presidente InterContinental Mexico City is an award-winning hotel in Polanco, one of the capitals..
Air Travel - What to Wear & What Not to Wear  by: Morris E. Brown
Breeze through airport security or by following a few simple rules make it as easy as possible for the personnel at airport security. Why complicate matters and make your traveling more strenuous and..

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