Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online English Tutors Wanted for conversational English sessions with English learners  by: Julie
SpeakPal Job Description Omnis Inc. is seeking energetic English enthusiasts to serve as SpeakPals to English learners around the world. This is an exciting opportunity for SpeakPals to interact with..
American Accent: Learn American English with Jackie  by: Jackie
Hi! My name is Jackie and I'm an American English teacher. My qualifications include: -TEFL certified -many years in teaching students from over 30 different countries -teaching all students from..
Female African Teacher with a z visa in Hubei  by: Mabel
I am a young and dynamic female teacher with a z visa.I fully understand the needs of students in an ESL class and I know how to satisfy them.Games,role-plays,songs,classroom activities are some of..
Jilin  by: JESSICA
I am looking for work in jilin city or beijing , I have excellent typing ability in English , Chinese, korean and Japanese. I have good etiquette and a great rapport with people . I am 22 years old ,..
Irapuato, Guanajuato, México  by: Colegio Alpa
Bilingual private K-9 School located in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico is looking for ESL teacher for the 2014-2015 school year. Great compensation package!
URGENT PRIVATE ESL JOBS (TAIWAN)  by: Dewey International Education Consultants, Ltd.
Job Start: August/September 2014 TEACHER REQUIREMENTS: Native citizen from the USA/CA/UK/AUS/ NZ/ SA or IRE Minimum Bachelors Degree holder Teacher license /Teacher Registration Certificate holder..
School -- School -- shanghai  by: Happy Goal Kids English
About our School: Happy goal KIDS English is a newly established Early Childhood Education Training center under Web Education Group. Aimed at helping early learners acquire English, Happy goal uses..
Profiled Agency -- 11,000 to 14,000RMB/M brand new school in Beijing  by: Scottbutter/USA/Englishjintian
A brand new English language centre in Zhong Guan Cun,Beijing requires two ESL teachers for a September start. Our students range from 17-25 years old, the majority of classes being with small groups..
Ulsan Donggu  by:
[Hienglish] [Ulsan Donggu]Mon~Fri 6:20~7:10 HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian,..
Daechi Stn: Prestigious Hagwon, teach only 1:30~8:30pm, elem. Students, 2.8+ incl. full benefits  by: YBM Head Office
Daechi Stn: Prestigious Hagwon, teach only 1:30~8:30pm, elem. Students, 2.8+ incl. full benefits Daechi LIA is located on a very famous street in South Korea known as the “Hagwon Street.” Only..
Re a big stink in the Saudi Desert  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
You will even have your own, well-furnished office at the uni!
Re a big stink in the Saudi Desert  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
For one's own well-being while working and living abroad, it is of vital importance that you are given the feeling that employers value your work and respect your degree by paying and treating you..
Re: Be Careful of KISQ in Qingdao  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Of course, no work - no payment. But most if not all shitty kid pretend "school" make their foreign teachers work without paying them in full or on time. Like in the case of your..
Re BEWARE Djibouti - Oxford International Academy  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Yes, indeed. A bit of investigation and some general background knowledge of how private school owners run their "schools" in Africa for a few wealthy members of society in a totally..
Re: CELTA teacher training  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
There are a number of parameters to assess these providers: 1. Ask them for the qualification of the instructors - degree or non-degree holders? In the latter case, move on. 2. There have been..
Looking for Partners for Virtual Classes and Webinars  by: Maciek
We are a private, Polish educational institution that has been on the market since 1990. We are currently one of the largest language schools in Poland with more than 300 teachers and 6,000 students...
Online school based in Jamaica is looking for agents  by: Clarisse Cesar-Wilson
ESL Nook Online Tutorials teaches General, Conversational and Business English under the supervision of both Native and Fluent English Speaking Tutors.Our school is looking for recruiting agents that..
Looking for agents to recruit ESL teachers for Shanghai and neighboring provinces of Shanghai  by: Shanghai MeiJi
Greetings! We are a recruiting agency 'Meiji' in Shanghai,China. We have cooperated with a recruiting agency in UK(TEFL org) for one years to recruit ESL teachers who want to work in China. It has..
Looking for homestay in Changsha, Hunan, China, from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014  by: Adam
A 28 years old foreigner is looking for a free home stay in Changsha city,Hunan from Aug 25th till the end of Sept 2014.I am 175 cm, easy-going and amusing.I prefer home stay with single females if..
Canadian English Teacher Homestay (Toronto)  by: Andrea
Hello Everyone and welcome to Toronto, I am a Canadian English Teacher currently hosting international high school students. I have hosted students from all over the world including South Korea,..
Seoul: romantic view 15th floor loft, low deposit, river side, 2min subway  by: koreahouse
low deposit house in seoul romantic view high rise house. very high 15th floor, wonderful view (day, night) You can use the whole house, no sharing with others. loft style, house has 2part, big..
read in many languages  by: Grandma
For CHILDREN’S BOOKS in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese go to Blessings! Grandma
My Vietnamese for your English  by: Nu Le
Hi friends, I'm a native Vietnamese and now living in ho chi minh city. I would love to make friends with people around the world for language exchange, culture exchange... If you are interested in..
Meeting teachers  by: Bruno
I'm an English teacher who lives in Besançon, France and I'd like to correspond with teachers from all over the world.
Re: Geovisions Conversation Corps  by: BeijingTeach
Re: Geovisions Conversation Corps  by: Been There
For additional information, I always check the domain registration in WhoIs when I am not sure about a website. In this case (see link below) you can see that the domain was created in 2000, a..
Final Pay  by: John
So I know that most countries have to pay all dues once your contract is finished. Is that the same in China? If it is and your employer doesn't wish to pay until the next months pay day what can you..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
The stupid bloody logic of it all is, they drive away blokes like us who actually like the women and the food, and the easy teaching hours. Then they grumble when they get neophytes who can't teach,..
ESL English Lesson: Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine  by: David Robinson
Today, let’s talk about the terrible Malaysian Airways disaster that happened on the 17th July 2014. The Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine near the Russian border as it..
ESL Business Vocabulary Games  by: Tasos Vossos
The "business language" is one of the most difficult topics when learning English. The idioms, slang and the wide variety of technical terms used in business are a nightmare even for native speakers...
Cool Fact of the Day for Kids!  by:
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How to Motivate Students to Read Textbooks  by: Jenna Foote
Professors put great time and consideration into selecting textbooks for the basis of their course curriculum. However, students often don't purchase the required reading materials due to cost or do..
Free Course Book and Sound Files  by: John Richardson Meadows
THAT ALL THE WORLD MIGHT SPEAK ENGLISH "English for Foreign Teachers and Students" FREE COURSE BOOK AND SOUND FILES 18-hour 18-day Course New method and course scientifically designed, researched,..
Re: ESL Beginners -- k-2  by: Turnoi
For kindergarten level, I suggest to start with pictures to teach simple words like "apple", etc. You should perhaps also start with some phonics introducing lettersk, combination of letters, and..
Book List for At-Risk Students  by: Bill Feaver
Teaching language arts in a juvenile detention facility, I have observed a marked improvement in reading ability just from reading. First, obtain a student's reading level through one of several..
How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard in ESOL Classes  by: Terrance Karter
Interactive white boards can be used in all sorts of classrooms. In ESOL classrooms, or classrooms that focus on English as a second language, you can use the white board in a few distinct ways. The..
USA - Washington - Ellensburg  by: Central Washington University - University English as a Second Language: Teacher Programs
Special New Option for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (One or Two Quarter Options) Begin Spring or Fall: High-intermediate or advanced level language development class Teaching Methodology..
Creating a Resume: What You Need to Know  by: Pedro Gondim
Creating a resume is a very important task in the journey of getting the job you are looking for. In any industry, the appearance and content of your resume is a defining factor in the process of..
Dealing With Idiots At Work  by: Gregg Gregory
Why can idiots at work drive away your best employees? How do you describe a person with a bad or negative attitude? Can you do anything about it? Stop and ask your self these questions and do they..
You Only Have One Life to Live  by: Ryan Best
People live life, much of it complaining about things. People have all different kinds of problems to deal with. They forget to understand that they should make the best of what they have, and grow..
Euphemisms for Saying "I Don't Know"  by: Jeanie Marshall
There are times when the perfect answer is, "I don't know." At those times, say precisely that, with confidence or authority. People ask questions for all different reasons. Sometimes it's helpful to..
2 Keys to Starting the Writing Process  by: Bette Daoust
Starting is the most difficult place to be when you have the desire to write anything. You have probably heard the term writers block and it hits us all. Most often it is just a matter of settling..
Video Advertising in Trade Shows : Tips on Making a Successful Video Production  by: Shakir A.
A custom designed plan for identifying target audience, ascertaining their needs and outlook, judging their accessibility to the content, content relevance, creative and innovative integration of..
The significant problems we face cannot be solved by ..  by: bt
The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. Albert Einstein
Slang words: What’s up (or wuzup or what up )  by: English lesson
These phrases are a greeting meaning “hi, how are you?” Here is an example: What’s up, Ben?
Spanish Basics: How To Describe A Person's Face  by: Li Ming Wong
It's easy to learn Spanish if you begin with the basics. Just get down the simple verbs, some foods, and perhaps a few descriptive terms. Usually people learn Spanish by beginning to say the alphabet..
Finland - Helsinki  by: Fintra
Your reliable partner – international business management training in nearly 20 countries. Extensive network of experts Wide experience Versatile know-how Concrete results In a survey carried out..
Zhejiang - Hangzhou  by: Hangzhou Babel Language Center
The Hangzhou Babel Language Center was founded in 2002 and approved by the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education as a special foreign language training organization. At its founding Babel was the..
Philippines: Panglao Island, Bohol   by: Bohol ESL Cafe
MISSION STATEMENT The mission at the Bohol ESL Café & Homestay, Inc. is to enhance the lives of our students. We intend to have a substantial influence on how our students perform in their..
Kazo, Saitama  by: IntersectKazo
Intersect Kazo ► Native English and Japanese Speakers ► Private one to one lessons ► Learn in a comfortable environment ► You choose when you want to study ► Lower cost..
Andong City  by: Andong National University
Starting as Andong Normal School founded in 1947, ANU celebrated the 60th anniversary of its birth in 2006. Having been together with intellectuals brilliant with in the Korean Confucian culture for..
Australia - Cairns  by: GEOS Cairns College of English
Learning the English language is fun and easy with GEOS Cairns College of English, a fully accredited English language school based in Cairns, Australia. The Cairns College of English offers a wide..
Caribbean - Dominican Republic - La Romana  by: Colegio Saint John
Saint John School is a private Education Center. In its 19 years of existence it has kept an open door admissions policy, with the purpose of providing its students pleasant environment, giving them..
Texas - Austin  by: Austin English Academy
Austin English Academy (AEA), established in September 1992, is a private ESL school located near the University of Texas at Austin. As a member of the Aston Educational Group, which has more than 35..
Global TESOL College (Online and Canada, USA, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand)  by: Advanced TESOL Teacher Certification program
North American-based educational institution with headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. We have several branch offices and training centers located in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Saskatoon,..
German in Germany /Vogtsburg im Kaiserstuhl (nr.Freiburg)  by: Die Sprachpension/The Language Guesthouse - Living+Learning Combined.
Die Sprachpension / The Language Guesthouse - Living+Learning Combined. Aim of the Language Guesthouse is… …to meet the individual academic needs and requirements of each student, …to help him..
Join Global Service Corps GSC (Tanzania, Thailand)  by: Tanzania and Thailand
GSC has been a leader in the field of international volunteerism designing and implementing effective community development volunteer service-learning programs in Africa and Asia since 1993. GSC..
Re: Why Do Chinese Girls Want To Marry Western Men?  by: Rick
Gimmie a break with the above. Let me get this straight, you've had, over your years teaching in college, some STUDENTS approach you with interest of being your girlfriend or getting married. Is that..
Nature and Korea  by: Kevin Jones
So I will likely begin teaching in Korea this fall. I want to see some Korean snakes and other small wildlife (frogs, lizards). Is there any day trips out of Seoul to do this? If not, where should I..
Golden Banana: Cambodia's Fruit Ensign  by: Vicheka Lay
“Golden Banana” is now Cambodia ’s fruit ensign. Cambodian people call this fruit “chicken-egg banana”, due to its soft taste and chicken-egg like complexion. Golden banana has its..
Six Deadly Mistakes Westerners Make When Relocating to Thailand  by: Johnny Farang
Many people visit Thailand on holiday or on a business trip and fall in love with the wonderful "Land of Smiles". Thailand has so much to offer: beautiful women, delicious food, great climate,..
How to Visit a Karaoke Bar in Japan  by: Collaborator
In Japan, karaoke is far more than a festival of drunken crooning. For many Japanese, and especially for young people, karaoke can form the bedrock of social outings. Japanese karaoke bars,..
Marinduque  by: Allan Merin
A heart-shaped island in the Southern Tagalog Region is a certified tourism magnet come the Lenten Season. The province has been making waves in the travel sector behind a colorful event (odd for..
A luxurious trip to India  by: Travel Expert
India is a land of heat, beggars, and poverty, but it is also a world filled with many options for luxury travel. Those who visit India can opt to go on an India luxury tour and experience the softer..
Why is Australia Called "The Outback?"  by: Alyssa Davis
Australia is often referred to as "The Outback." While this term is sometimes used to refer to Australia in general, the term actually pertains to a specific area of Australia. In reality, the actual..
Teaching In Saudi Arabia  by: Jim Muckle
One moment I was walking down a cold foggy street in the pre-light hours of the morning, pulling my suitcase behind me and watching the milkman set bottles of milk on the sleeping English families..
Fun Facts About Latin America  by: Alejandro Guevara Onofre
DID YOU KNOW THAT... In the 1980s and 1990s, the Chilean economy was one of the most dynamic in Latin America. DID YOU KNOW THAT... Maria Felix once said, “ The stars of today have no star-power..
Transportation In Denver  by: saadi
As we all know that the transportation and the transit mode play an important and vital role. To move from on place to another place, transportation is of highly immense and greater importance. The..
China, Shanghai  by: 88 Xintiandi
Located in the former French Concession. Includes pictures of the guest rooms, rates and reservations, services and facilities, and location.
The world's most unique travel destinations  by: John Giuffo
The Azores Explore the dramatic natural beauty and bounty of crater lakes in this collection of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic. Portuguese by language, it has a culture and..

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