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Texas ISD School Guide

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Test Preparation: Online IELTS Examiners and expert Teachers £21 Per hour   by: Alex
Hi, Our teachers offer professional IELTS Tuition, most teachers have worked for the British Council and have many years of IELTS expertise. They offer a free 15 minute consultation and you are..
English Tutor:   by: Sterling Emeritus Professor. Dr.S.Elangovan
Inveterate English tutor with sterling emeritus adjective offers service "8Basha rube" adhi Sankara observes in Lalitha sahasra Nam Goddess Sri Lalitha has the form of language and English is the..
Anywhere  by: Stephen
Hi, my name’s Steve and I’m a native English speaker from the south-west of England. I have a BA degree (authenticated), a certified TEFL, and I worked in China for 2.5 years with a myriad of age..
looking for a teaching Job in or around shanghai and suzhou  by: SLY
Dear HR, My name is SLY I come from south Africa which is an English-speaking country. I have been teaching for 2 years in total including a two years of foreign experience in Child and Adult..
Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo  by: Miho Akiyama
University Teaching in Japan! - Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Aichi We are now recruiting instructors for the Spring 2019 term. ***** UNIVERSITY PROGRAM ***** 1) PROGRAM INFORMATION: We are..
Yangon, Myanmar  by: Teaching Jobs in Asia
Agency -- Beijing, China  by: BIBS (Beanstalk International Bilingual School)
Agency -- Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen  by: Idea Education
Kindergarten: - Teaching English; - You are required to teach kindergarten students, aged from 3-6years old(about 25kids in one class) -Maximum 25 teaching hours per week, with weekend and national..
Seoul and Bundang  by: YBM Education Head Office
Seoul and Bundang “Quality Teaching hrs over Quantity teaching hrs” – Super Compact 9:00 am to 4:30 pm actual work day & light teaching load but competitive full benefits and great vacation..
Seoul, Korea  by: Gangseo Poly
Salary : 2.8 million won per month Location : Gangseo-gu, Seoul Subway : Balsan Station (Line 5) Position : Full time Hours : MWF 9:00am to 7:30pm TTh 9:00am to 6.30pm Duration : One year contract..
Re Teaching in Asia  by: Taffy
Can I be forgiven feeling that we experienced an era of particular manic magic where the castoffs of developed Western societies prowled classrooms as China's foreign language education crawled from..
Re China Unsafe Leave ASAP!  by: The Shadow Knows
Man? Wow. Actually I am a female. My husband is Chinese. Name any city in the USA that maintains consistent MASS executions, pollution of insane levels where the AQI is nearly 1000 stemming largely..
Re: E-World in Yeosu, South Korea - ESL school review  by: Catherine Dapshis
I have read all these amazing reviews about this school but cannot find any contact information for them. My husband and I are wanting to move to Yeosu in April as a friend of ours stayed there and..
Cheating on contract  by: Angry Employee
This school is situated in other suburbs or rural area of Yichang City, Hubei Province in China. It is on a high hill you would say with beautiful location overseeing the river. The school has a..
Cappella University  by: J. Rucker
What is the best way to prepare for TEFL Certification?
Re: Preschools for sale (India)  by: Kahkasha
Dear Ms. Usha, Can we connect please? Please share your contact number. Thank you. Regards, Kahkasha 9893058079
China Univ Agent  by: Mr.Raymond
Dear all ,China Univ is open up to many seats for Business studies ,Accounting even learning Mandarin program I have few seats of scholarship for students who interested in Software engineering..
China  by: Freelance Recruiters based in China
A pair of tech-savvy, well-connected freelance recruiters is offering its services to a reliable, stable Chinese or a foreign partner (schools/agencies). As teachers based in China for over 5 years,..
host  by: LUCIA
I offer homestay and personalized Italian lessons to students of any age, in the wonderful lake area in the North-west of Italy. My guests would live as members of the family for a week or longer. I..
Host offers English Classes with Homestay  by: Wendy
Unique opportunity for Homestay with English Language classes. Students will live and study in Beverley. It is a beautiful and historic town where they can find traditional England. Beverley also has..
SiamGlobal Education offers  by: Gary Adriaenssens
Our small organization is seeking the following; 1) local Thai students for English classes at inexpensive cost. For children and adults. 2) NES teachers preferably in Thailand already for work/job..
Looking for Students, Schools or Companies  by: Myles
Hello Everyone, I am looking for Students, schools or companies who need online English teachers ( Filipinos and American) We have a center/office for teachers teaching online and we are looking for..
My Spanish for your English or French  by: Jonathan
Hola mi nombre es Jonathan, soy de Costa Rica, me gustaria intercambiar mi español, por ingles o frances. me gusta leer, dibujar, ver peliculas. Saludos, Hi my name is Jonathan, I´m from Costa..
Re DON'T SEND YOUR DOCUMENTS to "Hainan Hi-Simeng Education & Training Co. Ltd" (AKA "Little Fox English")  by: The Shadow Knows
Please contact the FBI legal attache or the Regional Security Officer of the US Embassy and report LIKELY ID THEFT AND FRAUD. THIS IS EXACTLY how they do it. This is why they want CLEAR SCANS of your..
2 b fair. i use all fake info anyhow. so ur gots 2 b dumb
Re: Re Juren (or Giant) School, Beijing  by: Reilly
Isn't this guy (in the article) a Dutchman? How did he get a visa to teach as a native English speaker?
English-speaking lawyers in Korea  by: oldrok
The following is a regional list of Korean lawyers that can speak English and have counseled foreign clients. Taeshin Law Firm 18, Seocho-daero 50-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea. Yuseong Bldg. 4th and..
Verb To be worksheet  by: Azzeddine Tamlakoutan
Hi colleagues! This is gonna be my first participation with you on this forum. I offer you a recently designed worksheet I designed and published on my blog. Feel free to download it.
Looking for ideas to bring 'fun' in the classroom?  by:
As an education major, I'm looking for ideas on ways that I can incorperate fun into my lessons. I've heard of students being awarded 'money' to buy small items form a 'shop' in the classroom. Other..
Why Should We Recycle?  by: Leah G
I recycle, this is my choice and my obligation as enforced by local government. The good news is that the amount of packaging on my weekly shop, presently far outweighs my other household waste and..
March of the Penguins - A Fun Learnig Tool  by: Caren Bugay
Everyone loves penguins. And now, everyone has a chance to see how penguins live in the highly entertaining documentary March of the Penguins. No need to tell the kids it’s educational. Beyond just..
Tasks and questions on an entertaining YouTube video - a complete lesson  by: yoloEnglish
Dear fellow ESL teachers, I’d like to share a nice lesson with you. In class, watch my (hopefully) entertaining animation video titled “Always listen to your parents”...
Please feel free to ask me questions regarding ESL Teaching issues/Concerns you have  by: Yanni Zack
Hello everyone!! After being away from the forum for some time due to my hectic work schedule, I am now able to assist you with your questions/concerns on being an effective TESOL/TEFL teacher in..
Full Blast Productions publishes, distributes and sells quality ebooks for teaching ESL.  by:
Full Blast Productions publishes and distributes quality ESL teaching materials. On our website you will find ebooks (and a few printed books) for teaching English as a second language.
Technology in High Schools: Hindrance or Help?  by: Michelle Langley
Technology is a critical component of modern education. Without it, students will not learn the skills they need to succeed in a global work environment that is increasingly dependent on new..
Argentina - Buenos Aires  by: Expanish TEFL Abroad
Intro The TEFL certification abroad course through Expanish in Buenos Aires is a comprehensive English teacher training program for prospective teachers aiming to teach abroad. In addition to a..
Overcome Tough Interview Questions  by: Candace Davies, A+ Resumes for Teachers
Don't kid yourself; all interviewers will try their best to detect problems or limitations in your skills, since they will affect how you can benefit their school district. For example, if you had a..
How to Overcome the 2 Biggest Enemies in a Job Search  by: Brad Remillard
The Beatles once sang, "all you need is love." In life this is true and it certainly helps during a job search, but it is not all you need. However, tough love is a good start. A job search is tough...
Impact of extrinsic motivation on intrinsic motivation  by: mastan.sagaciti
Motivation can be simply defined as the things that induce us to take certain actions or behave in a certain way. It is the why or the reason that drives a person towards a desired goal. The reasons..
Top 10 Things to make your next company meeting more exciting Part 2  by:
10. Slowly slump in your seat. When you are about to fall off the chair, suddenly straighten up and apologize profusely. 9. Remove your shoes and socks. Lay your socks on the table, turn each one..
How To Write A Love Letter  by: Chloe Miller
If it's handwritten, use classy pen and paper. If it e-mail, pick a nice font. At the very least, roust up some heavy-stock, elegant-looking paper, and if you must use an ordinary pen, choose one..
10 Additional Tips And Shortcuts To Make Using Windows Easier  by: Duncan Kelly
The Windows key can be quite useful. Here are most of it's more useful built in shortcuts, followed by some more general Windows Shortcuts. Remember that if the key is in bold font, it means that you..
Thinking what you did in the past  by: Jim
If you live in the past, you are not taking care of the present an NHL coach
American Slang Lessons - Learn to Speak Like Americans (American English)  by: Andrew Best
Learning spoken English is all about learning slang and phrasal verbs. If you watch an English movie or listen to a couple of native English speakers talk, you will notice that much of what is being..
Learn Spanish for Beginner-5 Tips  by: Christian S.
Learning a new language can be intimidating to some people, but it also can be very exciting. If you are looking for a program to learn Spanish for beginner, there a lot of different options that are..
Poland - Wroclaw  by: Wroclaw International School
"Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders" Wroclaw International School (WIS) is an IB World School. The school was established as the first international school in South - Western Poland in 2002 and is..
Jiangsu - Changzhou  by: Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology
Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology (JTUT) was brought into existence as Changzhou Teachers College of Technology in 1984. It is the only one university in Jiangsu province independently..
Philippines - Quezon City (Visayas Avenue)  by: International Academy Manila
Take your Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Review Program at International Academy Manila - The Philippines' Pioneering Academic Institution for PTE Preparation. PROGRAM FEATURES: * 100%..
Tokyo - Machiya Arakawa-ku  by: Tanoshii English
Tanoshii English is English school located in Machiya in Arakawa-ku Tokyo, Japan. We teach students of all ages. We teach students, business professionals, college students, business owners,..
Chuncheon  by: Lolly School
Welcome to Lolly School. Lolly School utilizes foreign language as an appropriate method for communication in a safe and comfortable environment. Lolly's education system is designed and focused on..
New Zealand - Auckland  by: New Zealand Institute of Education
NZIE was established in 1994 and is situated in the beautiful seaside suburb of Takapuna Beach. We are 10-15 minutes by bus or car from downtown Auckland. We are close to the main bus system, shops,..
Guatemala - Guatemala City  by: Safe Passage
Our Mission is to create opportunities and foster dignity through the power of education. Safe Passage works with the poorest at-risk children of families working in the Guatemala City garbage dump...
British Columbia - Vancouver area (Surrey)  by: jna homeschool cmap
we are an ESL homeschooling school in BC Canada.
Magic Ears  by: Online English Teacher for Children, Work from home - Make $22 - $26 per hour, higher base pay than
Are you looking for an opportunity with great support and a flexible schedule? Would you like to be a part of the global education platform that positively impacts cross-cultural communication? As an..
French in Lyon, France  by: arnaud duquesne
Inflexyon is a French as a Foreign Language school situated in the historical center and heart of Lyon, two steps away from the town hall and Opera. Our school welcomes every year hundreds of..
Volunteering to Learn (Nepal)  by: Nepal
“Volunteering to Learn” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization providing rich volunteer and learning experiences in Nepal. So far, we’ve served the interests of more than one hundred..
Lantern Festival - Celebration for Some, Torture for Some  by: Rajesh Kanoi
My university, here in Huainan, that has looked so deserted for the past few weeks has started showing some signs of life. The odd student has started returning and there is certainly more activity..
Enjoy the finest ski resorts in Korea  by: Travel Expert
Most ski resorts are large leisure centers that offer pleasant accommodations and convenient facilites to visitors throughout the entire year. Of course, the most popular time to visit the resorts is..
Enter Bangkok - blog (updated continuously)  by: Living in Thailand
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Patong Beach Tourism  by: Bryan Schatz
Patong beach is one of the most widely visited areas on the island of Phuket in Thailand. Travelers can take advantage of a wide variety of activities such as relaxing on the beach with a freshly-cut..
Stay or go?/ Japan v. US?  by:
I'd love some impartial advice. Please help me to see beyond these choices. The situation: I live and work in Japan. Have only been here for 18 months. My contract is per year and I must soon decide..
Manny Pacquiao - A Sporting Icon, A Symbol of Success From Poverty, and the Philippines' Pride  by: Roy Thomsitt
I do not really like boxing as a sport. The only time I ever had any interest in boxing in England was when Cassius Clay (later Mohammed Ali) was on television. When I came to the Philippines 6 years..
Rajasthan State  by: Nikita Martin
Rajasthan is known for its high and beautiful heritage, colorful dresses, ethnic food and the royal welcome. One of the largest states in India, Rajasthan is rich in architecture and gives feast to..
Live Life - Travel and Work in Australia  by: Dylan Lautner
College graduates between the ages of 18 and 30 sometimes need a break. Maybe a trip to Australia is the best way to spend your well-deserved break. Don't have enough cash to support a year-long..
Top 5 Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain  by: Susan Herrero
Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most glorious and unique cities on the planet. A bustling cosmopolitan city there is so much to do and see that it is almost impossible to limit it to a top 5...
Re: Teaching English in Mexico: A Decent Living?  by: dixie
Hello, I am wondering where you get your information from? I live in Mexico (D.F), I teach English and I "make a living" doing so. From what you write, I assume "teaching English" refers to language..
Chicago Union Station Hotels: Five Tips for Saving Money and Having Fun Staying Near Union Station  by: Charles Self
As Amtraks Chicago train station, Chicago Union Station is an exciting place to begin or end a train trip. But if you plan to tour Chicago while you are in town, you have numerous hotel options...
Philippines - Makati (Bel-Air Village, 102 Jupiter Street)  by: Jupiter Suites
Simply Extraordinary At Jupiter Suites, you are assured of a stay thats extra special. With the hotels location in the heart of the Makati Central Business District, youll be a stones throw away from..
Cosmetic Bags: Top 5 Organizing Tips  by: Josh M.Smith
Cosmetic bags are required to carry make-up accessories. There are several companies that are manufacturing this type of bags for women. Most of them are quality products and protect the user's..

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