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English Tutor: l'M LOOKING FOR A TEACHING JOB IN BEIJING  by: Celestine
I can also teach english as a private tutor. So anybody looking for a private english tutor can also contact me ASAP. WECHAT ID: celestinemampouya
English Tutor: First Lesson FREE - Learn to speak American English FAST!   by: Fred
First Lesson FREE Learn to speak American English FAST! Hi, my name is Fred. I'm the friendly and professional English teacher from the USA. You can travel abroad, get a better job or pass an..
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province  by: Annette
My name is Annette, a great English teacher.I am a strong lady with passion for work. I have more than three years teaching experience in English. I have taught in China and other countries. I..
Arabian Gulf countries,Middle East,China,Worldwide  by: Hammad Ahmed
Greetings, I hope you are doing fine. I still look for an ESL/EFL teaching or coordination vacancy at your reputed institution, Egyptian,Fluent English instructor,coordinator with TESOL,DELTA..
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  by: KL International Kidsclub
We are a reputable international kindergarten that provides exceptional education that challenges each student to develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to become a highly..
Japan  by: The British English and New Dance Academy.
“The British English and New Dance Academy (BENDA)” A small Culture School based in Sanyoonoda-shi, Yamaguchi-prefecture. We presently have a Full Time (6 or 12 month contract) ESL Teacher..
Verified School Email -- Verified School Email -- Nanjing  by: GIRAFFE ENGLISH NANJING
EXCELLENT JOBS IN GIRAFFE ENGLISH - NANJING 13K-17K HIGH SALARY + 3500RMB ALLOWANCES + BENEFITS + LESS WORKING HOURS!!! Giraffe English School is a franchised language school based in Taiwan. Today,..
Profiled Agency -- Public college ESL position in Nanjing  by: TeachInJiangsu
September 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 1 ) Location: Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province with rich historical heritage and educational development. 2) Monday to Friday (weekends off), 18-20..
Seoul  by: EnglishHero
Seeking for online teacher Currently we are looking numerous EFL online teachers who are dedicated and passionate. No experience in these fields is necessary. Since world is globalized rapidly,..
Aanyang-si, Gyeonggi-do  by: SeoulESL
~Native English teachers is need for a great school in Anyang-si~ Job # 3235 Location: Aanyang-si, Gyeonggi-do Starting Date: Early September 2018 Teaching age group: Kindergarteners to Elementary..
Re Police Raids in Shenzhen China 2018 for illegal foreigners (no work visa) - Training Centers?  by: Educator
This is happening all over china to include Beijing. They've been coming around using portable bio-metrics readers as well. Why bother working there in the first place unless you can't find a job as..
Re Police Raids in Shenzhen China 2018 for illegal foreigners (no work visa) - Training Centers?  by: Z-Visa
This is happening in Shenzhen at the moment.Don't worry they rotate cities, it may happen at a city near you next.Lets face it Chinese for the most part do not trust or like foreigners.
Jiangxi Science & Technology University  by: English Teacher
An update for 2018. Nothing has changed at this university, except they are desperate for overseas teachers. Nanchang has hit crisis point in recruiting overseas English teachers. This establishment..
Re Delter International Business Institute  by: Dr. Paul
Power English Center  by: ESL Teachers Needed for the New School Year!!
Power English Center is located in Phu Nhuan District, Saigon – one of the most active and bustling cities in Vietnam. We are recruiting teachers to teach at public/private schools: We send our..
Chinese agent looking for partners in English speaking countries  by: eslinchina agency
ESLinchina agency is a fast-growing recruiting agency based in Shanghai. Our main business is to deliver high quality English teachers to organizations and schools in China. We are cooperating with..
China  by: carrie Yin
Hello , My name is Carrie , i work as a recruiter/agent in Beijing city . our company recruit ESL teachers for many schools which are training center , kindergarten, public school in China. if you..
Turkey  by: Sean Paul
Hello, I am an English teacher and IELTS & TOEFL Coach and Oral English Examiner We are running a residential English Camp in Turkey, especially focusing on IELTS and TOEFL. This camp will fully..
bournemouth  by: Jenny Brunyee
Homestay Host in Minnesota  by: M and M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
looking for English teachers  by: aokai
Job description: * Teach English in kindergarden or training center *Work in Guangzhou or Foshan * Working time is 40 hours, and teaching time is less than 25 hours per week. * Students are from 3 to..
Recruiting English Teachers for public schools in Beijing (Chao Yang Dist) Native speakers prefered.  by: Han Xiao
Recruiting English Teachers for public schools in Beijing (Chao Yang Dist.). Native speakers are preferred. Work from Mon to Fri. Earn up to 20,000 ($3,100 USD) � Salary: 15000-20000 RMB (2300-3100..
Pen Pals for my Students:   by: Maya
Hello everybody! I'm an English teacher from Moldova. I'd like to find penpals from the English-speaking countries for my pupils (forms 3-11).Feel free to contact me and make my students a bit..
Bray’s English School SANTANDER, northern Spain - HEALTH WARNING!  by: irish bloke
. Brays English School – “For A Better Future !” ----- jjejjejjejejjeje Santander is a quiet little town, although the people are very “cold” compared to other parts of Spain. When you..
Bray’s English School SANTANDER, northern Spain - HEALTH WARNING!  by: Ireland or bust
Bray’s English School SANTANDER, northern Spain - HEALTH WARNING! Bray's English School – “For A Better Future !” ----- jjejjejjejejjeje Santander is decent little town, but rather quiet. The..
English-speaking lawyers in Korea  by: oldrok
The following is a regional list of Korean lawyers that can speak English and have counseled foreign clients. Taeshin Law Firm 18, Seocho-daero 50-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea. Yuseong Bldg. 4th and..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Verb To be worksheet  by: Azzeddine Tamlakoutan
Hi colleagues! This is gonna be my first participation with you on this forum. I offer you a recently designed worksheet I designed and published on my blog. Feel free to download it.
ESL Lesson Plans on Food  by: Ian Moore
The food unit can be a crucial one because it is extremely beneficial for someone studying English to learn how to use food items in a sentence. This unit not only introduces the use of count and..
Best Candy Bars  by: Janice Kremer
Face it, Americans love their chocolate candy. According to Information Resources Inc, chocolate candy sales topped $3 billion dollars last year. Like many Americans, I am a chocoholic and need a..
How to deal with a disruptive student - 3  by: gt
Troubled kid, indeed. Usually reverse psychology works great for this. What sounds like is happening is that the child may be neglected at home and when put in a room of other kids looking up to him,..
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re: ESL Students Listening to the Teacher  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Mico, I found that ESL Students need a lot of both listening and practice in order to learn English. Thus, I would use a variety of activities which promote listening. However, in order to make sure..
Book review - The Handbook of Good English by Edward D. Johnson  by: Joy Cagil
When a baby just learns a language, he talks by putting words one after the other without thinking about style, usage, expression, or grammar. Sometimes, the novice writer does the same thing, too...
How to Use Skype to Teach English  by: Julia Estrela
The Internet provides numerous opportunities for English teachers of all backgrounds to teach ESL. One widespread method of online teaching involves the use of Skype, a powerful application that..
Canada - BC - Vancouver  by: ATC - Alaya International Training Centre - TESOL Diploma Program
If you're looking for an exciting and interactive program with a lot of student presentations and group work, and if you are ready for a challenge that can open the doors to a rewarding career as an..
How to Write a Resume  by: Dan Clancy
One of the most dreaded things about a job search is having to write a resume. Agreed? The reason why it's so hard is because you basically have to sell yourself on one, two or three pieces of paper!..
How to Establish Rapport With Customers - 3 Rapport Building Tips to Wow Your Customers  by: Michael Lee
In every industry, it's important to know how to establish rapport with customers. Whether you're a butcher selling sirloin, a sales representative in real estate or a big-time CEO of a company, you..
How to Read People's Minds - 3 Secret Ways to Read People's Thoughts  by: Michael Lee
While we haven't yet reached the age of flying cars and robot wars, we have at least reached the point where we know how to read people's minds. These days, there are various methods you can use to..
Use Humor to Defuse Tension, Befriend and Have More Fun  by: Kare Anderson
Humor requires a target. If you make a bulls-eye out of someone weaker, particularly if you initiate the attack, you look like a bully. Take aim, instead, at the powerful. Or, rather than getting..
Article Writing - You Can Do This The Hard Way Or The Easy Way- It's Your Decision  by: Tara Dipalma
The main concept of article writing is all about giving people useful information, information that keeps them entertained, building suspense to keep your reader interested and wanting to learn more...
How to Build a Website  by: Chris Chenoweth
Trying to promote a badly built website is a pointless exercise in frustration. In order for you to be successful at promoting your website, you must have a site that is clear, clean and full of..
Arsenals Arsene Wenger says:  by: jp
"Messi has qualities that are mental: humility, desire to play, happiness to help the team, always desire, you never see any bad reaction despite all the kicks he gets," said the Frenchman, according..
Englsih - Commonly Misused Words And Phrases (Mistakes)  by: Jennie Gandhi
Spoken words and written words are distinctly on the opposite sides of the bank, even though it runs along the same river. Reason being language spoken tends to be more informal than the written..
How to Learn Continental Portuguese  by: Pele Omori
Continental Portuguese, otherwise known as European Portuguese, is the language that is spoken in Portugal as well as Macau, Mozambique, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor and Cape Verde...
Turkey - Izmir  by: Gelisim Primary School (Private)
Gelisim has aprox. 700 students. It's a private school located in one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, Izmir. We have English and German lessons in our school. Our campus is in the outskirts,..
Shandong - Weihai City  by: Zhongshi International School
Zhongshi International School is a Christian institution located in the beautiful city of Weihai in Shandong Province, China. Founded in the Fall of 2006, we currently have more than 140 students,..
Philippines - Quezon City / Calamba  by: INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY MANILA
International Academy Manila is a pioneer in Online and Classroom-based Education facility in Asia. It has been established to cater to the needs of students across the globe. With its vital..
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo  by: Fitness English
Fitness English is a fun new way to learn English while getting fit at the same time. In a Fitness English lesson, English and exercise are blended together to make learning more fun, easy and..
Janghowon (a suburb of Icheon City)  by: Story Telling Academy
STA opened in March of 2006 with just the owners and 12 elementary school students. Now after three wonderful years STA has over 120 students from ages 5–55 years old. We teach English as a second..
New Zealand - Dunedin  by: English Language Matters
English Language Matters is an award-winning, vibrant English language school renowned for its unique family atmosphere and experienced teaching staff. Working together we offer you excellence in..
Brazil - Florianópolis, Santa Catarina  by: English Now
Nossas salas de aula parecem mais com aconchegantes salas de reunião, equipadas com notebook, acesso a internet, projetor e tela. Planejamos nossa escola cuidadosamente para que bons momentos, boas..
Tennessee - Nashville  by: Nashville ESL Academy
Student by student, Nashville ESL Academy (nESLa) delivers a qualitatively different education. Our intensive English as a Second Language Program offers courses year-round for anyone who wishes to..
Salem State College  by: On-line Certificate Program in Teaching ESL
Are you an ESL teacher with experience but little or no formal training? Would you like to obtain graduate credit in TESOL while continuing to work in the field? Consider the Salem State certificate..
Chinese - Online (based in Dongguan, China)  by: Easy Chinese learning
Individualized Chinese or English lessons, call for quote We are a professional language teaching company in China. We are offering basic, intermediate Chinese lessons as well as English lessons on..
Join Global Service Corps GSC (Tanzania, Thailand)  by: Tanzania and Thailand
GSC has been a leader in the field of international volunteerism designing and implementing effective community development volunteer service-learning programs in Africa and Asia since 1993. GSC..
Atkins --B.S.  by: KS
Well I have been here in China now for three years and I see the locals all eating against the idea of the Atkins diet. They eat so many carbs here and they are so skinny! Get off these diets people...
Get a jumpstart learning Korean online for free  by: paul
Here's a blog with some great free instructional videos for learning Korea.
The Karate Myth: Why Most Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs Are Wrong  by: Jeffrey Miller
You know, when I first started learning how to protect myself, the training was almost entirely focused on the memorization and performance of the technique. What I mean is... ...the lessons..
Thailand Tourism  by: Hugh Nelson
At least until recently, tourism has been the third most important sector of Thailand’s economy, after agriculture and exports. Among 'industries,' tourism is listed in first place. The country is..
F.Y.I. Tokyo/Japan: Visas  by: tokyocooney
Some more info on Visas in Japan. As I said in the video, Visas are a very complicated matter and the rules are rather vague and handled case by case. Hopefully the web links below will help you out...
Asian Dating in the Philippines  by: Charmine Moreno
The Philippines archipelago is sandwiched between Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Located between latitude 4023'N and 21025'N and longitude 1160E and 1270E. It is composed of 7,107..
Goa Nightlife- The City That Never Sleeps  by: Sanjog
Are you a party animal and love to enjoy nightlife teeming with fun, joy and excitement? Then don't miss a chance to visit Goa, where such opportunities galore. Nightlife is a very popular concept at..
An Overview of Australia  by: Stewart Palmer
Australia is a land with a unique flora and fauna that is found nowhere else on earth. It is also a land of many contrasts and a wide variety of climate that ranges from tropical to sub alpine. It is..
Porto - The Beginning of Portugal  by: Iuri Tarabanov
Porto, having given its name to port wine and the country itself is the second largest city of Portugal. It is motherhood of Portugal wine industry. Initially Porto has been constructed as a Roman..
Hiking Opportunities in Bolivia  by: Jessica Ackerman
If you're planning a trip to Bolivia, you've probably already heard or read about the plethora of good hiking and trekking opportunities that await you. Hiking, trekking and mountaineering are all..
How to Get the Most Out of a Disney World Vacation  by: Jack Ryan
Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world, and it is also the largest. While it is not just a great place for fun, but also a place to learn and explore new things, and Epcot is one of..
China - Shandong  by: Shangri-La Hotel
Hotel with 500 guest rooms, located within walking distance of the Municipal Government Building and the World Trade Centre. Shangri-La Hotel is located in Qingdao's business centre and is an ideal..
Kids Traveling Tips  by: Kum Martin
If you are traveling with children, your trips can be special challenges. Though it may bring absolutely wonderful memories, it can also be hard. You will need to plan well. A little research will go..

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