American Accent: Conversational lessons, grammar lessons, business English, and more!  by: English Lessons by Lisa
Want to learn English in a fun, relaxing environment but don't know where to start? Then try English Lessons by Lisa! My English lessons are custom made to fit whatever you would like to learn. I..
English Tutor: Experienced American ESL tutor on Skype   by: Helen
Do you need help with your English? I am an American teacher with over eight years experience teaching in China, Taiwan, and the U.S.A. I have worked with children and adults. My Skype lessons are..
Shenzhen Only  by: MAX
Hi, I'm Max. A highly skilled ESL teacher with a Z- visa or working visa and five (5) years teaching experience in Shenzhen – china. I have bachelor's degree in English Literature and TESOL. I have..
China  by: Roy & Cyril
Dear Hiring Manager, We are a South African and Cameroonian couple seeking a full time job in any reputable school where ever in China. It is with great anticipation that we present our resumes to..
Accra Ghana  by: CIC
Experienced Mathematics and Physics High School Teacher. Start date: September 2014. Teaching Position Location: Advanced Placement (AP) High School in Accra, Ghana. Please forward Resume and Cover..
Magong City, Penghu Islands - Taiwan  by: Dragon English School
2 x Experienced English Teachers Wanted A small family owned English language school in Magong City is seeking 2 experienced Foreign English Teachers to arrive in mid-late October and start training..
School -- Shanghai  by: Happy goal KIDS English in Shanghai(z visa&14500RMB—17500RMB/month)
The Job: Happy goal KIDS English is a newly established Early Childhood Education Training center under Web Education Group. Aimed at helping early learners acquire English, Happy goal uses the..
Profiled Agency -- 7000rmb/M+nice apartment+airfare/teaching oral English at the public college in heze, Shandong  by:
Responsibilities: Heze public college is looking for 1 Oral English teacher for the new semester, working hours are less than 18 hours per week. Wage: 1)basic salary7000rmb/M 2) round-trip airfare..
Seoul, Pangyo Stn  by:
HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian, Russian and many other languages. We are..
Seoul, MoonRae Stn  by:
HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian, Russian and many other languages. We are..
Re: GW's on ESL websites.  by: Davyhulme Worker
And not ONLY English teachers live mainly off those! Retards in this case does not mean what you think it does, by the way, FYI, most FT's who go in those places can speak chinese and don't even need..
Re: A cultural factor that applies to maids in the Middle East has parallels with the treatment of t  by: Concerned Teacher
It's also a shocking misconception that a degree is required to legally obtain a working visa. Laws are fluid in China, but if they actually checked and insisted on transcripts and verified with the..
Re EF Hohhot  by: Concerned Teacher
I am making more money than professional expats and it's not from my teaching job. You are making quite a big statement here IMHO. You can't blame fellow expats/FT's for being curious, if you were to..
Re English in Action, Slovakia  by: Nathan
That sounds interesting! If you want to talk more about SIDAS then there is a great new wordpress plugin to link Gravity Forms with DigitalOcean so that you can host blogs for language teachers! Just..
Re: CELTA teacher training  by: cunning linguist
You might consider a university based CELTA course. Some universities, at least in the UK, run courses under the control of their Modern Languages department so you can be assured that your..
Want to Sell ICSE Affiliation (India)  by: Dipak Kr Mahato
HI ALL. If Any one interested in purchasing ICSE affiliation alonwith 1.33 Acres and Furniture Worth 30 Lakhs . At Dhanbad - state Jharkhand - India please contact me at 9007404066 or at..
Online teachers agency looking for agents worldwide to market our services to language schools  by: Holly+Longstroth
Virtual Teachers Agency LLC is looking for agents to assist in marketing its services to language schools around the world. We work with language schools to set up a live online programs for their..
School in Malta is looking for agents worldwide  by: Paul Codley
We are looking for agents to promote our courses in the world. Our school is situated in Mellieha in the heart of the town and is a modern complex over four floors.We also have accommodation and..
Host Families in Shenzhen, China  by: Ryan
Au Pair + Study + Travel + Cultural Experiences Do you know what to do during your gap year? Have you ever thought of being an Au Pair in China? Come and join the Au Pair Program! You will join a..
English host for 20 years in Moia close to Barcelona  by: Cati
I have hosted students and adults from all around the world. I live in a big house ( six bedrooms),with a swimming pool and a very large garden. I host all year round and as a native english teacher..
Free ebooks  by: Saita Publications
The idea of Saita publications emerged in July 2012, having as a primary goal to create a web space where new authors can interact with the readers directly and free. Saita publications' aim is to..
Live Online EFL Material  by: Holly Longstroth
Do you teach English online? Are you looking for material that would activate your students and allow them to practice speaking and increase their confidence and fluency? We are submitting low-cost..
My Portuguese for your English  by: Eduardo
Hi, I m brazilian guy, and I m looking for native english people to improve my english, I consider myself an advanced student. Thanks
Re Scammer using the bona fide Bugil Academy School as scam front  by: Farah
Hi t Thanks for sharing your ordeal with us. I had similar situation when the same man tried it on me. This made me even more careful as my job hunts still going on.
Re: Re Scammer using the bona fide Bugil Academy School as scam front  by: Yoyo
Asking for money will come later... Keep us posted, please.
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
Well done sir!!! Snow beers to celebrate!!!! It's their own bloody minded stubborn ness that shoots them in the foot!!!
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
ESL English Lesson: Google Glass  by: David Robinson
Today, let’s talk about Google Glass. This is a wearable computer that has an optical head-mounted display on a pair of glasses that allows users to video what they see. They can also wake up Glass..
SECRET NUMBERS GAME - Short Lesson  by: re
Students are assigned numbers randomly. The students say their numbers in front of the class and the other students try to remember everyone s numer. The students must try to keep their number a..
How to Understand Diverse Cultures  by: Kum Martin
Every society today is a blend of diverse cultures. The best example of cultural diversity is the United States where immigrants have come and settled, but they still keep their cultural practices..
5 Ways to Keep Parents Coming to Your Courses  by: Robert Warner
Surestart Children's Centres aim to improve outcomes for children with the services that they provide. Some of these outcomes are achieved by working with the parents rather than the child - such as..
Free Printable Thank You Cards  by: Eric Morris
Thank you cards are one of the popular ways to express gratitude and sincere wishes to ones dear and near. As the name says, free printable thank you cards are thank you cards that are printed..
Re: Teaching People older than you  by: Yanni Zack, Ph.D
I would suggest that you start out teaching beginning ESL students by using both visuals and role playing to develop their basic vocabulary. Pictures are an important part of any ESL lesson.
Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  by: jon
ESL Technology  by: Turnoi
Certain computer skills form also an important part of skills that future ESL teachers should be trained in. In our TESL teacher training program, we have a course module called CALL..
Online  by: TEYL - Advanced Teacher Training
Our certificate program is designed for those who teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to children. Focus on 6 to 12 year old children, but also very young..
How Long Should My Resume Be?  by: Jessica M Holbrook
Next to 'do I really need a cover letter', is the other most popular question 'how long should my resume be?'. I probably get it just as much as the cover letter question. The answer isn't a standard..
Your Salary: What Are You Worth?  by: David Richter
Why is it a good idea to determine your worth? Whether you plan to stay at your current job or seek employment elsewhere, your assessment of your worth can become a bargaining chip should you choose..
You Can Channel Creative Energy By Finding Balance In Life  by: Jeremy C.
People in the present age have forgotten the art of enjoying leisure. People keep running after material fulfillment but continue creating vacuums in their hearts. Soon, their lives become a sorry..
Old Lady, like a Fox  by: Patsy
An older lady gets pulled over for speeding. Older Woman: Is there a problem, Officer? Officer: Ma'am, you were speeding. Older Woman: Oh, I see. Officer: Can I see your license please? Older Woman:..
How to Write More Articles Faster  by: Sean R Mize
One of the biggest challenges in article writing and article marketing is how to write enough articles. In fact, I was discussing this with some of my clients today, in fact that the reason that..
Can you help me get a good pass word?  by:
12 Famous John F. Kennedy Quotes To Commemorate The Day of His Birth  by: Noel Jameson
This year, let's commemorate JFK's birthday with some famous John F. Kennedy quotes. Eighty-nine years ago on May 29th a man was born who would change our country forever. A man who, while not..
English Speech - How to Use Key Words When You Speak? (Learning Tips, Speaking)  by: Laurianne Sumerset
Whether you have English as a second language or are a native speaker trying to improve your skills, putting the stress on key words is an important aspect of speaking that not enough people are..
Can anyone translate these 5 spanish words into english please?  by:
Could anyone translate these spanish words into english??? 1. la paloma 2. tumbao 3. el impermeable 4. alma (this could be just a name, I don't know, does it have any other meanings?) 5. el peleramo..
United Kingdom - Bournemouth  by: Capital School of English
Capital School of English has been created and staffed by a truly committed and vibrant team providing a professional and courteous service. Being independent and fully accredited by the British..
Beijing  by: Beijing Institute of Petro-chemical Technology
Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (BIPT), a former high engineering school subject to SINOPEC Group,was founded in 1978. In 1999 it passed the assessment of qualification for..
Philippines - Subic  by: William Yi
Subic was the site of the largest overseas military navy station for the United States for almost a century. Naturally people who were previously employed by the US Navy tend to possess a high degree..
Kagoshima  by: Kooka Kids English House
Kooka Kids English House (クカキッズイングリッシュハウス) We are a small English school located in..
Gyoung-buk  by: Handong Global University
Handong Global University (HGU) opened its doors of higher education in 1995 at Pohang, South Korea, the world's Capital City of Steel. Cognizant of the accelerated pace of globalization with the..
Australia - Townsville (North Queensland)  by: Townsville International English School
Townsville International English School (TIES) is a small school located in tropical North Queensland, Australia. Townsville is a vibrant city with a country atmosphere and is situated at the gateway..
Colombia - Medellin  by: Centro Colombo Americano
It was in this city, the city of Medellín, that, on January 10th, 1947, the seeds of what was to be the Centro Colombo Americano were sown. This was half-way through the 20th Century, a time of..
California - San Diego  by: Eurolingua Institute
The Institute is located in the centre of downtown San Diego with easy access to all public transportation (bus and trolley) and close to Horton Plaza, the City's premiere retail shopping centre...
Four Directions English Centre  by: Learn TEFL online!
Our program at Four Directions English Centre in Mission, BC, Canada is designed to equip each student with a high ability to converse in English and to enhance their employment outlook as a result...
French in Lyon, France  by: Ecole Suisse de Langues
Learn French at our school located in French speaking Switzerland (Montreux) or our centre in France (Lyon). You are embarking on a very enriching experience, discover our passion for teaching..
Unity Charitable Trust (India)  by: Tamilnadu, India
Volunteering, one of the pillars of Philanthrophy is a powerful factor in social service. We invite volunteers from abroad for teaching ENGLISH, DANCE, MUSIC and other extra curriculum in our Nursery..
Great Wall of China Facts - Trivia and Information  by: Kevin Dowlatshahi
The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous structures in all of the world. It is one of the most visited sites in all of China for tourists and is one of the seven wonders of the world. It has..
Korean Verbs & Patterns  by: hyn
Scroll to browse this PDF
Top Beaches in Asia  by: Dan Blacharski
Asian beaches have a much different character than anything in the Western world. The sand is clean and the water warm, ocean life is abundant for the exploring, and there are plenty of opportunities..
Thai Food For Health  by: Reed Langdon
Natural health is about self discipline and responsibility for a better life. And with nutritional supplements, you will be able to achieve this level of healthy comfortable living . It just takes..
A Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar  by: hyn
Scroll to browse this PDF - 260 pages
How to Plan a Trip to the Philippines  by: Karen Ellis
You’ve heard of the natural beauty of the Philippines and just know it would make a “once in a lifetime” kind of vacation. But, with 7,107 islands in this southeast Asia country, where do you..
How and What to Experience in Luxury Tours of India  by: Swati Singh
India marked as one of the most visited exotic tourist destinations on the map of the world. Millions of tourists visit India every year to see and to experience the colorful culture of India. It is..
Echuca Moama  by: Jamie H
Echuca is located on the Victorian side of Murray River and usually coupled with its New South Wales neighbour Moama, describing the destination as 'Echuca - Moama'. Echuca is located 214 km's from..
Re: How can I teach English in Russia? (Work)  by: Elena Trofimova
If you have TEFL certificate you will be able to find a job visa internet. There is no need to come to Russia first as that will be additional expenses. To tell for sure if you prefer contract with..
The Fascinating Traditions of Mexican Families  by: Jessica Ackerman
If you are visiting or living in Mexico, you have most likely noticed how important the concept of family is to the people in this beautiful country. Families in Mexico are known for being..
The Best Places To See In A Charter Bus Rental In Birmingham Alabama  by: John Abignale
Birmingham can be an extremely fun place to rent a charter a bus in because there is a wide range of activities for both kids and adults to do there. Whether it is your Cub Scout pack or a group of..
Japan - Tokyo  by: Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu
Located in Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Gives access and facilities information, map and parking, restaurants and bars, room rates, and online reservations.
About Florida Travel Tips  by: Antonia James
It is no secret that Florida is a major tourist destination. Every day of each year, the state hosts visitors from around the world. Many of these visitors flock to beaches and theme parks. What many..

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