English Tutor: Qualified Native English Teacher  by: The English Institution
Hello, Learn English on Skype. All you need is a good Internet connection, webcam (optional) and a headset. Learn how to speak in English with an extremely qualified native English teacher. Speak in..
English Tutor: I have experience teaching IELTS, ESL, and Business English  by: gbalinggan@gmail.com
Hi! I have been teaching online for 5 years. I am also a university professor with TESOL certification. I have experience teaching IELTS, ESL, and Business English. I am flexible regarding my..
China (ESL, Business English teacher)  by: Johnson L
Dear Hiring Manager, I'm an esteemed ESL professional, a Canadian permanent resident , holder of a Masters degree and a TESOL certificate. I come with almost half a decade of teaching experience and..
Anywhere in China  by: Lyn
An IB skilled and a TEFL/ ESL teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience in China. Currently teaching TOEFL and EFL to grade 10 and 11 with Z visa. Have been teaching different levels of..
Taiwan: We need ESL Teachers to start ASAP!  by: Dewey International Education Consultants, Ltd.
DONGSHI DISTRICT LANGUAGE SCHOOL School City: Taichung, Taiwan It is about 35-40 minutes away from Taichung city by bus. Contract period: 1 year employment contract. Student's age: 7~12 (elementary..
France Paris  by: Mome Sweet Mome Les Petits Bilingues
ESL Teaching Job Are you energetic and motivated? Do you have experience working with children? Join one of the fastest growing companies in France and the national leader in English teaching to..
Profiled Agency -- Profiled Agency -- Beijing Jobs-10000RMB salary+free apart.+low workload  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have 5 positions in Beijing to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Visit us at: http://horizoneslchina.com to see all our jobs Email us at:..
Verified School Email -- Beijing: BASIC ESL TEACHER NEEDED for high school ESL program  by: Beijing No. 80 High School
BASIC ESL TEACHER NEEDED for high school ESL program at Beijing No. 80 High School. This position consists of conversational English, some TOEFL and SAT English prep, and writing. You would be..
Daegu City (Sinmae Station): Up to 2.4, roundtrip air + full benefit package (August)  by: YBM Head Office
Daegu City(Sinmae Station): Up to 2.4, roundtrip air + full benefit package (August) Avoid recruiters and apply directly to the YBM ECC Head office (HR Division) for a secure and reliable contract..
In Gangnam- 1min walk from Daechi Station/ chance to make up to 2.8+ per month!  by: YBM Head Office
In Gangnam- 1min walk from Daechi Station/ chance to make up to 2.8+ per month! YBM/SISA founded in 1961 generated more than 420 million dollars ($US) revenues last year combining our publishing..
Re email reply to another poster  by: lao miànbāo shifu
Aye, "has" no degree, I've northern english ancestry so don't much care for the queens english yer see? ....And being homeless does not make one brainless, we shall just have to agree to disagree..
Re how can a poor foreigner get a girl in China?  by: lao miànbāo shifu
I would just give up if I was you. The culture demands it, expects it, and there is not really much you can do about it. Girls in HK are even worse in their attitudes, and Thai girls, well I would..
Re Beijing New Youth school  by: Long Grey
The schools is actually located in Pinggu which is a suburb of Beijing. Very far from downtown. I was there four three days but left when I saw how mismanaged it was. My impression is that they don't..
Re EF Dalian  by: bob_smith
Regads...D'OH! Regards Ha ha!
Re: Adult schools in Haikou?  by: Nicki
Unfortunately all of the training schools in Haikou serve both adults and kids, with kids being the bulk of their business. So none of them will be able to guarantee no kids classes. I've worked in..
Need info to start a nursery/primary school in Gurgaon  by: phoola pandit
I want to start a nursery/primary school in Gurgaon. Can anybody guide me by pointing out the various steps from planning to execution of the project.
Online school based in South Africa is looking for agents  by: Online English School
The English Institution is an online school which is looking to partner up with other schools. The school has many fantastic native English speaking teachers and we are looking for a school/agent who..
School in the Philippines looking for agents  by: Mark Taylor
We are an ESL/IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/LCCI school in the Philippines with a large native speaker program and we are currently looking for more agents in other countries. We have a variety of students..
Beijing homestay or Shared Apartment  by: homeinbeijing
Beijing homestay or Shared Apartment on line 10 in beijing We offer the wonderful homestay or shared apartment for you! Package I: Providing Chinese culture environment, live with Chinese family, 5..
Offering a homestay in Toronto Canada  by: Donna& Douglas Homestay
Share a 3 & 1 bedroom side split house with owners,full use of house and all amenities,climate controlled, 5 minutes to TTC, in central Scarborough close to all schools, transportation to school and..
Chinese Learning Materials  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Shalom and a good day to you in Israel, Onar Taub! Here is another product you might be interested in. It is called "Chinese Web Reader", authored by myself. I would offer to send you a copy of this..
Useful learning materials for Mandarin students  by: orna taub
My name is orna taub. I am from Israel and my native language is Hebrew. But the Chinese language is my biggest hobby and occupation And I have some good years of learning Chinese experience. Being a..
My Japanese for your English  by: Nao
Hi, I'm seriously looking for a language partner who is eager to study Japanese. I have some experiences teaching Japanese.
Looking for penpals for my students.  by: pratiba c.velummailum
Hi, I am Pratiba, a teacher from Malaysia. I am looking for pen pals aged 16 - 17 for my students. I would prefer students from UK. Letter writing brings joy to both the sender and the receiver. I do..
Re Beware of ESL Lecturer position in Cameroun  by: Hunt M. Allen
I received an offer from University of Bamuenda in Cameroon. The salary was a bit over US$4000 per month plus airfare, medical, etc. It was for a 3 month probationary contract to be followed by a 2..
Re Beware of ESL Lecturer position in Cameroun  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
An African university in Cameroon can never afford to pay 4000 USD a month for their local teachers. It should be common knowledge, and that is how I would recognize this as a scam. South Africa may..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: foxy
My wife and I have both been cautioned after extensive shouting matches with the PSB. LOL! I'm glad that they were given verbal insults, much warranted in my view. Off to the doc tomorrow despite the..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Punisher
The "shit" PSB counter clerk does not appear to be up-to-date with the current visa regulations. That's a common problem in China; at Chinese banks, for example, you may have similar problems. It is..
ESL English Lesson: What would you do without the internet or mobile phone?  by: David Robinson
What would you do without the internet or mobile phone? Most people can’t imagine life without either! Just think about how many times you log on to the internet. It is addictive! Most people with..
Picking at a Rose: Love Poem Analysis - ESL Teacher Robin Day Lesson  by: Robin Day B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed.
Picking at a Rose To the stones the last petals fall. The softness, the smoothness, the smellness, memories yes. Not relived, recalled. But in the garden waiting along the shining wall another bud be..
Getting Started on Green Energy  by: Vanessa Ann Lea
If you're looking for a more efficient and environmental friendly way to power up your home, then you should probably start considering using green energy instead. The good news is, with the recent..
Classroom Management  by: Pippa Young
Classroom control or management is an expression used by teachers to explain the behaviour plan schools and teachers generally have installed, to allow classes to run without difficulty and which..
Where can I find free resources for teachers?  by: answers.yahoo.com
I am looking for STUFF to use in the classroom.
Video: Teach English: ESL / EFL Teacher Training Part 1/6   by: GenkiEnglish.net
Book review - The Handbook of Good English by Edward D. Johnson  by: Joy Cagil
When a baby just learns a language, he talks by putting words one after the other without thinking about style, usage, expression, or grammar. Sometimes, the novice writer does the same thing, too...
| How Classroom Technology Benefits Students and Their Instructors  by: Jose McIntyre
The use of classroom technology has the benefit of making learning fun and in this way; students do not feel coaxed to learn material. The instructors also benefit for they do not have to do a lot of..
Canada - Ontario - Toronto  by: Coventry House International and Ontesol
Coventry House International is the only school in North America that offers the Trinity CertTESOL program. Since 2001, we have been committed to deliver the best quality in TESOL/TEFL education...
Learning How to Write a Cover Letter - 5 Simple Steps  by: Roland Johanson
Learning how to write a cover letter is perhaps the most vital piece to your job search. Cover letters not only help you get your foot in the door at a prospective employer but a great one will also..
Your Interview Questions Are a Serious Matter  by: Peter Fisher
Of course interviews are mainly about you answering the questions they put to you, but at the end of your allotted interview time, the questions that really matter most are yours. You should hope to..
How I Found My Voice  by: Francine Larson
It was totally unexpected. I was puttering around the house on a hot summer day in Florida. Julie, my next door neighbor called and asked me to have breakfast with her. Julie is a high school honors..
Fun Conversation Openers That Make Women Interested  by: Scott Patterson
For many men, trying to start a conversation with a woman is one of the most nerve wracking things to do. For many men who are meeting women for the first time, trying to come up with conversation..
How to Use Numerical Values to Write Essays  by: Mark Pennington
Using numerical values to identify and apply expository writing structure has proved an effective tool in identifying expository text structure and helping writers organize essays. The numerical..
Why Use "+" and Other Boolean Operators When Searching the Internet?  by: Kenny Leones
When using certain search engines to find websites that are relevant to a particular topic, it can be quite annoying to find that many of the search results are not all related to the key phrases or..
Eventually there will come a time  by: ip
Eventually there will come a time where new ideas are needed
Tips To Make Teaching Yourself English A Breeze - Learning Tips  by: Mike Selvon
Online learning is an effective and convenient way to learn to speak English if you do not have time to attend classes. The programs are affordable, you don't need more than basic computer skills,..
Is Watching DVDs A Good Way To Learn A New Language?  by: Kenneth O'Brien
One of the easiest ways nowadays to get access to a foreign language is by watching DVDs. Many DVDs have multiple languages and can facilitate a learner in many languages. But is it really a good..
Germany - Berlin  by: Berlin School of English (also offer CELTA)
Welcome to the webpage of our Teacher Training Centre. The BERLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH is an English language school for adults situated in Berlin's historic centre just 200 metres from both the..
Inner Mongolia - Baotou  by: EET-Baotou
EET-Baotou is a branch of EET- International Language Training in Shanghai. Courses of study offered include: IELTS, TOEC, TOEFL, Business, Conversational and Basic English. Although we provide..
Singapore (Novena Square and Tampines)  by: Adam Khoo Learning Centre
Adam Khoo Learning Centre provides premium English and Math enrichment programmes to primary and secondary school students based on accelerated learning and brain based learning methodologies. We are..
Sanyoonodashi - Yamaguchi-ken  by: The British English and New Dance Academy.h
We are a small culture school located on the southern tip of Honshu Island, about 40 minutes by train from Shimonoseki city, across the Kanmon straight from Kyushu island. Our city is called..
Chongju , Chungbuk  by: Chongju University
Cheongju University is one of the oldest universities located south of the Han River. If history is the process of a constant search for new values, the history of Cheongju University reflects this..
Australia - Townsville (North Queensland)  by: Townsville International English School
Townsville International English School (TIES) is a small school located in tropical North Queensland, Australia. Townsville is a vibrant city with a country atmosphere and is situated at the gateway..
Panama - Panama City  by: International School of Panama (ISP)
The International School of Panama (ISP) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year (2007). Starting out with 35 students in a converted house, ISP has grown to nearly 700 students from more than..
British Columbia - Vancouver  by: Vancouver Medical English Institute (VMEI)
English for Medical Professionals Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Vancouver Medical English Institute (VMEI) offers immersion courses in English as a Second Language designed for Medical..
Mingle  by: Learn any language online! Live classes, real teachers.
Myngle is the online global marketplace for foreign language learning where language teachers can give live-lessons sitting in front of their computer to students located in any part of the world...
Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew and English in New York  by: FastTrackLanguages
INDIVIDUALIZED LESSONS We are a professional language teaching company in New York. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced SPANISH-MANDARIN-HEBREW lessons as well as English lessons on one to one..
Volnepal (Nepal)  by: Nepal; Kathmandu; Chitwan; Pokhara
Do You Want TO VOLUNTEER/INTERNS IN NEPAL! FIND A VOLUNTEER PROGRAM IN: • Teaching • Childcare/orphanages • Disability support • Health & medical centers • Human rights • Youth/women’s..
China - Shanghai, Bustling Boom Town  by: John Riley
Like many international metropoli composed of immigrants, Shanghai is a bustling boom town. Rapidly becoming a world economic powerhouse, there is more construction occurring in Shanghai than..
Top Language School and visa  by: Cassidy
I was offered a job in Jeonju at Top Language School...when I google it, I get all of one hit on one message board (a positive review). Anyone know anything about the school? Is it even a real school..
The Sexual Behaviour In Asian Countries  by: Dao Jones
In Japan acts that the law and society don't allow in fact, such as sadomasochism, is allowed in fantasy. Japanese customers can pay to sexually `harass' prostitutes dressed as secretaries. If..
Alternative to retirement visa for thailand.?  by: answers.yahoo.com
I'm currently doing a research for my mum and her husband(my stepfather).Don't seem to be able to get any accurate info I need though. Hope you people here could help. thank you. They've just sold..
Learning About Japanese History  by: Tomoko Asai
One of the most interesting topics in world history is the Japanese history. as we all know, Japan has experienced years of isolation from the outside world but it did not prevent Japan from rising...
Diving Philippines is Impressive, Varied, and Spectacular  by: Brett Jankowiak
Scuba diving Philippines does not get any diverse, anywhere in the world! No matter what level of diver you are, diving Philippines has something to offer you. In fact I can just about guarantee that..
5 Must See Sights in Jaipur  by: John Newcomb
Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Situated around 250 kms from New Delhi, Jaipur is the capital of the Rajasthan. This city has a long and chequered history as the..
Visiting Gold Coast, Australia  by: Jems Michel
Visiting Gold Coast, Australia Australia's Gold Coast is a city that holds many attractions which pleases the eyes of visitors from all parts of the world. With sunny subtropical climate, canal,..
Best and Worst Times to Travel to Europe  by: Michael Russell
When planning your European trip, check your arrival and departures dates and see if they take into account peak, off-peak and shoulder travel periods. Peak periods are the times when majority of..
Top Ten Picks for a Tour of South America  by: Jonathan Williams
Whether you want a family vacation or a honeymoon, South America is one of the favorite and popular tourist destinations. Of course, with its unique culture and wonderful beaches, it is no wonder..
Yellowstone National Park Worlds First National Park  by: David Urmann
Yellowstone National Park in the first national park in the world and the oldest in the United States. Fast picking up as a hot tourist destination this place is full of budget hotels, car rentals,..
Mexico - Mexico City  by: Hotel Century
Located in Zona Rosa, turistic and financial center, 142 rooms, superior first class hotel with meeting rooms, business center, restaurant and pool. Known for its personalized service. Includes a..
Great Ideas for Family Souvenirs  by: Lisa Koosis
When we travel, many of us purchase souvenirs not only for ourselves, but for friends and family back home. The trick, of course, is deciding what to buy. Here are a few ideas: Edible Goodies:: This..

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