Online Schools Looking For Tutors: We are looking for Native English Speaking Teachers for 1-on-1 teaching, student assessment, lesson planning  by: / Shelly Chen
Online English Teacher Location: Work from Home , Anywhere is building a community of online English teachers. Our goal is to make it easy for online English teachers to be discovered..
Others: Hindi / Chinese / English  by: Rohina
Hi! My name is Rohina, and I'm a native Hindi speaker teaching English in China. I can teach Hindi, English and Chinese. Please let me know if I can help you!
China  by: E.K.L
I am male and a teacher by profession. I have been on the job for the past 25 years, including 11 years in China as an ESL teacher. I teach all levels of students ranging from kindergarten, primary..
Anywhere in China  by: Odette
A highly dedicated ESL teacher with a solid 9 years of teaching experience acquired through working with different levels of students and academic institutions across China. I hold a Master of Arts..
Phan Thiet, Vietnam  by: American Paradise Camp
American Paradise Camp (APC) is Vietnam’s first international summer camp for children between the ages of 8 and 16. APC offers over 40 different activities to choose from in water activities,..
Coslada (Madrid) Spain  by: Krauss Language Solutions
Highly qualified freelance native TEACHER to teach English in Coslada, Madrid: Krauss Language Solutions, International language center in expansion seeks highly qualified freelance native or 100%..
School -- Shanghai  by: Happy Goal Kids English In Shanghai
The job: Happy goal KIDS English is a newly established Early Childhood Education Training center under Web Education Group. Aimed at helping early learners acquire English, We are currently..
Agency -- Shunde  by: IDEA INTERNATIONAL
English Teaching Positions in China Hello Friends. We are Idea International Education. As a comprehensive education service institute, our mission is to assist native English Speaking Teachers in..
Jeju Island  by: JE consulting
Why Choose Jeju Island? With its subtropical climate, picturesque beaches and mountainous terrain, Jeju provides a healthy alternative to the pollution of Korea's congested mainland cities. For those..
Changwon  by: B&J CNN English
I am leaving this wonderful school in Changwon (Dogye-dong). They are in need of a good young out-going person to teach, preferrably from the US, Canada or Australia but not required. You will start..
Re An opportunity worth seizing...  by: Beth
You find the desire for equal pay, treatment and rights 'bizarre'?!
Re An opportunity worth seizing...  by: Sludge
I often wanted to hurl a pc monitor through a window incredible hulk style when google images results were censored and you would get the 404 screen of death repeatedly and the same with gmail. It..
Re: Happy Town English, Haikou  by: martin hainan
Everything in China changes without notice. Hainan now DOES NOT issue work permits without a Z visa. I was told I was the last one to do that in 2012, and I was working for a public university. I..
Re: Happy Town English, Haikou  by: Sludge
and it looks like going to Hong Kong to get your Z-visa is totally legit. But remember, it won't be Hong Kong that issues you your visa. It will be the representatives of the PRC in the China..
Re: Need clarification regarding teaching requirements.  by: ICAL TEFL Courses & Resources
I think it's a kind of gray area - a degree is needed for a working Z visa; without a degree you can't get a visa to work. Possibly some have bypassed this in some way (we can guess how) but whilst..
Dear Sir/Madam, I am running a school in pakistan.i want to affiliate it with well known English School/College.
Private school in Utah USA looking for agents  by: Annette Warnick
Arches Academy is a private PK-8th grade school in Orem, Utah, USA. We are a small school of about 100 students. We currently have 1 international student, since last year 4 students graduated from..
Business Partnership Proposal To Recruit ESL Teachers Who Want To Work In Korea  by: vivacom
Greetings! We are VivaCom, an ESL Recruiting Agency in Korea. We have cooperated with a Recruiting Agency in Canada (RAC) for last two years in recruiting ESL teachers who want to work in Korea. And..
English Instructor + Homestay Host in Windsor, Ontario, Canada  by: Homestay in Canada
Native English speaker offering homestay, and ESL/IELTS/FCE lessons, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Adults only please (20+). Learn the language and the culture from a friendly, down-to-earth, and..
ESL Homestay in Sacramento, CA  by: Amy G.
Have Fun Learning English! Learning a new language while adjusting to a new culture can be stressful! English Conversation and Immersion in beautiful Sacramento, CA. Practice English conversation..
Seeking Participants for Study on U.S. ESL Programs & Chinese Students – Win a $25 Amazon gift car  by: Becky Chao
Hi, everyone! My name is Becky Chao, and I am a senior at Duke University studying linguistics. I was hoping that some of you might be able to assist me in my research on ESL programs in the U.S. and..
International TV Channels service for upcoming Christmas Holiday  by: David
Watching your Worldwide IPTV anywhere and anytime only your place have internet and router....!!! Asia Pacific IPTV is available in China. Our IPTV contain below tv channels ( English TV Channels..
Pen Pals for my Students: English teacher in France looking for English penpals  by: Adrian Quiroz
Hello!! Do you have a group of 15-30 students? I'm an English Teacher in France and I'm looking for penpals in English for my students. Could we arrange to have our classes be pen-pals? Thank you
SCAM ALERT: Pietro Tomme, usurping name of bona fide school called Global Language Academy, Italy  by: Alex
ATTENTION: MR. PIETRO TOMME IS A SCAMMER !!!! If you get any job offers from Mr. Pietro Tomme please note that it doesn’t come through Global Language Academy and someone under the name of Pietro..
Re  by: Katie
Yeah? I'm having a similar situation with them ... sounding VERY positive that I pretty much had the job and then hearing nothing. When I asked for more information they gave me the most neutral..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
Well done sir!!! Snow beers to celebrate!!!! It's their own bloody minded stubborn ness that shoots them in the foot!!!
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
ESL English Lesson: NFE CHRISTMAS QUIZ - DECEMBER 2014  by: David Robinson
Topics of the Quiz: - Current Christmas Music - Santa - International Xmas - Christmas general - Classic Christmas Music - The Nativity Story - A Christmas mix - Christmas Pot luck - A UK Christmas -..
Harry Potter's Geography and Mapping Lesson Plans: Add a Little Magic to your Lesson Plans  by: Valerie Giles
Lesson plans for mapping and geography can be inspired from the Harry Potter series of books. Harry Potter was very lucky when Ron's twin brothers gave him a magical map. This map showed him all the..
Why are school buses painted yellow  by: nl
yellow is the color of caution.
Lesson Planning - How to Design an Effective Curriculum  by: Vince Welsh
Lesson planning is an important component of education and the everyday function of a classroom. It is vital to the learning of your students. A strongly structured lesson plan can reach and engage..
Perl CGI Scripts for Educators!  by: techy
Since 1996, Scripts for Educators has been providing free Perl CGI scripts to the online educational community, and others. From email forms to chat scripts to online quizzes, guestbook, and more,..
Preparing for the IELTS Exam  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Elizabeth, Bill gave you an excellent reference. Here is another one to use: http://www.ielts.orgThis is the official website for the Test. You can obtain sample tests for the reading and writing..
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How To Buy Whiteboards  by: Jyotsna Ramani
Whiteboards also known as dry marker boards or dry erase boards are available in plenty these days in both brick and mortar stores as well as at online stores with ease. Whiteboards have slowly..
UK - Birmingham  by: TEFL Org UK
TEFL Org UK is the UK’s leading accredited TEFL course provider. With both classroom course locations across the country and online courses, you can train to teach English abroad in the way that..
Resume Writing Tips  by: Dale Lawrence
Resume Writing doesnt have to be a solo gig Resume writing can be the bottleneck to advancements in your career. If you find yourself getting writers block consider getting help. You can find experts..
Are You Tired of Your Job  by: Markku Saastamoinen
If you're working a regular job and tired of the daily grind, you may be thinking how great it would be to have your own business and be your own boss. Or maybe you probably have ideas about how you..
Using "Self-Talk" to Fulfill New Years Resolutions  by: Michael J. Russ
There is something truly special about the coming of a New Year. Another twelve months present the perfect opportunity to start over, transform or change your self in some way. Regardless of what you..
Re t-shirts   by: fn
5 Steps to Writing a Research Paper - An Easy Guide  by: Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
Writing a research paper involves investigations on a selected topic. You need to gather facts and ideas from variety of sources and then you have to skillfully interweave your own thoughts and ideas..
Ways to Conduct a Flawless Podcast Interview, Tip #1  by: Leesa Barnes
Including an interview in your podcast is one way to make it more interesting to listen to, however, many podcasters will damage the reputation of their guest expert – and the effectiveness of..
12 Fabulous Quotes About Food & Drink  by: Paul Medhurst
Food is a subject many people are passionate about - here are a selection of random musings on sustenance (both solid and liquid) from the great and the good. I went to a restaurant that serves..
How to Convert American English Spelling to British English  by: Leyla Norman
Spelling differences between American and British English abound. One estimate holds that there are over 1,700 such differences. They are thought to result from British spellings keeping more to the..
Learn a New Language the easy way  by: Eddie Wouldgo
You have always been fascinated with different cultures and their languages, or you are planning a trip to another country and need to learn their language, what ever the reason there are easier ways..
Armenia - Yerevan  by: Master PLus International Training Test Centre
"Master Plus" is a privately-held company that offers a range of educational programs from language and computer program training courses to courses in Management, Finance, and Marketing. It..
Beijing  by: Beijing Forestry University
As one of the key national universities directly under the Ministry of Education in China, Beijing Forestry University (BFU) provides the advanced education in the studies of forestry and ecological..
Taiwan - Banciao City, Taipei County  by: The English Academy
We are a small but growing English language school that only teaches adults. We provide a combination of general English, writing classes, evening and intensive programmes. We also provide IELTS..
Nagai  by: Lesley English School
Non-profit conversational English school in Yamagata-ken near Yamagata and Sendai. Teachers design their own lessons and have freedom in their classroom. Students age range: 3-60s.
Seoul, Suwon, Inchon, Chunju, Koonsan, Pyungtak  by: Berea University of Graduate Studies
Berea International Theological Seminary as a graduate school of theology was established in order to become the cradle of mission in the 21st century. The present curriculum harmonizes theological..
New Zealand - Christchurch  by: CCEL - Christchurch College of English
CCEL is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). The school has the highest possible NZQA quality rating. REASONS TO CHOOSE CCEL: CCEL works in partnership with the University of..
Mexico - Col. Olivar de los Padres  by: Edron Academy (El Colegio Británico) A.C.
El Colegio Británico (Edron) is a non-profit making institution founded in 1963 by Edward Foulkes, a Welshman who worked in Mexico in the publishing business and as a teacher for the British..
British Columbia - Vancouver and Whistler  by: Tamwood International
Founded in 1992, Tamwood International College operates a number of carefully designed and managed English language schools across Canada. Tamwood offers English language courses for adults,..
My-eClass  by: Affordable online English education
My eclass is committed to educational excellence. Our team of experts designed off-the-shelf solutions based on communicative language teaching techniques. Our courses are designed to be interactive,..
Chinese Mandarin - Shanghai  by: WOWO Mandarin language training school
You’re a smart person. You want to study Mandarin quickly, effectively, comfortably, and on your own terms. You’ve seen what’s out there and you’re not impressed. You won’t want to waste..
FUN - Nepal  by: Nepal - Hillside and Tarai
We are Friendship United Nepal (FUN-Nepal) is a volunteer Organization registered in District Administration Office and Social Welfare Council in Nepal as a non-profit making and non government..
Anyone heard about Topline Language centre,Guangzhou?  by: Sears
Good day Pals,I'm looking at a contract for Topline Language Centre in Guangzhou,Guangdong province. Has anyone taught there or know about it? Having trouble finding info. Any good hints will be..
2009 Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mountain Trout) ice festival  by: Kyungsu
2009 Hwacheon Sancheoneo(Mountain Trout) ice festival Period ; 10(sat) ~ 27(tue) January, 2009 Venue ; All over Hwacheon Riverside(2Km) in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, Korea Theme ; Unfrozen Hearts,..
History of the Royal Barges - a Timeless Tradition (Thailand)  by: Eric Lim
The history of the royal barges dates back to the Sukhothai era in the 13th century when the first royal barges were reportedly seen. The barges were originally troop carriers at a time when it was..
Public Entertainers' Guide to Taxation in Thailand  by: Lily B
Pursuant to the local Thailand tax laws, the income of a public entertainer is subject to personal income tax in Thailand. A foreign public entertainer who performs in Thailand is required to file a..
The Cost Of Living In Japan  by: Jim Sherard
Japan, and especially it's capital city of Tokyo, have been notoriously famous throughout the years as being among the world's most expensive places to live. Those who have experienced a ten dollar..
Re: List of Filipino Folk Songs  by: Folk Song
Nice lists of Filipino folk songs. Actually, there are lots of them that we do not know or forgotten.
Rajasthan State  by: Nikita Martin
Rajasthan is known for its high and beautiful heritage, colorful dresses, ethnic food and the royal welcome. One of the largest states in India, Rajasthan is rich in architecture and gives feast to..
Things to Do in Australia  by: Sam Philp
With so many things to do Australia, nobody could possibly see and do everything in one trip. Australia is world famous for natural beauty, the sun-drenched outdoor lifestyle and the friendly people...
Visit Spain And Learn Spanish (Languages)  by: Peter Wilson
To learn Spanish then you need to learn the Spanish alphabet. Although it’s not dramatically different from the English alphabet, there are still some real differences. You also will have to learn..
Guanajuato Mexico, Land Of History  by: Omar Ferro
The history of Mexico is full of vibrant episodes along its history; beginning with the first indigenous settlers arriving from the north of the continent, continuing with the Colonial period started..
Escape The Chaos Of New_York City Without Leaving: Visit Central Park  by: Martin McAllister
Visitors to New York are often overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the big city, and face a multiplicity of dilemmas as to where to maximise their time. However, regardless of whether you choose..
UK - Malton Near York  by: The Green Man Family Inn
When you arrive at The Green Man Inn, you can be sure of a typically warm Yorkshire welcome. Situated in the old market town of Malton, near York, this cosy country Inn is renowned for its friendly..
Tips For a Good Journey  by: Ella Davis
Traveling is what everyone wishes. When it comes for foreign visits, people are normally attracted towards it. Executing certain safety parameter is really essential before planning a trip. It is..

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