English Tutor: ESL Class/Lesson   by: Chris Torreda
Foundation University, Bachelor, Management Accounting 2002-2003, Bachelor, Secondary Education 2014-2015 ESL Teacher in China for almost 7 years at Fortune Olympic School (www.jmfortune.com). Taught..
English Tutor: ESL conversation skills, American pronunciation, academic and business English speaking and writing.   by: Thomas Burgert
Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm friendly and professional. I have a Masters degree (MA-TESOL) with 7 years experience teaching / tutoring / training ESL skills. I serve beginners, intermediate, and..
Hangzhou, China  by: A
A foreign teacher who has 10 years teaching experience in China is looking for a part time job in HANGZHOU from Mon to Fri anytime after 4:30 p.m. and anytime on the weekends. Reach me via qq:..
Seoul, South Korea  by: Joshua Harper
Hello! I am looking for an ESL job starting late-October in Seoul. I am currently working as an ESL teacher in Daegu and really want to continue living and working in S. Korea. I am interested in all..
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  by: Future Talent International Academy
Are you looking to make a difference ? - then Future Talent International Academy is for you. We are a private school located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which caters for pupils aged from 3 to 18 and..
Dong Nai, Vietnam  by: VMG
VMG Vietnam America Education Group (VMG) is a professional ENglish training system in Vietnam. We offer English courses for all ages and levels. Our mission is to provide learners with a key to..
Agency -- Beijing  by: ForeignerHR
Teaching English in Beijing and other cities good salary, working visa provided, free accommodation, different age group, no experience and degree requirement Start at ANYTIME**** ForeignerHR is an..
Agency -- Zhongshan (Guangdong): Year Salary 250,000 RMB for AP teachers  by: TESL China
We have a public high school located in Zhongshan city,Guangdong province.now we need 4 AP ESL teachers and 5 ESL teachers.If you meet the requirements as below,please contact us for interview: AP..
Jeju City  by: YBM PINE Head Office
JEJU-do ISLAND: World-class tourist attraction, MOST competitive compensation package on Jeju-do 2.3 to 2.5 with full benefits late Sept to late Oct 2015..
Job Information #12164 Title : Public school Teachers ( EPIK ) wanted for March 2016 all over Korea Location : Other All areas in Korea Currently native teachers : 20 Starting date : 2016-03-01..
Re Leviticus  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
That's what students if Theology learn at uni but will not preach or talk about in church later. What do you mean by a more scholarly perspective?
Re Leviticus  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
The reason why I am using "cults/sects" is that the Liberal Catholics, for example, also believe inn dwarfs and other similar stuff. This is non-apostolic in tradition.....LOL
Re Baidawei Changchun and David P  by: JamesD
Sounds like a pretty fair review Jessie R. I experienced exactly the same things. The business is based on a race for the bottom, squeezing the bottom line. (except the managers salaries) I ran and..
Re Huludao Primary School -- Requiescat in Pace  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
No, we aren't and need not be psychiatrists in such cases, but we can show empathy/sympathy. There are some very few and exceptional cases where a psychiatrist most likely would be needed [edited] or..
Learning about Sibilants  by: Anastasia Rigoli
I recently taught a two-week, crash-course ESL class to a married couple from Carmen, Mexico. I have to say, it was both enlightening and exciting. Not only did I aid in the knowledge base of the..
We offer teachers to your online English program  by: Gabriel
English Edu (Gabriel): Thanks for your time in checking out our profile. Gideon Arm ESL (GAEA) Academy would be of service to your online English program needs if you do not want partnership. We can..
Online and in-class school in the Philippines is looking for agents in Korea, UAE, Japan, China  by: tTLCi / Hannah
TINTS TOPNOTCH LEARNING CENTER, INCORPORATED (tTLCi) is a new educational institution that focuses primarily in the teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL) to non-native English speakers. It..
Agent in the Philippines looking for online schools - we offer online teachers and advertisement  by: Shiva
Hi, We are an agent looking for online homebased schools that needs help. We can do the following: email: sherlynjoy_b@yahoo.com skype:sherlynjoy5 skype name: sherlyn
Beijing  by: HOme
Beijing Homestay or short rent apartment Package I: Chinese & Culture Environment, 5 hours/week English help to family, free dinner; 2600 RMB/month; Package II: Chinese & Culture Environment, 16..
Looking for Homestay in Barcelona  by: Roberto
I'm a friendly, down-to-earth native English speaker that loves meeting new people and would enjoy finding an arrangement where I could help someone learn in exchange for a place to stay. Yo puedo..
Book: Caroline Hartley and the Magic Key  by: D. J. Robinson
Caroline Hartley is a typical teenager who lives in Welwyn Garden City. She is about to finish her classes at the end of the school summer term. Whilst at school her mother receives a brown padded..
Moving from Beijing To Hongkong , Shenzhen , Taiwan  by: Beijing Mover
Hello Dear Clients, Beijing Movers is one leading moving company in Beijing . Found since 2006 . Our main business: relocation service for our expat families in or from Beijing to Other China Cities...
My Arabic for your English  by: Anji
My Arabic for your English
Warning, Warning...GRA KOREA Volunteer Summer and Winter Camp Program in Malaysia and in Singapore  by: Admin
Please see thread (starting Aug 25) on the School Review board at link below
Re Fake TEFL and TESOL courses offered in South Africa - M[edited] K[edited]  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
I don't think that post is slanderous. Looking at the site, there is no information on the course contents and no bio information on the course trainers or lecturers teaching the course. How should..
Re: Question  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
No. Never met or talked to Anthony before. And even if I had, it's none of your damn business, Mr. Wumao! Take a hike!
Re: Question  by: Tom
You are so kind and helpful to Anthony. Maybe you and he have exchanged views on a totally unrelated subject on a forum that is not about teaching?
ESL English Lesson: Sunday trading laws in England and Wales set to be relaxed  by: D.J. Robinson
Today, let’s talk about Sunday trading in the UK. Currently smaller shops are allowed to open all day on a Sunday. Shops over 280m² are allowed to open for up to six hours. British Chancellor of..
School Christmas Holiday Activities  by: Athena Hessong
Keep your students occupied during the anticipation of the Christmas holidays. The busier the students are, the less likely they will be to become distracted by the upcoming break. Use the holidays..
22 Ways to Improve Your People Skills  by: Mike Moore
1. Develop an interest in people and become other oriented. 2. Know what people need and then try to meet those needs. 3. Ask about their family and be genuinely interested in their answer. 4. Find..
How to Handle Difficult ESL Classes  by: Heather Carreiro
You can't get them to sit down. You can't get them to do their work. You can't get them to stop pulling each other's hair, and on top of all that you can't communicate with them. A difficult ESL..
Offers free English Curriculum.  by: Mossman Resources
Teachers can add curriculum for their students. The site provides students with useful on-line English curriculum that is developed by English teachers worldwide. Further, the site offers the tools..
Re: I Understand Where You Are Coming From  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Rheno, I understand your frustration with teaching high and low students within the same class. Here is a suggestion you might consider using: Have the high level students become peer tutors/coaches..
Free E-book - Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo  by: americanliterature.com
Courtesy: American Literature - http://www.americanliterature.com/
Types of Technology Used in Schools  by: Georgia Dennis
Technology is a vital part of modern culture and children must be taught to utilize it properly. Schools use a mix of technological equipment to facilitate learning, and students are using technology..
Online  by: Oxford TEFL - On-line TEFL Starter Course
On-line TEFL Starter Course Who is the course for? The on-line TEFL starter course is an introduction to TEFL. It is aimed at people who would like an effective and flexible low-cost introduction to..
Interview Body Language- 7 Simple Ways to Send the Right Message in Your Job Interview  by: Julia Penny
Interview Body Language- 7 Simple Ways to Send the Right Message in your Job Interview. Pay attention to your interview body language - it plays a critical role in determining how you come across in..
Five Beneficial Stress Relievers At Work  by: Ralph Wilhelm
Since work causes stress,here are 5 stress relievers at work. After all, you would not choose the corporate stress you are hurting from to flood over to your private life once you arrive at home..
Motivation Defined  by: Kurt Mortensen
Motivation is a call to action. Motivation inspires change, movement, and focus; it is what makes the world turn. The Art of Motivation is a must for Master Persuaders. How do you motivate in such a..
Really Corny Pick Up Lines That Girls Find Funny  by: Scott Patterson
Every man knows how intimidating it can be to start up a conversation with a beautiful woman. She's surrounded by a group of her friends and you're left to your own devices to come up with the right..
Writing Articles For the Web - How to Write Quality and Effective Articles?  by: Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
Writing articles for the web or internet is not something that is very challenging, in fact, anyone can do it. If you have knowledge, practice and perseverance, you can write quality articles. Learn..
A Look On Apple Ipad For Beginners  by: Amy H. Wells
For regular individuals who have average interests in technologically advanced devices, the ipad is perceived to be just one more costly instrument from Apple company. By average interests, we imply..
always be grateful  by: quote
always be grateful from where you came from
Practicing English Abroad - Without Having to Pay! - Learning Tips  by: Hugh O'Connell
Whenever the advantages of earning an advanced degree in an English-speaking country are mentioned, “improving my English skills” and “practicing my English” always rank high among them. But,..
How to Learn German Fast  by: Collaborator
Learning any language thoroughly can be really difficult, but learning the basics of a language to become at least passably fluent can be done quickly. Programs like Rocket Language learning or..
Switzerland - Lausanne  by: International School of Lausanne
The International School of Lausanne is an accredited, not-for-profit, open admissions English-language school for day students of all nationalities, aged 3-18. Located near the beautiful Lac Leman,..
Jiangsu - Nanjing  by: WEST Education
WEST Education is a partly foreign owned, but completely foreign managed English training centre. As a development on the success of Sino Ed Consultants, an Irish/Australian educational consultancy..
Singapore (Upper Weld Road)  by: Insworld School
Our commitment to realising the full academic potential of each student is enshrined in the dedicated care that we provide and is linked to quality programmes and excellent teaching. Insworld's..
Nagoya  by: St. George Academy
St. George Academy International School Nagoya is an international day school and Early Childhood Centre centrally located in Nagoya Japan. St. George Academy offers regular full time individualized..
Busan (Haeundae-Gu)  by: Busan Foreign School
BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL(BFS) is an international school with an American educational philosophy and curriculum. Our mission is to inspire each learner and provide educational services that nurture their..
Australia - Brisbane  by: Kaplan's English School in Brisbane
Our English school in Brisbane is in a city with a large international student population that offers the perfect mix of city life and natural retreat. It also offers great shopping opportunities and..
Chile - Concepción  by: Berlitz BioBio
Ya sea en Chile o en el mundo, Berlitz® es la única solución que usted necesita para una instrucción en idiomas efectiva, ya sea para negocios o para enriquecimiento personal.
New York - Brooklyn  by: Pratt Institute - Intensive English Program (IEP)
The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides academic English language instruction to matriculated graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, two certificate programs run under the IEP’s..
Salem State College  by: On-line Certificate Program in Teaching ESL
Are you an ESL teacher with experience but little or no formal training? Would you like to obtain graduate credit in TESOL while continuing to work in the field? Consider the Salem State certificate..
French in Paris, France  by: Accord école de langues
Accord Ecole de Langues (Paris) is amongst the most recognized French language schools in France. With approximately 20 years of experience, the school welcomes thousands of students each year and is..
Cross Cultural Solutions (Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco Peru Russia S.Africa Tanzania Thailand)  by: Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco Peru Russia S.Africa Tanzania Thailand
As an international volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you're making a meaningful contribution, working side-by-side with local people and sharing in the goals of a community that warmly..
cool china  by: coolio
cool sites cityweekend is kind of crappy but smart shanghai very cool chinaonline def above the rest...cool stuff anybody have similar list for korea??
Anyone been yo Jeonju? What is it like? Also what is the average cost of broadband Internet p/month  by: answers.yahoo.com
I'm heading to Jeonju to live for the next year.
Adventure Travel in Nepal  by: John Riggin
With its majestic Himalayan Mountains and fascinating local culture, Nepal is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers. Each year thousands embark upon the experience of a lifetime to spend..
The Kingdom of Thailand  by: en.wikipedia.org
The Kingdom of Thailand (IPA: /ˈtaɪlænd/, Thai: ราชอาณาจักรไทย, IPA:..
After Teaching in Japan...How has this experience helped you in your career  by: answers.yahoo.com
I would like to know how useful this experience is in terms of developing a "real" career after you have finished teaching in Japan.
Filipino Singing Sensation: Arnel Pineda, Journey's New Frontman  by: Simon
Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is an international Filipino singer-songwriter and is currently the lead singer of the American rock band Journey.[1] Pineda has enjoyed a successful musical..
Trip To Goa- Many Attractions Rolled Into One!  by: Sanjog
The mere mention of the word Goa conjures up images of exotic beaches with swaying coconut palms, sun-kissed sand, interesting night clubs and picturesque views of the surroundings. The beaches of..
Melbourne: Discover Its Spectacular Sites  by: Bei Maniago
Melbourne's laidback pace is ideal for taking pleasure in its elegant Victorian architecture, its abundant parks and gardens, as well as its many cultural exhibits. Majority of the city's key sights..
25 Facts About Bulgaria  by: Javan McCabe
1. Bulgaria has 540 rivers 2. Burgas on the Black Sea is twinned with San Francisco and Rotterdam 3. The largest furnace in the world for domestic glassware was launched in the north eastern town of..
Tropical Rainforest – a Costa Rican Treasure  by: Jason Albright
There is no doubt that the tropical rainforests of the world are in danger. Every hour approximately six species of life in our tropical rainforests are destroyed. Experts agree that the number one..
Calgary's History  by: Maureen Marshall
Hello, Item 3 in this article is incorrect. It is well documented that John Glenn was the first European settler in Calgary. He and his wife Adelaide settled in, what is now, Fish Creek Park, in..
India - Shimla  by: Wingait Inn
Wingait Inn is a 9 rooms Heritage Boutique Cottage friendly and professionally run hotel situated at calm end of Shimlas famous Mall Road with the town centre just a few minutes walk away. It is..
Preventing and Treating the Number One Travel Illness - Traveler's Diarrhea  by: Marylou Stuart
If you are planning international travel for a vacation, a business trip or a holiday you may be at risk for contracting the most common illness affecting travelers, "Traveler's Diarrhea" (TD)...

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