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English Tutor: in Kumamoto, Japan  by: Sean Michael
Experienced and university qualified English teacher in Kumamoto Japan. I offer friendly private lessons for all levels of English, in your home or in my office near Kumamoto University...
English Tutor: AMERICAN ENGLISH: Reduce Your Accent and Speak English Effectively   by: James
A highly experienced English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and accent reduction coach is ready to help you now.... If you are an advanced or intermediate student of American English who would..
Vietnam, Hanoi, Ha Long, Haiphong, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, etc.  by: Ernest "Trey" Woodford
Hello. I am an American ESL teacher with 15 years professional ESL and subject teaching experience. I am now in Hanoi. I am CELTA and YL certified and have all the required documents for Vietnam. I..
Shenyang  by: Part-time in Shenyang
Professional female teacher (experienced in teaching very young learners all the way up to university level students) is looking for a part-time job in Shenyang. Wechat: Jacqui777
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand  by: Sithammarat Suksa EP AMC
Si Thammarat Suksa School English Program is currently looking for a grade 9 & 10 Math teacher. The position will involve teaching around 18-20 hours a week. The ideal candidate for the Secondary..
Medan  by: English Today Medan
English Teacher Medan Looking for a job as an English Teacher in Medan? Established in 2004, English Today are the longest-running independent provider of English training courses in Jakarta, with..
Agency -- Inner Mongolia  by: Huaxia International
ESL Teachers in Inner Mongolia, China This position is open to native ESL teachers for kids (0-4 years old) asap. Welcome outgoing and energetic individuals to fill our vacancy in Hohhot, Inner..
Verified School Email -- Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Foshan  by: Wall Street English
Earn up to 20,000 RMB per month teaching English to adults in China. Wall Street English: Who are we? With 66 centers spread out over 11 cities, WSE China is a prominent brand in China attracting top..
Daegu, Seoul  by: YBM EDU - Adult Academies Division
Teach Motivated Adults in Metro Locations: May Start Dates YBM Language Institutes is searching for dynamic and professional instructors to join its teams located in Daegu and Seoul. Korea’s #1..
Seoul  by: Pagoda Academy
Overview Location: Seoul Schedule: Split - Shift (6-8 hours per day) Wage: W2.2-W3.5 If interested in a position or if you have any questions, please email a cover letter, resume, and recent picture..
Re "Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast"  by: Taffy
Kids in China are silently allowed dual citizenships until they're 15 which I've told you about before. However, if your kid was born outside China than you're right...only British in your case...
Re: Re "Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast"  by: Simon
Yep, old academics are employed to teach at universities in developed countries. Plenty universities back home, both redbrick and prestigious. Good luck! Ivor Etherington was one of my maths..
Re Sino-Canada = ESL Hell!  by: LostInZhongGuo
Nice to see a honest opinion! I have been talking to an agent and she's trying to get me to work here. The deal sounds too good to be true, so I am doing some research. I've seen so many other bad..
Re Stay away from China and Chinese schools  by: Simon
I think you are teaching in one of China's bluecollar towns!
CELTA trainers pay  by: Lucy
Hi! Can anyone tell me what a CELTA trainer (main course or assistant tutor) can get paid in the USA? Particularly in Boston? I'm thinking of moving there and just wondering if I can afford it...
we want sponsorship English medium school in rural places Karnataka state India  by: Thomas Daniel
We are dreaming by open to English medium school in rural places from Karnataka state because we're want financial sponsorship. we ambitious development this village;
Spanish agency is looking for English Language Schools in Canada  by: Caledonian Way
We are looking for accredited English Language Schools in Canada school. Please contact us by e-mail.
Teacher recruitment company in the US offers portfolio of English teachers to schools  by: George Williams
Qualified English Teachers Portfolio. Hello there I represent a Teacher recruitment company in the US. We are interested in working with any schools´ students and recruiters, to contact them with..
Homestay Host in Minnesota  by: M and M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
Host family in Barcelona Spain  by: noemi
Host family in Barcelona ( Spain) best city area, perfect for teenagers, home is around best Barcelona High Schools and primary schools.. sports facilities and super safe.
Job postings for teachers  by: Ray Ericson @ ESL Jobs
Good Day! I’m encouraging teachers to visit they have lots of job posting suitable for many teachers. They offer jobs across the globe and they make sure that the teachers will be..
LANGUAGE GAMES  by: Shirley Whitney
Grandma has made Alphabet Bingo games, Alphabet Match games, word slides, word match games, word search games, and crossword puzzles. You'll find them at:..
Pen Pals for my Students: Looking for a class in ARGENTINA   by: Kim Dammers
I am the teacher of a small class of middle-school boys who are studying English using project-based-learning. Our two previous projects were writing a very short play about a robot (we hope to..
SCAM ALERT: typist & customer care job,  by: Admin
WARNING. SCAM CONFIRMED . Kolej Yayasan Saad Malaka scam.  by: Realistic
I had received an employment offer from: Mr. Abi Noor Ashok (Principal) Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka P.O Box 495, 75670 Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia Call us +60 626 3157/+60 14 3707 790  Mr. Ashok..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Former FT in China
Having said that if one was to get a school registered under the wife's name, one could just organise(not teach) Western-run schools in China are better at persuading FT's to moonlight for them. The..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Taffy
Having said that if one was to get a school registered under the wife's name, one could just organise(not teach) Western-run schools in China are better at persuading FT's to moonlight for them. The..
ESL English Lesson: NFE CHRISTMAS QUIZ - DECEMBER 2016  by: D.J. Robinson
Round 1 – Classic Christmas Music Round 2 – Santa Round 3 – International Xmas Round 4 – Christmas General Round 5 – More Classic Christmas Music Round 6 – The Nativity Story Round 7 –..
Preschool English Teaching Activities  by: Lily Mae
Preschool is a very defining time for a child. The foundations of important concepts and ideas are laid in preschool. In the content area of English, for example, the foundations of reading and..
A Tale of Whales and a Whale of a Tour  by: Michael Miller
The big black and white killer whale -- his four-foot sail-like dorsal fin erect and rising from a long sleek black and white body -- came slicing rapidly through the water, seemiingly on a collision..
Learning How to Learn Makes Every Student Genius  by: Linda Correli
Santosh Prem, a teacher at Malet Lambert School, claims that “the difference between a genius and a "normal" person is that the former "accidentally" acquired the critical combination of the..
Free Photo Resources for Students & Teachers  by: Tiiu Roiser
Introducing a FREE new photo resource for Students & Teachers I'm a retired teacher who can no longer work full time due to a serious neck injury. I have been blessed to have met people who shared..
TEFL Class (video): How to Teach Writing Skills in the ESL Classroom - Process Writing, Text Structure  by: International TEFL Academy
TEFL Class Instruction: How to Teach Writing Skills in the ESL Classroom. Video series from International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Course. Including: - Process Writing - Text Structure - Assessment..
Free E-book - An English Grammar  by: J.W. Sewell
Want your own Elearning website??  by: Verzog
Ever wanted your own Elearning website(LMS) or do blended online learning with your live class? I specialize in ESL websites using Open Source Software(free). I can: 1.Deliver a fully setup site with..
Czech Republic - Prague 1  by: TEFL Pro Prague - Teach English Abroad
Get into teaching English with our 4-week TEFL course in Prague and enjoy studying in Prague historical center. We are located a stone´s throw from the Old Town Square! Gain TEFL certificate with us..
Become Interview Smart  by: Jonathan E Richards
You have updated your cv and scoured online job boards. Finally, the phone call you have been waiting for has arrived and you have been invited to interview. Following these five simple steps will..
Career Advice: 10 Steps To Protect Your Career In Tough Times  by: Ramon Greenwood
It's an unsettling fact: we are in one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. Layoffs are being felt across the board. Indicators suggest that more are yet to come before a..
Thinking Positive Is A Choice  by: Tom Richard
From an early age in my life, I have always enjoyed watching people. My mother called it “people watching”, and she enjoyed it, too. It is hard to tell whether or not I picked up this activity..
Reading Tabloid Headlines At Supermarket Checkout Counters  by: Tom Attea
Surely, one of the most underestimated trivial sources of amusement in America is the cursory perusal of tabloid headlines while waiting to be checked out at your favorite supermarket. Here we learn..
How to Make Your Writing For The Web More Effective  by: Peter Morgan
Writing for the web is an art form. Web users 'skim and scan' pages, so with this in mind, there are certain techniques that you can use that will ensure your message gets noticed. The most important..
Classroom websites for teachers?  by:
Does anyone know of any sites that teachers can use to build a classroom web page? I know you can build a website through Any others? Thanks!! RSS2JAVA
to win you must  by: twix
to win you must conquer your fear of failing
Learning Tips: Don't call the British, the English.  by: db
It's not the 'English', it's the British. There is no 'the English'.
Survival Spanish for ESL Teachers  by: Maria del Carmen Alle's Perez
1. Sientate (singular) / Sientense (plural), por favor – Sit down, please 2. Ven aqui (sing.) / Vengan aqui (pl.) – Come here 3. Despacio – Slowly 4. Basta ya! (sing.) / Dejarlo ya! (pl.) -..
Netherlands - Rotterdam  by: Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS)
Welcome to the RISS; a unique learning environment reflecting the internationalism of the 21st century. Our school, located in Rotterdam, (in the Netherlands), offers an exciting learning experience..
Jiangsu - Wuxi  by: Wuxi Professional College of Science and Technology
Located in the center of Wuxi New District, the Wuxi Professional College of Science and Technology is a full-time college, established by the Wuxi Municipal Government and run by the Administrative..
Philippines - Manila and Davao  by: Faith Academy
Faith Academy, located in Manila with a branch campus in Davao, is an international Christian school primarily for the children of missionaries working in Asia. We are committed to equipping our..
Tsukuba-City and 12 other centers  by: Bernard English School
The school was first established in 1989 as a partnership between Mr. Steve Bernard and his wife Ms. Yuko Bernard (current president). They opened up their very first school right in the middle of..
Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do  by: Daegu Haany University
With a future-oriented education system presented here to train new and competent human resources capable of meeting the task of globalizing scientific oriental medicine and managing the requisites..
New Zealand - Auckland  by: WLCNZ Institute
WLCNZ Institute is an English language school offering courses for students for whom English is their second language. The college is the centre of Auckland city.There are many cafes, shops and..
Colombia - Barranquilla  by: British International College
BIC, founded in 1981, is the only School in Barranquilla – Colombia with well established British cultural links and traditions. It is a co-educational, catholic, bilingual school (English –..
Texas - Austin  by: Austin English Academy
Austin English Academy (AEA), established in September 1992, is a private ESL school located near the University of Texas at Austin. As a member of the Aston Educational Group, which has more than 35..
L.O.S. Languages on Skype  by: Language Consultancy Online
LOOKING FOR BETTER RESULTS? This is what we do: 13 - 15 - 20 - 24/7 - 4000. Check us out on
Spanish in Barcelona, Spain  by: International People
We offer STUDY SPANISH IN BARCELONA - Academic year for kids and teenagers with host family best area in Barcelona and best Primary and High Schools, sports facilities soccer, basketball,tennis.. -..
True Travellers Society (Worldwide)  by: Worldwide
Volunteer Abroad: Frustrated by the "volunteer in Asia, volunteer in Africa, volunteer in South or Central America, but first pay us lots of money" opportunities? We are too. Our organization is a..
Learning Mandarin: Numbers Continued - What’s Your Telephone Number?  by: Kelly Wang
In our last session ,we learned how to count from 0 to 10 . This session we are going to practice numbers and the best way to do that is through telephone numbers. But before we practice, there is..
What is the cost of living in Japan or Korea in comparison to the US?  by:
Singapore Attractions Must Visit During Tour  by: Vinay
Singapore is no doubt the most visit tourism destination in Southeast Asia. It is dotted with magnificent tourist attractions, sightseeing spots and enchanting tourism attractions that attract..
How To Fly To Thailand The Cheapest Way  by: Joe T Peters
So you are thinking of holidays in Thailand and you are low on budget. Here are some tips on how you can get the best value for your money to fly to Thailand. There are many international airports in..
Re: How to Say Hello in Japanese The Simple Way  by: Brittany
Actually, only one word in japanese Konnichiwa moshi moshi is when you answer phone you say 'moshi moshi'
How to Learn Tagalog  by: T F Andrews
If you want to learn Tagalog, the easiest way to do so is to speak regularly with a Filipino who grew up with the language and ask him or her to translate words regularly for you. After that the..
Rivers in India - Streams of Faith  by: Sonal Arya
India is a land of great physical diversity with its mountains, plateaus, valleys, waterfalls, etc. Such a large country in area is bound to have these various physical features. But rivers in the..
Visiting Gold Coast, Australia  by: Jems Michel
Visiting Gold Coast, Australia Australia's Gold Coast is a city that holds many attractions which pleases the eyes of visitors from all parts of the world. With sunny subtropical climate, canal,..
Salzburg, Austria - Things to See and Do  by: Evelyn Whitaker
Salzburg, Austria is a very popular destination for many people. The city has a unique baroque feel to it and a storybook atmosphere. It is a small city consisting of only 150,000 residents and is..
Argentina Travel - Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Iguazú Falls, Tierra del Fuego, and Patagonia  by: Richard Chapo
By Richard Chapo Argentina is on the way back from the economic crisis of the last few years. If you are looking for a travel destination, Argentina is amazing and cheap. Economic Woes While..
Activities in Venice, California  by: Nilsia Cadena
Venice, California, is a destination recognized around the world. Many movies have been shot in Venice, including Keanu Reeves' "Speed" and Edward Norton's "American History X." The sun, the artistic..
Australia - Sydney - International Student Accommodation  by: Paul
International Student Accommodation only 5 minutes by bus to Sydney CBD. Large 12 bedroom boarding house.Close to shops, transport. Twin shared rooms and Dorm rooms available.Communal lounge,..
Help For Travel in CANADA  by: Adam Doran
Want help in Canada? Talk to Globe Runner Want help finding a school? Metting friends? Want to travel? WE DO IT ALL!! Globe Runner is a company dedicated to helping set-up Asian students who want to..

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