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English Tutor: Structured Conversation Practice to improve pronunciation, grammar, vobulary and your confidence  by: Jen (Skype- aaaJENaaa) for Conversation Practice
Please watch my videos so you can see how I conduct my classes Improve your conversation skills with an experienced teacher who can help you with your English speaking skills and a lot more!..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Looking for Online Native teachers, students are Korean  by: Global21
Global 21 is foreign language education company in Korea. Our extensive system incorporates textbook publication, well-refined evaluation resources, affiliations with renowned overseas language..
China  by: Keith
Hello, I am looking for a teaching position in China, that starts in May. I am a native English speaker, with a real degree and 2 years experience. The cities I would prefer are: Hangzhou Kunming..
I am JHON MARK R. MAMUYAC, I am from the Philippines. I used to work as a TOEIC and Online-ESL teacher. I am a licensed teacher with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education . I am used to work..
Santa Rita, Copan, Honduras  by: Los Pinos Bilingual School
Los Pinos Bilingual School is currently looking for enthusiastic, hardworking teachers who are adaptable and able to provide a stimulating learning experience in an exciting and progressive school..
Batam Indonesia  by: English Solutions Batam, Indonesia
Teachers position available at English Solutions Batam, Indonesia. Starting on the 1 March 2017 and with a salary ranging from Rp 7 500 000 to Rp 10 000 000. Accommodation provided. For further..
Verified School Email -- Shanghai  by: Webi Happy Goal Kids English
English Teaching Positions in Shanghai 14750 – 16750 RMB/month with bonus and visa Happy goal KIDS English is a newly established Early Childhood Education Training center under Web Education..
Profiled Agency -- Public college/university ESL positions in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province  by: Teachinjiangsu
Mar 1, 2017 – Jan 15, 2018 6,500RMB-7,000RMB per month salary 16-18 teaching periods per week(45 minutes per teaching period, from Monday to Friday) One month paid vacation upon completion of..
Seoul  by: Pagoda Academy
Professional candidate needed for immediate start Must have transferable E2 visa or F visa (not F4) please send resume and photo to You can also apply directly on our..
ESL teachers needed - Gwangju, Gimhae, Anyang, Jingu and Busan  by: People Recruit
People Recruit is a fully licensed and accredited ESL recruiting company licensed by the Government of South Korea, and has been well established in the ESL recruiting industry since 2002. Job..
SB, just checking on you: Car hits pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia; 1 is dead and 20 are hurt   by: Fifi
SB, I know the chances that you happened to be at the location of this accident are very small, but still, if you see this post, please confirm you are OK.
Re People are becoming more aware of the roles of big corporations  by: Trump diplomacy
Although each generation acquires their own knowledge, it was Eisenhower who first warned the nation of the Military Industrial Complex that he helped create. Since then, pharmaceuticals, food, and..
Re Be Careful of KISQ in Qingdao  by: [poster]
An extremely large population of the English teachers in China are really only out there for their financial gain. They tend to put very little effort in their class preparation if not none. If..
Re Be Careful of KISQ in Qingdao  by: Simon
All jobs in private training centers in China are only good for Russians and Africans Teaching rich kids at private schools in China can be very rewarding financially. White native English speakers,..
Re: Do I need a Celta if I have a TESOL from an accredited school?  by: Turnoi
CELTA is a standard certificate from a professional body in Cambidge for those working in corporate ESL. Any other qualification that is non-CELTA is as much reputable if it doesn't come from a..
Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my post. My name is Ruth from kenya,am a teacher by proffession.I am looking for financial help in school construction,i have a piece of land,but i..
USA agent looking good partners in INDIA, VIETNAM and CHINA  by: Allen Wagner
We are US based agents, we represent almost more than 100 college, Uni and schools. We are looking honest partner in mention location
Agent in Sri Lanka offers EFL teachers as home tutors  by: Gihan Peiris
Hello, I am Gihan Peiris Director of TEFL FIRST, We are able to provide TEFL certified EFL teachers as home tutors native or non-native. inquire-
Homestay Host in Minnesota  by: M and M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
Host family in Barcelona Spain  by: noemi
Host family in Barcelona ( Spain) best city area, perfect for teenagers, home is around best Barcelona High Schools and primary schools.. sports facilities and super safe.
Trace your letters  by: Shirley Whitney
Grandma has English alphabet tracing pages and simple songs to help you remember the sounds of each letter. They are free to print out. You'll find these tracing pages, along with other free reading..
ESL Conversation Questions - US version  by: Andrew Berlin
Just to let y'all know.'s book of ESL conversation questions is now available in a US English edition in both PDF and paperback form. There are conversation cards to cut out for 50..
My English for your Spanish  by: Rohina
Hi there! Please message me if you would like to improve your English.
Re: Is it a scam? Find Work Abroad  by: ron
I don't believe what I have just read ,I have just fallen for same scam,now they have all my docs like resume and copy of passport photo showing all my information... really pissed off now
Re SCAM  by: Danielle
Hi Lucja, I just saw this online as I was searching for teaching jobs in Iceland. Can you give me any tips or helpful information about teaching there? ANy legitimate recruiters working in Iceland or..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Former FT in China
Having said that if one was to get a school registered under the wife's name, one could just organise(not teach) Western-run schools in China are better at persuading FT's to moonlight for them. The..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Taffy
Having said that if one was to get a school registered under the wife's name, one could just organise(not teach) Western-run schools in China are better at persuading FT's to moonlight for them. The..
ESL English Lesson: NFE CHRISTMAS QUIZ - DECEMBER 2016  by: D.J. Robinson
Round 1 – Classic Christmas Music Round 2 – Santa Round 3 – International Xmas Round 4 – Christmas General Round 5 – More Classic Christmas Music Round 6 – The Nativity Story Round 7 –..
Teaching Preschool Color and Shapes with Family Games  by: Laura Bankston
My kids just can't get enough of playing games with Mom and Dad--can yours? Sometimes we all take a break in the middle of the day and play a game together. Most of the time, I just make sure we play..
What is Confidence?  by: Steven Harold
Is it feeling superior to others? Is it being stubborn and single minded? Is it about being oblivious to other people? Is it about be self-centred? Well, it may be useful to start off with a..
Making ESL Learning Fun for Preschool Children  by: Shelley Vernon
The right ESL pre-k teaching tools can make learning easier and more fun. Take, for example, the research work of Dr. Howard Gardner who came up with the theory of multiple intelligences. This..
ESL - Free Material For Teachers  by:
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Re: How to teach GERUND (PPP Model)  by: Yanni Zack
Mary, Here is a link from Azar on Grammar on the use of the Gerund: This should help you in developing your power point.
Free Ebook - Autobiography-of-Benjamin-Franklin.pdf  by: ws
Voces ESL/ELD Courseware  by: Erin
Do you teach teenage or young adult ELLs? Are you looking for something different that will catch their eye, get their attention, and help them learn English as well as American culture? Voces..
Switzerland - Baden  by: TLC-The Language Company
At TLC-The Language Company you can do a wide range of English teacher training courses with possibly the best trainers in Switzerland. The fulltime courses include a 5-week Intensive CELTA from 9..
Words You Should Avoid In Your Resume  by: Sarika Kabra
We all probably know that the resume formats that we send out are what will make or break the professional relationship that we want to create with a potential employer. Even before you have actually..
Career Change Checklist - 5 Strategies for a Quick and Easy Career Change  by: Sherri Thomas
If coming back to work after the holidays makes you cringe, then it's definitely time for a career change. And if you're ready to make a career change into a new role, company, or industry then this..
Free Tips To Improve Self Confidence  by: Steve Hill
1. DRUNK! At the age of sixteen I was invited out for the evening on a Saturday night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. This for most people would be something to look forward to, for me it was..
Why Do College Comedians Suck?  by: Brandon Mendelson
In November of 2001, I found myself standing in front of at least fifty Alfred State College students who were attending my comedy show. After the President of the college, Bill Rezak, decided not to..
This Is What You Need To Be An Outstanding Writer  by: Liza Othman
In order to attain success as a writer of special feature articles, you must possess at least four qualifications: (1) ability to find subjects that will interest the average man and woman, and to..
Finding The Right Product For Your Internet Business  by: Shon Christopher
If you are just starting an internet business, finding the right product to sell can be the most difficult part of the whole process. You want to make sure to choose a product that has high demand,..
there is hope  by: quotes
there is hope in the face of adversity
Improve Your American Accent Quickly - Learning Tips  by: John Doey
Do you want to improve your American accent quickly? If so, continue reading, because you are in the right place. This article is for you! I'm going to help you improve your accent quickly. Here are..
Discover How to Speak the Local Language in Record Time  by: Benny Horowitz
Turn on the TV and zap until you find - let's say - a Chinese station. Listen for a while. How do you feel? Lost? Confused? Amused? Unfortunately, this is how you will feel when visiting a country..
Ukraine - Kiev  by: Kiev International School, Ukraine
Kyiv International School , a private non-profit institution that opened in September of 1992, offers high quality education in the English language for pre-school, elementary, and secondary..
Beijing  by: Global Edge Academy
WHO IS GLOBAL EDGE ACADEMY? Who we are We are a young company with lots of energy and a passion to bring quality language and leadership training to China. We are a small team of entrepreneurs and..
Philippines - Los Banos, Laguna  by: The e3 Language Studio Corp.
The e3 Language Studio,Corporation is a Philippine-based English language center that provides language proficiency in communication.Our mission is to provide language skills enhancement for local..
Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures (19 schools)  by: Bunri-gakuin
Bunri-gakuin, is a "juku" which has 19 branch schools in Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures
Daejeon  by: Paichai University
Pai Chai HakDang was established in 1885 (Founder:Rev. Henry G. Appenzeller). Pai Chai University is now going through rapid changes to cultivate competent professionals for the 21st century. It is a..
New Zealand - Wellington  by: Wellington Business School
NZQA acreditied, WBS is becoming well known for it's excellence in teaching, fun activities and wide range of programmes. Want to learn English? - no problem! Want to earn money as well? - no..
Mexico - Oaxaca de Juarez  by: Fundacion EnVia
Fight poverty with Fundacion Envia in the beautiful colonial city of Oaxaca! En Via is a non-profit microfinance organization working to fight poverty by providing interest-free microloans, business..
New York - New York City (Queens and Manhattan)  by: Zoni Language Centers
As one of the world leaders in international education, Zoni Language Centers operates several schools in the metropolitan New York area, which serve over 20,000 students from around the world each..
US-based online ESL instruction company  by: American English Tutors
Based in New Jersey , USA , American English Tutors provides English tutoring services. All of our instructors are experienced, native English speakers. American English Tutors provides personalized..
Thai and English in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand  by: TLS Language School
A Language School approved by the ministry of education in the kingdom of Thailand. We are a approved TEFL school in both Bangkok and Pattaya, with a special licence to offer a Educational Visa to..
VSA - For New Zealanders (Asia, Africa, Pacific)  by: Asia, Africa and the Pacific
Te Tūao Tāwāhi Volunteer Service Abroad promotes international volunteering for development, linking New Zealanders with people working to create positive change in their communities..
re: Xi'an Int'l Univ.  by: Teacher A.
I'm not sure how long ago this request for info was posted since I don't see any dates on display, but I know sth about this place. First of all, it isn't a university; it's a college (da xue vs. xue..
Bring Husband with me. - ESL in Korea  by: Karen Melecio
A recruiting agency responded my mails.I might teach in Korea. I am currently teaching in Thailand and have a big plan to shift teaching to Korea. I am worry if cannot bring my husband with me. Can..
De Tour of Detours in Malaysia! Bangkok to Bali Overland  by: Fred Tittle
The original plan was to take the train from Bangkok all the way to Singapore and then on to Bali which you can do with two connections one in Butterworth in the top third of Malaysia and the 2nd..
Knowing Thailand  by: Pauline Go
Bordered by Laos and Cambodia in the east, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia in the South, and Andaman Sea and Myanmar to the west, lies the beautiful and scenic place, Thailand. Originally, the..
Japan And The Intensity Of Its Language  by: Jo
Japan is an island nation situated in the Pacific Ocean, and lies east of the Sea of Japan, North Korea, South Korea, The People’s Republic of China and Russia. The country stretches from the Sea..
Factors That Affect the Number of Expats in the Philippines  by: Peter Garant
Many Filipinos who migrated in other nations decide to spend their retirement years in their homeland, Philippines. In order to have remarkable years in this country, it is important that people..
Short Stories In Hindi  by: Jennie Gandhi
Short stories in India have their origins in oral story telling which were handed down from one generation to the next. Short stories tend to be more concise and brief. Just like short stories from..
Unique Sydney: the Magic of Manly  by: Richard Greaves
In such a city of icons it's easy to spend all your time visiting the world famous landmarks of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, shopping in King Street, partying in Sydney's famous Paddington..
Places to Visit in France For Romance  by: Sarah Roles
So where are the best places to visit in France for a romantic holiday? Paris is usually the first thing that springs to mind, of course....the Eiffel Tower has set the scene for many marriage..
Mexican Survival: Credit and ATM Cards  by: Douglas Bower
Something too few tourists will ask before coming to Guanajuato, Mexico, for a visit is, “Can I use my ATM and credit card for everything or anything?” I have seen many a display of the Ugly..
Disney Travel Tips - What to Know Before You Go  by: Jamie Jefferson
It's hard to imagine a more exciting, magical, and eagerly anticipated vacation than a Disney theme park adventure. And because the prospect of the trip is so exciting, the planning process can be..
Laos - Khammouane  by: Thakhek Travel Lodge
A new Guesthouse in Khammouane Province, Lao P.D.R. It has cheap and clean accommodation, offers private rooms, car rental and tours. Eco Tours also available.
Luggage Tips That Will Help You Avoid Checking Your Luggage  by: Alan Cassidy
Checking your luggage can cost a lot of money. It is also such a huge hassle when you arrive to your destination only to find out that your luggage has inadvertently boarded the wrong plane! But..

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