Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online tutoring service based in Korea is looking for Skype Conversational English Tutors  by: Neal
Description We recently launched our tutoring service in South Korea and are looking for tutors. Responsibilities How does it work? Get paid $9 USD (PayPal) for a 30 minute conversational English..
English Tutor: Conversational English   by: Lisa Marie
This one-on-one lesson offers a relaxed, yet effective, atmosphere where the student can learn to have an uninterrupted conversation with native English speakers. The students will learn to speak..
China  by: E.K.L
I am male and a professional teacher who has been on the job for the past 25 years. Including 11 years in China as an ESL teacher. I handle all levels of kids ranging from Kindergarten through High..
Saint Louis, MO  by: Andre Hayes
Andre’ Hayes St. Louis MO. USA 63132, 314-813-8593 PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: 3+ years experience as teacher and administrator, comfortable in various areas of business and law...
G1-6 teacher vacancy in Min Fu Elementary School  by: Dewey International
Hsinchu Municipal Min Fu Elementary School Min-fu Elementary School is a grade K through 6 Hsinchu public school in the north District of Hsinchu city. The school was founded in 1916 and has 2676..
Viet Nam  by: Dai Tay Duong
* We offer: - Commitment to professional development and high teaching standards - Competitive packages - Opportunities for development and promotion - Academic and personal support from a dedicated..
Profiled Agency -- Challenging yourself-working in Jiangsu,China  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have 39 positions in Jiangsu to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Jiangsu province formerly romanized as Kiangsu, is an eastern coastal province of the..
Profiled Agency -- Come witness the diversity of China in Xinjiang  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have 2 positions in Xinjiang to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Visit us at: to see all our jobs Email us at:..
Center of Seoul/ Nov&March/all benefit/Well-Known&Organized schools (Seoul)  by: ISK
Hello my name is Yun, I am the CEO and top recruiter for Independent Start Korea Inc. ( ISK ). We are a legally registered recruiting company in South Korea. For more details feel free to check our..
ULSAN  by:
Ulsan, Gyeongsangnamdo Type of Students : Elementary school students Working days a week : Mon~Fri Payment : 2.1 - 2.2mil won per month Housing : single furnished house Completion bonus : Equal to..
Re Teaching 8 hours a week is not lazy!  by: Turnoi
For sure, no work on weekends. Why should you sacrificed yourself for a crappy training centre owner who is a parasite of society? Weekends and other days off: drinking, whoring, eating steaks etc...
Re Teaching 8 hours a week is not lazy!  by: Silverboy
It's best for everyone, at a standard NORMAL university students just do two oral English tests a year in the FT's oral English class, based on pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and grammar. The..
Re Adwaa Rabia - Saudi Academy scam  by: moon
My husband was told to go in Sep but still waiting at the end of Oct. got the interview in Aug. are you still waiting?
Re: Golden Staffing  by: Andy
What was your challenge? They gave me tons of options. There might be some people out there that might legitimately be helpful. It also mentions on their website that their services are free :-)
Re: Foreign misfits in ESL//Another lollipop for Beth, please....Hahahahahahha  by: Turnoi
[edited] There is no 'food for thought' for me here, Turnoi. Just another glaring example of you droning on and on and on... Yawn
Educational Consultant available for setting up schools in India  by: Anoop Tewari
We are one of the leading Educational Consultant in India for Setting up till running Play School / Senior Secondary Schools ( Day Boarding / Residential ) . pl contact at +919650741112 /..
Agent in Nepal seeking universities in Korea, Japan, Europe  by: Rabin
Greeting from ACIE, We are seeking good universities/colleges from Korea, Japan and European Countries. We have lots of students for these countries. If any uni/colleges are interested to work with..
GLOBAL MANAGEMENT & MARKETING CONSULTANTS Corporate Office: Bhavya Palace, Flat No. 303, 3rd Floor, Khar (W), Mumbai – 400052. Mobile: 9820421953 Email: /..
Agency: Study-in-America Organization (Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio) provides students school placement, housing and student service  by: Benedict Ho
Greetings from the American Scholar Group! ASG is a full-service study-in-America Program based in Western, Pennsylvania, and Eastern, Ohio. Our programs give international students the opportunity..
Host in Bournemouth, UK  by: Student Works
Hi We can help with accommodation in host families and in private rooms as well. All our families are within 4 miles from the town centre and our properties are all 5 mins from the town centre. If..
IPTV Service for Expats all over the world  by: TV11111
Welcome to Using Super IPTV! If you are an expat and can not watch your favorite TV channels in your area, then you have come to right place, Super IPTV provides 130+ English TV channels, 120+..
My English for your Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean-English  by: Beth
I'm looking for a B2+ Chinese speaker of English who would like to practice their English. I teach English to a group of Spanish men who work in the insurance industry and often deal with clients in..
Re: Re Suspected scam:, scammers misusing name of real school in Spain  by: beenThere
It's a scam!
Re Suspected scam:, scammers misusing name of real school in Spain  by: Eli
Hello, I am all packed and ready to move to spain, i've received all the contacts and am about to send my money for my VISA. i am very concerned now. Please contact me via email if I actually have..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
Well done sir!!! Snow beers to celebrate!!!! It's their own bloody minded stubborn ness that shoots them in the foot!!!
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
ESL English Lesson: Hong Kong Students Protest  by: David Robinson
The eyes of the world are watching closely what is going on in Hong Kong - where tens of thousands of students have been demonstrating peacefully against their government. ‘The Umbrella..
How to Write a Lesson Plan for Speaking English One-to-One  by: Sophie Southern
When you are teaching English as a foreign or second language, often referred to as EFL and ESL, you may come across situations where you need to give private classes to one client or student...
The Invention of Frisbee  by: Robert Grazian
As with every object, the first is always the most remembered. Frisbee is widely available nowadays and is played by a lot of kids. But when were Frisbees invented? How cool was it to see the first..
I Love Bullies  by: Elsabe Smit
Yes, I do. Throughout my life I have had to deal with bullies. Some of my first memories are of my mother mistreating me physically and emotionally. I encountered numerous bullies as colleagues, and..
IELTS Practice Materials and Study Guide  by:
Dear Friends, Greetings! I'm Going To Appear For IELTS (ACADEMIC) Test on 11th August, 2007 in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. I Would Like To Ask That Which Are The Official Practice Test? Are..
Re: lesson plans incorporating arts and drama into EFL teaching  by: mrngorickets
Hi Tks very much for post: I like it and hope that you continue posting. Let me show other source that may be good for community. Source:..
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How to Use "Second Life" avatars in an ESL Classroom  by: Kristina Blasen
Second Life is an online virtual reality "world" with 3-D locations for learners to virtually explore. It has attracted ESL teachers, as well as ESL learners seeking to improve their English skills..
Thailand - Phuket  by: TEFLPlus advancedTEFL
TEFLPlus has been providing TEFL/TESOL courses in Patong Beach, Phuket since 2004. Our location is the best in Thailand - just a couple of minutes walk to the white sands of Patong beach. We are one..
How to Make a Good First Impression During a Job Interview  by: Collaborator
A job interview can be the most intimidating part of the job search process. Making a good first impression is a very important part of the interview. Most people make a judgment about a person..
Sample Resignation Letters - Make Your Exit Professional  by: Mariel Wineberg
Leaving an employer is a stressful situation whether you have been employed for a few days or many years. Whether the experience has been positive or negative, when it comes time to leave you must do..
Why Being Happy Instantly Makes You More Attractive  by: Kari Farmer
Happier people are more attractive to everyone around them and they make a more positive impression wherever they go as well. It doesn't matter what your physical appearance looks like you will..
Humor - Appropriate For Work?  by: Michael Russell
Very few people really enjoy going to their jobs. Let's face it, most bosses are a pain, the work isn't very interesting and even if it is, after a while it gets routine. The days are long and when..
How to Become a Motivational Speaker Coach  by: Shauntelle Hamlett
If you enjoy public speaking and have a strong desire to improve the lives of others, you may be right for a career as a motivational speaker and coach. Motivational speakers use their personal..
Internet Business Ideas  by: Steve Gillman
These are a few new internet business ideas that I won't be trying, but I hope that someone will. The first comes from people's frustration with technologies like e-book formatters. They don't want..
you have to have persistence  by: producer
you have to have persistence and you have to believe in what you are doing
English Pronunciation of S and Z - By: Lisa Scott   by: Lisa Scott
One very common struggle for second language learners is understanding the voiced and unvoiced sounds, particularly S and Z. S and Z use the exact same tongue and mouth shape; the difference is in..
Heading to Italy soon, can somebody teach me a little italian, enough to get by in Italy?  by:
I'm visiting Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan. I am trying to learn a little Italian before I leave. Could some body help me with it? Just help me translate a few sentences like "Good..
Spain - Valencia  by: Elian's British School
First official bi-lingual school authorized to deliver part of the Spanish curriculum in English without the need for validation of studies.
Beijing  by: British School of Beijing
The British School of Beijing is non-profit, independent organisation established to provide British education to the expatriate community of Beijing. The school was established in 2003 at a time..
India - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh  by: Indus World School
Indus World School: The learner is at the heart of everything that happens in Indus. It’s all about the child. And so is the Indus philosophy and curriculum — completely child-centric. In other..
Nagoya (near)  by: Mike Lyons' English School
Mike Lyons' English School is a small Canadian-run conversation school in a beautiful suburban-rural area of Japan.
Cheongju  by: Chungbuk National University
Chungbuk National University(CBNU) is located at the southwestern part of Cheongju, which is the provincial capital of Chungbuk Province. The pastoral surroundings promotes a pleasant environment to..
New Zealand - Dunedin  by: English Language Matters
English Language Matters is an award-winning, vibrant English language school renowned for its unique family atmosphere and experienced teaching staff. Working together we offer you excellence in..
Argentina - Buenos Aires  by: ETC Idiomas - English Training Courses
Cursos de Inglés General Cursos Especiales IBC: Cursos con Internet. Apoyo escolar: Primaria y secundaria
DC Washington  by: International Center for Language Studies, Inc.
group classes: INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM (IEP) The Intensive English Program (IEP) is designed for students, business managers, diplomats and other professionals who seek to develop mastery of the..
Resources: Online Masters in Tesol  by: Masters in
Online Tesol Masters: Helpful guide for prospective ESL and TESOL students.
German Online, in Austria (Vienna) and in Germany (Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt)  by: Deutschakademie
DeutschAkademie is a language school which offers German courses in Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. 12 different levels for a precise placement, more than 5-10 participants guaranteed...
Volunteer Capital Centre (Kenya)  by: Kenya
Volunteer Capital Centre provides quality and affordable volunteer abroad work programs and opportunities in third world countries
Xi`an International University  by: D.I
The site of the school is: If one has the site, recruiters are not needed. In China, recruiters are not responsible enough. Most of them are running an illegal business. Therefore, is..
Teach English in South Korea  by: Cloe Guerrero
To all schools in South Korea looking for Foreign teachers: My warmest greetings to all of you! I am a Foreign teacher here in China for 6 years now, and I am proud to say that I am from Baguio City,..
Tourist Pitfalls to Avoid in Malaysia  by: Paik-Leong Ewe
Some tourists commit a few mistakes during their vacation in Malaysia. The result is often unnecessary expenses or losses. The article is a distillation of the more common pitfalls to avoid so that..
Is Teaching English in Thailand a Viable Option?  by: Mike Fook
It seems like a great idea - coming to Thailand and teaching English to Thais that desperately need help. English is a difficult language to learn, but it's radically different from Thai language and..
Learn Japanese - Why You Will Be In High Demand If You Learn To Speak Japanese?  by: Mukil Krishnasamy
People who are able to effectively converse in Japanese, both orally and in writing, are in short supply in many countries of the world. As a result, the ability to learn to speak Japanese and learn..
Undiscovered Wonders of the Philippines  by: Clifford Young
Cheap travel destinations are available all over the world. They are those areas almost untouched by tourism yet offer the same breathtaking views and captivating sights or those frequently visited..
Understanding the Social Stratification of India's Classes and Castes  by: Alyssa Davis
If you are visiting or living in India for the first time, it's likely that you might be confused by the country's elaborate class and caste system. Although the caste system is a feature of almost..
What Makes Australia a dream Tourist Destination  by: Rohan Arora
Apart from experiencing great shopping, great food and exciting entertainment in Australia, a tourist will be lured by the unique Australian attractions. Not many people know about the mind blowing..
Amsterdam Night Life (Netherlands)  by: Sudhanshu Kumar Kapoor
No city in world can beat Amsterdam for its nightlife. Amsterdam is known to be the party capital of Europe. When Sun goes down the city turns up into a paradise with busy streets, busy cafes and..
Paraguay Vacations  by: Naldo Camarones
Paraguay, which is located in South America, makes a great vacation destination. The climate is inviting and the people are so welcoming. It’s become a popular getaway for both couples and..
Best Ski Resorts in the US  by: Travel Expert
All across the United Stets the winter season together with the abundant snow are getting closer and closer. Therefore, whenever you feel like you dont know where to go for the holidays, make sure..
Thailand - Pattaya  by: Pattaya Garden Apartments
Boutique style hotel on Pattaya beach offering one or two bedroom apartments and swimming pool. Photographs, details and reservations. Pattaya's latest boutique hotel preserves the exotic & elegant..
How To Deal With Airport Stress  by: Neil Stelling
Your flights booked, and now it's airport time. Airport's can be stressful places nowadays, and these tips are designed for stress reduction... * Leave home early Airport stress starts the moment you..

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