Arabic Tutor:   by: Eman
If you want to learn Arabic with a private Arabic teacher. Learn from a highly qualified, experienced and native speaker teacher. I am a female Arabic teacher for non-Arabic speakers. I teach..
English Tutor: conversational english/general English for kids and adults/personalized English lessons  by: englishetutors online
englishetutors combines the best of traditional one-on-one personal tutoring and technology to help students connect with qualified and experienced tutors via skype. Our mission is to help people..
Liaoning province  by: :Belle Cindy
Hello, Greeting to anyone who is reading this post.I am Belle a female English Language teacher. I'm 26 years old, I'm form Cameroon. i have 5 years of teaching experience in china. Presently holding..
china  by: james
hello, am James, currently looking for full time or part time teaching positions in changchun Contact
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Teacher trainers (Teaching Methodology Maths & Science)  by: Hashim Khan
Male & Female Teachers. Quality Education Holding Company (QEHC) at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking to recruit qualified and trained English language teachers to teach at all levels in KSU..
Sanyoonoda-shi, Yamaguchi-prefecture, Honshu. Japan: ESL Teacher required late January 2015  by: The British English and New Dance Academy
“The British English and New Dance Academy” We are a small Culture School based in Sanyoonoda-shi, Yamaguchi-prefecture, Honshu. Japan. We presently have ESL Teacher openings in late January of..
Agency -- Chengdu--International Kindergarten in Wenjiang is Looking for English Teachers! Minimum RMB 15000/m  by: Lingua tutor
International Kindergarten in Wenjiang is Looking for English Teachers! Minimum RMB 15000/month! Weekends Off! 10 Days Off on Christmas and 20 Days Off for Summer Vacation! An international..
Verified School Email -- Shenzhen  by: EF English First
Teach, travel and train with EF English First. An experience you will never forget. We’re looking for amazing English teachers to join us in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and many other..
Seoul: Yeoido Stn  by:
[Myenglishjob] [Yeoido Stn ]Mon Wed Fri 8 30 to 9:30am Location: [Yeoido Stn ] Schedule:Mon Wed Fri 8 30 to 9:30am Type: Group Subject: English Level: Basic to intermediate Prefer to Native Speaker..
Seoul: GILEUM Stn Line4/University presentation  by:
[Myenglishjob] [GILEUM Stn Line4/University presentation] 12.03 4to 5:50pm 12.05 2to 3:50, 4to 5:50pm Location: [GILEUM Stn Line4 ] Schedule:12.03 4to 5:50pm 12.05 2to 3:50, 4to 5:50pm Type: Group..
Re Lesson Plans and conversation classes  by: Silverboy
Well, you are stating the obvious. Of course experienced oral English teachers have lesson plans in their heads. I have always taken a lecture pad with notes to class with me, and an outline of what..
Re Upgrade  by: Turnoi
Indeed, these are two pairs of different shoes. Teaching English majors who plan to study overseas is significantly different to teaching non-English majors, say Tourism or Business majors who have..
This has been the most draining experience I’ve had in my life here in China. And I can suspect people will say as they read this; "you should have taken more precautions," "done..
Re Don't flit when it all goes arse over tit.  by: yu2fa3
Totally disagree with what you said. And why would you post a pic of someone else's kid on here? That is a bit strange. It would indeed be strange. As for what you disagree with?? It sounds like a..
Re: Foreign misfits in ESL//Another lollipop for Beth, please....Hahahahahahha  by: Turnoi
[edited] There is no 'food for thought' for me here, Turnoi. Just another glaring example of you droning on and on and on... Yawn
Start Pre-school as per your Financial capacity in Bihar/Jharkhand/UP/Orissa/MP/Chhattisgarh/WB/NE  by: Dhirendra Singh
If you are passionate about education,having space and interested to start pre-school at your locality, then respond to us. We'll plan for you as per your financial capacity. Best curriculum,..
Online school looking for agents  by: BOKTUTORS
Looking for partner . company teaching English by SKYPE. WWW.BOKTUTORS.COM Please send resume & profile to ;
English-language retreats in France is looking for agents worldwide  by: Michele Chester
We are seeking agents who can recruit adult learners interested in attending unique English-language retreats in the French countryside. We host small international groups for 5-day immersion..
Homestay host in Minnesota  by: M&M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
Agency: Study-in-America Organization (Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio) provides students school placement, housing and student service  by: Benedict Ho
Greetings from the American Scholar Group! ASG is a full-service study-in-America Program based in Western, Pennsylvania, and Eastern, Ohio. Our programs give international students the opportunity..
Free downloadable games for teachers  by: Dangerously Easy ESL
New ESL games & lesson plans every week. Free! Powerpoint downloads to make it easy for you, (because internet connections are not reliable in the classroom), we know, we're teachers too! visit us,..
Free IELTS Lesson Plans & Study Materials  by: Beacon English
Hi. We have a growing collection of free IELTS integrated skills lesson plans at our site Beacon English. We also have study advice for IELTS candidates, interactive quizzes and Task 2 model answers...
Language Exchange Websites: app using Instagram feeds  by: Ramsel
Hello, I'm posting because we're making an app for language exchange using Instagram feeds as conversation starters and we need more English learners! Here are some photos of recent chats:..
SCAM ALERT: Scam using the name of a real hotel, but fake email address  by: Admin
*DO NOT REPLY TO THE SCAM MESSAGE BELOW* (submitted to our site from Bucharest Romania) ------ London By:The Berkeley London <> ( Date: Monday, 10..
Re Suspected scam:, scammers misusing name of real school in Spain  by: pushycat
I just got this too... I didn't post my resume on the ESL cafe website, however he must got it from some esl job site. But this time... he's Mr. Ali Hassan from Bon Soleil School in Dubai. I googled..
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
Well done sir!!! Snow beers to celebrate!!!! It's their own bloody minded stubborn ness that shoots them in the foot!!!
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
ESL English Lesson: Is the Mediterranean diet best?  by: David Robinson
Is the Mediterranean diet best? Ask any Greek, Spanish or Italian person and they’ll tell you yes, it is! Eating a Mediterranean diet on a regular basis certainly helps tackle obesity. Doctors..
Do you like (noun)? Lesson Plan for Young Learners - Lesson  by: Stefan Chiarantano
Target Language: Do you like (noun)? Yes, I do. No, I don’t Vocabulary: pizza, sushi, spaghetti, cheese, milk (flashcards) Target: Young Learners Greetings and Warm-up: Greet the class with a..
Films - War Of The Worlds  by: Michael Russell
With all the talk about the remake of the H.G. Wells classic "War Of The Worlds", it may be a good time to revisit the original movie from the late 50s. Whether you are a fan of the original, or the..
The Forums About Teaching English in Japan Need to Take A Reality Check!  by: Kevin Burns
After reading what they had to say in the forums there, I almost decided to go to Korea, it is so negative. When I did ask, well what schools are good to work for?-no one answered."--A.P., USA--..
Free Printable Gift Tags  by:
Free Printable Gift Tags
Re: Adavnced and proficiency students  by: Shelley Vernon
Hi Anna My tip would be to implicate the students more in their own learning by having them choose the debate topics and prepare for class before hand rather than doing homework afterwards. For..
english-grammar-handbook.pdf  by: hyn
Scroll to browse this PDF Move your mouse pointer under to: save as pdf, print, zoom in/out
How to Teach Music With an Interactive Whiteboard  by: Amber-Jean Nash
Interactive whiteboards are rapidly replacing chalkboards and standard whiteboards in the classroom. Using an interactive whiteboard allows for a dynamic and engaging learning environment that..
Canada - Ontario - Ottawa  by: National School of Languages - TESL and TEFL
NSL’s teacher training program is based on experience and is taught by seasoned instructors. It covers the fundamentals needed to get you up and running as an ESL teacher and to prepare you for the..
Tips On How To Write A Better Resume  by: Julie Armstrong
Are you looking for a new job? If you are then of course you need to make sure that you make the right sort of impression with any prospective employer before they actually meet you. The only way..
Changing Careers – Ultimate Tips For Success  by: Heather Eagar
Are you thinking about changing your career? Are you worried about how difficult the transition is going to be? Then you are not alone. Many people go through similar anticipation when thinking about..
The Power of Positive Thinking - Self Improvement  by: Robert Palmer
I believe that anything is possible. I believe that I can make a living on the internet. I believe that I can lose those last 10 pounds. These are all examples of affirmations. Positive affirmations...
10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Teenage Daughter  by: Duncan Kelly
As fathers, we are usually not very good at communicating with our teenage daughters. We can get by, to an extent, by remaining silent as much as possible. Sometimes, though, we have to answer..
Creative Writing: Tips to Make Your Creative Written Work Sell  by: Ross Lincoln
Creative writing is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. However, you really don't need a special talent for it. What you need is a paper, a pen and a very good imagination that is worthy of..
A Look On Apple Ipad For Beginners  by: Amy H. Wells
For regular individuals who have average interests in technologically advanced devices, the ipad is perceived to be just one more costly instrument from Apple company. By average interests, we imply..
Escape  by: Fish
"Never create anything you can't escape from."
How to Write Good English For ESL Writers (Writing)  by: Laurianne Sumerset
Before he became a famous writer, Ernest Hemingway started his career as a young reporter for the Kansas City Star. It was there that he received a very basic style sheet that contains four simple..
Verbo-to-Get-Em-Portugu-s.pdf  by: hyn
Scroll to browse this PDF
Spain - Madrid  by: Language Solutions
Professional Language Solutions is a London-headquartered training organisation with a network of associated overseas offices and an international sphere of operations. Over many years we have built..
Heilongjiang - Harbin  by: Harbin University of Commerce
Harbin University of Commerce (HUC) was established in 1952, which is the first multi-disciplinary commercial university in China. HUC is also one of ten university of “the fifteenth”..
Philippines - Boracay Island  by: A Boracay Paradise English Language School
About Paradise English, Paradise English Language Institute was established in 2005 and has had a successful enrolment rate. We have had students from over 20 countries. During non vacation times we..
Fuji City -- Shizuoka Prefecture  by: Prime Eikaiwa
Prime Eikaiwa is a fun and energy filled conversation school focusing mainly on children from Pre-school and Elementary school. Although we just re-launched the school 2009 it has been operating..
Busan (Haeundae-Gu)  by: Busan Foreign School
BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL(BFS) is an international school with an American educational philosophy and curriculum. Our mission is to inspire each learner and provide educational services that nurture their..
Australia - Perth  by: Kaplan’s English School in Perth
Kaplan’s English school in Perth gives students the opportunity to learn English and enjoy the Australian climate with its mix of outdoor activities, shopping and sightseeing. Perth has beautiful..
Brazil - São Paulo (Chácara Flora)  by: Chapel School (an American international school)
Welcome to Chapel School, currently celebrating 60 years of service to the international community of São Paulo, Brazil. Chapel School is located in a quiet, residential section of São Paulo and is..
Texas - Austin  by: Texas Intensive English Program
With two locations, the Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) offers a wide range of learning experiences for students. Our program in Beaumont is on the campus of Lamar University near Houston and..
EEL ENGLISH  by: Easy English learning
Individualized Chinese or English lessons, call for quote You learn on a day to day phone (skype) or Internet connection We are a professional language teaching company in China. We are offering..
Spanish, German, English in Concepción, Chile  by: HolaConcepción Latin American Spanish in Concepción, Chile
Excellent Spanish courses between the High Andes and the Pacific ocean, surrounded by Chile´s unique nature and national parks and islands. Concepción is a student city with a dozen of universities..
Youth With A Mission (Worldwide)  by: Worldwide
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) encompasses thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world. In every case, our passion is to know God and to make Him known. We are a..
z visa/residency permit  by: James Allen Beattie
A z-visa is the proper way to enter China to work now. Before you used to have to keep it while you worked along with a residency permit, Foreign Expert Certificate, and Medical Check (they call it..
Re: I want to teach English in S. Korea. Do I need to get a teacher's certificate for teaching English?  by: sun
You need a degree.
Sri Lanka Travel- Unwind the Nature at Its Best  by: Nancy Eben
Sri Lanka is a mercurial mix of opportunities and an idyllic landscape, which is counted in the list of an ultimate holiday destination. One can experience rich abundant natural beauty and glistering..
Eating Out in Bangkok  by: Matthew Tedstone
Bangkok is one of the world's greatest cities for food, it's everywhere! You can take your pick from street vendor food, small family run restaurants, mid range chain restaurants in the shopping..
Quest for a Better Lifestyle Link  by: Kevin Burns
Originally published in the Vancouver Sun Minami Ashigara Shi, Kanagawa Ken, Japan I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. At this moment, I am sitting on a hill top,..
See You In Cebu (a Travel Guide To A Premier Philippine Island Destination)  by: Allan Merin
Comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is arguably one of the leading tourism havens in the world. Aside from its crystal-clear beaches, this Southeast Asian nation is also famous for its colorful..
Hotels in India - Finest Examples of Great Hospitality  by: Mahi Manral
Tourists to India are rewarded with unique and great experiences to savor. Historical cities, exotic cuisine, rich culture & tradition, rich cultural heritage, exotic lifestyle, beautiful art &..
The Great Journey to Australia From the UK - Without Catching a Plane  by: Dianna Moylan
For the past three years or so I have been planning a journey that will not take place until late 2011. I have had such a lovely time consulting maps, timetables (how I love timetables) Internet..
Kykkos monastery, Cyprus  by: STAVROPOLEOS CHURCH
Please send us the contacts for the Kykkos Monastery. We are looking for the service of the St. Epiphanos, bishop of Cypros in IV Century. With many thanks, Stavropoleos church, Bucharest-Romania
I want to go teach english in Mexico/Peru this winter. How do I go about having flight and funds added.?  by:
I want to go teach english in Mexico/Peru this winter..
San Diego - Visit This Summer - The Kids Will Love It  by: Mona Graham
Families visiting San Diego on vacation will find the hotels, restaurants and many attractions, are family friendly. Most of the hotels offer, connecting rooms, children's pools, recreation..
Indonesia - Bali - Lovina  by: Bali Paradise Hotel
Rooms and suites with information on accommodation, rates and reservations, facilities and a Bali overview.
Stirring Up Cape Town's City Bowl  by: Gregory Hudson
For the discerning traveller to the Cape who would like to explore Cape Town's City Bowl, here are a few suggestions. Remember, Cape Town bears two distinct faces, a mask worn by day and a mask worn..

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