English Tutor: Online English Instruction for All   by: GERALD JOHNSON
Are you frustrated with your current pace of learning English? Visit my website – www.gtkenglish.com – and study with an instructor who has researched effective solutions to reducing the overall..
English Tutor: 16 Years of Experience in Downtown Vancouver (Canada)   by: Anthony Urrello
Do you like learning English in a friendly, relaxed, and supportive environment? I am a native English speaker and a full-time ESL tutor with 16 years of experience. I would be happy to help you in..
China,Japan,Thailand,Taiwan. .anywhere.  by: Ashley Barlow
My name is Ashley Barlow. I am 24 ,Nigerian and I am particularly interested in the position of an English teacher abroad. I know most people would turn away at this point because I am not a supposed..
Chinese cities  by: Adil
The power of conviction and sense of responsibility have been key features on my experience and achievements along my career. I do believe that my RICH experience in CHINA and impressive TEACHING..
Bac Giang, Vietnam  by: Atlantic language center
We are looking for English teacher for our center. Here are all details: - Job Title: Philipino or Native Teacher ( USA, UK, Newzealand…) - Payment: Negotiation - Ages of students: From 6 to to up..
Taipei: Private High School for Girls Needs English Teachers  by: Dewey International
Private High School for Girls Needs English Teachers JOB DESCRIPTION: Start Date: July 24th 2017 Location: Datong Dist, Taipei (close to MRT Shuanglien station ) School type: Girls High School..
School -- Anhui Province  by: Joint (Singapore-China) Education Project in Anhui Province, China
HIGH SCHOOL EFL/ESL TEACHER We are a Singaporean Establishment, and are currently looking for a few High School English teachers to teach in our Joint (Singapore-China) Academic Projects. Please..
Profiled Agency -- Nanjing-public college ESL positions  by: Teachinjiangsu
September 1, 2017– Jun 30, 2018 7,500RMB-8,000RMB per month salary 18 teaching periods per week(45 minutes per teaching period, from Monday to Friday) One month paid vacation upon completion of..
[Gangnam, Seoul] Hiring SAT/AP Teachers [Chemistry/Biology]  by: gloii Korea ESL
We are truly looking for knowledgeable teachers who are able to teach Chemistry, Biology subjects. The school provides highly professional SAT/AP test prep service for students who're advancing to..
Busan (ASAP) Paju (October) ChunCheon (November) Jeju (November)  by: SLP
Writer: Sogang Language Program (SLP) Email: yewnpark@sogangedu.com Hello, this is Rebecca from head office of Sogang Language Program. We are looking for ESL teacher for Children! SLP (Sogang..
Re: Re more MGTOW  by: Fifi
Your family loves you. You are a good man, Taffy. The cheese has to be low-fat, and please don't eat cheese that contains trans fat: the latter is what blocks arteries. Trans fat is the enemy.
Re: Re more MGTOW  by: Taffy
Taffy: In case you are interested: "Top 20 Artery-Cleansing Foods" (link below) Grateful for that, Fifi. My ex-wife says she eats cheese every day and also maintains it's good for her heart. She's..
Re Dishonest Guangdong Country Garden School,Foshan Guangdong,bgy,PRC  by: Jeffery Wigand
Spooky how you criticize Nate for speculating Ehh, did you read a different post? Your good buddy Nate wasn't speculating - he "knows". There have been more than enough negative reviews of..
Re Dishonest Guangdong Country Garden School,Foshan Guangdong,bgy,PRC  by: Jeffery Wigand
I know of at least four other teachers who have been in a motorbike accident just this year. So, Nate good buddy. Who are these mysterious people that have had all these accidents since January? I'm..
University of Liverpool  by: Hsajohn3
Hi guys, need some help. I'm currently doing my dissertation for my MA TESOL and I have to conduct a survey. If you know someone who is.. A) A non-native speaker of English (intermediate or higher)..
Partners Needed for Online Course Platform  by: Stuart
Hi Everyone, Currently I run a teacher recruitment agency but I am looking to go back to my roots and establish an online learning platform to teach students. My principal is this: offer high quality..
Online Canadian High School is looking for Agents  by: TorontoeSchool
TorontoeSchool is an accredited Ontario online High School (BSID #886520) inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. We offer students the opportunity to earn Ontario High School credits online..
Student recruitment agency in China offers its services to Chinese schools (primary to university)  by: Coconut Winds International
Coconut Winds International, http://www.coconutwindsinternational.com, in partnership with Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company, Limited, an authorized educational agent in..
Homestay Host in Oxford, UK  by: Geraldine Knox
Homestay in Banbury Oxfordshire Banbury is a market town in northern Oxfordshire, England, located on the River Cherwell. Many famous people have stayed here including Johnathan Swift, who is reputed..
Homestay host in Burnaby, Canada  by: Michelle
Hi, We are located in East Burnaby (2nd St and 17th Ave) and is close to Cariboo Hill Secondary School, St. Thomas More Collegiate, Our Lady of Mercy School, Douglas College New Westminster, and..
Satellite IPTV Service in China  by: DishHDIPTV
Famous Satellite IPTV Website in China , www.CSTV.cc , Here you can find all your wanted tv channels Watching Satellite TV choose professional satellite TV Experts do that ! www.CSTV.cc , is your..
Language Learning Activities  by: Shirley Whitney
Need ideas for connecting language lessons with your students? Grandma has made a list of activities you can do together to learn and practice the language you are trying to teach - games,..
Pen Pals for my Students: I am looking for an English speaker/group for my Russian students  by: Olga
Hello! I'm looking for an English native speaker (aged 7-20) or a group of students who are interested in exchanging letters in English. I'm an English teacher in Moscow region, Russia.
Re MPC connect legit?  by: MN
Did you find out if this is a scam or not? I have an interview scheduled with them and would like to know what you found out. Thanks
twosigmas  by: Almostteaching
Does anyone know about twosigmas?
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: Alias Taffy
You can choose to evade the book of rules. Good luck, bro! An appropriate song for you, featuring Ziggy Marley and the Heptones - enjoy! This was all about providing your own medical before you..
ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
Lesson to teach an English Class - Short Lesson  by: jt
You could try making a short "jeopardy" type game, or a jigsaw type activity in which you hand out pieces of the text, or written questions and answers and they move around the room to match up. At..
Can You Be Rich and Happy?  by: Ali Bierman
Do you need to be rich to be happy? What is rich? Are you rich if you make $10,000 a year? Compared to standards around the world you're a downright billionaire, relatively speaking. What does rich..
Why are some online degree colleges better than others?  by: Rose M.
Any student who is on the lookout for online degree colleges would probably have been swamped with the many options marketed to them over the internet. Therefore, it is not a wonder that many..
Free Printable Coloring Pages  by: freeprintablecoloringpages.net
Free Printable Coloring Pages http://www.freeprintablecoloringpages.net/
Thanks  by: Publio
Dear Dr. Zack, Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for not thanking you earlier but actually I have just realized you had answered my e-mail. All the best, Publio.
New Online Visual Glossary for Language Educators  by: Michael Shaughnessy
Colleagues, Announcing the second incarnation of CAPL, the Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon. Available at capl.washjeff.edu CAPL is a free, online, non-commercial visual glossary comprised of..
How to Use "Second Life" avatars in an ESL Classroom  by: Kristina Blasen
Second Life is an online virtual reality "world" with 3-D locations for learners to virtually explore. It has attracted ESL teachers, as well as ESL learners seeking to improve their English skills..
Italy - Florence  by: The Learning Center of Tuscany (TLC) TEFL International Certificate Course
The Learning Center of Tuscany's four-week TEFL INTERNATIONAL certificate course in Florence, Italy meets or exceeds all international standards for initial teacher training and offers one of the..
Resume Cover Letter Template Blunders!  by: Mario J. Churchill
One spends hours perfecting their resume when job hunting. They ensure that all their skills are well defined, and their job duties and titles sounds more professional than they really are. However,..
Realistic Job Expectations  by: Gavin F Redelman
To ensure that you avoid disappointment and unnecessary stress ensure that you maintain realistic expectations. The best advice I give job seekers is to set realistic job expectations. Too many times..
A Complete Life  by: Cheng Cheng Tan
Success is not just about money and recognition. My life must be fulfilled in all aspects. These include my family, finance, friends and passion. A complete life is one in which you have the courage..
Strange Encounters With Hollywood Legends  by: Stephen Schochet
Meeting famous people is often a surreal experience for both parties. In 1956 when Elvis Presley arrived in Hollywood he and his entourage stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. One day he got into..
What Is Freelance Technical Writing?  by: Brian Konradt
Technical writing requires the ability to write clearly, plainly, and accurately about extremely complicated material. If you can do that-and quickly-then becoming a successful technical writer is..
Tips For Starting A Website In China  by: Gabriel J. Adams
A recent trend in web commerce is the steady expansion of websites to international markets. A huge amount of sites have opened Chinese versions, to reach a larger market that has previously been..
Don't let a first bad experience teaching tell you ..  by: Sun
Don't let a first bad experience teaching tell you that teaching is not for you. Try again! You are probably an excellent teacher. Sun
Re Learning Tips: Don't call the British, the English.  by: Spector
But as I have said, because we(Anglos Saxons, Celts) are being out-bred we will have your republic one day...and it'll make Inner Mongolia a jolly gay place to live. Nowt against inner mongolia (love..
French Love Phrases - Quotes, Poems and Inspiration  by: Sarah Roles
Looking for french love phrases and unique ideas for expressing romance? I love you in french (je t'aime) are words you are probably already familiar with. So what other french love phrases could you..
Czech Republic - Prague  by: Riverside School
Riverside School is an International School in Prague: For children aged 3-18 years Staffed by a dedicated UK & US qualified team Equipped with British National Curriculum and American Teaching..
Fujian - Xiamen  by: Mike's English
We are a small family run center located on the beautiful coastal island of Xiamen. We have small classes with a max of 8 students per class. We are Canadian owned and managed, and have been teaching..
Kazakhstan - Karagandy  by: MSOK Language centre
MSOK Language centre was founded in 2007 as a school of foreign languages. However, the basic attention is given to the development of the English language. About 100 students regularly attend our..
Tokyo, Edogawa-ku  by: Shane English School Japan
English school in Japan.
Seoul, Gyeonggi, Cheongju, ChungNam, Daegu, Busan, etc  by: HUFS Language Institute
HANKUK UNIVERSITY OF FOREIGN STUDIES Language Institute or HUFS LI is a franchise established from one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, HUFS. Our goal is to facilitate young students to..
New Zealand - Wellington  by: Making Futures Happen Academy
Established in 2003, Making Futures Happen Academy has emerged as a vibrant, resourceful and well-connected tertiary education provider in Wellington. MFH embraces learner-centered teaching..
Mexico - Playas de Tijuana  by: Playas Language School
Learn English or Italian. Aprende el ingles o el italiano. Llamanos a 664-630-1658. Call us at 664-630-1658
California - Rosemead and Torrance  by: Rosemead College of English
Rosemead College of English (RCE) is an accredited English language school, established in 1992, with two campuses in Southern California. RCE offers international students who wish to study in..
WorldWideTEFL Online Course  by: English Teacher Training Academy
WTOC Course: Instead of attending a class room training of 1, 2 or even 4 weeks, you will get the TEFL teaching principles served in reasonable portions of theory: modules. Every module must be..
Chinese, Korean, Japanese - Qingdao, Shandong Province, China  by: Qingdao Promise Chinese Language Center
Promise Chinese Language Center belongs to Qingdao Promise Education Group, which is a licensed educational organisation located in Qingdao city, on Quanzhou Road. Our center currently enrolls 200..
Cofradia Bilingual School  by: Cofradia, Cortes, Honduras
Cofradía Bilingual School is a small school located in Cofradía, Cortes, Honduras. We offer a high-quality bilingual education to over 300 students from kindergarten to grade 11. Our dedicated team..
In defence of teachers in China  by: James Martin, Alex Wu, Old Spice - Thread Jan 2005 (forum)
James Martin travelingwilbury@talk21.com> -- 26 January 2005 A recent post on this board made me angry. It suggested that most white English teachers only go to China to sightsee and complain. I..
Can an American woman move to Korea and marry a Korean man and be happy  by: answers.yahoo.com
I met the most wonderful man in college (exchange student from Korea). We instantly became friends & started dating after a few months. I'm in Korea visiting after not seeing him for 7 months. We..
Bali *Picture*  by: Eddie Tobey
Bali is an Indonesian island that is known for its rich culture and scenic nature. Located at the east of Java and south of the equator, Bali has a surface area of only 5,632 square kilometers and..
I have no onward ticket and im travelling to thailand is this going to be a problem getting visa  by: answers.yahoo.com
has anyone gone to thailand without visa's before and no onward travel ticket.
Okinawa Japan: Enjoy A Serene Vacation  by: Howard Brule
Okinawa, which means 'rope in the open sea', is found in Japan. The term seems to refer to how the 60 island chain that makes up the prefecture of Okinawa appears. Okinawa Japan is often considered a..
Motorcycle Accident in the Philippines - Fact, It's Rising  by: Paul Smeeton
Have you noticed that a motorcycle accident in the Philippines occurs on almost a daily basis? This trend has set off man police departments around the area including the Philippine National Police..
Understanding the Social Stratification of India's Classes and Castes  by: Alyssa Davis
If you are visiting or living in India for the first time, it's likely that you might be confused by the country's elaborate class and caste system. Although the caste system is a feature of almost..
Backpack Traveling in New Zealand  by: Travel Expert
New Zealand, a far away country in the South Hemisphere is one of the world’s most interesting destinations for your adventurous vacation. Therefore, if you think you have enough courage and..
Travel to Portugal: A Land True to its Past  by: Frank Johnson
Portugal is an exotic locale filled with unique treasures, and rich culture and history. It's truly a land worth visiting and experiencing first-hand. Perched on the western edge of the Iberian..
Solo Travel In Central America  by: Claire Saylor
My recent decision to move to Panama for four months sounded quite a bit like my decision to move to Costa Rica for six months, or to Chile for five. I made all the travel arrangements on my own,..
Sanibel Beach Florida - More Than Shells And Sand  by: Judy Jaastad
While most vacationers are drawn to Sanibel Beach Florida for it's famous shelling opportunities, there's plenty more to see and do once you tear yourself away from the beach. Start with the J.N ...
USA - Mobile, AL (5498 Inn Road)  by: InTown Suites Mobile West
Your next home away from home. When you stay at InTown Suites on 5498 Inn Road in Mobile, you'll be close to everything the city has to offer, including great restaurants, theatres and shops, not to..
Travel Spotlight - Spa Resorts  by: Russ Pooley
You’ve only been out of the office for an hour and you’ve got 32 unopened emails and eight phone messages. You’re daughters school play is tonight but it clashes with the industry event your..

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