English Tutor: Improve your English now!   by: Rhea
Hello! I'm Rhea and I have been a teacher for Koreans and Chinese students. I love reading books, watching movies and listening to music on my free time. Moreover, I love to to teach students! In..
British Tutor: Online - conversation, grammar, business, general English and exam preparation  by: Denise Ellen
Online British Tutor for all levels of conversation, grammar, business, general English and exam preparation. Please contact Denise deniseellen.hulcup@yahoo.co.uk
china hongkong  by: Joel Abellera
Hi everyone. I'm Joel Abellera from the Philippines. I finished bachelor of secondary education and I am a licensed teacher in the Philippines. My greatest passion is teaching and I can't see myself..
anywhere in china  by: HENRIETTA
I'm a young female ESL teacher with 3years of teaching experience in China. I've taught students ranging from Kindergarten to Middle school.I'm enthusiastic,creative, humorous and very hardworking.I..
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam  by: American Academy Vietnam
Positions available year-round in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Vinh, Da Lat, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Nam, Vung Tau, Can Tho, and Binh Duong American Academy has been one of leader in ESL education in Vietnam for..
No.27, Kexue Rd., Zhunan Township, Miaoli County 350, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  by: Spreading Seed School
Hello, This is Jenny from Spreading Seed School, Miaoli county, Taiwan (ROC.) We’re looking for one English teacher for new school semester. If you are interested our teaching position. Please..
Profiled Agency -- Teach English in Chengdu while sampling their famous cuisine  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have 9 positions in Sichuan to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Visit us at: http://horizoneslchina.com to see all our jobs Email us at:..
Profiled Agency -- Bear witness to the beauty of a Chinese winter at the annual Ice Festival in Harbin while teaching E  by: Horizon Recruitment
We have 9 positions in Heilongjiang to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY! Heilongjiang (simplified Chinese: 黑龙江省; traditional Chinese: 黑龍江省;..
Seoul, Gukmin University  by: recruit4@myenglishjonb.co.kr
HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian, Russian and many other languages. We are..
Seoul, Yeoido Stn  by: recruit4@myenglishjonb.co.kr
HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian, Russian and many other languages. We are..
Re: GW's on ESL websites.  by: Davyhulme Worker
I would not say Chinese is a "piece of piss" to learn, but it's certainly not as difficult as what GW types say it is. Exactly my point!!! Chinese oft times express amazement, waaaaahhhhhh, FFS it's..
Re: GW's on ESL websites.  by: Silverboy
I would not say Chinese is a "piece of piss" to learn, but it's certainly not as difficult as what GW types say it is. I learned it by talking to taxi drivers and hanging out in bars. My Chinese..
Re: New Life ESL China  by: James D
Hilarious post by "Monica" I would run away from working with this "only expat agency" in a heartbeat
Help yourself, so help you God!  by: Turnoi
I have lived and worked abroad a considerable time of my life, changing places and jobs sometimes, sometimes not...The need to have a place where you originally come from and can always return to..
Re: CELTA teacher training  by: cunning linguist
You might consider a university based CELTA course. Some universities, at least in the UK, run courses under the control of their Modern Languages department so you can be assured that your..
Setting up an English language institute in Kolkata, looking for various partners  by: Purnima Iyer
Hello everyone. We are a team of two (mother and daughter) English language trainers in Thailand. We have a total of over 18 years experience teaching English in Thailand at schools and universities,..
Online school looking for agents/partnerships: Opportunity to Grow Your Business with an Online English Leader  by: Joe Countryman
Hi, how are you? My name is Joseph Countryman, and I represent one of the original, great, and awesome online English schools on the market. We have American teachers available 24 hours a day ready..
Agent in Malaysia is looking for agents all over the world  by: Surianti
Dear Valuable Partners!! Greetings!! I am Surianti, senior education counselor in Stansted Resources Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur seeking for partners to work with us to recruit students to Malaysia..
Host Families in Shenzhen, China  by: Ryan
Au Pair + Study + Travel + Cultural Experiences Do you know what to do during your gap year? Have you ever thought of being an Au Pair in China? Come and join the Au Pair Program! You will join a..
English host for 20 years in Moia close to Barcelona  by: Cati
I have hosted students and adults from all around the world. I live in a big house ( six bedrooms),with a swimming pool and a very large garden. I host all year round and as a native english teacher..
For rent in Seoul: romantic view 15th floor loft; low deposit, river side, 2min subway  by: koreahouse
low deposit house in seoul romantic view high rise house. very high 15th floor, wonderful view (day, night) You can use the whole house, no sharing with others. loft style, house has 2part, big..
Remote Editors/Proofreaders Needed  by: Scribendi Inc.
Telecommute Proofreader As one of our talented remote editors, you will have the ability to work from home while choosing the types of assignments that interest you. You can interact with both..
My Spanish for your English  by: Alfonso
I would like to improve my English so if you want to learn Spanish, we can exchange our native languages by skype or "face by face" if you live near Madrid... Just email me, Alfonso
Re SCAM ALERT: London, Doodle Cruise U.K  by: maaan
Thanks a lot Bro. i was attending to pay for the Visa fees thanks a gain Keep Sending those messages is really Helpfull
Re Scammer using the bona fide Bugil Academy School as scam front  by: Farah
Hi t Thanks for sharing your ordeal with us. I had similar situation when the same man tried it on me. This made me even more careful as my job hunts still going on.
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Concerned Teacher
Well done sir!!! Snow beers to celebrate!!!! It's their own bloody minded stubborn ness that shoots them in the foot!!!
Re: Shit Hohhot Waiban  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Good luck with it. I am just wondering - you were retired, right?
ESL English Lesson: Google Glass  by: David Robinson
Today, let’s talk about Google Glass. This is a wearable computer that has an optical head-mounted display on a pair of glasses that allows users to video what they see. They can also wake up Glass..
Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Game - Lesson  by: Eric
Here's a great game to help kids with their spelling. Materials Whiteboard or blackboard or paper or wall, its up to you 9 words that you want to practice. How to play Pick 9 words that you want to..
Happiness is Giving and Receiving  by: Ali Bierman
This Universal Law impacts us in ways that allow us to live in abundance or keep that abundance from us. It's the "Law of Giving". The whole concept of whatever it is that you want to have in life,..
Classroom Management Strategies  by: Joe Coleman
Being a teacher it is very important to have strong classroom management skills. I personally believe in a very proactive approach to classroom management. This means you should be stopping classroom..
Free Reading Improvement Course  by: John Adams
An absolutely Free, excellent and comprehensive READING IMPROVEMENT COURSE is available on the Internet for all English teachers and their students. Please visit: www.helpmyreading.com Sincerely,..
TEFL Class (video): How to Teach Listening Skills in the ESL Classroom - Types of Listening, Difficulties  by: International TEFL Academy
TEFL Class Instruction: How to Teach Listening Skills in the ESL Classroom. Video series from International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Course. Including: - Types of Listening - Listening Difficulties..
Complete Beaugrande Linguistic Library now publicly available for download!  by: Turnoi
I have finished work on the entire Beaugrande Linguistic Library and prepared a zip file (175 megs). It is available now for free and public download from: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mi140w This..
Online ESL Diagnostic/Practice Software for Your Class/School (developed by BYU)  by: Matt
Offered by www.stompstudy.com, BYU's CLIPS—Computerized Language Instruction & Practice Software allows students, teachers, and organizations to maximize the efficiency of the learning process..
Thailand  by: TEFL 360
TEFL360 was created by fellow travelers and global dreamers out to make a difference in the world by helping you improve it. We understand that to travel the world today or relocate to a new country,..
Why Do So Many Resumes Fail?  by: Rebecca Metschke
Your resume's function is to sell your value to a hiring official. Especially as the job market continues to tighten, it's important that it performs well and delivers the result you're looking for -..
Jobless Again  by: Azari Masili
Live to work or work to live? Work is what we need to survive the harsh civilization no matter what the job is. The funny part is I'm still living and kicking even though I'm jobless. This is the..
Nine Steps To Never-ending Good Fortune  by: Cheryl Janecky
Good Fortune is a feeling and a state of grace where everything is abundant and events and people are magically attracted to you. Everyone knows Good Fortune when they see it - but few know how to..
Jest Practices: Best Practices for Humor in the Workplace  by: Craig Harrison
Most agree that humor in the workplace can have beneficial effects. Yet not all humor is good humor. The challenge: how to interject appropriate humor and fun into our serious jobs without hurting..
How To Become A Writer For Web Content  by: Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
For many people, a lifelong dream is to become a writer. They nurture this fond hope and desire inside themselves for years and years - but do not take the first step to become a writer. When I ask..
How to Create a School Web Page  by: B.J. Huber
These days, all organizations and businesses need to have a web presence, including schools. Whether you are a public elementary school, a K-12 independent school, or a college or university,..
BREATH OF LIFE - Quotes  by: Mr. Ashok Sharma
D. THOREAU- Things do not change, we change. DANIEL WEBSTER-Let us never forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labour of man. DANIEL WHOYT If you have a friend worth loving,..
Spell Better by Using These Spelling Strategies  by: Celia Webb
Spelling English words can be challenging. Schools and businesses expect correct spelling. The better your spelling skills are, the more likely you are to do well in communicating your ideas whether..
Learning A Foreign Language: The Ventriloquists' Lesson  by: Gabrielle Guichard
From a certain point of view, ventriloquists are poets: what matters is not only what they say, but also the way they say it. To master a foreign language, adopt the ventriloquist's attitude. The..
Russia - Samara (one hour flight from Moscow)  by: Legend World Teaching Center
Language Centre is a private educational organization which has a number of services. English language courses (all levels, from beginner to advanced; mainly students and adults); prepararion to FCE,..
Anhui - Hefei  by: Hefei Run’an Boarding School
Hefei Run’an Boarding School was funded by the Hefei Wanbo science / Educational group, and approved by the Hefei Municipal Government and the Hefei Educational authorities in 1993. It is a full..
Philippines - Manila (Ayala Alabang Village)  by: i-English / International English Language Center Manila
New Language Center in Alabang! Hi! This is i-English (International English Language Center Manila) and we just started the language academy in Ayala Alabang Village. We are catering British TESOL ,..
Nagoya  by: Discovery International School
Discovery International School offers research-based, Reggio Emilia inspired preschool and After School English programs to learners of all nationalities. Education is rooted in play, and curriculum..
Australia - Melbourne  by: Kaplan's English School in Melbourne
Our new English school in Melbourne, Australia, offers you the chance to study and stay in the world’s most liveable city. Learn English in Melbourne and feel at home. This is the perfect location..
Mexico - Monterrey (San Pedro and Stanta Catarina Campuses)  by: American Institute of Monterrey
Pre-kindergarten through 9th grade. Facilities for each development Stage: Switching from the “small children’s” Campus to the “big kids’ ” Campus as they reach upper levels, has an..
Ontario - Toronto (downtown)  by: International TEFL Academy (Teacher Training)
The historic Blake Mansion, completed in 1872, now serves as the home of our Toronto TEFL school. Since 1872, this building has been home to the second Premier of Ontario, among other influential..
TEFL Training College  by: 0nline TEFL Courses - www.go-tefl.com
The TEFL Training College is a dynamic and forward-looking academic institution. We offer internationally recognized and validated TEFL / TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)..
Indonesian Language in Jakarta, Indonesia  by: Language Studies Indonesia
Volunteer Aid Nepal - NGO  by: Nepal
Volunteer Aid Nepal is charity for Community development. We run various volunteer Programs and community aid projects to support the work of local community in Nepal. Local communities in Nepal are..
EF Guangzhou  by: Seeking info
Hello everyone I would be grateful if someone could give me some info on EF English First in Guangzhou. I have been offered a job in one of the Kids schools in the city and would like to hear from..
Teaching English - Types Of ESL Positions Available In Korea  by: Joe
Most English teachers work in language institutes ("hakwon" in Korean). There are, however, positions available in several types of institutions private foreign language institutes (hakwons)..
Flights To Kathmandu, Nepal  by: ticketstoindia.co.uk
Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and often called "The Gateway to Nepal" and "Gateway of Mount Everest". When anybody who has come to Nepal thinks of Kathmandu, the first impression he carries..
History of Thailand, A Strong Nation  by: Nancy E Eben
Thailand History dates back to Paleolithic era. All along its past, it has emerged to become one of the leading cultural and economic centers in Southeast Asia. The story of fascinating country,..
Japan Travel Destination - Miyajima  by: Josh Shulman
Miyajima is a small island in Japan, situated at a short ferry ride from Hiroshima. It is just like the place you would imagine in your thoughts as the perfect vacation destination. It is one of the..
Camarines  by: Allan Merin
Many are still looking for a one-stop travel destination where they can get closer to nature, enjoy the sun, soak into the water, do some exercises, try extreme sports, or relax at a world-class..
India Travel Information Guide  by: Amit Patel Bhawani
India Travel guide offers you with excellent information on why should someone visit India and the best places they can travel. India is a country with numerous states and cities where you can find..
Central Australia And Traveling To Ayers Rocks  by: Jewel Montoya
Ayers Rock is undoubtedly one of Australia's most widely recognised icons both nationally and internationally. It is also one of Australia's most popular tour destinations, and for very good reason...
How to Travel to Italy in October  by: Carrie Simmons
October is an excellent time to travel to Italy. The summer crowds have faded and the winter temperatures, especially in the Alps, have not yet kicked into freezing mode. And, with increased airline..
Re: Exotic Travel on $53 a Day  by: cunning linguist
Brilliant article, well-written and informative. I too spent some time in Mexico. Mayan cuture is extraordinary - Chichen Itza was an eye-opener for me.
New Student in USA?  by: Jagdish Khubchandani
Should I tell you the truth? My first visit to a grocery store in America was a real challenge Imagine walking along the rows with different boxes, cans, packs and understands nothing. Not very..
Laos - Luang Prabang  by: Auberge and Cafe les 3 Nagas
Bboutique hotel located in the center of Luang Prabang. Details of rooms, rates and facilities.
A Beautiful Destination : Antigua  by: Jeffrey Meier
Antigua is one of the two islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. Its one of the most sought after get away island for tourists, attracted by its ever energetic atmosphere that also speaks..

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