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(Advanced ESL level)

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To start the quiz, click on GO and look at the mystery word above.

Then, consult the list of words below and use it to identify the mystery word above.

Once the word is identified, type in the missing letters, using the keyboard.

The quiz box will then evaluate your results. Good luck!

Teachers: You may wish to keep the score of your students.


List of words

acrimonious, allegiance, ameliorate, annihilate, antiseptic, articulate, authoritative, benefactor, boisterous, breakthrough, carcinogenic, censorious, chivalrous, collarbone, commendable, compendium, comprehensive, conclusive, conscientious, considerate, deferential, denouement, determinate, diffidence, disruption, earthenware, elliptical, entanglement, escutcheon, extinguish, extradition, fastidious, flamboyant, forethought, forthright, gregarious, handmaiden, honeysuckle, hypocritical, illustrious, infallible, lumberjack, mischievous, mollycoddle, nimbleness, nonplussed, obliterate, obsequious, obstreperous, opalescent, ostensible, pandemonium, paraphernalia, pawnbroker, pedestrian, peremptory, perfunctory, pernicious, perpetrate, personable, pickpocket, poltergeist, precipitous, predicament, preposterous, presumptuous, prevaricate, propensity, provisional, pugnacious, ramshackle, rattlesnake, reciprocate, recrimination, redoubtable, relinquish, remonstrate, repository, reprehensible, resolution, resplendent, restitution, retaliation, retribution, saccharine, salubrious, skulduggery, skyscraper, soothsayer, tearjerker, transcribe, turpentine, unassuming, underscore, undertaker, underwrite, unobtrusive, vernacular, waterfront, watertight.


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Re Bye Bye FT's  by: paul fox
Did you just ADMIT to making an error? Would that be the same kind of error as I made when I typed 'it's' instead of 'its'? Are you finally admitting that you are an infallible human being just like..
Re the irrelevance of white man in Asia  by: nijao
//And why does China need English. In fact I know why but wondering if a Chinese person will ever admit the truth about this.// Second reply to your msg. What is prosperity and what is not..
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