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(Advanced ESL level)

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To start the quiz, click on GO and look at the mystery word above.

Then, consult the list of words below and use it to identify the mystery word above.

Once the word is identified, type in the missing letters, using the keyboard.

The quiz box will then evaluate your results. Good luck!

Teachers: You may wish to keep the score of your students.


List of words

acrimonious, allegiance, ameliorate, annihilate, antiseptic, articulate, authoritative, benefactor, boisterous, breakthrough, carcinogenic, censorious, chivalrous, collarbone, commendable, compendium, comprehensive, conclusive, conscientious, considerate, deferential, denouement, determinate, diffidence, disruption, earthenware, elliptical, entanglement, escutcheon, extinguish, extradition, fastidious, flamboyant, forethought, forthright, gregarious, handmaiden, honeysuckle, hypocritical, illustrious, infallible, lumberjack, mischievous, mollycoddle, nimbleness, nonplussed, obliterate, obsequious, obstreperous, opalescent, ostensible, pandemonium, paraphernalia, pawnbroker, pedestrian, peremptory, perfunctory, pernicious, perpetrate, personable, pickpocket, poltergeist, precipitous, predicament, preposterous, presumptuous, prevaricate, propensity, provisional, pugnacious, ramshackle, rattlesnake, reciprocate, recrimination, redoubtable, relinquish, remonstrate, repository, reprehensible, resolution, resplendent, restitution, retaliation, retribution, saccharine, salubrious, skulduggery, skyscraper, soothsayer, tearjerker, transcribe, turpentine, unassuming, underscore, undertaker, underwrite, unobtrusive, vernacular, waterfront, watertight.


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My Spanish for your English  by: paola
Hello I can help you to learn Spanish. I am very interested to learn English.
My English for your Latin American Spanish  by: Angelina
In English: I would like to exchange my English for your Spanish. My only requirement is the person I practice with must speak Latin American Spanish. I cannot practice with someone from Spain. This..
My Portuguese for your English  by: Felipe Lopes
My name is Felipe, I have been living in Araraquara - SP since I finished my undergraduation course. I am really into improving my English skills through knowing new people. I hope I may help you..
Pen Pals for my Students: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German   by: MsNikiG
Hi! Our students would love to learn about different cultures around the world. We are a language school in Athens, Greece and our students range from 5-60+ years old. They would love to email, snail..
My Spanish for your Dutch  by: Danbaal
Hello, I'm looking for a pen-pal to improve my Dutch and for language exchange. I'm fluent in Spanish, French, English and Arabic.
English Tutor:   by: Heidi Anderson
Hi. I have recently passed my TEFL exam and looking to move to Javea and interested in working with any age or privately. I have lots of experience volunteering with children in nurseries, play..
British Tutor: Native English speaker, 10 years experience  by: Darren Wyles
I am a 47 year old native speaker English language teacher from Nottingham, and have been teaching English to all ages and different nationalities for 10 years. I have taught in private language..
Students Looking For Tutors:   by: Salama
Hi My name is Salama, I'm a student from UAE and I need a teacher to check my writing. Thank you
Slang: Text-speak!  by: Skype121English
Text-speak! Ok today I want to talk about some English slang. ‘Textspeak’ is the name for all those special phrases, abbreviations and acronyms we use in online chat and SMS messages (often..
Business English: ‘Yours sincerely’ vs. ‘yours faithfully’  by: John
‘Yours sincerely’ vs. ‘yours faithfully’ These two matching expressions have an identical purpose. They exist to finish formal letters and communications in a respectful and professional..
Learning Tips: Don't call the British, the English.  by: db
It's not the 'English', it's the British. There is no 'the English'.
Re: Running an English Corner  by: Silverboy
I would like to warn everyone on here that any "advice" or "suggestions" from Martin Wolff should be ignored. This person is a [edited], a [edited], he has been outed on here and other websites..
Re: Running an English Corner  by: Turnoi, the Only One and Real Turnoi
Martin Wolff's "advice" on English corners should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt. It's just an opportunity to promote his business .- teaching English with movies alone, which I think is a pile..
Re: General note on this forum  by: Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen
I appreciate your kind words, Dr. Zack! Have a good life and enjoy your days! I will officially retire from work next year.
Using Parrots in the ESL Classroom  by: Rita Corcoran Davis/American College of Education Capstone Assignment
Bird Brains Teaching English Rita Corcoran Davis Introduction Service animals have been used to assist people since the 1700’s. Even though visually impaired individuals have utilized dogs since..
April is Autism Awareness Month!  by: Rachel Fischer
Light it Up Blue in April April is quickly approaching and for the last four decades it has been the time of year that has been set aside for autism awareness. April 2nd has also marked World Autism..
Facts Concerning Teaching English in Elementary School  by: Dr. Khalid Al-Seghayer
Facts Concerning Teaching English in Elementary School Dr. Khalid Al-Seghayer @alseghayer In discussing this ongoing educational controversy, I will neither dwell on whether it..
ESL Activity - Paper Airplane Game  by: Jamie Rochfort
Directions: • Issue each student with 2 or 3 A4 sheets of scrap paper along with the written instructions (see below); • Provide a demonstration for the class by making one with the step-by-step..
ESL English Lesson: Saudi driving ban for women  by: David Robinson
Today let’s talk about women not being allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia. Can you imagine a woman in your country not being allowed to drive a car simply because she is a woman? It’s hard to..
ESL English Lesson: Noisy and disruptive neighbours!  by: David Robinson
Today let’s talk about noisy neighbours! They can be very annoying. It can be loud music blasting out. Someone could hold a party. In this instance it is better they invite their neighbours. If you..
The History of Parachute Pants  by: Bettina Palileo
Parachute pants are characterized by their material. Just like actual parachutes, they are made of nylon, allowing them to be lightweight and durable. The crotch is low and pockets and zippers adorn..
About The History of Birthday Candles  by: Peggy Epstein
When the iced and decorated cake is brought to the table at a birthday party, it's ablaze with candles. A longstanding tradition, the lighting of birthday candles is said to have started with the..
About Flamenco Dancing  by: Debra Stein
Flamenco dancing is much more than a pattern of steps or a style of movement. It is defined by the emotional interpretation of music and song, and the influence of a culture that shaped its form...
Re summer pay for contract renewal  by: Turnoi
That sounds like cheating at your expense. I suggest the folliowing: Talk to them and make it clear to them that it will be more expensive for them to hire a new teacher from abroad, getting all..
summer pay for contract renewal  by: martin hainan
My new employer, a major provincial university, does not pay for the summer months between contracts. If you are here 5 years, you still only get paid for 10 months in each contract. My last three..
Re Help with demo lesson  by: Silverboy
A person ( teacher ) can still competently complete sixteen classes a week with a proper lesson plan and still eat jiaozi, drink beer, and chase skirt (girls ) , it's called "multi-tasking", haha!..
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