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(Advanced ESL level)

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To start the quiz, click on GO and look at the mystery word above.

Then, consult the list of words below and use it to identify the mystery word above.

Once the word is identified, type in the missing letters, using the keyboard.

The quiz box will then evaluate your results. Good luck!

Teachers: You may wish to keep the score of your students.


List of words

acrimonious, allegiance, ameliorate, annihilate, antiseptic, articulate, authoritative, benefactor, boisterous, breakthrough, carcinogenic, censorious, chivalrous, collarbone, commendable, compendium, comprehensive, conclusive, conscientious, considerate, deferential, denouement, determinate, diffidence, disruption, earthenware, elliptical, entanglement, escutcheon, extinguish, extradition, fastidious, flamboyant, forethought, forthright, gregarious, handmaiden, honeysuckle, hypocritical, illustrious, infallible, lumberjack, mischievous, mollycoddle, nimbleness, nonplussed, obliterate, obsequious, obstreperous, opalescent, ostensible, pandemonium, paraphernalia, pawnbroker, pedestrian, peremptory, perfunctory, pernicious, perpetrate, personable, pickpocket, poltergeist, precipitous, predicament, preposterous, presumptuous, prevaricate, propensity, provisional, pugnacious, ramshackle, rattlesnake, reciprocate, recrimination, redoubtable, relinquish, remonstrate, repository, reprehensible, resolution, resplendent, restitution, retaliation, retribution, saccharine, salubrious, skulduggery, skyscraper, soothsayer, tearjerker, transcribe, turpentine, unassuming, underscore, undertaker, underwrite, unobtrusive, vernacular, waterfront, watertight.


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But as I have said, because we(Anglos Saxons, Celts) are being out-bred we will have your republic one day...and it'll make Inner Mongolia a jolly gay place to live. Nowt against inner mongolia (love..
Re Learning Tips: Don't call the British, the English.  by: yu2fa3
If the UK was a republic, it wouldn't much matter. Look at China and Russia, they have many different nationalities in one country. We would all simply be federal subjects, and none of this getting..
Abbreviations: K.I.S.S. meaning  by: student
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Re: Taking minutes & writing reports  by: Yanni Zack
Sondes, Here is an article I found on How to Take Business Meeting Notes How to run an eco club meeting Taking meeting minutes Minutes are just notes you take in a meeting, helping to remind you what..
Re: Online tutorial questions  by: Yanni Zack
Since we are now moving into the technology world for Online Teaching, I am finding that using Skype is a great way to conduct ESL Teaching as this uses both the Phone and chat at the same time.
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ESL Activity - Paper Airplane Game  by: Jamie Rochfort
Directions: • Issue each student with 2 or 3 A4 sheets of scrap paper along with the written instructions (see below); • Provide a demonstration for the class by making one with the step-by-step..
ESL English Lesson: Saudi driving ban for women  by: David Robinson
Today let’s talk about women not being allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia. Can you imagine a woman in your country not being allowed to drive a car simply because she is a woman? It’s hard to..
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Today let’s talk about noisy neighbours! They can be very annoying. It can be loud music blasting out. Someone could hold a party. In this instance it is better they invite their neighbours. If you..
The History of Parachute Pants  by: Bettina Palileo
Parachute pants are characterized by their material. Just like actual parachutes, they are made of nylon, allowing them to be lightweight and durable. The crotch is low and pockets and zippers adorn..
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When the iced and decorated cake is brought to the table at a birthday party, it's ablaze with candles. A longstanding tradition, the lighting of birthday candles is said to have started with the..
About Flamenco Dancing  by: Debra Stein
Flamenco dancing is much more than a pattern of steps or a style of movement. It is defined by the emotional interpretation of music and song, and the influence of a culture that shaped its form...
Re: Esther settling back into Blighty  by: Fifi
Esther is truly adorable. "They even fake the run"... very funny. I keep laughing it ;o)
Esther settling back into Blighty   by: yu2fa3
Well, Esther brought a dicky tummy back from China and has had constant diarrhoea while a fortnight. However yesterday we had her faeces test back and they say there's nothing wrong with; so 'spose..
Re To Cunning Linguist: Is it THAT bad?  by: yu2fa3
Sorry I meant 'the moving finger'
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