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(Advanced ESL level)

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To start the quiz, click on GO and look at the mystery word above.

Then, consult the list of words below and use it to identify the mystery word above.

Once the word is identified, type in the missing letters, using the keyboard.

The quiz box will then evaluate your results. Good luck!

Teachers: You may wish to keep the score of your students.


List of words

acrimonious, allegiance, ameliorate, annihilate, antiseptic, articulate, authoritative, benefactor, boisterous, breakthrough, carcinogenic, censorious, chivalrous, collarbone, commendable, compendium, comprehensive, conclusive, conscientious, considerate, deferential, denouement, determinate, diffidence, disruption, earthenware, elliptical, entanglement, escutcheon, extinguish, extradition, fastidious, flamboyant, forethought, forthright, gregarious, handmaiden, honeysuckle, hypocritical, illustrious, infallible, lumberjack, mischievous, mollycoddle, nimbleness, nonplussed, obliterate, obsequious, obstreperous, opalescent, ostensible, pandemonium, paraphernalia, pawnbroker, pedestrian, peremptory, perfunctory, pernicious, perpetrate, personable, pickpocket, poltergeist, precipitous, predicament, preposterous, presumptuous, prevaricate, propensity, provisional, pugnacious, ramshackle, rattlesnake, reciprocate, recrimination, redoubtable, relinquish, remonstrate, repository, reprehensible, resolution, resplendent, restitution, retaliation, retribution, saccharine, salubrious, skulduggery, skyscraper, soothsayer, tearjerker, transcribe, turpentine, unassuming, underscore, undertaker, underwrite, unobtrusive, vernacular, waterfront, watertight.


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Re: Re Calling all good women and men....  by: Davyhulme
I'm sure you can't speak Chinese and I'll bet you had a Chinese wife at some stage: my sympathies if that's the case. You are right on the nail on this point. Almost, and I do not mean every..
Re: Re Calling all good women and men....  by: Pig Dog
FYI, FFS means, "for fucks sake", PC is "politically correct" and that describes you perfectly. In fact, I've lived in China, and the rest of Asia for a lot longer than you have. I lived in China for..
Re: Re Calling all good women and men....  by: Pig Dog
I have even thought about living in Taiwan. I like Thailand, but my Thai is terrible these days. It is better if you can speak the language of the locals. In Pattaya I don't need to speak Thai, but..
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