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Free Creative Writing Examples - Read Book "For Honor" #8  by: Kat Jaske
. . . She sighed and rubbed her eyes with the palms of her hands as she recalled her rather unwise promise to Gerard. She was used to playing a lad; she'd been playing at being a lad for the greater..
Writing a Friendly Letter  by: David Urmann
A friendly letter may be informal or casual, but it is still a letter. And as a general rule, letters should be clear, readable and organized. Otherwise, the recipient will have a hard time..
Self-Marketing Techniques for Writers  by: Scott Lindsay
One of the most effective ways to present your work to prospective clients is by having an online presence. As the world shrinks through the use of the worldwide web, you will find clients on an..
Learn How to Use Commas Properly  by: Linda Correli
The comma is the most frequently used internal mark of punctuation. Of all the marks of punctuation, it has the widest variety of uses. Using commas with dates, addresses, greetings, names, and large..
Make One Picture Worth A Thousand Words Using 5 Easy Steps  by: Kym Moore
Can you read a picture? Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Could it have been 500 or 250 words instead? Who in their right mind would sit down and count how many words describes a picture?..
Simple Techniques for Writing an Introduction to Your Story  by: Katrina Williams
Writers struggle with how to write the introduction to a story. If the introduction is dull and unexciting, the reader is apt to put it down, never to even read the second paragraph. If the..
Techniques For Better Writing  by: Shelley M DuPont
Good writing does not just happen. It takes experience which means it takes practice. Not only that, but it is important that you learn how to edit and revise your work along the way. Many people..
How To Write Thank You Letters With Class  by: Shaun Fawcett
When I first started tracking the information preferences of people visiting my Writing Help Central Web site I was surprised to find how many folks were seeking information on how to write thank you..
What Is Drama?  by: Nola Redd
Since I became a newsletter editor, I have struggled with the question, what is drama? What makes a story into a drama? This has been especially difficult as I sought out works to include as editor's..
Tips to Write "Sorry" Letters  by: Dhara Rami
We all make mistakes and the need to say sorry does occur. An apology or Sorry Letter is normally written for defective or damaged product, late payment, providing poor service, shipping delay,..
Writing Business Letters That Get The Job Done  by: Shaun Fawcett
Despite the widespread use of e-mail in commerce today, traditional business letters are still the main way that the majority of businesses officially communicate with their customers and other..
Shakespeare: What Can a Great Poet Teach Us about Clear, Concise Expository Writing?  by: Philip Yaffe
William Shakespeare was unquestionably one of the world's greatest poets and poetic playwrights. Arguably, his mastery of English far surpassed that of anyone else who ever put pen to paper. So what..
Creative Writing: Tips to Make Your Creative Written Work Sell  by: Ross Lincoln
Creative writing is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. However, you really don't need a special talent for it. What you need is a paper, a pen and a very good imagination that is worthy of..
Creating a Successful Writer's Retreat  by: Cynthia Morris
The dream of escaping daily life for a creative retreat is common to us artist types. Yet not everyone has tons of time or money to slip off to the beach. Not a problem. Creative retreats are easy to..
Writing a Cover Letter  by: C. M. Clifton
As a novice writer, I had no idea that cover letters existed until I attempted to submit my first short story manuscript to a publication whose submission guidelines required that a cover letter..
What Is Freelance Travel Writing?  by: Brian Konradt
Becoming a successful travel writer involves some imagination, some legwork, and a powerful eye for detail to transform the rich experience of a place into a clear, exciting article. If you can do..
Why a Writer Needs People Skills (And How To Develop Them)  by: Bobbi Linkemer
Writing is often perceived as a solitary process. While there is some truth to that perception, it is only half the picture. I think many people actually visualize writers as holed up in our little..
6 Tricks To Squeeze Your Letters Onto One Page  by: Shaun Fawcett
Anyone who has read any of my articles on the subject of letter writing or resume writing will know how important I believe it is to minimize the number of pages, preferably limiting them to one page..
Don't Write Short Texts, Write Concise Ones  by: Philip Yaffe
If you are puzzled by this admonition, it is probably because you have been led to believe that "short" and "concise" are synonyms. They arent. My dictionary shows two definitions for "concise": 1...
Tips For Becoming a Freelance Writer  by: Matt Crook
The idea of being a freelance writer conjures up images of a glamorous lifestyle and long days off. But it's really not like that. Being a freelance writer is hard work - darn hard work. It's also..
Six Quick Tips For Aspiring Book Authors  by: Angela Connor
Now that I've written a book, I want to scream from the mountain tops how much I truly believe that anyone who has the drive and desire to write a book can find the time to get it done with a little..
Creative Writing: Tips to Make Your Creative Written Work Sell  by: Ross Lincoln
Creative writing is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. However, you really don't need a special talent for it. What you need is a paper, a pen and a very good imagination that is worthy of..
Options For The Self Publisher  by: Celia Webb
You have finished writing your book. Now you want to figure out how to get it published. The traditional way is to approach established publishing companies and get them interested in the project...
Nature as a Source of Inspiration for Writing Child Stories  by: Paul Arinaga
Nature can be a rich source of inspiration for writing a child book. Here are 7 ways that you can tap into nature to uncover material for your childrens stories and unleash your creativity. #1:..
Why Your Punctuation Really Matters?  by: Linda Correli
Surely, there is one supreme rule: that punctuation is best which best serves to make writing subtle, supple, delicate, nuanced and efficient. Of course you can write using only periods and commas..
How to Write Your Own Love Story Or Poetry  by: D. Teoli
This article involves the topic of how to write your own love story or poetry. The best thing to do is read it a couple times and then begin slowly - referencing any other aids or relevant websites..
Writing a Formal Letter  by: David Urmann
Writing a formal letter may be a difficult task for a beginner but once you get the proper format, it will be easy later on. Formal letters usually require a format or a template. Just follow a..
What is Fiction? An Exploration Into the Definition  by: Daria Black
Fiction is an integral part of the human culture. The ability to tell believable lies may be the one thing that defines our species from the hundreds of others we share this world with. What..
3 Rules of Good English in Technical Writing  by: Ugur Akinci
Here are three rules that will help you write technical documents that are much easier to read, understand and remember. 1) Follow the subject of the sentence immediately with the verb. For example:..
How to Write a Scholarship Cover Letter  by: Collaborator
The competition for scholarships gets tougher each year with more people going to college. If a student wishes to gain a scholarship, the cover letter is the first thing a scholarship committee will..
How to Write out Numbers  by: Pauline Gill
Writing numbers is a daily exercise in living, whether it is writing a check or writing a paper. There are grammar rules for using numbers in writing papers, and there are simple techniques for..
Tips For Writing Effective Brochures  by: Jerry Payne
It's almost a lost art. In this day and age, a splashy, attention-getting design is what people typically want in their product brochures. So much so that the wording often gets overlooked. But..
Top 10 New Year's Resolutions For Writers  by: Joanna Penn
1. Write more. Find the time to invest in your writing. There is a myth of creativity that you need the perfect time and space to create perfect words. But you write about real life, so find time in..
Mechanism Of Effective Letter Writing  by: Jennie Gandhi
The need and demand to write effective letters has existed for long as a means of communication between two individuals. It holds a key importance in all aspects of life including social, personal,..
How to Write a Persuasive Essay  by: Linda Correli
Stop worrying about writing a persuasive essay. Find out how to write a persuasive essay in three simple steps. Writing a persuasive essay is much like preparing for a debate. You need to study your..
How to Succeed as a Writer  by: Carl Cash
You are a Writer! Yes, the simple fact is you are a writer. Maybe you don't write for money at the moment. But, if you can write a letter or a list you have the potential to write for Large amounts..
Tips to Write "Sorry" Letters  by: Dhara Rami
We all make mistakes and the need to say sorry does occur. An apology or Sorry Letter is normally written for defective or damaged product, late payment, providing poor service, shipping delay,..
Submitting Your Manuscript: Getting Started  by: Sophfronia Scott
I am often asked "Do you know of a publisher who would be interested in my book?" There's no easy way to answer this question. You see, according to the PMA Newsletter, there are over 86,000..
How to Start Writing a Book in Your Free Time  by: Trevor Johnson
Do you have a great idea that you think would make a compelling book but don't know how to start the writing process? Or, perhaps you suddenly have a lot of free time on your hands and would love to..
Internet Marketing Coach Tip Seven - Start Writing  by: Michelle Tukachinsky
When you are in a new online business, internet marketing, or work from home type of business you need to do certain things to promote your business. Writing is a very important aspect of any new..