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Journaling - A Strategy for Writer's Block  by: Theresa Wilson
Responding to Preparation Challenges.One of the major areas of attack when preparing to write is addressing and adjusting to the variety of environmental, physical, and emotional distractions you may..
The Untold Secrets of Writing Best Selling Children's Books  by: Caterina Christakos
Ever wondered how the most successful children's book writers get their ideas? The answer may surprise you. Learn the essential ingredients to writing best selling children's books. Ever wondered how..
How to Become a Good Public Speaker  by: Cate Rushton
Everyone finds themselves in the position of having to speak in public at one time or another. You may have to give a presentation at work or school, or propose a toast at the wedding of your best..
Four Keys to Writing For the Web  by: Deborah Gaines
She hasn't the faintest idea how to tell a story. She wouldn't know a compound sentence if it fractured her leg. And her stock of similes is lower than the price of sand at the seashore. Luckily for..
Tips On Finding A Plot For Your Book  by: Jennie Crawford
Are you interested in writing a book? A lot of people are these days, but most arent sure how to get started. It always seems to be such a doable task, until it gets right down to finding the right..
Journaling - A Strategy for Writer's Block  by: Theresa Wilson
Responding to Preparation Challenges.One of the major areas of attack when preparing to write is addressing and adjusting to the variety of environmental, physical, and emotional distractions you may..
Use Enthusiasm to Achieve Great Things with Your Speech  by: Jonathan Steele
Enthusiasm is an exceptional excitement, interest, or devotion. In public speaking, excitement about your subject will make a speech come alive. It will enable you to capture the attention of your..
Writing Prompts - Who Needs This Writing Help?  by: Deanna Mascle
Writing prompts can offer tremendous writing help for writers at every level of experience and expertise. Who can use writing prompts? Beginners can use writing prompts to help them learn and grow as..
How To Write Titles For The Web  by: Mihaela Lica
So you think that writing titles is an easy task? First let me tell you what titles are. No, I am not going to give you a definition. I am just going to say (or write in this case) two words: micro..
Learn How to Start a Novel That Will Be Fun and Easy to Write  by: Elizabeth L. Andrews
If you are really interested in writing a novel that will feel satisfying to you and to your readers, it's important to start things off right. Although you may just want to jump into your writing..
Article Writing Tips - Get Your Grammar Right Please  by: Steven Wagenheim
This is kind of a rant, but it's meant to help you with your articles. And no, I am not a Mrs. Wombat (thank you Paul Myers) but there ARE places where you really DO want to have proper grammar. One..
Writing for Children and Teens: Should You Outline Your Story Before Writing?  by: Maurene J. Hinds
Part of the writing process is experimenting. Writers differ on their opinions about outlining--some love it, some hate it, and some are mixed. The decision to outline is a personal one. You need to..
Tips for Public Speaking  by: WatchMojo
Making Money With Articles- Easy To Read Articles And Optimal Article Length  by: Connie McKenzie
Writing articles and making money with articles can be easy for anyone. Without having had any previous training, one can quickly learn all that they need to know right from the internet. Your best..
Use Real-Life Templates For Writing Success  by: Shaun Fawcett
At some point along the way, most of us have used what are commonly called "fill-in-the-blank" writing templates. We might have used them to write a letter, format an essay, or set-up a resume or CV...
My First Book - Getting Started  by: Lori Medford
Writing a book for the first time can seem like a daunting task and you may be wondering how to get started. First, get rid of the idea that you don't have the time. Many people talk themselves out..
Peep into the Fabulous World of Dictionaries  by: Linda Correli
Lexicography is an important branch of linguistics, which covers the theory and practice of compiling dictionaries. The history of lexicography of the English language goes as far back as the Old..
How To Write An Article  by: Jinger Jarrett
Whether you are writing an article to promote your business, or you're writing an article to sell, there are certain article writing strategies you can follow to help you easily create your article...
The Difference Between a Copy Editor and a Story Editor  by: Maxine Thompson
It is often said that if they had to choose, many novelists would prefer to have the developmental (or content) editing completed on their manuscripts versus the copy editing. Why? Because if the..
How To Write Articles For Online Users  by: Jane Scaplen
Being in the business of search engine optimization and writing articles can be a bit of a daunting process in itself. There are many people who will tell you that they know of no other way on the..
10 Massive Benefits You Get When You Become An Author  by: Bob Burnham
Here are the ten benefits you WILL receive when you write a book. You Are The Expert. The silver bullet and fastest way to becoming the expert is for you to 'Write a book'. Once you have written your..
Top Ten Ways to Write an Effective Real Estate Letter  by: Lanard Perry
Here's a tongue in cheek take on writing an effective real estate letter. Actually, it's truer for me than I care to admit. If followed to a tee you'll become as good at writing letters as the that..
3 Easy Steps to Writing Your Story  by: Kelly Hocks
It is so easy to forget stories that are handed down at the dinner table or in Grandma's living room. These stories help connect us to our family and build confidence in our youngest family members...
Writing Tips - The Most Important One  by: Michael Russell
There is one thing in this world that there is no getting around. Everybody thinks they can be a star, or at least wants to be, whether it's as a singer, songwriter, actor, ball player or circus..
How To Break Into Magazine Writing  by: Jennifer Carsen
As a freelance success story, Linda Formichelli walks the talk. She's written for more than 120 magazines, including Woman's Day, Health, Writer's Digest, Redbook, Business Start-Ups, Fortune Small..
Writing Articles To Improve Website Traffic  by: Peter Nisbet
Writing articles to improve website traffic is one of the most profitable things you can do to improve your internet business. No internet business will thrive without traffic: it is the lifeblood of..
How To Get Fair Pay For Freelance Writing  by: Sharon Hurley Hall
New freelance writers often wonder how to charge for their writing. Writers want to make sure that they get paid fairly for the effort they have put in. In the short term, writers may work for very..
Re: Resignation Letters: Don't Let Yours Backfire On You...  by: AD
javascript:emoticon('>\\-|') Thank you so much for writing this article. I helped me appreciate the importance of thinking carefully before I wrote my resignation letter. Thank you.
How to Reach Your Audience through Words  by: Melinda Copp
As a writer, the most important person in your work life is your readers-the people who pick up your book, buy it, and take the time to read it; the people who see your article and contact you for..
Write Right  by: V Brown
While we all make mistakes, some can be more damaging than others. As more and more people decide to try their hand at setting up their own online business its only a matter of time before they..
71 Ways For A Writer To Make Money  by: Julia Tang
There are so many ways for writers to make good money by writing. Some people love to write, even as a hobby. You can turn your writing skills into income. Here are a brief list for your reference...
This Writers' Life: The Cheat Sheet  by: Chyna Dolores
Im often asked where I get my ideas from or how I go about writing my poetry/lyrics. Truth be told, Im not exactly sure... a thought or feeling will just appear in my head and I will have this dire..
What Makes An Article Readable?  by: Eric Hartwell
What makes an article readable? Many authors try to write articles which are too complex in their structure and too diverse in their nature, so that readers cannot easily go from the beginning to the..
Learn How to Use Commas Properly  by: Linda Correli
The comma is the most frequently used internal mark of punctuation. Of all the marks of punctuation, it has the widest variety of uses. Using commas with dates, addresses, greetings, names, and large..
Recommendation Letter Writing Made Easy With Templates  by: Kevin Savetz
Letters of recommendation are routinely sought for employment and education situations. You may also find yourself asked to write a reference letter for someone seeking to adopt a child, get into..
What Is Freelance Journalism?  by: Brian Konradt
Freelance journalism is one of the more hectic forms of freelance writing. If you want to become a successful freelance journalist, you'll need to be comfortable with spending much time hunting down..
How to Make Your Articles Rich in Content  by: Pam F Lokker
If you are a virtual assistant, undoubtedly you will eventually have a client that wishes you to rewrite something he or she may have penned or typed. It's not always an easy task to find just the..
Email Etiquette in Business  by: KJ Hutchings
Millions of emails are sent around the world every day. It is an effective and convenient means of communicating information and has revolutionised how we operate in the business world. Less..
How to Write Your Own Love Story Or Poetry  by: D. Teoli
This article involves the topic of how to write your own love story or poetry. The best thing to do is read it a couple times and then begin slowly - referencing any other aids or relevant websites..
Writing An Ebook Learning Step By Step  by: Vickie Scanlon
They say the best way to making money on the Internet, is to create your own Ebook. Wow! Thats a simple statement, but do you know what is involved. Ill try to explain what I have learned and I am..