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Writing Business Letters That Get The Job Done  by: Shaun Fawcett
Despite the widespread use of e-mail in commerce today, traditional business letters are still the main way that the majority of businesses officially communicate with their customers and other..
How to Format a Press Release  by: Althea Marie Tan
It is not enough to simply write a press release and then publish it on the web. You should know the correct press release format. Hundreds to thousands of new press releases are uploaded on the web..
This Is What You Need To Be An Outstanding Writer  by: Liza Othman
In order to attain success as a writer of special feature articles, you must possess at least four qualifications: (1) ability to find subjects that will interest the average man and woman, and to..
What Is Effective Public Speaking?  by: Sujata Srinivasan
"There is no such animal, in or out of captivity, as a born public speaker," wrote Dale Carnegie in "The Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking." Indeed, public speaking is an acquired art that is..
How to Write Your Own Content  by: Hans Hasselfors
If you have a small budget or you are very interested in creating your own content you should make yourself familiar with the necessary steps required when writing content for business use. Create a..
How to Be an Editor's First Choice  by: Mridu Khullar
1. Giving more than you promise When an editor asks for two samples, give her three. If she trusts you with an assignment, dont wait for the final deadline, but send it in a day in advance. If shes..
The Difference Between a Copy Editor and a Story Editor  by: Maxine Thompson
It is often said that if they had to choose, many novelists would prefer to have the developmental (or content) editing completed on their manuscripts versus the copy editing. Why? Because if the..
Memoir Writing - How To Get The Best Out of Your Client  by: Taryn Simpson
The Great American Novel - My Memoirs Sure, everyone has a dream about writing or having their life story written for others to read. Each of us have a unique and interesting story to tell, but it..
Article Tips - Write Every Day  by: Lisa A Mason
You've probably heard it said before but if you want to become a better article writer and benefit more from your articles, you need to write every day. Even if it's only one article per day, this..
How to Squeeze Writing into Your Busy Schedule  by: Stephanie Gunning
Congratulations. Youve got a great writing idea. Alas, you also have a full-time job, kids, and a commuting schedule. Or perhaps youre still in school and you have loads of homework. How can you..
Preparing a Writer Media Kit: An Outline for Professional Authors and Speakers  by: Larry M. Lynch
Are you a professional writer who wants to maximize your exposure to potential markets and editors? Would you welcome free publicity? Does boosting your image as a writer interest you? Then you need..
Writing: Getting Started  by: Matthew Keegan
Writing for web content is one of the easiest ways for writers to get their work published. If you have yet to submit articles for syndication, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to share..
Article Ideas - Six Ways To Find Them  by: Steven Gillman
Need article ideas for your online writing? Here are six easy ways to come up with good ones right now. Article ideas can be easy to generate when you first start writing to promote you web site - at..
What Is Freelance Magazine Writing?  by: Brian Konradt
Freelance magazine writing can be one of the most rewarding careers available to a freelance writer. Successful magazine writers are articulate, have a wide variety of interests, and know how to..
How to Write Rap Lyrics  by: Collaborator
Rap music is a combination of musical beats and poetry. You should approach writing rap lyrics like you would approach the process of writing poetry. To write good rap lyrics, you'll need to combine..
Write a Children's Book - 5 Ways to Make Your Book a Success!  by: Lisa Brunel
Are you in the progress of writing a children's book? Have you thought about writing a nice little story that children and their caregivers would like to read? There is defiantly a need for more well..
Want to Write a Book? Five Tips to Set and Achieve Your Writing Goals  by: Melinda Copp
If you want to write a book, or tackle any other important writing project, then setting clear, powerful goals can put you on the path to success. No matter what you hope to accomplish, the following..
Expressions We Use When Giving a Presentation  by: Susan Thomason
When giving a business presentation, it is important to choose the correct words and expressions wisely. If we want to give a successful presentation, it depends mainly on how clear, precise, dynamic..
Article Writing Styles Explained  by: Steven E
Basically, an article is a body of text that imparts information. Whether this is done in a scientific language, with an informal voice or in a more serious manner, is usually decided by the subject..
Press Releases - 17 Tips to Help You Get Published  by: David Quin
Writing a press release and getting published is an almost unrivaled way of gaining publicity. The media highlight your product or service, but they do not do so out of the goodness of their heart...
Online Articles - Don't Write Just For Readers  by: Steven Gillman
Online articles are a great tool for promoting your web site, and you should write with the readers in mind. However, they are not the only ones you are writing for. Online articles have to written..
Ezine Article Writing Tips - Frankenstein's Writing Tip  by: Elaine Currie
If you look for article writing tips by searching online, you will find plenty of tips about the best approach to writing Ezine articles. You will also find advice on "article marketing" and any good..
Pithy Prose: The Wit and Wisdom of Oscar Wilde  by: Philip Yaffe
Part 2 of an occasional series I am a collector of quotations. I have been ever since I learned how to write, I mean professionally, not in primary school. I am particularly fond of what I like to..
New Writers: Dont Do This!  by: Cynthia Morris
I dont go around telling people what to do. As a coach, I offer ideas and suggestions and invite people to try them on for themselves. However, I have noticed that there are some definite things that..
How to Write the Conclusion of an Essay  by: Collaborator
It is very important to write an effective conclusion to an essay. It is this brief conclusive paragraph that will make the final impression on your reader. It is also your last chance to convince..
Writing for the Webits not a piece of e-cake!  by: Allison Nazarian
So, youve elected to jump head first into the wonderful world of Web. After all, just about everyone has a site. You may as well join the craze. You hire a web developer and a graphic artist to..
How to Get Published - A Self Publishing Guide  by: Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
Ask any aspiring writer, he will tell you that how it is challenging to get published. Your writing should reach the right publisher or editor at the right time because there might be thousands of..
Writing Resolutions - An Easy Guide to Achieving Your Writing Goals  by: Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
Writing resolutions play a vital role when it comes to doing creative writing. Suppose you are writing a story or a fiction, you need to be focused on it otherwise you may find it difficult to..
Beat the Block with a Journal  by: Mridu Khullar
Having nothing to write about can be exasperating. But having plentiful to do, and not doing it out of sheer laziness or lack of interest is a whole other story. I have articles months old that..
Character Research  by: Hope Collins
A lot of writers don't seem to do a lot of preparation before they start writing their novels. I envy those people, because I'm unable to start something without knowing vaguely where I'm going and..
How to Format a Press Release  by: Althea Marie Tan
It is not enough to simply write a press release and then publish it on the web. You should know the correct press release format. Hundreds to thousands of new press releases are uploaded on the web..
How to Write a Press Release: Punchy Headlines  by: Dee Power
A press release is simply an announcement of a newsworthy event, information that is timely, entertaining, interesting, or helpful. A punchy headline is critical in getting your press release..
Mechanism Of Effective Letter Writing  by: Jennie Gandhi
The need and demand to write effective letters has existed for long as a means of communication between two individuals. It holds a key importance in all aspects of life including social, personal,..
Top tips on better writing  by: mike
Here are three useful tips to get your writing up to speed. 1)Read it out loud We use different parts of our brain when we are writing, speaking or reading. So reading out loud will switch you out of..
Worst analogies ever written in a high school essay  by: hyn
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How To Be Your Own Editor  by: Matthew W. Grant
There is a stigma associated with writers turning to editors for assistance with their work. Some people see outside editing as an unfair advantage, a form of literary cheating. Writers are expected..
Some Tips To Write A Comedy Movie Script  by: Edmund N. Figueroa
Movies always develop from time to time. There are also many kinds of movies that you can find every day or every week or every month. They include horror, romantic, comedy romantic, comedy movies..
How to Become a Motivational Speaker Coach  by: Shauntelle Hamlett
If you enjoy public speaking and have a strong desire to improve the lives of others, you may be right for a career as a motivational speaker and coach. Motivational speakers use their personal..
How to Write a Great Combat Scene - Advice for Fantasy Writers  by: Will Kalif
A combat scene is something that may take up only a few minutes of your character's time but will take up significantly more of your reader's time. In a combat scene the reader's sense of time..
10 Simple Rules to Empower Your Writing  by: Ross Fattori
Examples of poor writing abound in modern daily life. Newspapers, magazines and websites are overflowing with tired cliches and hackneyed phrases. Even PR firms and marketing departments routinely..