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You Need RSS, Atom, and ROR XML Codes on Your Website!  by: Karen Peralta
Do you have a website? If so, you need an ROR XMLNS code button which leads to a full ROR/RDF code page for your website. This code tells search engines all about the special details you input into..
5 Computer Software Websites Every Computer User Needs  by: Jinger Jarrett
You can quickly and easily spend thousands of dollars buying software for your computer. Since there are so many great computer programs out there, it's hard to resist the buying impulse. However,..
How to Start Video Blogging?  by: Kanicen Nichathavan
Videoblogging is the next generation of posting ideas and products over the internet. Everybody knows about textblogging. Now they use videos for a better way of expression. This form of..
By Jinky C. Mesias There are lots of designers who think they know everything there is to know when it comes to web site designing. However, it seems that they still lack in understanding some of the..
How to Write a Web Content Writing Resume  by: braniac
Becoming a web content writer is a great way to work from home on your own schedule. In order to break into the field, you'll need a resume. It may seem impossible to come up with anything to put on..
What is a Blogger?  by: Adam Waxler
The world has really changed in the past decade or so, especially with the introduction of the Internet onto the scene. Not only does the Internet give us access to a variety of different information..
Teacher Website Ideas  by: Jennifer Elrod
Technology is certainly becoming more advanced. Schools are using computers, projectors, PowerPoint shows and many other electronic devices. Many schools have even gone as far as to offer teacher..
How Important Is Wikipedia In The Grand Scheme Of Things?  by: Bill Platt
Wikipedia is the center of the online encyclopedia universe. Millions of entries on every conceivable topic makes this website an authority source that many young students and adults turn to from all..
Do-It-Yourself Web Design  by: Walt McClure
By: Walt McClure Twisting your handle-bar mustache, you think to yourself.... I'm pretty good with computers and I'm a smart guy/gal. I even have some web software. Who needs a web designer?... Let..
Finding The Right Product For Your Internet Business  by: Shon Christopher
If you are just starting an internet business, finding the right product to sell can be the most difficult part of the whole process. You want to make sure to choose a product that has high demand,..
Free SEO Tools That Are Vital To All Internet Marketers  by: George Christodoulou
When you decide that you want to start a site, even before you want to start optimizing your site you have to think about certain things that have to to with SEO. It is hard to start a website and..
Making Your Own Website - Drop the Web Site Designer  by: Dannie Melancon
Make your own website and have access and freedom to revise your site as often as you like, whether it is on a weekly or daily basis. Drop the web site designer, and you'll find maintaining your..
6 Steps To Get And Keep Your Computer Running At Full Speed  by: Guru
Viruses are everywhere. They run ramped across the internet and your computer just might be a virtual playground for these computer bugs. But it simply does not have to be that way. There are certain..
Internet Terms and Spellings  by: Patsy Bellah
As suggested in the song, "Let’s Call the Whole Thing off," tomato (tomayto and tomahto) or potato (potayto and potahto) can be spelled differently. Well, not really. We know that was only for..
Notebook Or Desktop -computer -- Which Should You Choose?  by:
On TV and in the movies, we see a lot of portable computers being used in homes and offices. Does that mean that's the trend? Is that what you should get? Portable computers cost more, so unless you..
Facebook Applications: More Than Just Saying What's On Your Mind  by: Jeremy C.
When talking about social networking sites, Facebook is always (and has always been) the first site that immediately comes out of the mouths of those people being asked. Not far behind from the..
How to Choose the Right Online Business Opportunity  by: Connie McKenzie
EASY MONEY! Well, isn't that what most of us are looking for these days. We go on the Internet thinking we know how to choose the right online business opportunity. Unfortunately, the Internet is..
Create a Resource Website for Your Company  by: Mark Meshulam
As small business grows, it accumulates forms, lists, procedures and other resources which become the backbone of the company's functioning. Over time, these important documents become scattered and..
The History and Origins of Our PC Computer Keyboards  by: Max Rubin
The keyboard is among the most underappreciated and taken for granted component of the Personal Computer (PC) that we use everyday. We are all creatures of habit. We generally use certain keys and..
Using Google Knol to create your web space.  by: Anita
Google Knol is a modern day way to create your own web space. Although you do not own the website itself, but you will have your own space inside Knol where you can publish your articles. We all are..
How to Shop Computer Training Courses Online  by: Natalie Aranda
Purchase computer training courses online is not as easy as purchasing any ordinary type of software and this is not due to lack of computer based training or problems with online payment, but..
Read Novels Online - A New Way to Read Books  by: Wendy Pan
I have always been a voracious reader. I can go to the book store or library and return with an armload of books and be entirely out of reading material within a week. Fortunately, in today's world,..
Making Money With A Website  by: Robert Dinc
Many people tend to be very excited when they learn that they can make money online by creating a website. However, most of them are pretty much clueless on how to achieve this goal. Building a..
Making A Website  by: Vishal Sheth
Making a website is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of work, determination and confidence to keep going. But once you have done it, it is a great achievement. The first thing you need before..
Changing to a New Host? No More Worries!  by: Priyanka Agarwal
By Priyanka Agarwal John's online business is expanding. His customers are increasing day by day. However, he feels very frustrated at the moment as he finds his website is 'down' about every 4th..
What To Do When Windows Won't Boot  by: Otis F Cooper
When Windows fails to boot it is normally caused by you installing a program or device and it has caused a conflict with one or more other programs. This will no doubt give you plenty of heartaches..
How Can You Start Your Online Business?  by: Ethan Wong
In this article, we will discuss various type of online business and tools available for your start-up. Auction Bidding Easy to start with: *** Low cost: ***** You can start selling items through..
Practical Tips For Buying Your New Laptop  by: Titus Hoskins
Some practical tips you have to consider before buying your new laptop, especially if you want to find the right laptop for you. Do yourself a favor, before purchasing your new laptop, read this..
Logo Design Mania  by: Kristine Llabres
By Kristine Llabres Most companies crave to use their logo for more than jus a single application. Graphic designs that possess gradients, transparences and special effect filters tend to cost more..
Re: What Is PHP? And Why Do You Need It?  by: talentsfromindia
hello, php is an open source language can run on any os, platform indipendient. easy to use and learn.
Anti-Virus Software Maintenance Lesson  by: Michael Russell
Don't learn the hard way like I did. Anti-Virus software is important. If you surf the internet, this software keeps your computer alive. To keep the anti-virus software working effectively it must..
Protect Your Computer With Antivirus Protection  by: Jeremy C.
Technology is moving at a fast pace. Some people may be able to cope with the advancements but others may not. One device that is continuously evolving is the computer. Almost every country is full..
How to Increase Student Achievement by Creating a Classroom Web Page  by: Shelley Frost
Classroom websites serve a number of functions, from updating parents on classroom events to expanding classroom activities. Effective use of the classroom webpage with students helps them improve..
Top phishing sites  by: Elizabeth Rogers,
Don't take the bait. Find out where and how scammers trick victims into giving out their information. Your account has been blocked because of multiple log-in attempts. Your credit card is about to..
Anti-Virus Software Maintenance Lesson  by: Michael Russell
Don't learn the hard way like I did. Anti-Virus software is important. If you surf the internet, this software keeps your computer alive. To keep the anti-virus software working effectively it must..
5 Powerful Methods to Continuously Get Fresh Content For Your Blog  by: Raynor Beins
Most internet marketing bloggers or niche marketing bloggers tend to drop everything and just give up, on average after 3 months in their field of blogging. Why is that? It's mainly because of..
School Website Effectiveness  by: Sharon L. Cohen
The Internet has become such an essential part of society that even K-12 schools need to have an informative, user-friendly and interactive Website to convey the rich educational curriculum and..
Internet Business - Making Money Online  by: Brian Camilleri
We all are in search of the silver spoon that will put our business on automatic pilot and the only thing we have to do is cash the checks. Aren’t you looking for this as well? I say you are and..
How To Find The Magazines You Want To Read Online  by: Gregg Hall
Years ago, the idea of being able to pay your bills online was absurd. Getting your paycheck automatically deposited into your account through a computer was foreign. And the idea of having a live..
How a Business Can Benefit from a Website  by: Brad Seefeld
By: Brad Seefeld With over half of all U.S. households shopping online, the internet has become a massive market for small businesses to sell their products and services to consumers. The Internet is..