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How to Install Fonts  by: Kenny Leones
Adding a font in Microsoft Windows is very simple. However, there are certain rules that apply before installing on different Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). One should check the..
Free Spyware and Adware Remover  by: Milos Pesic
Computers need routine maintenance as well as systems checks in order to be in good condition at all times. This can be done by getting the proper software or sending the unit to the shop. If the..
Creating A Web Page That People Must Visit  by: Josh Pigford
In web design it is very important to create a page that people just “have” to visit. That said let’s look at some of the criteria of web design that will make your site just that. There are..
The Internet: A Fast Growing News Source  by: The Large Format Posters Moderator
By The Large Format Posters Moderator In 2002, report shows that there is an increased daily usage of internet access as a news source. In the latest poll made by Gallup, every media from local TV..
Using The Internet For Recreational Purposes  by: Kadence Buchanan
Since the introduction of the Internet to our daily lives, people have considered it to be a vast source of information, as it managed to connect million of computers around the world, from servers..
Do-It-Yourself Web Design  by: Walt McClure
By: Walt McClure Twisting your handle-bar mustache, you think to yourself.... I'm pretty good with computers and I'm a smart guy/gal. I even have some web software. Who needs a web designer?... Let..
Seven Crucial Elements of a Successful Web Presence  by: Tim Whiston
There is more to an effective website than great looking graphics. In fact there are seven crucial elements every site needs to maximize profits. 1. Balanced Visual Appeal. – Of course your site..
Can I Have To Many Links Pointing to My Site?  by: Bill Carmel
Using links as a practice to get your website positioned higher on the search engines is a positive thing. Many website owner ask the question, do I really need to get alot of links? What is the..
Choosing the Right Antivirus Program to Protect Your Computer  by: Hung Lam
In today’s high-tech world, there are thousands of computer viruses lurking, waiting to infect YOUR computer. If your computer is not protected, any of these malicious viruses can sneak into your..
Take Your Flash Tutorials Now  by: Kristine Llabres
By Kristine Llabres Do you know something about Flash? Well, you need to know something now. It would be fun! The Flash tutorials are the ways in order to learn how the program works. Consider that..
How To "Earn Money Online" By Creating A Website The Right Way  by: Megan Vaillancourt
So you want to earn money online? As important as it is to get a target audience to your website, it is equally important to have them stay on your site in order for them to purchase your product or..
Basic Rules on Web Design  by: Granny's Mettle
By Granny's Mettle In every design there are basic rules to consider. For a web design, here are a few of the rules which you can take or break for your projects. 1 > Viewers do not want to scroll..
4 Easy Ways to Build a Blog  by: Jinger Jarrett
A blog is an important communication tool for business. You can use your blog to distribute information to your potential customers, as well as build a relationship. So how do you build a blog? There..
How to Write a Web Content Writing Resume  by: braniac
Becoming a web content writer is a great way to work from home on your own schedule. In order to break into the field, you'll need a resume. It may seem impossible to come up with anything to put on..
4 Reasons to Buy a Desktop Over a Laptop Computer  by: John Newcomb
A few years ago, buying a new computer meant picking a bulky desktop. Laptops were simply not an option because of their size, and cost. Today, however, laptops are outselling desktops, and it can be..
Creating A Web Page That People Must Visit  by: Josh Pigford
In web design it is very important to create a page that people just “have” to visit. That said let’s look at some of the criteria of web design that will make your site just that. There are..
Audio Video Riches - Is It Really Worth All The Hype? An Honest Review  by: Arindam C
There is a new membership site on the block called 'Audio Video Riches' that teaches you how to use audio and video to sell more products and services, boost your opt-in list and online profits. It..
Big Picture Of Planning And Start An Internet Business  by: Steve Seah
There are many ways to start a Internet Business. Such as selling in ebay, being affiliate marketer, sell your unique products in the Internet and so on. To make things simple, I have structure the..
How to Rescue Data From Your Damaged Hard Drive  by: Jason Kay
A damaged hard disk drive is one of the most unpleasant types of hardware failure. No, I don't mean that a burned processor or a damaged memory block are more enjoyable. Not at all - they are also..
Web Development Company Has On-Line Templates for Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Rubber Stamps  by: Charlie McHenry
DBS enables business users to create on-line "Smart Templates" for their business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels and rubber stamps. The templates are then used to create the final images used..
How to block flash content from any browser  by: Stephen
If you download Firefox there are two add ons you can download to help prevent unwanted flash. Ad Block Plus and Flashblock. Ad Block will allow you to block all advertiser (including the advertisers..
Top 10 Reasons Why You Must have Your Web Documents Translated into French  by: M. Blanc
In recent years, the sudden popularity of shopping online for goods and services has provided small, medium size businesses and large corporations with an opportunity to have a worldwide online..
Optimizing Your Website  by: Patrick Schwerdtfeger
The title of this article would lead many to believe it relates to search engine optimization tactics. Indeed, some of that will be covered but the primary message behind this article relates to a..
10 Reasons Keyword Research Is So Important To Adsense Sites  by: Kevin Anderson
With the vast popularity and the wide usage of Google’s Adsense in the internet community, many tools and programs have come up to help or assist Adsense sites make more profits. Adsense sites make..
How To Make An Audio Movie  by: Ray Gross
Audio…what? That’s right, an audio movie. Although the term “audio feature” may be more appropriate, as the finished product will constitute a full feature-length presentation -- but audio..
Making Money With A Website  by: Robert Dinc
Many people tend to be very excited when they learn that they can make money online by creating a website. However, most of them are pretty much clueless on how to achieve this goal. Building a..
10 Questions to Ask Yourself While Evaluating an Online Course  by: Aaron Brooks
Online education offers so many choices and opportunities for students young as well as old. By registering for an online course one can earn a high school diploma, a college degree, a doctorate, an..
Internet Terms and Spellings  by: Patsy Bellah
As suggested in the song, "Let’s Call the Whole Thing off," tomato (tomayto and tomahto) or potato (potayto and potahto) can be spelled differently. Well, not really. We know that was only for..
Domain Name Registration-Do's and Dont's  by: Sherif Ramadan
Registering a domain name on the internet these days is becoming an extremely difficult process as there are millions of top level domains (that',.net,.org, etc...) that are already filling up...
Text Message Abbreviations - SMS Dictionary Examples  by: Steve Nash
Basically, this is just another expression for sms dictionary, or sms shortcut. These abbreviations are simply the text messaging shortcuts that people use each and every day to make sending sms text..
Learning to Use a Computer If You Are Older  by: Poppy R Smith
I'm an IT teacher and the majority of my students are mature learners. The average age of my students is around 70, but over the years I have had several students in their late 80s or their 90s...
Free content for your site/blog  by: Sa
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Website Design - How To Make Your Website A Powerful Lead Generator  by: Kirrily D Dear
Tips on Online Marketing Eyes Wide Open designs and delivers websites for the sole purpose of generating leads and sales for your business. After years of experience with building our own website,..
How to Find Free Sheet Music fom Internet  by: Lai Chiayee
We musicians are always looking for sheet music to play. New songs and hits are coming out everyday. Nonetheless, not everyone is blessed with the ability to play songs by ear. I know I don't, even..
Why Do Only 5% of Online Businesses Become Successful?  by: Mark W. Medley
The dream of an independent or second income has lead millions of people to invest in a website, and a home-based online business. Today, many experts believe only around 5% of these websites succeed..
By karen nodalo With the boom of the information superhighway in today's world, more and more people are relying on the internet for information, assistance and entertainment. People now can work at..
A great banner only needs simple things  by: Granny's Mettle
By Granny's Mettle To create your own great banner, you only need five (5) simple things: 1. Size according to standards. Always keep to the standards. Having a bold, huge banner would look good and..
Where to Get Podcasts for Free  by: Philip Nicosia
One of the reasons why podcasts became so insanely popular is the fact that many of them are available for free. You don’t have to pay a single cent. You don’t even get drawn into a..
Facebook Privacy Issues You Need To Be Aware Of  by: Jeremy C.
In recent months, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Facebook and its privacy settings. The site's default setting gives many individuals and businesses access to a user's personal..
Internet Business - Making Money Online  by: Brian Camilleri
We all are in search of the silver spoon that will put our business on automatic pilot and the only thing we have to do is cash the checks. Aren’t you looking for this as well? I say you are and..