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Four Must-Haves For the Successful Blogger  by: Jennifer Carpenter
Most every blogger knows how to find a blogging server or set up and buy a domain. The basics of setting up a blog for fun or profits are everywhere online. But what about what is beyond the basics?..
Steps In Designing A Website  by: Bernard Peh
Designing a quality, unique website requires the right combination of art, technology, and communication skills. It is vitally important to the success of any professional website project for the..
Re: What Is PHP? And Why Do You Need It?  by: talentsfromindia
hello, php is an open source language can run on any os, platform indipendient. easy to use and learn.
Tips For Starting A Website In China  by: Gabriel J. Adams
A recent trend in web commerce is the steady expansion of websites to international markets. A huge amount of sites have opened Chinese versions, to reach a larger market that has previously been..
What You Should Know Before You Start Your Website Project  by: Ross Johnson
Many companies start their web project with contacting a web or graphic designer. This is far from the best way to go about it! You should start your project well before you go into the phase of..
How do I Create a Teacher Website for Free  by: Shaun Perkins
Today, educating students requires the use of technology, and having a teacher website is another tool a teacher has available to increase learning. According to the U.S. Department of Education,..
Five Easy Steps to Website Promotion  by: Chris Robertson
You may have invested a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money in developing a top-notch website. You may use your site to promote your business, to sell a product, or to dispense information...
Dedicated Servers: A Summary  by: Sven Vdhrison
By Sven Vdhrison What is dedicated hosting? This is a server which is owned by the hosting company which they will rent out to you for a monthly fee along with an allotment of bandwidth which you can..
How To Make Your Website More Interactive  by: Gray Rollins
The best sites these days are the ones with the most interactive features. Taking cues from the larger sites, think of the interactive features that now bring in high numbers of customers. Using..
Free Advertising for Lazy People  by: Dan Theta
If you're reading this, you are probably someone who is lazy when it comes to your online business. Or maybe you aren't lazy; you just actually have a life and do not have time to commit yourself to..
Net Language Part I - Vocabulary and Conversation  by: AnnaLisa Michalski
I am no stranger to the wonders of the Internet. In fact, my work as a virtual assistant depends on it. The changes this "information superhighway" has brought us have permanently colored our almost..
Take Your Flash Tutorials Now  by: Kristine Llabres
By Kristine Llabres Do you know something about Flash? Well, you need to know something now. It would be fun! The Flash tutorials are the ways in order to learn how the program works. Consider that..
Website Design - How To Make Your Website A Powerful Lead Generator  by: Kirrily D Dear
Tips on Online Marketing Eyes Wide Open designs and delivers websites for the sole purpose of generating leads and sales for your business. After years of experience with building our own website,..
All About Nintendo Wii And Why It Is So Popular  by: Tim Long
Nintendo Wii is a gaming console by Nintendo. It was released on November 19, 2006. It is a seventh-generation console by Nintendo and it competes with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation..
How to Evaluate School Websites  by: Henri Bauholz
Educational institutions are seeing an increasing use of the Web not only by prospective students, but also by the general public and current school body. Thanks to its ease of use, the Internet is..
Avoiding the Pitfalls - Common Podcasting Mistakes  by: Jennifer Kothe
Number One – Reading from a script. While I strongly recommend writing out an outline of what you want to cover in your podcast it isn’t necessary to read verbatim from a script. When most people..
Essential Tips on Gaming for Newbies: The World of Internet Games  by: Paul W Wilson
Internet games use the cyber world technology for playing. Games are extremely popular and constantly evolving. There are: • Games played using e-mail. • Games played on a browser window by using..
How to Make Money on the Web  by: Morgan Hamilton
Are you tired of your present job? It is common knowledge that the vast majority of people do not like the job that they currently have. It's truly okay if you don't. God knows you are not alone...
Looking for a New Computer? Vista Compatible Operating Systems  by: Lance Winslow
If you are looking for a new computer you might like to know that a few things are radically changing. Operating Systems to be exact. Although Microsoft has delayed their new Vista Operating System,..
Free Screensavers - How To Select?  by: CD Mohatta
Most of the Internet users download screensavers. With many sites offering screensavers, how does one select the right screensavers? Downloading any screensaver can harm your computer, because most..
Important Tips For Successfully Working At Home Online  by: Roy Huston
Having your own business is great - you work at home and in your own hours. You also set your own targets to achieve. You are simply your own boss. You do not have to be stuck in 'rat-race' and you..
Five Important Factors Regarding Successful E-Commerce Web Design  by: Daniel Zrihen
To make guests stay in your site and increase the chances they will purchase something, right here are five concerns you need to follow while designing a successful E-commerce internet site:..
How To Make Money On The Net  by: Jacob Thomason
People are always wondering how to make money on the net, and you know what about 80% of them aren't going to stop until they figure it out. Those people are just like me. I finally found out the..
Internet Business Ideas  by: Steve Gillman
These are a few new internet business ideas that I won't be trying, but I hope that someone will. The first comes from people's frustration with technologies like e-book formatters. They don't want..
How to Create a High School Website  by: Karen Adams
A high school website provides a learning tool for current and future students as well as their parents. Adding pages for athletics and clubs focuses attention on events at your school and helps keep..
Do You Really Need To Re-Design Your Website?  by: Sarfaraz Ahmed
As daunting of a task as it may seem, your website is your company's image and needs to look presentable. Ask yourself, how long have I had my current web site design? If your answer is more than 3..
How Twitter Works? - Twitter in Plain English  by: leelefever
A quick and plain English intro the micro-blogging service Twitter from
Creating A Web Page That People Must Visit  by: Josh Pigford
In web design it is very important to create a page that people just “have” to visit. That said let’s look at some of the criteria of web design that will make your site just that. There are..
Free Kids Online Games - Make Learning Enjoyable for Your Little One With These Free Preschool Games Websites  by: Yogi Shinde
Internet is full of free kids online games but finding the right one can be a task which can take hours. Some simply fall short on the quality of graphics and visuals whereas some may not be age..
How to Build a Website With Google  by: Heather Topham Wood
If you want to build a new website, you should consider using Google Sites to design your pages. Google Sites is a free website building and hosting program that uses simple Web design tools to..
How to Install Fonts  by: Kenny Leones
Adding a font in Microsoft Windows is very simple. However, there are certain rules that apply before installing on different Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). One should check the..
How to Keep Your Laptop Out of Thieves' Hands  by: K Komando
So there you are, rushing to catch a plane. You've got an important presentation on your laptop, along with sensitive company and personal information. And then, suddenly, it's gone. Either you've..
What Is PHP? And Why Do You Need It?  by: Keith Smith
What is PHP? If you own a website or need a website built, you might want to know the answer to that question. PHP is a popular and widely used programming language used for website development. PHP..
Satellite TV Picture Quality For Your Computer  by: Matt Ide
This article is intended to explain how the satellite TV picture quality can be loaded directly to your computer. It’s still your computer but has the satellite TV quality that one would expect..
Ideas For Blogging  by: Michael Sanjaya
New and fresh ideas will keep your blogs interesting, and interesting blogs will keep your readers interested. Let me present to you some ways to acquire ideas for your blogging activities. Now,..
Copyright Versus the "Fair Use" Doctrine  by: Larry Pilarski
By Larry Pilarski Copyright Versus the "Fair Use" Doctrine by Larry Pilarski ------------------------------------------------- Many people are confused about copyriting their work, when in reality..
Create a Resource Website for Your Company  by: Mark Meshulam
As small business grows, it accumulates forms, lists, procedures and other resources which become the backbone of the company's functioning. Over time, these important documents become scattered and..
Secrets To Designing Your Website For Maximum Profits  by: Fabian Tan
What's the fastest way to make the most of your traffic to your site? It's increasing your conversion rates! The only way is to make your website more sales friendly and appealing. It has to be easy..
How do I Evaluate Education Information Via the Internet?  by: Mara Pesacreta
Evaluating educational information via the internet is potentially difficult. It involves determining which information is valid and which information is false. Many people place educational..
When your graphic designer costs you money  by: Granny's Mettle
By Granny's Mettle So how do you know when your graphic designer costs you financially and emotionally? When a file is not prepared correctly' When you go to press and have your media material..