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Volunteer English Classes in Argentina
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Volunteer English Classes in Argentina

Teaching English to Children

Our school partners with an Non Governmental Organization to offer our students an opportunity to volunteer. While most volunteer programs in the city charge students who wish to participate, the organization we partner with does not. This volunteer organization works to improve the lives of children living below the poverty line through academic classes, games, and other activities. Taking advantage of the possibility to volunteer while becoming TEFL certified and studying Spanish in Buenos Aires allows trainees to use the language while helping improve the community at the same time.

Volunteers visit a community center in one of the partner villas and deliver school supplies for the children. They tutor the children in reading and math, assisting them in completing worksheets and critical thinking puzzles. The objective of this program is to help the children review what they learned in school or, in some cases, what they should be learning but haven’t. There are often 40-45 students per teacher in their schools and the teachers are underpaid and often without patience necessary to teach so many children. The children that live in these neighborhoods are often undernourished and as a result have a shorter attention span and find learning and retention more difficult. They provide one on one support for children who appear to be falling behind.Volunteers are responsible for planning and implementing lessons that include interactive games and group cooperation.

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