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British Tutor: Online -- Denise -- 2014-06-19
Online British Tutor available for conversation, general, business English and exam preparation. ..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in France is looking for ESL Trainers to work from home either in Canada or USA -- MyConnecting Language -- 2014-06-18
MyConnecting Languages specializes in offering tailored Business English training to professionals in different fields. We are currently looking for talented, passionate and highly motivated ESL..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Russia looking for native English speakers -- Maxim -- 2014-06-18
We are looking for native English speakers to teach English online. We are Russian Online company «» and most of our students are from Russia, Ukraine. We offer one-on-one..
English Tutor: Cambridge Certified English Teacher -- Martin Norling -- 2014-06-17
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR BETTER RESULTS? I offer thirteen years of teaching experience. Get in touch with me to arrange a FREE 30-minute Skype consultation. We'll discuss your language needs and plan a..
English Tutor: Online Lessons! -- English Paradigm Online -- 2014-06-17
Is English a bit of a problem? Do you want to be more fluent? Do you need English for work, study or fun, but do not have time for a lessons at a school? English Paradigm can help you! We offer..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Manila looking for online English Tutors fluent in spoken American English -- EnglishPowerJP -- 2014-06-16
LOOKING FOR: ONLINE ENGLISH TUTORS .. MUST HAVE: 1. stable internet connection @ home DSL only, no broadband allowed 2. quiet working environment @ home 3. computer with Pentium 4 or higher 5. noise..
English Tutor: English via Skype! Speak fast! -- Veronika -- 2014-06-16
My name is Veronika, I am a qualified and friendly ESL tutor with over 10 years of experience helping students of levels from elementary up to advanced. .. I teach English via Skype which makes it..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Moscow is looking for a Native or Russian Speaking English Teacher -- skyeng -- 2014-06-16
Skyeng Online English School is looking for an English Teacher via Skype .. Hello, Teacher! .. Skyeng Company is looking for a Native or Russian Speaking English teacher to join our dynamic and..
Other Languages: Tagalog lessons -- Christine G -- 2014-06-15
I have been teaching Tagalog and English for several months now on a one-on-one basis with success. I have developed coursework materials to accompany my teaching. I am now looking to further develop..
American Accent: Over 10 years of teaching experience -- Silva English Online -- 2014-06-13
Learn English or improve your English from the convenience of your home or office. Students always meet their goals with Silva English Online. Over 10 years of teaching experience, working with..
Arabic Tutor: Private Arabic Courses & Conversation in Cairo -- afayyad -- 2014-06-13
Private Arabic courses for students and professional to enhance their language skills. Learn with a fully qualified and experienced teacher, who will give you lessons whilst sharing your goals and..
English Tutor: Improve Your English Today! -- Chatty Kathy English Online -- 2014-06-13
Let Us Help You ~ Improve Your English Today!! .. We are a small group of English language professionals with over 30 years of combined teaching experience. All of us are native English speakers..
Other Languages: Tagalog Online Tutor to anyone of any age -- Southluzongirl -- 2014-06-13
HI, THERE EVERYONE! I am Joan from the country Philippines. My dialect is Tagalog however I can speak and write in English. If you are interested to learn TAGALOG aside from the language you use..
English Tutor: 13 Years of Experience in Downtown Vancouver (Canada) -- Anthony Urrello -- 2014-06-13
Do you like learning English in a friendly, relaxed, and supportive environment? I am a native English speaker and a full-time ESL tutor with 13 years of experience. .. I would be happy to help you..
Test Preparation: English lessons (from Greece) on Skype: Cambridge exams (IELTS, CPE, FCE), TOEIC, TOEFL, ECPE, ECCE and Business English -- Theodoros -- 2014-06-12
Experienced native Greek language speaker and English qualified teacher, specialized in Cambridge exams (IELTS, CPE, FCE), TOEIC, TOEFL, ECPE, ECCE and Business English, provides lessons via Skype at..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Looking for Filipino English teachers living in Manila -- Deedee Ngo -- 2014-06-12
Hi, we are looking for Filipino English teachers who are living Philippines (especially in Metro Manila) to join our online English program. Our students are adults and our program focuses on..
English Tutor: All levels ESL certified -- Andrea -- 2014-06-12
NATIVE ENGLISH TUTOR Classes and Courses All Levels on Skype I am ESL/TOEFL certified and I have been teaching English since 2006. I can help you achieve your goals, whether professionally or..
English Tutor: Professional English Conversation: Know English Grammar Words as English-Speaking Children Know Them -- Christopher -- 2014-06-12
Professional English Conversation: Know English Grammar Words as English-Speaking Children Know Them .. ***FREE FIFTY-FIVE MINUTE TEST LESSON!!!*** Skype: agharta78 .. Professional English..
Arabic Tutor: In Cairo or outside Egypt -- Saeed Awad -- 2014-06-11
I am an Arabic native speaker who can teach Arabic and English. I am in Cairo and ready to teach anyone at any place inside or outside Egypt.
English Tutor: English Lessons from an American English Teacher at a reasonable price -- John Struble -- 2014-06-11
I am an American that has taught at an international English academy and online for almost 4 years. .. I have taught: pronunciation, grammar, idioms, expressions, vocabulary, slang, IELTS, TOEIC,..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online School in Canada looking for native Speaking teachers -- Erista -- 2014-06-11
We are currently recruiting teachers for online classes via Skype. .. Requirements: 1. Native English speaker 2. Passion for teaching English .. Preferred Qualifications: 3. Bachelor's degree 2...
English Tutor: Learn English on Skype -- Teacher Diane -- 2014-06-08
Hi! My name is Diane and I am an English teacher from New York. I am a TEFL Certified teacher, with over four years of full-time English language teaching experience. .. My English lessons on Skype..
English Tutor: American English Teacher/TESOL -- Debbie McCullough -- 2014-06-08
Debbie Online .. Come join me for American English QQ Intel - Add me: 2274869740 I am an American English teacher in ( Dandong, China) since April 2013. .. I have traveled to seven countries..
English Tutor: General English, IELTS, Conversation, and Job Hunting -- Mark -- 2014-06-08
CO&CO ENGLISH has just launched a new website designed to help you learn English through on-line lessons tailor-made to help you improve your English. .. Visit: .. There is a great..
Arabic Tutor: I offer one to one or group lessons in Los Angeles -- Hafid -- 2014-06-07
I'm Hafid, Arabic teacher I have time to work with students to learn Arabic.
English Tutor: TEFL English Online -- Englishrose -- 2014-06-07
Hello. I am offering to teach TEFL English Online. I am certified in Over 150 hours and am in the final year of a BA English degree. I can teach TEFL for any age In English and Business English. I..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Korea looking for native English teachers with BA -- English By English -- 2014-06-06
We are looking for English Online teachers. .. We are Korea-based Online schools which is serving qualified programs and curriculums for learners. .. -Teachers should .. 1. be English native speakers..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: For Chinese students -- YasiOnline -- 2014-06-05
YasiOnline Representative: Howard Burns - - 0523485156 Skype Name: burnshoward City/Country: Beijing, Chengdu and all over (China) Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL, Job Title: Native..
Test Preparation: I can help you with TOEFL preparation. -- TOEFL Tutor -- 2014-06-04
Hi, .. I am an online English teacher and I specialise in teaching TOEFL. .. I have worked extensively in Japan and the UAE at various language schools. .. I feel I have a wide knowledge of how the..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Russia looking for English Tutors (15-20$ an hour) -- Bla Bla School -- 2014-06-04
If you are a native speaker of English. If teaching is your passion and you are qualified and experienced teacher. If you are active, creative, and goal- orientated we'd be happy to see you in our..
English Tutor: Learn to speak fluent, natural American English with online English lessons -- English Teacher Fred -- 2014-06-04
Hi! My name is Fred. .. Learn to speak fluent, natural American English with online English lessons. Get a better job, travel abroad, or pass an English exam easily. I will correct your pronunciation..
Spanish: Spanish and English tutor -- Pat Verano -- 2014-06-03
Pat Verano writer and editor/bilingual teacher/ composer at Free lance author / Experience Representative at National High School 2010 - Present Representative..
English Tutor: English Tutor in New York City (Manhattan and Queens only) -- Sherry -- 2014-06-03
English conversation, special events .. Picnics, mini-tours, private lessons, etc. .. Teacher is experienced, patient and easy to understand… with many recommendation letters. Manhattan and Queens..
Students Looking For Tutors: I'm looking for an English tutor in Tokyo (Asakusa or Oshiage or Hikifune station) -- Asami -- 2014-06-03
I'm looking for a English tutor in Tokyo. .. I need to improve my English ASAP because I'll be in charge of a consultation desk for residents from foreign countries once a two month. My turn won't..
Business English: Business English: Skype Lessons with Teacher Lee from England (Also Available to Meetup in Ho Chi Minh City) -- Teacher Lee -- 2014-06-03
Hi, .. I’m Lee from England and have been teaching Business English to students around the world (Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia) since 2008. .. I’ve also worked for large financial companies..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Beijing looking for Native English speakers -- -- 2014-06-02 is an Internet-based School located in Beijing,China . As the business grows,we need more professionals and open-minded individuals from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,..
English Tutor: British TEFL qualified teacher with 5 years experience -- Katie Louise Kitchener -- 2014-06-01
I am offering you the chance to learn English from your own home! All you need to get started is skype and a paypal account and we can easily have regular classes online at the time that suits you!..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Beijing hiring creative English Tutors for on-line classes with Chinese students -- Kouyu123 -- 2014-06-01
Dear teacher We are currently hiring qualified creative English tutors for on-line classes with Chinese students. Work from your laptop at flexible working hours on your schedule. .. We provide the..
Test Preparation: TOEIC training -- Denise -- 2014-06-01
TOEIC training online with qualified and experienced tutor. .. Please contact Denise ..
English Tutor: English at all levels - Also: Polish and German -- Patrycja Płaneta -- 2014-05-31
Hello! My name is Patrycja. I am a graduate of Tischner European University with the degree of Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics with major in Interpreting and Written Translation. Additionally,..
English Tutor: 9-10 dollars an hour -- Tanya Smith -- 2014-05-30
I AM A EXCELLENT ENGLISH Teacher, from Jamaica. I assure maximum results in your English speaking capabilities. 9-10 dollars an hour
Tutoring For Free Homestay: Free accommodation and food for six action-packed days in Poland for English Tutor -- Angloville -- 2014-05-30
Cultural Exchange in Poland. .. Angloville, Angloville Junior, and Tandem House are three different types of language immersion programs which cater to different needs on both the part of the Polish..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: French teacher to work on creating content for an online French course -- Jake -- 2014-05-30
We are searching for a French teacher to work on creating content for an online French course. If you are intrigued please send us your CV. .. Requirements .. 5+ years teaching French to a range of..
English Tutor: Pay only after demo class -- Banu Solaiappan -- 2014-05-30
Good day everyone! Soon after my graduation, my first job was that of a Spoken English tutor. A few days into the job, I realized that I had a natural flair for teaching. Further, each of my batches..
English Tutor: ONLINE ENGLISH TUTOR -- armando pannacci -- 2014-05-30
Dear ESL Students, .. My name is Armando, you can call me Arm. I am a 31 year old Canadian English teacher. I've been teaching English online for many years. I know what students need. Practice your..
English Tutor: Online scheduling program + virtual classroom/mentoring room + private "mentor-to-student" social network -- English Mentoring -- 2014-05-29
What counts when you are trying to learn a language is not how many classes you take or how many exams you pass. The most important thing is using the language from the start and knowing how to use..
Test Preparation: Online IELTS Preparation classes -- I-Communicate Experts -- 2014-05-29
We accept students who want to undergo IELTS preparation or review classes online. .. Depending on the skill level of the student, we can prepare a personalized IELTS review curriculum to ensure that..
English Tutor: CHEAP ONLINE ENGLISH LESSONS! Get your free lesson now. -- ESL Teacher -- 2014-05-29
Hello! We are ESL teachers with Standard American English accent. We've been teaching online for a decade. We specialize in English for Kids, General English, Accent Reduction, Business English and..
English Tutor: advance your English at any level -- Andrea -- 2014-05-29
NATIVE ENGLISH TUTOR ON SKYPE 13.00US$ Hello my name is Andrea, I am a native English speaker born and raised in Canada. I am ESL/TOEFL certified and I have been teaching English since 2006. I can..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Looking for Native English Teachers IELTS/TEFL and business English -- YasiOnline -- 2014-05-29
YasiOnline Representative: Howard Burns Skype Name: burnshoward City/Country: Beijing, Chengdu and all over (China) Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL, Job Title: Native English Teacher - ONLINE Teachers..
English Tutor: $8 per class online (English lessons, Test Preparation for IELTS and TOEFL) -- Johnson ESL -- 2014-05-28
Hi students! We offer one-to-one online classes on Skype at $8 per class with a native speaker from the USA. .. FREE first class for 15 minutes for new students. FREE consultation and program..
English Tutor: Online English Teacher - EXPERIENCED -- Angelina -- 2014-05-28
Do you want to learn English with a Native English Speaker? .. I am an experienced ESL teacher and I would love to teach you! My lessons are relaxed which allows my students to easily learn the..
English Tutor: Low Cost Live English Lessons Online -- EFLT Direct English Training Online -- 2014-05-27
Learn English Online with EFLT Direct. Classes as low as $1 per student per class - A wide variety of ESP, leisure and schools English taught .. EFLT Direct trainers are career professionals who have..
Business English: All level from admissions preparation to graduate studies -- HOWARD REID -- 2014-05-27
Retired Multi-Cultural Business Communications professor and professional tutor now accepting select students for on-line overall English communications improvement. Struggling with your English..
Test Preparation: IELTS -- Teacher Loren -- 2014-05-27
Hi! .. ICE (I-Communicate Experts) offers online IELTS preparation class. We design the curriculum according to the student's English skill level. .. Below is a SAMPLE of our program's curriculum: ....
English Tutor: Conversational English with Music. -- Sam Brinson -- 2014-05-27
Hello! I'm an English teacher from New Zealand, now living in Uruguay. I teach conversational English, but I make it interesting by teaching music too -- Music Theory, music technology or general..
Other Languages: Dutch -- Rens van der Weiden -- 2014-05-25
Hi! My name is Rens, and I'm a Dutch teacher. Please let me know if I can help you!
British Tutor: Qualified TEFL teacher, all levels, CAE and IELTS -- Lisa Clifford -- 2014-05-24
Want to learn English online with a British female native? .. I would love to teach you! I am a qualified TEFL teacher, with 3 years experience of teaching English of all levels. I have also helped..
Business English: US born, Irish native with a Masters and CELTA. First lesson free -- Adi -- 2014-05-24
Hello, my name is Adi. I am a US born, Irish native with a Masters in Landscape Archaeology (Ireland), a BFA in Fine Art -Sculpture (USA) and a BA in Archaeology and Western Philosophy (Ireland). I..
American Accent: Certified and Experienced Teacher-Lessons starting at $6. First lesson free. -- Daniel -- 2014-05-24
Lessons available via Skype in 15, 30, 45 minute and 1 hour blocks. First lesson free. Packages of lessons available at reduced rates. .. I have over five years experience teaching children and adult..
English Tutor: APPROPRIATE FEES -- FAHIM CH -- 2014-05-24
I am a friendly ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor from PAKISTAN with more than 15 years' experience helping intermediate and advanced students. I tutor everyday English, academic English, and..
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