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English Tutor: Learn English on Skype -- Teacher Diane -- 2014-08-23
Hi! My name is Diane and I am an English teacher from New York. I am a TEFL Certified teacher, with five years of full-time English language teaching experience. .. My English lessons on Skype can..
Spanish Tutor: Native Spanish Teacher -- Maria Lezama -- 2014-08-23
Hello students, .. My name is Maria I am from Spain and I teach Spanish via skype. My classes are personalized to fit your needs and held at your convenience. I get my degree at GRANADA, Spain..
Test Preparation: IELTS Writing Tutor in Brisbane -- Rocco Nigro -- 2014-08-22
Hello, .. I offer IELTS writing lessons in Brisbane city, for either the Academic or General Module. Before the lesson, I prefer to send students some writing tasks for them to complete and bring..
Arabic Tutor: Arabic Lessons for Speakers of Other Languages in Cairo -- afayyad -- 2014-08-22
"Learning a foreign language should be practical and fun" .. Get YOUR personal trainer for LEARNING ARABIC today!! A highly qualified and experienced tutor will: - Design a program that combines your..
English Tutor: very experienced ESL English teacher -- Jonas -- 2014-08-22
An intensive English course with a very experienced ESL English teacher via SKYPE. One lesson (50 min.) costs 10 $, and you may pay by PayPal. I am from Europe and I have been teaching English for 15..
English Tutor: Books are provided and I offer 20 mins. free trial class -- Charyl -- 2014-08-21
Hello My name is Charyl, I have been teaching English online for 5 years now. I teach Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese students via Skype. Books are provided and I offer 20 mins. free trial..
Business English: English Job Interview, English for Presentations, English Email Writing, Business English, and Writing -- John's Online English -- 2014-08-21
John’s Online English wants to work with you to make you more confident in business situations. We want you to be successful and get that next job that you want. We want you to be able to write..
Arabic Tutor: Private Arabic Classes for Professionals and Students in Cairo -- ahmed -- 2014-08-21
Customized Arabic language classes are offered for international professionals, students and families living, working, or studying in Greater Cairo. .. As a fully qualified and experienced tutor, I..
Test Preparation: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT/ACT exams; Also: Business English, English for Travel, English for Medicine -- Luda -- 2014-08-21
Hi! My name is Ludmila, Luda for short. I'm a devoted English tutor with 14 years of hands on experience of teaching to different people. My students are: - University and school students - IT..
American Accent: Build Your Confidence Speaking American English and Improve Your Pronunciation -- Kim -- 2014-08-20
* Do you want to feel more confident and sound more natural when speaking English? * Would you like to improve your pronunciation so that people understand you better? * Do you want to choose the..
Others: Remote Editors/Proofreaders Needed -- Scribendi Inc. -- 2014-08-20
Remote Editors Needed .. As one of our talented remote editors, you will have the ability to work from home while choosing the types of assignments that interest you. You can interact with both..
British Tutor: General Conversation, Business English, General or Academic IELTS, Cambridge examinations -- Daveena Daley -- 2014-08-20
Hi, would you like to learn and practice English with a British English tutor? I am an experienced and qualified tutor based in the UK. I currently have spaces on my teaching schedule for new..
English Tutor: FREE Conversation Class -- ENGLISH LEARNING LOUNGE -- 2014-08-19
For August I am offering a free class for anyone who wants to join. .. It will be a conversation class for a Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate level. I will provide a topic, which we can discuss with..
Spanish Tutor: -- Cutberto Espinoza Esparza -- 2014-08-18
If any body nees a spanish tutor or a spanish translation , please contact me!!
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: School in Shenzhen China looking for foreign coach and foreign teacher online/offline -- SPEAKOOL -- 2014-08-18
As an English language training startup, SPEAKOOL is committed to providing innovative, convenient and quality English learning opportunity for many in China. We have a strong belief in "Speak for..
English Tutor: English lessons by skype -- Elliot Education -- 2014-08-18
Helen is a fully qualified and experienced teacher of English. .. Her degree is in English and Music and she holds the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) as well as the Trinity Cert TESOL...
English Tutor: One-to-One via Skype ! -- Eric McGoy -- 2014-08-17
Professional English Teaching One-to-One via Skype ! Specialist English courses with a dedicated and knowledgeable tutor . ( 10 years experience of Online teaching ). Improve your English speaking..
English Tutor: Online Tutorial Service -- EnglishMania -- 2014-08-17
EnglishMania is an online tutorial service that brings you a new way of learning English! Learning becomes more effective, fun and interesting. EnglishMania allows students to take classes at a place..
Business English: Also: General English, German, Polish -- Patrycja -- 2014-08-16
Hello! My name is Patrycja and I am a Polish native speaker. I am a graduate of Tischner European University with the degree of Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics with major in Interpreting and..
English Tutor: Professional English Conversation: Know English Grammar Words as English-Speaking Children Know Them -- CHRISTOPHER -- 2014-08-15
Professional English Conversation: Know English Grammar Words as English-Speaking Children Know Them .. ***FREE FIFTY-FIVE MINUTE TEST LESSON!!!*** Skype: agharta78 .. Professional English..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for a teacher from Portland, OR. 15$ per 60min. -- Vadim -- 2014-08-15
I'm Russian. Moving to Portland this fall that's why want to increase level of my English and to know the city closely in advance. Will pay 15$ per 1 hour. Via skype of course. Looking forward your..
English Tutor: ESL, Business English, Survival, Pronunciation, Conversation -- Dan -- 2014-08-14
I am an experienced ESL Teacher currently teaching at one of Boston's top ESL schools in downtown Boston. I have a TEFL certificate and am working toward my Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics..
English Tutor: CHEAP ONLINE ENGLISH LESSONS! Get your free lesson now. -- ESL Teacher -- 2014-08-13
Hello! We are ESL teachers with Standard American English accent. We've been teaching online for a decade. We specialize in English for Kids, General English, Accent Reduction, Business English and..
English Tutor: esl, conversational English -- Sharon -- 2014-08-14
Hi!I'm Sharon,from Philippines and has been teaching in China for more than 6 years.I'm looking for an online tutoring job either private, group or even school. So ,see you guys!
English Tutor: Lessons on Skype -- Sara -- 2014-08-13
About Me I started teaching English casually, to friends and acquaintances, about five years ago. While helping them out, I discovered I loved teaching. I decided to make it my full-time job about a..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Canada and in Hong Kong looking for native English speakers -- The WorldPath -- 2014-08-12
Online English Teacher Needed .. Can you speak and write proper (or professional) English? .. Do you want to work extra hours? Do you want to work from home? Do you want to meet friends from around..
American Accent: English Tutor -- Andrea -- 2014-08-12
NATIVE ENGLISH TUTOR Classes and Courses All Levels on Skype I am ESL/TOEFL certified and I have been teaching English since 2006. I can help you achieve your goals, whether professionally or..
American Accent: English Lessons from an American English Teacher at a reasonable price -- John Struble -- 2014-08-11
I am an American that has taught at an international English academy and online for almost 4 years. .. I have taught: pronunciation, grammar, idioms, expressions, vocabulary, slang, IELTS, TOEIC,..
Test Preparation: KET, PET and trinity grades 3,4,7 and 8. Also: maths, chemistry and economics -- Jacqui -- 2014-08-10
Currently I am working in Italy at a Cambridge examination centre. Preparing students for KET, PET and first certificate as well as advanced and IELTS. .. I can prepare students for all Cambridge..
American Accent: Is Your Accent Holding You Back? Improve your accent by 50% to 70% -- Caroline Butler -- 2014-08-09
Do you get frustrated when you often have to repeat yourself? Do you get tired of constantly clarifying yourself after people cannot understand your English? Do people focus more on your accent and..
English Tutor: Online Tutoring - All Subjects Including ESL -- Tutoring Owl -- 2014-08-09
We offers online tutoring services in all subjects including ESL. Tutoring is limited to individual student or small groups of no more than three students. Please visit our website at..
German Tutor: Native German and English Tutor -- Nadine -- 2014-08-09
Hello, I'm a 29 years old private native German and English tutor and I would like to teach in different countries again. I have experience of 5 years teaching German and English to international..
English Tutor: -- ronabelo -- 2014-08-09
I am looking for private students.
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Looking for native English teachers for mainly Japanese students -- EnglishEverywhere -- 2014-08-08
We are looking for native English teachers to teach one-on-one classes to mainly adult Japanese students. Peak hours are evenings and weekends in Japan-time. .. All candidates must: Be TEFL/TESL..
English Tutor: Improve your English TODAY! -- Chatty Kathy English Online -- 2014-08-08
Let Us Help You ~ Improve Your English Today!! .. Experience the difference that a customized English class will make in your language studies! .. *Personalized service is our specialty. We create..
Arabic Tutor: Private Arabic Courses & Conversation in Cairo -- ahmed ALI -- 2014-08-08
• In-situ lessons that focus on speaking Egyptian Arabic and understanding Cairo. • Personalized Arab course adapted to your location, level and schedule. .. Arabic lessons for business people:..
English Tutor: BS in Commerce, licensured teacher -- Mary Jean Siana -- 2014-08-06
Hi! I'm Mary Jean,..I'm looking for a private students who wants to learn and speak English..Learning is one thing but enjoying and understanding while your learning is another if you need..
English Tutor: For Korean Students -- Jenny -- 2014-08-05
Hi! My name is Jenny. I am 26 years old and I want to be a part-time online English tutor. I am a graduate of a Bachelor's Degree but have not practiced the profession. Instead, after graduating in..
"Enjoy a highly qualified On-Line English Study that is provided at competitive price by experienced American teachers in Philippines!!“(Ethos-Korea: On-Line English School) .. =Head Office Of..
English Tutor: in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Alex -- 2014-08-04
Dear all, .. Experienced teacher currently seeking new students for private English tutoring in HCMC, Vietnam. Courses are based on students' individual requirements, and materials are provided. ....
Chinese Tutor: Private Chinese Tutor in Beijing -- Deng -- 2014-08-04
Ni Hao! I'm a local Beijing girl who's been offering private Mandarin lessons to the expat community, short-term travelers and international students in Beijing for the last 5 years. Lessons are..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Moscow is looking for a Native or Russian Speaking English teacher -- SkyEng -- 2014-08-04
Hello, Teacher! Skyeng Company is looking for a Native or Russian Speaking English teacher to join our dynamic and fast-growing online English language school. We know that you have great experience..
British Tutor: Online - conversation, general, business and exam preparation -- Denise -- 2014-08-02
British English lessons via Skype for conversation, general, business and exam preparation. .. Please contact Denise ..
English Tutor: Cambridge Certified English Teacher -- Martin Norling -- 2014-07-31
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR BETTER RESULTS? I offer thirteen years of teaching experience. Get in touch with me to arrange a FREE 30-minute Skype consultation. We'll discuss your language needs and plan a..
Arabic Tutor: Study arabic with an expert -- mohammad elkinany -- 2014-08-01
if you are on a tight schedule, dislike traffic, or have a lot on your plate then you should Learn Arabic with Mohammad. This is your chance to study at your place with a flexible professional..
English Tutor: business English, general English, and ESL training -- Sophie -- 2014-07-31
I am a professional online ESL teacher. I have had six years of teaching experience in ESL. I am a motivated, meticulous, and hardworking multi-lingual professional skilled in business English,..
American Accent: Online Tutor -- Michaelangelo -- 2014-07-31
Conducted over 9,000 online lessons! $6.00/each 55-minute lesson $55.00 for 10 lessons
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: looking for experienced online native English teachers -- Fluent Focus -- 2014-07-31
Part-Time Online English Teacher (10-15 Hours/Week) .. are looking for experienced native English teachers to teach lessons online via Skype to students all over the world. This..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Based in Beijing, looking for: Online Native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland -- -- 2014-07-31
URGENT!!!! .. is an Internet-based School located in Beijing,China . As the business grows,we need more professionals and open-minded individuals from the USA,UK,Canada,Australia,New..
English Tutor: NYC -- Dave -- 2014-07-31
Hello, .. ESL tutoring available for college students who need help with pronunciation, fluent conversation, sentence composition and vocabulary. For professionals, learn about the most commonly used..
English Tutor: Learn to speak American English FAST! 12+ years professional English teacher. -- English Teacher Fred -- 2014-07-30
Hello! Do you need to practice speaking English? Get a better job, travel abroad, or pass your English exam easily. I will correct your pronunciation and grammar and soon you will speak English with..
English Tutor: General English, Business English, Conversational English -- Clarisse Cesar-Wilson -- 2014-07-30
Hi, my name is Clarisse. I am the owner and head English tutor of ESL Nook Online Tutorials. .. ESL Nook is an online English website that offers one-on-one and group tutoring with a live tutor via..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online English Tutors Wanted for conversational English sessions with English learners -- Julie -- 2014-07-30
SpeakPal Job Description Omnis Inc. is seeking energetic English enthusiasts to serve as SpeakPals to English learners around the world. This is an exciting opportunity for SpeakPals to interact with..
American Accent: Learn American English with Jackie -- Jackie -- 2014-07-30
Hi! My name is Jackie and I'm an American English teacher. My qualifications include: -TEFL certified -many years in teaching students from over 30 different countries -teaching all students from..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Sao Paulo Brazil is looking for experienced native English teachers -- Inglesviaskype -- 2014-07-29
We are a Brazilian online school looking for experienced native English teachers (American or British preferably) to work online from home. .. From 6pm to 11pm Brazilian time. .. Classes last 60..
English Tutor: Speaking/Conversational English, Proofreading or IELTS! -- Joyce -- 2014-07-29
Hello I hope you are well, my name is Joyce and I am an English teacher, whose native language is English from England. .. I have been teaching English for several years. This includes online with..
English Tutor: Online language learning tool: general English skills, business English skills, conversational English, exam preparation, schoolwork -- Eng.Up! Online Language Learning -- 2014-07-29
Eng.Up! is an online language learning tool that was developed by a certified TESOL teacher and Literacy Specialist. We offer many different learning paths for you based on what English skills you..
English Tutor: Providing Online English Tutoring Services. -- April -- 2014-07-29
Providing private online tutoring sessions for a variety of subjects including English. You will participate in a various activities to practice conversational vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and..
American Accent: Build Your Confidence in American English, Improve Your Pronunciation, and Have Fun! -- Kim -- 2014-07-28
* Do you want to feel more confident and sound more natural when speaking English? * Would you like to improve your pronunciation so that people understand you better? * Do you want to choose the..
English Tutor: Skype English or French Language lessons with Certified Private Tutor -- Danielle Zelin -- 2014-07-28
Skype English or French Language lessons with Certified Private Tutor. Fluent Bilingual speaker and writer. .. Early Childhood Specialist Teacher and Certified TESOL Teacher from INTESOL Worldwide..
Arabic Tutor: Arabic Tuition for Foreign Speakers in Cairo! -- afayyad -- 2014-07-26
Whether you want to boost your literacy, enhance your job prospects, improve your spoken Arabic, pass Arabic exams, I can help you! All abilities and educational needs can be catered for! .. I am a..
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