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How To Discover Thailand By Cycling
By:Joe T Peters

One of the best way of exploring Thailand and its wonders is by cycling. If you are cycling fan, bicycling is one of the best way to enjoy Thailand's scenery and smell. The conditions for cycling in Thailand are relatively quite good. Most of the roads in Thailand are in good condition with clear signposts.

Most of Thailand's secondary roads, marked by their 3 digit numbers, are quite well paved. These secondary roads would have far less traffic as compared with the main roads. So if you're considering cycling, these are the preferred cycling options.

Drivers in Thailand are generally quite well behaved. The personal safety of cyclist is generally not a concern so long as you stick to your common safety sense. However, dogs can be a common occurrence on minor roads. If possible, get your rabies shots taken before you hit the roads.

In every town in Thailand, there are plenty of bicycle shops. So in case you need supplies, equipment and repairs, you should not have to worry. Furthermore, the cost of equipment and repairs are inexpensive.

If you're cycling out of Bangkok, we will suggest that you hop onto a bus or train for the first 50 km to 100 km. This is because the traffic going in and of Bangkok is usually heavy. Thailand is also bicycle friendly. The Bangkok Skytrain and the intercity buses, taxis and many are the domestic airlines in Thailand will usually allow you to carry your bicycle free of charge. Bicycle boxes are not required.

However, the Bangkok subway does not allow bicycles. Intercity trains will transport your bicycle if you only pay a fare of about a passenger's price if there is a luggage carriage attached. Most intercity buses and Songthaews will carry your bicycle on the roof for small price.

If you think it's a hassle to bring your bicycle, you may even join the local one day cycling tours or to rent a bicycle from the local bike rental shops.

For practical reasons, chose to use mountain bikes that are of strong, light quality as they are the most versatile type. We will recommend 26 inch cycling wheels for your bicycles. If you're touring Thailand, we recommend you dual use on road and off-road tyres.

One of the most important things on a cycling tour is to travel light if possible. You may carry a few extra spare spokes with you. There is no need to carry excessive amount of tools and spare equipment as there are many bicycle shops in Thailand that carry cheap spare parts. Repairs are cheap and problems can be quickly solved on the spot.

If you want to, you may bring your bicycle from home. You should check with your airline for more details. However, most Asian airlines do not charge for extra luggage.

It is also possible to buy a bicycle in Thailand. The range and prices of bicycles are fairly good. If not, bicycles can be cheaper in Bangkok than in most Western countries.

You should be able to find many good bicycle shops in Bangkok selling international brand, aluminium frame bicycles. Rental prices for mountain bikes are usually in the range of 300 bahts per day.

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