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Making Money In Thailand Without Teaching English
By:Harry de Vries

Working visa
Be warned if you seek regular employment in Thailand or nearby you will need a working visa. If immigration finds out that you work without a proper visa you will be deported out of the country
Some of the jobs or activities to consider are:

Teaching your own language (freelance)
Freelance modelling
Setting up a blog
Write for online article directories
Sell products online
working in Australia as fruit picker

Teach your own language

Not every Thai wants to learn English. Many Thais are interested in other languages like French, German, Dutch, Spanish etc. If a Thai national moves to The Netherlands for instance, he or she must learn basic Dutch before he or she is allowed inside the country. The best way to market this is going freelance. You can ask your embassy in Bangkok if you are allowed to put an ad where you advertise your services together with contact details. Another way is to frequent Thai chat rooms or forums and offer your services there on the appropriate platforms. If you are web savvy you can even set up a website where you offer your services.

Freelance modelling

If you look all right (unlike myself) you can consider freelance modelling. I don't really know how to get a freelance modelling job, but you could google for it or ask your Thai or Western friends. I know quite a lot of Western people in Bangkok who work as freelance models and make some decent money from it. Don't expect to make a lot though, you will be paid very little in comparison to the famous models and you will be on Thai wages. Everything adds up though and if you manage to make a couple 1000 Baht per week you won't be sorry.

Setting up a blog

This will take a lot of time and effort but if you have both you might end up making money from advertising on your blog. If you know how to design a website you should aim for a unique and professional design. You should also try to use an own host and domain name. There are a lot of open source blogging CMS systems such as Wordpress.org (don't use Wordpress.com). You will need to make good quality articles and you will need to optimize your blog for search engines because the amount of traffic you receive overtime will determine what you make.

write for online article directories

This is good for getting visitors to your blog and sometimes you can earn money with your articles also. If you don't have a website you can submit your articles to directories where you can keep part of the revenue made with Google adsense.

Sell products online

This is what many people living in Thailand already do. You could set up a web shop and try to sell your articles or products through that web shop. A lot of things and commodities are a lot cheaper in Thailand then elswhere so if you are there why not benefit from that?. You could sell things like clothes, art (paintings ceramics, tribal art) and so on.

Seasonal work in Australia

A word of caution: If you go to Australia to work you will also need a working visa. People who look for fruit picking jobs will not be hired unless they can show a valid working visa because immigration in Australia is checking the farms all the time for illegal workers.
If you get a working visa, you could consider working in the North of Australia (Northern part of WA or NT) where there are lots of fruit picking jobs between May and November. You can also go to Northern Queensland between October and February. You will have to work 11 hours a day and 7 days a week and the pay will be not more than 15 to 17 AUD per hour. Luckily the tax is only 13% so if you can do that for 3 months or so you will end up saving enough for many months in Thailand.

These are just a few ways to make money in or near Thailand for people who cannot or simply don't want to teach English.

For more articles about life in Thailand and tips on how to live on a budget in Pattaya check out my weblog http://www.pattayadiaries.com/.

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