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Do I need a Celta if I have a TESOL from an accredited school? -- K.C. 6 December 2016
Hello, I have a TESOL from an accredited school and have taught at the college level, as well as privately in the United States. I am planning to teach abroad, primarily in Asia. Do I need to obtain ...
Re: Do I need a Celta if I have a TESOL from an accredited school? -- Turnoi 10 January 2017
CELTA is a standard certificate from a professional body in Cambidge for those working in corporate ESL. Any other qualification that is non-CELTA is as much reputable if it doesn't come from a ...

Baicheng Normal University -- TEFL Teacher 90 6 October 2016
Hi! I am looking to join Baicheng Normal University. I wanted to know if anyone here has had any recent experience in terms of the students and the place. The person who hired me has been very ...
Re: Baicheng Normal University -- Turnoi 6 October 2016
Tell us more about the job details, then we may perhaps be able to advise you better. Pay particular attention to the following: 1. Salaryin relation to weekly teachingload. 2.Do they provide you ...

Tefl -- adrie 12 September 2016
Hi guys I hope someone can help or give me some advice. I am 29 with a bachelors degree in psychology and I have a 140 hour tefl course and I want to go and teach in china, the one thing that ...
Re: Tefl -- info 12 September 2016
Hi, you can try to post on the resume board here: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/esl/index.pl And see how they react. Good luck!

Advert: Guaranteed paid teaching positions -- TEFL HEAVEN 30 August 2016
TEFL Heaven offers guaranteed paid teaching positions to new and recent university graduates holding a bachelor's degree (those without a degree may apply and receive TEFL certification in any of ...

Need help and few example for reference. -- moht / TEFL 18 August 2016
Hello, Could someone please help with this question below. I just need a few example as to how I should start this paragraph using the word given. Anything would help even explaining how I can start ...

CELTA in Perth, WA? -- Bob 17 August 2016
I've got a spare month on my hand and need to get my CELTA sorted. Can someone recommend a centre in Perth? Thanks!
Re: CELTA in Perth, WA? -- Ian 25 October 2016
Yep, i can strongly recommend Lexis out at Scarborough. www.Lexistesoltraining.com

TEFL -- Anthony 17 August 2016
Greetings friends! Ok, once and for all, can I teach English in Cambodia with a tefl cert, but no degree or not?? If so, how difficult is it to land this job? Will I find someone to hire me before I ...
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