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Advert: TEFL certification -- Susan Robinson 2 June 2016
I just got my TEFL certificate from www.gettefl.com This is a super course! Now I have a teaching job in Korea. I start next week!! So excited!!

Advert: Online TEFL certification, a quick and easy way for graduates to get the training they need -- Sarah Fauset 26 May 2016
My name is Sarah Fauset and I am an ESL teacher recruiter. I have over 10 years of experience hiring university graduates to teach English abroad. I myself spent 3 years teaching English in Korea. I ...

Re: MA in TESOL online/distance learning? -- A 7 May 2016
Hi there, You may get your MA from the Open University, UK. You can get a Masters of Education(Appl.Ling). You will study three modules and the tuition fee is paid module by module. You can choose to ...

Advert: Online TEFL Certification -- get TEFL 25 February 2016
We offer online TEFL certification at www.gettefl.com

Advert: Online Teaching Offer: LinCo, Online Teaching App -- Enok Horizon 19 February 2016
Dear teachers, We are delighted to announce that our online English teaching app, LinCo, is ready for you to use. By using the app, you will be able to teach students in China through online. The ...

Teaching in Spanish speaking Latin America? -- Matt 8 February 2016
Hi guys, I am currently teaching in Spain and am looking for different adventure! The internet doesn't have consistent information on what it's like teaching in South America. So I would be ...

Teaching in the Middle East -- Manjinder 24 January 2016
Good Afternoon I am thinking of moving to the Middle East for a short period of time in the next few years, and find a job in teaching English to non English individuals. Is there a demand for ...
Re: Teaching in the Middle East -- gharwell1 10 April 2016
Hello, Get the job before you go. Do NOT just show up and expect to get a great job. It may be a good job or a cool job but you have to remember and expect that at sometime during the contract you ...

Would a CELTA help me to find a teahing position in Britain? -- Max 11 January 2016
Hi, Just thought I would post a question because I am in need of advice. I am about to embark on a CELTA course in the UK, but I cannot decide if it is right for me. Even though I am excited by the ...
Re: Would a CELTA help me to find a teahing position in Britain? -- Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen 11 January 2016
For teaching ESL in the UK (corporate ESL industry with mainly freelance jobs only, not well paid and without any financial and social security), you should do the CELTA, I guess.

Re: Please advise on impact of misdemeanor conviction on teaching overseas -- Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen 1 January 2016
To be honest, as an employer I would not care too much about your past misdemeanour but about your poorly written English in your post.
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