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Transform teaching with tablets

The increasing number of tablets in classroom shows us the trend of the future of education. In UK, one in three secondary schools now allows students to use devices on their grounds. But are tablets really useful for students? How do students use tablets in the classroom? What do schools achieve?

It is to our surprise that many students only use tablets for notes taking. But once we take time to think about it, it actually makes sense. When a lot of schools decide to introduce tablets to schools, they only have a vague idea like “modernizing schools” or “entering the information age”. But they don’t have a specific goal, or what they would like to achieve with the tablets. That’s not something we like to see. Especially the cost of tablets is not an amount we can ignore.

Getting tablets or other devices into schools is relatively easy; changing classroom practice with technology is really hard. So the question becomes, how can we make tablets instructional?

Before we start, we should set some goals. Let’s list the things we’d like to achieve by having tablets in the classroom:
1. Personalized Education - The teacher can provide differentiated teaching to different students.
2. Empower the teacher - The teacher has control over the students’ activities in class.
3. Inspire students – Students have access to audio-visual tools and can use them creatively.

So how do we transform the tablets into an instructional tool? The easy solution is to install the right application. The application ought to provide the features which can help us achieve the goals we set. We have a lot of Classroom Management Software to choose from, here we suggest Mythware Classroom Management Software.

Mythware Classroom Management Software is the most powerful tool for tablets because it can really help the teacher to achieve their goals in classroom. The great features include Group Teaching, Student Demonstration, Screen Broadcast, Quiz, File Distribution & Collection and Monitor & Control. You can see the detailed information on Mythware’s website and you can download the free trial after registration. Once you give it a try, please write a review (link below)

We’d like to see the feedbacks.


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