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8 Chef Tips on Packing a School Lunch  by: ya
If you're like most parents, packing school lunch for the kids can be a fraught experience: Are you sending them with enough food? Too much? Were you supposed to include an ice pack? Will your..
The History of Laptop Computers  by: Dencho A Denchev
Have you ever wondered where the sleek new portable PCs of today came from? How did they get so small, and so fast? It's true that modern notebook computers have undergone many changes throughout the..
A Brief History of Puzzles and Riddles  by: Natalie Aranda
A world like ours needs a smile from time to time, and there is nothing better that spending our leisure hours with fun and entertaining activities, such as puzzles, riddles and trivia solving...
Casino Royale Review – The Believable Bond  by: Sacha Tarkovsky
The new James Bond film, Casino Royale, staring Daniel Craig, is by far the best James Bond film ever made. The best? Not necessarily in terms of special effects, spectacular climax scenes at the end..
How to understand confidence  by: Andrew James
Confidence is a word that we hear a lot of these days. Success in work and in our personal lives is said to stem from it. Indeed there are very few situations in life where a lack of confidence is..
The History of Valentine's Day  by: Natalie Aranda
Love has many different meanings in every single language but there is a universal traditional day when people express their inner feelings for each other, either love or friendship. Valentine's Day..
Who Was the Real William Shakespeare?  by: Debra Cruz
Who was the real Shakespeare? Who wrote the 38 plays, two long poems, and 154 sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare. I will give you the details, but the conclusion is up to you. The Stratford..
Be the right example before expecting to see changes in others  by: Prem Guragain
“Be the right example before expecting to see changes in others.” -Prem Guragain, Anaheim, CA I would like to start with the following quote by Confucius, a Chinese philosopher :“To put the..
What Is the Origin of Guacamole?  by: Collaborator
Green, smooth and tasty, guacamole is a staple food in Latin American cuisine. Akin with its rich flavor, guacamole has an equally rich origin. What is Guacamole? Guacamole is a green sauce made..
A Walk through Winter Park - A Hint of New England in Florida  by: Susanne Pacher
Just a few minutes north of downtown Orlando awaits Winter Park, a charming picturesque suburb steeped in history. After my excursion on the Scenic Boat Tour, my local expert Wanda Salerno took me on..
Have You Discovered These Secrets In The Da Vinci Code?  by: Piercarla Garusi
On Friday 19th May I went to see the Da Vinci Code, as did thousands of other people here in London. It made me think a lot and I compared the world it describes with the world we really live in. On..
Where Did Coffee Originate - The History of Coffee Across Territories  by: Yogi Shinde
Where did coffee originate? Coffee lovers around the world today may be numbering in the millions, but only a small number could be fully aware on the beginnings of this well-loved beverage. The..
Beat Anger - 4 Ways to Overcome Anger  by: HyunSoung Kim
When we are at anger status we only want to harm others and make ourselves happy, at that time we all think about ourselves and ignore all the famous sayings such as "Live for the sake of others",..
Simple life in Manhattan: A 90-square-foot home with video  by: Kirsten Dirksen
The average size of the American home is shrinking -- it dropped in both 2008 and 2009 after 15 straight years of growth -- but most of us are still living larger than people in the Big Apple. Home..
The History of Cheesecake - A Greek Athlete's Award  by: Rachael Rizzo
Cheesecake, I'll never forget the first time I ever had it. I was about nine years old and the minute I bit into it cheesecake became my favorite dessert. Creamy, rich and cheesy it was a combination..
The Rise and Dangers of the Internet  by: R J A Pettinger
One of the main creators of the world wide web Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned that the phenomenal growth of the internet is also creating serious potential problems. In particular he warns of false..
Stunt performers ride cars on the walls of the "Well of Death"  by: jp
One of the attractions at Ramlila fair, in the old quarters of Delhi September 30, 2011. The performers earn their livelihood by performing daredevil stunts such as driving their bikes and cars on..
Fifty Fun Halloween Facts  by: Renee Goodrich
1. Halloween is held on October 31st which is the last day of the Celtic calender. 2. The Halloween custom has evolved from the ancient Celts belief that the border between this world and "the..
Cloud Formation - An Overview  by: Darrell Victor
Clouds are visible atmospheric phenomena that comprise condensed atmospheric moisture or tiny ice crystals. The tiny droplets or crystals are light enough to float in the atmosphere by vertical..
Things to Do in the Summer (For Kids)  by: Jennie Gandhi
As the summer holidays approach the major thing that's on the mind of a child is, "What's next? What will I do this summer?" This thought has to be catered to, by considering that each child is..
Couple's huge bills unexplained  by: CBC
A couple from Merritt, B.C., have been battling Bell Canada for months over enormous bills — which they call outrageous and unwarranted — for thousands of dollars in unexplained data charges on..
5 Confidence Building Blocks  by: Kristin Hutchings
We all want to build up our confidence but do you subconsciously sabotage your efforts? Do you try your hardest to "be confident" yet still find you lack confidence? Well, it's likely that you have..
Science Fair Experiment Ideas Made Simple  by: Dee Schrock
Science fair experiment ideas can teach you science concepts without having to be overly difficult. These types of science fair projects can be a lot of fun for students. It is all a matter of..
Fortune Teller  by: Subba Rao
FORTUNE TELLER By Subba Rao Koneeru means a lagoon, pond or a water reservoir, but this pond is special, it is called Peerla koneeru, since it is here the town Muslims gather during the celebrations..
Charles Dickens - A Biography - English Literature  by: Michael Cooper
There is something about Charles Dickens' imaginative power that defies explanation in purely biographical terms. Nevertheless, his biography shows the source of that power and is the best place to..
the first Clock of the Long No  by: Cory Doctorow
Jeff Bezos & co to build the first Clock of the Long Now Jeff Bezos has financed the construction of the first Clock of the Long Now. Created by Danny Hillis for the Long Now Foundation, the Clock is..
Drinking Water Benefits  by:
Water is necessary for your body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients. It also detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and carries away waste from the body. And when it comes to digestion It's just..
The History of African Drumming  by: Anjus Chiedozie
The drum is perhaps the oldest musical instrument in the world, with every society employing it in varying degrees. However, it is most revered among the people of Africa, where it comes in various..
Halloween - The Ghost Of Julie Dodge  by: Bill Knell
It was a warm and quiet October in Saint Petersburg, Florida during 1971. My family had moved there just a year before to escape the hassle, bustle and crime of New York City. Being an only child..
Life on Mars  by: Garik Tate
Scientist believe that mars might have once sustained life. There are many factors and signs that earth isn't the only planet in the solar system to have created life. This is an incredibly important..
Do You Have The Right Attitude to Create a Good Impression?  by: Royane Real
Are you usually hostile, or a bit neutral when you first meet other people? Or are you always willing to like the person you meet? Not everybody is willing to be open when they meet others for the..
The History Of Bubble Gum  by: Michael Russell
The Bubble Gum has gone through a lot over its long history. In the early 1900s, a man named Frank Fleer tried to come up with the perfect bubble gum recipe for his candy company. He experimented..
Two Young Rats......a Modern Fable  by: Robin Timothy Day B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
Two Young Rats...Modern Fable Two young rats were poking around a field looking for something good to eat. At the very same moment they grabbed hold of the same big worm, one the head and one the..
Barriers to Communication  by: Christine Gayle
Barriers To Communication unfortunately do exist. Some hinder or completely eliminate meaningful communication between two people. What can we do to alleviate this problem? Let's take a look at an..
How to Make an Aboriginal Boomerang  by: Brian Adler
An Aboriginal boomerang is a throwing stick. Thrown into the air, it curves away from the thrower before arcing back and returning. Traditionally made of a tree root, the native peoples of Australia..
What is Education Like?  by: Ton Montano
When I hear the topic about education, what comes into my mind are the things like a student carrying books on her left arm, and a pen on her other hand, walking towards the corridor of the school..
Teaching Kids to Be Kind to Animals  by: Rajni Seth
Children have gentle minds. The best way to teach them to share and care is at home. Kids are naturally attracted to animals. Tending to animals is interesting for them. One could teach them to be..
world's biggest chocolate bar  by: tn
YEREVAN, Armenia – Anyone looking for huge amounts of free chocolate should book a flight to Armenia's capital next month. That's when the world's largest chocolate bar will be up for grabs in..
Silk - History And Facts  by: Michael Russell
Silk may be just another fabric to most of us. But the truth is, silk is a very unique fabric that has many activists up in arms. We're going to take a look at a brief history and some facts about..
Water - What It Can Do For You  by: Sharon Cacho
Every system in your body depends on water. Water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. It also..