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What is the History of Chocolate?  by: Beverley Clement
The sweetest mystery revealed by mankind in history is probably that of chocolate. Nearly everyone loves chocolate, but do you know the history of chocolate? How it is made? What are its types? What..
10 Ways Life Gets Easier When You Build Good Habits  by: Beth Tabak
“Good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits” Robert Puller Habits add enough structure to change life drastically long term. Picking up one new good habit a month..
A Private Passion  by: Susan Fitzell
A Private Passion " do what you do out of your private passion for the thing itself." "What if people said it could not be done? So much the better." --Annie Dillard, An American Childhood My..
Inspirational Words: 3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cars  by: Deanna Mascle
I have a 6-year-old boy so the movie "Cars" has been a big hit in our house. He saw the movie in the theater and we have all watched it several times since it came out on DVD. I have come full circle..
Re: Einstein's Riddle - Can You Solve It?  by: katia
the british man owns the fish
Science Fair Project Ideas - Winning Projects Start With the Right Topic  by: Lauren Warner
It takes a lot of work to come up with a science experiment that will really impress the judges. While the choices for science fair projects are endless, it does take some planning to come up with..
The History of Dragons  by: Francesca Black
The Dragon has played an important part in myths and religions since pre-historic times. The history of dragons goes back at least six thousand years, and there are dragon tales and legends from..
The History Of The Electric Guitar  by: Al Beckett
The popularity of the electric guitar began in the big band era when guitarists needed to amplify their instruments to compete with the large brass sections found in most jazz orchestras. In the..
How Do Clouds Form?  by: Kum Martin
Clouds are floating bodies in the atmosphere which are visible in various shapes and sizes. Any planet in the solar system having atmosphere like Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will have..
What Is the Origin of the Zodiac?  by: Megan Shoop
Both the Greek and the Chinese zodiac are astrological systems consisting of 12 symbols. In the Greek zodiac, four of the symbols are represented by human figures, while the rest are animals. In the..
The Origin of the Olive Tree  by: Hayley Pangle
The olive is one of the oldest cultivated crops known to man and is still widely grown in the Mediterranean. An olive tree can have a life expectancy of 500 years and is hearty enough to grow back if..
The Gladiators – From History To Movies  by: Richard Monk
The movie Gladiator was very entertaining and certain raised the profile of gladiators. The question, however, is whether the movie accurately portrayed these warriors. The Gladiators – From..
Why the Summer Solstice is Celebrated Around the World  by: Andy Gibson
The summer solstice is a fascinating astronomical event and is celebrated in many countries around the world. The solstice literally means sun standing still in Latin. While it is orbiting the Sun,..
Does Chocolate Have Health Benefits?  by: Art Vine
Chocolate – real chocolate that is – is now recognised as having many qualities that can be beneficial for your health. By 'real chocolate' I mean chocolate containing Cocoa, Sugar, Milk Solids,..
Soda Ramana  by: Subba Rao
Soda Ramana By Subba Rao Ramana sold soda pop from a tiny shop alongside of an open sewer drain on the opposite side of our home. The shop, just ten feet high was built with used metal sheets. The..
Ox Chinese Zodiac: Fun Trivia  by: Gail Leino
Individuals born under the Ox Chinese Zodiac are often recognized for their ability to lead. Those people who are born under the sign of the Ox Chinese Zodiac are strict individuals who maintain..
Kids Crayons - History and Trivia  by: Gail Leino
Made of a mixture of charcoal and oil, records of what were probably the first crayons are found in Europe. Later, the oil was replaced with wax making sticks that were less messy and easier to..
Interesting Conversation Starters - How to Start Great Conversations and Make Friends  by: Michael Lee
It is important to keep some interesting conversation starters handy every time. Why? Well, let's say you're at this party where you hardly know anybody. The feeling is awkward. The only other person..
The History of Eating Utensils  by: Amanda Hermes
Knives, forks, and spoons are things that many all take for granted. Every household has a drawer full of them and you can even buy disposable ones. Surprisingly, modern eating utensils took a long..
Beautiful Worms - story for 6-8 year olds  by: Janice M. Jones
Beautiful Worms 816 words by Jan Jones Wilma, Wendy and Wally shared a hole in the ground. They enjoyed warm sun and soft, moist mud. They giggled and wiggled. They rolled and slid. They took care of..
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy  by: Jimmy Wang
Solar energy can be used and is used for electricity, central heating, hot water, cooking, for producing salt and even for desalination. Solar energy comes from the sun?s rays. Solar energy is known..
What is a Solar Panel?  by: Wellsee solar
About Solar Panels Solar energy begins with the sun. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics, are used to convert light from the sun, which is composed of particles of energy called "photons", into..
The Sisters of the Lamplight  by: Mark W. Medley
A long the cove of Venus, a brave family lived and worked on top of the rocky landscape tending the lamp of the ancient lighthouse, seen far into the turbulent waters out to sea. Many a ship passed..
A Short History of Radio and Telephone  by:
Radio and telephone are often scientifically and technically linked to each other. Telephone came after radio with the advancement in technology. Radio is one way transmission while telephone is two..
Othello - Shakespeare - Play Essay - Review  by: Michael Cooper
Although it was produced in 1604, William Shakespeare’s play Othello still relates to the everyday situations of certain people. In the play, Shakespeare gives the reader situations of misguided..
The History of Valentines Day  by: Shawna S. Ruppert
If you're a romantic in any way, then you're probably interested in some Valentine's Day trivia. The holiday is celebrated on February 14th, and is the only holiday that is dedicated solely to the..
Can Creativity Flourish in Your Working Environment?  by: Derek Cheshire
Here are some golden rules that you might like to use as a checklist to see if a) creativity could flourish if you are looking to embrace it or b) to find out why your best efforts at being creative..
Man discovers mother’s 100-year-old letter to Santa  by: Nadine Bells
In 1992, Dublin homeowner John Bryne discovered a charred letter to Santa in his chimney while installing central heating. "At that time, the fireplaces were made of brick with a shelf on either..
Re: Top TEN greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies  by: Gizmo
Nice selection of movies for a top 10, but from my point of view, I think Blade Runner deserved a much higher ranking though, and from the Matrix trilogy I would have only considered the first one as..
Paper Recycling - History and Processing  by: Michael Russell
Paper is an example of a valuable material that can be recycled. Its wood fibers are reused five to seven times before they become too short and brittle. Possible products are paper and corrugated..
Why Do the French Wear Berets?  by: Kathryn White
Early Origins The ancient Greeks first used a beret style hat in the 5th century BC, 2500 years ago. The "pilos," as they called it, was practical and water tight because it lacked any seams.The..
Thank you for listening  by: Namrta Dhar
Fred narrated a real-life incident to me this morning and asked me to write about it in my blog. This post, hence, is special as this is first time my blog will be studded with an on-demand post :-)...
How to Fight Stress?  by: Leah G
Life knocks us around from time to time, some of us more than others, but even if we share some of the same type of experiences how we handle and recover from these experiences can differ greatly and..
Who Invented Opera?  by: Venus Kelly
Opera was invented in Florence, Italy towards the latter part of the 16th century by a group of wealthy intellectuals and musicians. Their goal was to reproduce the dramas of the ancient Greeks using..
10 Ways to Save Electricity  by: Duncan Kelly
The big thing these days is to reduce the size of your "carbon footprint" on the environment, meaning of course, that you try your best to use less non-renewable energy. One of these energy resources..
The American Civil War - Begins in 1861  by: Karen Peralta
This was one of the most brutal, bloody and Godforsaken times ever in America. The Sixties in the South were bad for us, but the Civil War was far worse. Why the South "liked Dixie" and wanted to..
Coloring Page Crayons History: Four Fun Facts for Kids  by: Michael J Bennett
Kid coloring page crayons have a history. Here are four free color crayon history facts most kids don’t know. 1) Kids crayons 2) History and Inventors of crayons 3) How crayons are made 4) Types..
Do You Have The Right Attitude to Create a Good Impression?  by: Royane Real
Are you usually hostile, or a bit neutral when you first meet other people? Or are you always willing to like the person you meet? Not everybody is willing to be open when they meet others for the..
What is Intelligence?  by: Cornelius Gee
If you go to Google and type in "define:intelligence", you will get a number of definition of intelligence ranging from spying to a TV series and magazines names. However the definition that's..
The Gladiators – From History To Movies  by: Richard Monk
The movie Gladiator was very entertaining and certain raised the profile of gladiators. The question, however, is whether the movie accurately portrayed these warriors. The Gladiators – From..