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Growing and Harvesting Coffee Beans  by: George Pettit
There is no doubt that everyone loves coffee, it is the favorite morning beverage brewed in coffee machines all around the world. This remarkable beverage starts as a flavorful bean waiting to be..
Cow and Chicken- Be Careful What You Wish For - Video  by: art
How You Become Effective  by: re
This is a long post. If you like it in the first 300 words, you should finish it. First of all, read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead. Those two books will, too a much higher degree than..
What Is the Origin of Table Setting?  by: Cameron Delaney
The modern-day table setting dates back to medieval England, when the salt cellar, or container, served as the centerpiece and guests brought their own utensils to dinner. Forks and china are..
A Jump Over Four-Foot Wall  by: Subba Rao
A jump over the Four-Foot Wall By Subba Rao Sankaram, a physics teacher was known for his antics in his classroom. While teaching, he would stretch his hands back and forth, stand on his toes as if..
Facts About Jupiter Including How Did Jupiter Get Its Name  by: James Hewson
If you wanted to know facts about Jupiter then read on, our research has uncovered some amazing information around this fascinating planet. Planet Jupiter is the second most significant body in our..
Pursue Compatible Goals  by: JOHN VESPASIAN
Ideas are precious and constitute the basis of civilization. Without the concepts of free trade, freedom of speech, and human rights, our standard of living would rapidly fall to medieval levels...
A Tale of Whales and a Whale of a Tour  by: Michael Miller
The big black and white killer whale -- his four-foot sail-like dorsal fin erect and rising from a long sleek black and white body -- came slicing rapidly through the water, seemiingly on a collision..
AMAZING Kung Fu Martial Arts HISTORY  by: Peter Sundbye
The term 'Kung Fu' does not relate to any specific form of martial art, but rather translates as 'skill' or 'ability'. Scholars believe that the use of Kung Fu to describe the Chinese martial form..
100 Best Movies Ever Made  by: RikiOhh
Asking For Help is Not a Sign of Weakness  by: Peter Fisher
When you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Yes, everyone tells you to 'stand on your own two feet' and take responsibility for your actions, but if..
| Origin of Language  by: John T. Smith
Glottogony (Origin of language) tell us about the interesting facts of human evolution and living. Unlike writing, spoken language leaves no trace. At some stage of human evolution, several systems..
Re: Halloween - The History of Vampires  by: Dana
Buffy wasn't originally a comic book character. The first incarnation was in the '92 movie. There are Buffy comic books, but they came after the tv series started in the late '90s.
The History of Origami & Paper Folding  by: Erin Maurer
Origami, the art of paper folding, has unclear origins. Some historians believe that the art began in China around 2,000 years ago with the invention of paper. However, there is no clear evidence to..
Electric car Tesla Model S 'Faster Than A Porsche'  by: G.E. Anderson
Five years after debuting the original electric two-seat Roadster, Tesla shows customers its first all-new car: the $50,000, seven-passenger Model S. FREMONT, Calif.- Five years after shocking the..
How Does Granite Get Made Into Countertops?  by: Ezmeralda Lee
Introduction to Granite Granite is one of the hardest rocks that there is. There are only a few things that can cut granite, one being another piece of granite, and the other a diamond-edged saw. A..
What Causes Day and Night?  by: Kum Martin
Our solar system consists of nine planets. Earth is one of them. It is the 5th largest planet in the solar system. Like all other planets Earth also revolves round the sun. The earth revolves around..
Why Do People Self Sabotage?  by: Paula M Williams
Whenever we are on our desired path, taking action and making steady progress, why then do we sometimes go off the rails? Why do we suddenly screw up, just as we are seeing some really positive..
How to Fight Stress?  by: Leah G
Life knocks us around from time to time, some of us more than others, but even if we share some of the same type of experiences how we handle and recover from these experiences can differ greatly and..
A Little Confectionery History  by: Sharon Cacho
Old time candy, a childhood favorite memory. Taking a walk down memory lane, re-living those first bursts of Lemon Heads and licorice in the movie theaters (drive in, of course!) Where did it all..
Improving Communication Skills  by: Pete E Nicholls
If you want to improve your communication skills, it may be easier than you think! It is generally accepted that communication is the skill of both talking and listening, however, there are other..
The Truth - If You Are in Doubt, Check it Out!  by: Phalbon Im
Nobody knows every thing. Even you and I have a limited knowledge in any subject. But if you set your mind to find out the truth, result, and the solution to any problem, you will definitely find out..
Handling Questions and Answers -- The Seven Secrets  by: Chris King
Whether or not you will be faced with questions you are expected to answer depends upon the type of presentation you are giving, the time available, and your topic. To handle this possibly daunting..
Worried About What To Give? Try A Christmas Story  by: J Gardener
We all have different traditions, when it comes to celebrating the holidays, but one thing most of us can count on: It's the time of year when friends and families gather for fellowhip, food, and..
Man walks around the world in 11 years  by: Michel Viatteau
A 56-year-old Montreal man looking to shake off a mid-life depression walked around the world in 11 years, returning this week to Canada, looking radiant after realizing a dream. A bit thinner and..
Dinosaur Facts  by: Sunil Tanna
Dinosaurs are a group of extinct reptiles that first appeared during the middle of the Triassic Period, perhaps around 230 million years ago. They soon became the dominant land vertebrates, and..
Brokeback Mountain DVD Review  by: Chris Shelton
The controversial film from director Ang Lee has reached store shelves in DVD form. Little needs to be explained of the discussion surrounding the movie and just about everyone has heard of or..
10 Famous Inventors  by: Wadzanai Nenzou
Innate curiosity and a strong desire to improve things are just some of the qualities shared by the world's most famous inventors. From a young age, most of them have been intrigued by their..
The Life of St Patrick - Patron Saint of Ireland  by: Mairead Foley
Although we claim St. Patrick as our patron saint he wasn't actually Irish at all. In fact, it's believed that he was born in Scotland around 375AD to wealthy Roman parents who named him, Maewyn..
Elmo History and Facts  by: Gail Leino
Elmo has been a fun character on Sesame Street for many years with his friends, the cookie monster, Big Bird, the Grouch, and even Bert and Ernie. A red furry Muppet he is probably about the age of a..
What Is the Origin of the Faberge Egg?  by: Paul Cartmell
Peter Carl Faberge was the Russian court jeweler to czars Alexander III and Nicholas II, for whom his company produced annual decorated Easter eggs beginning in 1885. History The Russian Orthodox..
What Is The Definition Of Astronomy?  by: Kum Martin
The scientific study of all the matter -- energy found in the universe, dealing with their origin, composition, distribution and movements is called astronomy. It is one of the oldest branches of..
Deep Impact - We Now Have the Technology to Avoid It  by: Andy Fleming
We all want a planet fit in the future for our children, and as a species we've become aware over the last few decades exactly how fragile the Earth actually is. We've realised the devastation that..
How to Evaluate a Movie for Your Child (student)  by: Alexandra Burlacu
Do you remember when movies "for adults" were those kisses? Films today are much harder to be monitored by parents, but these instructions may help. Here's how: 1. Understand the movie rating system..
Don't Be Afraid to Let Other People See Who You Really Are!  by: Royane Real
Do you know anybody that you consider to be particularly engaging and lively? Take a moment to picture that person in your mind. What is it about that person that you find most attractive? He or she..
Coloring Page Crayons History: Four Fun Facts for Kids  by: Michael J Bennett
Kid coloring page crayons have a history. Here are four free color crayon history facts most kids don’t know. 1) Kids crayons 2) History and Inventors of crayons 3) How crayons are made 4) Types..
Barriers to Communication  by: Christine Gayle
Barriers To Communication unfortunately do exist. Some hinder or completely eliminate meaningful communication between two people. What can we do to alleviate this problem? Let's take a look at an..
What were some of the causes of the Global Recession  by: ws
In layman's terms, its was the collapse of the financial institutions. Financiers were lending out home loans to high-risk borrowers, many of which defaulted on their repayments and lost their homes..
Vincent Van Gogh, Biography  by: Kateryna Pryvalova
"In life as in art, I can cope with it without the Lord God. But I can not exist, I am suffering from man - without something greater than I, something that fills my whole life - without the creative..
Dinosaur Facts  by: Sunil Tanna
Dinosaurs are a group of extinct reptiles that first appeared during the middle of the Triassic Period, perhaps around 230 million years ago. They soon became the dominant land vertebrates, and..