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Cartoons - Superman  by: Michael Russell
The Superman character was probably one of the most famous creations in history. Superman first appeared in comic books. But it wasn't until Superman cartoons were made that people really got the..
Brief History of the Electrician  by: Barry Walker
With the late nineteenth century seeing developments in using electricity for residential and industrial use, along with this came the electrician for installation and maintenance. There was a rapid..
How to Reach Your Goals the Joyful Way  by: Paula Owen
Sometimes we are faced with doing things we would rather avoid doing. If these things help achieve your end goal – it is necessary you do them. Adopt a positive attitude as best you can and..
FAILURE & SUCCESS  by: Piyush Bhatia
Once I noticed a young boy playing in the garden. I was amused at what I saw. At first when he fell down, he looked around to see if anyone was watching him. When he saw that there was no one, he..
A Brief Description of AIDS  by: Robert Kokoska
The waltz of death hovers above the ten million of the over one billion youth in the age group of fifteen and twenty four and an average of six thousand are getting infected every day with the deadly..
Hello from Chicago - The Field Museum and Pompeii - Stories from an Eruption  by: Susanne Pacher
Yesterday I got up early again and typed up my travel reports on the free computer at the Arlington House. Then my friend Linda and I made our way to one of our favourite Chicago hangouts for..
The Justin Bieber Dream  by: Leanne
Justin Bieber has created Bieber fever around the globe with young teens that simply can't get enough of his music. Born in Canada, Justin is just 17 years of age and has already achieved so much...
Teaching Children the Importance of a "Thank You" Note  by: Richard Arnold
Childhood is the perfect time to express the importance of verbally saying Thank You and beginning to write notes. If they begin as children the act of writing notes feels natural to both boys and..
Human Digestive System - A Brief Introduction  by: Sasi Krishna
Digestive system is also called gastrointestinal system or alimentary canal. Digestive tract starts from the mouth and ends at the anus. Food enters into the body through the mouth and then enters..
Let Go of the Grudges  by: Mushtaq Rehman
My objective for writing this article is to persuade you with power to be happier than you were when you walked in here. But I will need your help, to help you, to be happier because the key to your..
The Scorpion [Vietnam Tale]  by: Dennis Siluk
I can’t remember all the details, of that particular evening out on patrol in the Ammo-dump, but Charlie was to have penetrated the area, and we were to go find him, seek and destroy. And so when..
The Invention of Television  by: Sam Vaknin
The transmission of images obsessed inventors as early as 1875 when George Carey of Boston proposed his cumbersome system. Only five years later, the principle of scanning a picture, line by line and..
Speech Introductions - How To Introduce Someone  by: Alex Thornton
You may be asked to introduce a fellow speaker. The most important distinction between an introduction and a speech that you have prepared is that an introduction should not be read from notes. There..
10 Famous Women Scientists  by: Wadzanai Nenzou
Science, mathematics and technology have long been considered to be the forte of men; however, the contribution of women to the advancement of these fields simply cannot be ignored. There have been..
What Is A Fossil?  by: Claudia Mann
What is a fossil? While this is a simple question, the answer can be simple or a bit more complicated. The short and sweet answer to that question is “A fossil is the remains or evidence of any..
Teaching Children About India  by: Jennie Gandhi
India is a great country in terms of culture and values. Children from all over the world will learn to be better human beings by learning about this country. The Republic of India is a South Asian..
The History of Satin Fabric  by: Tucker Cummings
Satin is a luxurious fabric that has been prized for centuries. Over the years, it has been used been used for beautiful clothing, bedding, wedding gowns, ballet shoes, lingerie, and even the lining..
The Scorpion [Vietnam Tale]  by: Dennis Siluk
I can’t remember all the details, of that particular evening out on patrol in the Ammo-dump, but Charlie was to have penetrated the area, and we were to go find him, seek and destroy. And so when..
Interesting Facts About Space  by: David J R
These are some really interesting facts on space. Space is one of the most fascinating and interesting topics in itself. This article is full of information on this interesting topic. It snows in the..
A Little Confectionery History  by: Sharon Cacho
Old time candy, a childhood favorite memory. Taking a walk down memory lane, re-living those first bursts of Lemon Heads and licorice in the movie theaters (drive in, of course!) Where did it all..
10 Things You Should Not Keep in Your Wallet  by: Kathryn Tuggle
What you keep in your wallet will determine how at risk you are for identity theft in the chance you lose it. Here are 10 items experts suggest keeping at home. We all make sure we've got our keys,..
Bacteria and Viruses - The Basics  by: Elizabeth Blake
Let's talk about germs. People use the term "germs" loosely, to mean either bacteria or viruses. But the two are very different. BACTERIA They are small, cellular organisms that can be stained on a..
Dinosaur Facts  by: Sunil Tanna
Dinosaurs are a group of extinct reptiles that first appeared during the middle of the Triassic Period, perhaps around 230 million years ago. They soon became the dominant land vertebrates, and..
Must-read Classics for Kids  by: Philip Nicosia
Reading should always be an integral part of growing up. It should always start in the home and encouraged even until the children are already grown up. It is only in this way that they learn the..
Teaching Children in Love  by: Katheryn Hoban
Children are a joy and an incredible gift. If you teach with respect and love they will act in kind. See the beauty and the gentleness of children and go out of your way to engage a child or to take..
How To Be More Persuasive: 3 Persuasion Techniques That Work Like A Charm  by: Lee, Michael
There are numerous ways on how to be more persuasive. Some of them require nothing more than a change in demeanor, while others require you to change your entire approach. Some of these persuasion..
Oscar Wilde the American Tour  by: Robin Tim Day BSc MSc BEd
On his famous tour of America Oscar Wilde was the guest of honour at the home of two wealthy New England brothers, one nuttier than a fruit cake, the other fruitier than a nut cake. Oscar, a relative..
What Causes Day and Night?  by: Kum Martin
Our solar system consists of nine planets. Earth is one of them. It is the 5th largest planet in the solar system. Like all other planets Earth also revolves round the sun. The earth revolves around..
Rose Wine History  by: Marika Josephson
Rosé, whose French name means "pink" or "reddish," is a light red wine whose popularity with wine connoisseurs in the United States has always been tenuous due to its apparent similarity to sweet..
How Satellite Internet Works  by: Sturat Mitchel
In big countries such as the US, internet service providers cannot offer high speed internet connections to rural areas or remote places, due to the increased expenses. This is why satellite internet..
Who Invented Fireworks?  by: Venus Kelly
Many different countries lay claim to this wondrous feat but who really invented fireworks? Most people agree that the first recorded instances occurred in China during the 9th century around the..
St. Patrick's Day & the Origin of Pinching  by: Robert Vaux
St. Patrick's Day is the Irish national holiday, celebrating the nation's patron St. Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland. Traditions include drinking beer, participating in parades and..
The World of Letters (several short stories)  by: Purwarno Hadinata - English literature educator
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For 14 days we were all in pitch darkness. There was no night and no day. We begged God to help us': The amazing first interview with one of the trap  by: Caroline Graham
Last updated at 9:53 PM on 17th October 2010 He is the undisputed star of the Chilean mine rescue. When Mario Sepulveda became the second miner to surface after 69 days trapped half-a-mile below..
History of the Jack-in-the-Box Toy  by: Paula Swenson
No one knows for certain where and when the first jack-in-the-box toy was made, but the toy can be reliably traced back to the Middle Ages. A brightly painted box with a hinged lid and a crank, when..
Top 10 Quotes From Alice in Wonderland With the Explanations  by: Tuula Olin
Alice in Wonderland is a tale from Lewis Carroll who wrote it in 1864. The story has been such a huge success ever since and many movies and plays have been made based on it. This fairytale continues..
Bendable computer that it sees replacing paper  by: Michael Oliveira
TORONTO - A research team at Queen's University has entered the race to slim down tablets and smartphones with a plastic, flexible prototype that's just about paper thin. The Kingston, Ont.-based..
Maurice Cornelius Escher - MC Escher  by: Chad Koch
MC ESCHER "I play a tiresome game" - MC ESCHER 1. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish 2. No Apt Pupil 3. The Creature In The Forest 4. Head In The Clouds 5. The Puzzler 6. Impossible Architect 7...
Audience Attention -- Grab It by Using the Power of Stories  by: Chris King
It was 3 p.m. on a hot, summer afternoon. The non-air conditioned college classroom was jammed with CityYear participants who had started their active day before 6 a.m. I was doing a workshop on..
The Teaching Tips Machine BLOG  by: Adam Waxler
Teacher Adam Waxler's Blog Looking for more active learning activities? Then make sure to visit the Teaching Tips Machine BLOG @