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How to Talk So People Will Listen  by: Dr. Reesa Woolf
At the end of any given conversation, whether it’s with co-workers, employees, or customers, do you ever find yourself asking the following questions: - “How many times do I have to tell them how..
Blood Cells - The Basics  by: Elizabeth Blake
About half of your blood is liquid and the other half is made up of cells. The liquid is 90% water and is called "PLASMA." There are three types of blood cells - RED BLOOD CELLS, WHITE BLOOD CELLS,..
Teaching Children The Value of A Dollar - Parenting Tips For A Generation  by: Michelle Bery
As children we were hopefully all taught the value of a dollar; that the amount of work we put in will determine our reward. But in a day and age where children seem more materialistic than ever, it..
How to combine colors in fashion?  by: Simone Murdock
Because a monochrome look is always a bit dull, you are given all possible advice to never seem like a Harlequin! Dare to color! What colors do you associate and what are the pitfalls? Here are our..
How to Make Best Use of a Library  by: Johnson Sheridan Robeson
We need books for both knowledge that they possess and the entertainment and joy they provide. Though all books do not give the reader the same kind of knowledge or the experience, it is safe to say..
What is Confidence?  by: Steven Harold
Is it feeling superior to others? Is it being stubborn and single minded? Is it about being oblivious to other people? Is it about be self-centred? Well, it may be useful to start off with a..
Using Good Quotes to Tell Funny Stories  by: John Stakis
The ability to tell a good story is an essential skill to learn -- stories are such a common part of everyday life. If you're like most people, perhaps you've wished that being funny could be..
Bacteria and Viruses - The Basics  by: Elizabeth Blake
Let's talk about germs. People use the term "germs" loosely, to mean either bacteria or viruses. But the two are very different. BACTERIA They are small, cellular organisms that can be stained on a..
The story of Ruby Bridges  by: Joy of Reading
The Story of Ruby Bridges Our Ruby taught us all a lot. She became someone who helped change our country. She was part of history, just like generals and presidents are part of history. They’re..
Where Does Italian Food History Begin?  by: Andrew Krause
Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world, and thanks to the geographical boundaries of the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps it has remained largely unchanged throughout history. Even during..
8 Tips to Embrace Change  by: Kellie D'Andrea
Successful people embrace change. They understand that everything around them changes, all of the time and they adapt accordingly. Although change can be exciting, it can also be fearful and a bit..
Why Tackling Big Tasks Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Deal  by: Luc Reid
Some of the tasks that are hardest to get ourselves to do are the big, overwhelming ones like cleaning out a junk room or garage, doing a full-scale edit on a novel, or organizing papers or files...
Birthday Party Ideas For Teens Made Fun and Easy  by: Dee Schrock
Birthday party ideas for teensare usually easy to come up with, all you need to know is what kind of party your teen would be interested in. Sometimes, you can ask their friends what ideas they think..
Kids' Activities: The Magic Bag Is A Great Way To Introduce Kids To Fossils  by: Claudia Mann
My long-time enjoyment of earth science, especially when it included fossil activities, had me doing earth science activities for kids from the time my own children were little ones. So when my..
Teaching Children The Value of A Dollar - Parenting Tips For A Generation  by: Michelle Bery
As children we were hopefully all taught the value of a dollar; that the amount of work we put in will determine our reward. But in a day and age where children seem more materialistic than ever, it..
Last two speakers of dying language won't talk to each other  by: Michael Bolen
Like many languages spoken by indigenous people, Ayapaneco is dying. Only two people still speak it — and they won't talk to each other. Spoken in Mexico for centuries, Ayapeneco is one of 68..
April Fools Day (story)  by: Ryan Fyfe
April Fool's Day, is not officially considered a holiday, is most definitely a notable day that is celebrated in many countries on April 1. The thing that is so special about April 1 (April Fools) is..
History of Rap Music  by: Sturat Mitchel
It may seem to be a daunting task to trace back the history of rap music and history of bossa nova, though you can see one similarity-informal music associated with highly informal dance style. As..
How to Earn Trust Back in 3 Simple Steps  by: Michael Lee
Learning how to earn trust back can be tricky. After all, trust is not something freely given. And once lost, it may take more than just an apology to get back. Luckily, I'm here to show you how to..
Extraordinary New Green Energy Innovations  by: Neelima Reddy
Americans want clean energy, that’s been confirmed by many polls conducted to ascertain whether people support green, renewable energy. And though the economy has to some extent slowed progress in..
BE A MAGNET  by: Piyush Bhatia
A piece of iron when lying on the road is often kicked by walkers passing by. To a rag picker it is a source of income therefore he picks it as scrap. A physics student uses it in his experiment...
List of Poem Types  by: Kenny Leones
As poetry is as old as civlization itself, it is amazing to think that in all that expanse of time, poets have not run out of things to say and ways to play with words. As this list of poem types..
The little ships  by: Joy of Reading
Louise Borden The little ships London: Frances Lincoln, 2010 The little ships Foreword In the summer of 1940 I had the honour to command His Majesty’s Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) 102. I was a..
Einstein and His Famous Equation  by: MaAnna Stephenson
When most people hear the name Einstein, the next thought is usually his famous equation, E=mc2. Believe it or not, Einstein's Nobel Prize was not awarded for this revolutionary discovery, but for..
How to Start Your Story with a Bang  by: Caterina Christakos
The purpose of creating a story is to create a world that will draw the reader away from their own. In order to do this one must create suspense, drama and mystery. Your reader must absolutely need..
Re: Halloween - The History of Vampires  by: Dana
Buffy wasn't originally a comic book character. The first incarnation was in the '92 movie. There are Buffy comic books, but they came after the tv series started in the late '90s.
Helicopter History - The Origin of the Helicopter  by: Kevin Crockett
Humans have always looked at birds with envy and wished that they could fly up in the sky with them. Throughout the history of man there have been a lot of attempts at defying gravity. The very first..
History Of Lipsticks  by:
Have you ever thought how the lipsticks came into use? Or have your ever tried to find out the inventors? Let us see the history of lipstick. The history of lipstick starts in 1930s when the..
Communicating with Kids at Home  by: Leanne
By introducing some very simple communication techniques and tools within your home, children can learn essential skills about time management, how to keep track of daily routine events and you can..
Origins and Functions of Clothing  by: Kenny Leones
Clothing is a garment made from various kinds of materials and taking several forms used by men and women to cover their body. These garments maybe made from woven materials (silk, polyester), animal..
The History of Backgammon - Now and Then  by: Natalie Aranda
Backgammon is the oldest game in history. Also known as the “wee battle,” backgammon began in Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq) about 5000 years ago. However, Egyptians called backgammon..
Definition Of Anthropology  by: Kum Martin
Anthropology basically can be defined as the study of humanity. This is a branch of science that deals with almost all aspects of humanity including the culture, language, biological basis and..
Motivate Teenagers Or the Unemployed - Here's How  by: Pete E Nicholls
Some people are easy to motivate, others more difficult, but perhaps the most difficult people to inspire are teenagers and anyone who is currently unemployed. The best way to motivate them is to try..
Audience Attention -- Grab It by Using the Power of Stories  by: Chris King
It was 3 p.m. on a hot, summer afternoon. The non-air conditioned college classroom was jammed with CityYear participants who had started their active day before 6 a.m. I was doing a workshop on..
Grief, Loss, Trauma: How to Find Peace in a World of “Why?”  by: Krystal Kuehn
Pain and suffering are a part of the human experience. No one is exempt. Tragedies occur leaving us in shock and devastation. Diseases weaken and destroy bodies. The innocent are abused and..
Just Me And My Dad Part 1  by: critterpaw
A Brief History of Chinese Literature  by: Maureen Mclean
Chinese literature goes back thousands of years, from the dynastic court records to novels that became popular during the Ming Dynasty (1368-16440). During the Tang Dynasty (618-907) woodblock..
How To Be More Persuasive: 3 Persuasion Techniques That Work Like A Charm  by: Lee, Michael
There are numerous ways on how to be more persuasive. Some of them require nothing more than a change in demeanor, while others require you to change your entire approach. Some of these persuasion..
How to Turn Down Invitations Gracefully  by: Royane Real
All of us occasionally receive social invitations that we don't want to accept. How do we handle turning down these invitations without hurting or insulting the person who invited us? If you are..
Vampires: the Romantic Ideology behind Them  by: Xavier Zambrano
The French Revolution constituted for the conscience of the dominant aristocratic class a fall from innocence, and upturning of the natural chain of events that resounded all over Europe; the old..