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Teach What You Believe In  by: Larry Icabandi Nabiong
My sixteen years in teaching grade school public has been full of experimenting on strategies, some hand-me-downs, others are products of my own readings, observations, seminars and the like. In..
Art - Edouard Manet's Life  by: Michael Russell
Edouard Manet was a revolutionary painter. His work changed art forever and inspired the impressionistic style of painting. His art is so inspirational that it even influences today's art! Manet is a..
Cultivate the Habit of Forgiveness  by: Prem Guragain
"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."-Mahatma Gandhi What is the first thought that comes to our mind..
Recommended Movie In 2007  by: Flora Jean
2007 is drawing near for us to greet and along with the coming of the year, major film companies are also set to bring more excitement in cinematic experience as numbers of blockbuster,..
History of Valentine's Day and Its Traditions  by: Sharon Cacho
In different parts of the world, people do not just send cards; they purchase boxes of chocolate, nostalgic candy, or partake in a fancy, romantic dinner. There are many other ways to celebrate...
What Type of Collision Created the Himalayas?  by: Taylor Thorn
The Himalayas are the tallest mountain range in the world. Located around the Northeastern border of India, the Himalayas extend into seven countries: India, Bhutan, Myanmar, China, Pakistan and..
How to Organize My Day Perfectly!  by: Vandana Makharia
It ain't that hard, really. Often after we have finished working for the day, we realize we have missed out on things that needed to be done...deliberately or otherwise. There are simple solutions to..
Life of a Firefly  by: Carol Hegberg
Outside is the summer night is getting dark. What are those twinkles in the yard? They are fireflies. They signal to one another with their lights. The males fly round. The females wait on the grass..
How Are Mountains Formed?  by: Kum Martin
Mountains are elevated Earth's surface. The mountains are usually higher than six hundred meters and are taller and steeper compared to hills. The tallest mountain on is Mount Everest, while the..
Re: The Origins of Rumba  by: Pablo T. Banguela
Dear Higgins, I am Cuban and though I am not a musician, I love the music of my country. Your article is really very well-written, you are well-informed. Thank you for your article.But you failed to..
How to Look Fabulous in Photos  by: Marie Claire
I look like a wreck in photographs. My arms are flabby, the small pooch beneath my waist is suddenly a gut, and my face turns a pasty shade of eggshell. But worst of all is that damned double chin..
Amazing Facts About Earth  by: Kum Martin
Our planet, Earth, was born some millions of years ago. Ever since this planet has evolved it has surprised the entire human race. No matter how much we develop technologically we cannot ever compete..
Masquerade Masks History  by: Catalina Bixler
The hauntingly beautiful masks of the Carnival masquerade festivities of Venice, Italy, have a history that dates to the thirteenth century. The story of the masks from the Italian city features war..
Video of uncontacted Amazon tribe triggering change  by: Michael Bolen
Deep in the world's largest rainforest, a few scatted tribes are clinging to a way of life on the verge of extinction. Now the BBC and Survival International have teamed up for a campaign to help..
During a Hurricane  by: helper
If a hurricane is likely in your area, you should: •Listen to the radio or TV for information. •Secure your home, close storm shutters, and secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors. •Turn..
Cow and Chicken- Be Careful What You Wish For - Video  by: art
the first Clock of the Long No  by: Cory Doctorow
Jeff Bezos & co to build the first Clock of the Long Now Jeff Bezos has financed the construction of the first Clock of the Long Now. Created by Danny Hillis for the Long Now Foundation, the Clock is..
Films - Invaders From Mars  by: Michael Russell
The 1950s were a special time in movie making, especially for the paranoid. Because of the whole McCarthy era communist conspiracy garbage, sci fi movies of the 50s were quite paranoid, with many of..
Time Zone Mess - How to Be Always in Time  by: Kirill Zinov
"Do you know what time it is?" "Sorry, I'm calling you from the States and it's day time here." Those are the classic words from our life, which have also become a major gag in the movies. That's not..
History of Coffee Beans  by: Evelyn McCormack
The history of the coffee bean is as rich as a double espresso and dates back to the 6th century. Its story begins in Ethiopia, then travels from one destination to another as man begins to discover..
Fun Creativity  by:
You have some great ideas. You toss them around in your mind. You tell friends about them. They go nowhere. Why? They go nowhere because of what your friends said or because you have the..
Brokeback Mountain DVD Review  by: Chris Shelton
The controversial film from director Ang Lee has reached store shelves in DVD form. Little needs to be explained of the discussion surrounding the movie and just about everyone has heard of or..
Video of uncontacted Amazon tribe triggering change  by: Michael Bolen
Deep in the world's largest rainforest, a few scatted tribes are clinging to a way of life on the verge of extinction. Now the BBC and Survival International have teamed up for a campaign to help..
St Patrick - Patron Saint of Ireland  by: Kenny Leones
Saint Patrick (390 BC - 461 BC) was a Roman-British who is famously known as one of Ireland's patron saints. He was born in Banna Venta Berniae which is at present known as Cumbria. His father was a..
Life Skills 101 - Shaking Hands  by: Tina Pestalozzi
You've heard how small things can be tremendously important; well a simple handshake is one such example. Such a small thing but potentially so very powerful! Like it or not, an improper handshake..
Inspirational Children's Story - Shadowflower and the Garden of Time - Part 1  by: Tony Cuckson
In the Garden of Time there lives a flower called Shadowflower. No one knows how she got her name. All the bees are drawn to this flower for its sweetness and the way it sends out rhythms that dance..
Beer Through the Years (story)  by: J Square Humboldt
No one really knows exactly how the first beer came into being ... Suffice it to say that, around 10,000 years ago, somebody let a primordial barley and hop concoction stand long enough for it to..
Human Digestive System - A Brief Introduction  by: Sasi Krishna
Digestive system is also called gastrointestinal system or alimentary canal. Digestive tract starts from the mouth and ends at the anus. Food enters into the body through the mouth and then enters..
Captain America - Part Two  by: Virgil Vince
The political turmoil of the 60s was a great showcase for refining Captain America's personality. Over the next two decades, Captain America would deal with racial tensions, changing gender roles,..
NASA to help trapped Chilean miners  by: Gideon Long - Reporter
Report: Experts from the U.S. space agency NASA are due to arrive today at the copper mine in Chile, where 33 miners are still trapped underground. The experts will advise the Chilean government on..
Two Young Rats......a Modern Fable  by: Robin Timothy Day B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
Two Young Rats...Modern Fable Two young rats were poking around a field looking for something good to eat. At the very same moment they grabbed hold of the same big worm, one the head and one the..
Power Outages - What to Do When the Lights Go Out  by: Lorraine Craymer
Power failures are hardly a rare occurrence and no one takes them too seriously, or at least most people don't until they're in a bad one. In 2003 while I was with my son and his friend in Darien..
Art of the Day  by: Ronald Klip
The Elizabethan Drama - A Quick Introduction to the Development of Drama  by: Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
During the reign of Elizabeth-I in the 16th century, renaissance dramas developed. The feeling, thought and action of the age found the best expressions in the drama. The age witnessed the tremendous..
Create Conversation Confidence at Parties Even If You Are Shy  by: Royane Real
Do you often feel nervous when you are at a party and you want to make a good impression on others? Perhaps you are shy and you get tongue tied or your mind goes blank. Here are many tips to help you..
Taking a Look at the History of Karaoke  by: Mike Selvon
Karaoke has its roots in 1970s Japan. The Kobe City port was an international mecca, often referred to as "the gateway of fashion and trend." In fact, instant noodles, automated ticket gates and..
Which is Better For Long Term Food Supply - Freeze Dried Or Dehydrated?  by: Rob Brown
When most people start shopping for long term food supply, inevitably the decisions about which type to purchase quickly becomes very confusing. There are several options available including freeze..
How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In 3 Simple Steps  by: Michael Lee
Want to know how to overcome fear of rejection? This article will show you how. Rejection is a bitter pill everyone has to swallow at least once. Unfortunately, people tend to panic at the mere..
Abandon Perfectionism Right Now  by: JOHN VESPASIAN
When misfortune and tragedy strike, it is wise to avoid the delusion of perfectionism. The belief that you should do something flawlessly or not at all is erroneous, unrealistic, and..
What are You Choosing to Allow into Your Life?  by: Paula Owen
Whatever you are focusing on most you are actively creating in your life. It is so crucial to be aware of where your attention is. Is it on your own life or on people’s lives? When you focus on..