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Finding Nemo Trivia and History
By:Gail Leino

The movie Finding Nemo has many popular characters including, Marlin the Clownfish, his son Nemo, Dory the Tang fish, and the characters from the aquarium, Gill, Bloat, Peach, Gurgle, Bubbles, Deb, and Jacques. This is an award winning movie that most kids and adults loved. Some parents certainly had to endure endless repetitions of, ‘can we watch it again’ from their kids. The popularity of Finding Nemo was somewhat surprising because it was intended to be a children’s show, but many adults loved it too. Primarily because it featured family related content, without a lot of crude humor.

As with any movie there is some conflict that needs to be resolved. In this one little Nemo, raised solely by his father since the mother died is captured by human divers. Marlin immediately goes on a quest to find his son, which takes him all over the sea and gets him into a lot of trouble. It also makes him a lot of new friends and helps Marlin overcome his fear of letting Nemo experience the outside world.

Finding Nemo set a record for the highest grossing opening weekend for a cartoon movie. Although the record didn’t last long it was a big deal for Pixar Animation Studios which created the film and Disney which released it. Finding Nemo is a computer animated cartoon, which means there are no live action characters but it’s not like at cartoon either. The entire movie is created with computer graphics and actors provide the voices.

It certainly makes for a good theme at any children’s party. You can combine it with an under the sea party theme for lots of extra decoration ideas. Kids will love watching the movie, over and over again for entertainment at the party. Don’t forget the fish sticks and hush puppies for good party food.

Gail Leino

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