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Goal Setting - Staying Motivated
By:Sarah PJ White

You know you want to achieve your goal, so why do you struggle to stay motivated? Sometimes we can work so hard striving to achieve a particular goal, we sometimes lose our focus and motivation on where we are actually headed. So, how can you stay motivated and on track?

Visualize what you want to achieve

Write down all the goals you want to achieve. If you struggle with visualisation, create a vision board. Fill it with pictures, photos and anything that is representative of the goal you want to achieve. If your goal is a financial one - fill the vision board with images of what you want to spend the money on; holiday scenes, cars, clothes and anything that is relevant.

Once you have completed your vision board, or have written down your goals, spend time imagining you have already achieved your goal. Get all of your senses involved - what you can smell, taste, touch. How do you feel? Imagine you are already living this goal - a day in the life or, if it is achieving a particular item/award/event, how does it feel, now you have achieved it? By combining all your senses with how you will actually feel when you achieve this goal, you make the visualisation feel real and will be more likely to stay motivated.

Reward Yourself Along-the-Way

Don't wait until you have completed the whole goal - break it down into smaller chunks, and reward yourself once these small chunks have been accomplished. Knowing that there are little "treats" along your journey to that bigger goal, will keep you excited and motivated.

Get Inspiration from Others

Find quotes, song lyrics, poems and films that inspire you to stay motivated. If a famous person inspires you; get their autobiography and see what was their inspiration and motivation. Other people who have already achieved what you want - or who are achievers in general - can be a great source of inspiration. Get to know them (personally or via printed articles etc) to help you develop the same mindset to stay motivated on the road to your goal. Remember, whoever it is - if they could do it...so can you!

Get a Goal Buddy

A goal buddy is someone who will encourage you to stay on course. They may have goals they want to achieve themselves, so you could motivate each other. It can be anyone you like - as long as they have a positive attitude and can boost you up when needed. If your focus begins to fade or you find yourself getting discouraged, simply talking it through with your goal buddy may be all the encouragement you need to stay the course.

Follow the tips above and you will have powerful, easy-to-implement and most importantly, proven methods to assist you in staying motivated towards attaining your goals.

Sarah PJ White is a Life Coach & EFT Practitioner, who specialises in motivating, inspiring and encouraging mothers who have issues with their confidence. To download her free report entitled 'Busted! 8 Confidence Gremlins & How to Drop Them' please go to http://www.selfconfidenceworkshops.co.uk.

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