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Short Stories for Teachers

Patti Pacifico's Oscar Tale: 2006
By:Patti Pacifico

I was on my way home from Munich for the holidays and while reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" my Transamerica plane took a Crash on Brokeback Mountain. At first I thought, "Our Time Is Up", but a guy named George and I survived. We left the wreckage In The Deep of the snow. As we started Travelin’ Thru the mountainside I realized George had barely a knee and I thought hardly a clue. We Hustled and Flowed through each town until we met a guy named Charlie who owned a Chocolate Factory. He sent us on our way with a Reese’s cup and a Heath bar. A bit later we met two interesting cowboys who directed us to a bar named The Mushroom Club. It was here that we met a guy named Capote, who was quite a Cinderella Man. I began to worry if George, who I now called "No Clue-Knee", might have A History of Violence, while they both swapped Don’t Tell stories about Enron, and those who thought they were The Smartest Guys In The Room. The men were wearing Syriana suits and I thought the night might turn into a Murderball as the whole place became a political War of the Worlds, when No Clue-Knee said they looked like The March of the Penguins.

After we left, the men quickly hired Tsotsi’s and we had a Street Fight. I thought I was stuck in Darwin’s Nightmare- one looked like a lion, another a witch and I couldn’t tell the other since I only saw his wardrobe. We finally agreed to a Match Point and went to The Goblet of Fire café. Chef Harry Potter prepared were-rabbit, squid and whale. The food was so terrible, I wish I could have gotten my Cashback. Capote told us we could get out of this North Country if we went to see his Constant Gardner who would give us his car he called Junebug. We thanked him and he bid us Joyeux Noel.

On our way to Phoenix, we were pulled over after we passed The Last Farm on Six Shooter road. No Clue-Knee, explained that he takes great Pride with his driving. Prejudice Officer Dillon insisted he Walk The Line, nonetheless. Satisfied, the officer thanked us for our time and said, "Good Night, and Good Luck." I felt as if I had fought my way through The New World when we finally arrived at my estate, Moving Castle.

After all this, I’m Living In Paradise now. George gave up his conviction of being a One Man Band, we fell in love and I no longer fear being a Corpse Bride. After 9 Badgered hours with Doctor Huffman or Hoffman- after giving birth to what felt like King Kong, I can’t remember the name, he/she said, quite theatrically, "our nurse Mrs. Henderson Presents a new baby boy." We named him Oscar Clooney.

I have to go now. Batman Begins in a few minutes and George loves Batman.

A former computer professor turned Internet writer, I have combined elements of the film,music,and publishing industries to create a new genre exclusive to the Internet- Digi-Tome. From losing everything, through finding a different way of learning and beautiful way of living, I created the world's first digi-tome, "life". Entertainment for your mind. A rebirth for your soul. What in life will you hear?

Copyright 2006 Patti Pacifico

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