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By:addy taymore <addy_taymore@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 30 January 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi! Hope all is well with you.

Re my long experience with management of International Schools which follow the British and American Curriculum in different countries, I returned back to Baghdad after 17 years outside the country, there is clearly a demand for English-based and Western-style education in Iraq. I am seeking to establish International Primary Private School to meet this demand. I am looking for Investor/Partnership for this project.

My Conclusion for education in Iraq
Before 1990, the educational system in Iraq was one of the best in the Middle East. Conflicts, wars, and economic sanctions since that time and recently the political /War against Islamic State/Corruptions have had a seriously negative effect. Northern Iraq has not suffered as much due to rehabilitation and reconstruction programs organized through UN agencies, but major problems such as a lack of resources, security threats, uneven immigration causing poor student to teacher ratios, and corruption still exist here. Illiteracy is a major obstacle with almost 22% of the adult population in Iraq never attending school. Education in Iraq is administered by the Ministry of Education and is a free primary to higher education. Curriculum is generally Western-based, but also includes religious studies and the language of instruction is Arabic.

I am looking to collaborate with international organizations to help us to Investor/Partnership to establish International school in Baghdad. We are confident that our combined efforts give us motivation and encouragement in persevering in achieving our aims at the development of education and contribute to building a generation of promising young leaders of the future in the new Iraq.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Senior education consultant
BBS, Baghdad British School
Mobile: 9647731312500
Skype: addy taymore
E-mail: addy_taymore@yahoo.co.uk

Website: http://baghdadbritishschool.co.uk

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