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Re: School for sale in Kyoto
By:Linda and alexander
Date: 29 March 2018
In Response To: Re: School for sale in Kyoto (Gary Reading)

Hello Gary and whoever else might consider working with "modern english" in japan. i would advise caution, i only had first hand dealings with the guy three year ago, he got in touch to enquire about a centre i was selling here in China and then tried to sell me his own "monkey see monkey do / happy english / clown like" method. He obviously had little business experience and understanding and limited interest in teaching hence the monkey/happy english methodology.

I am not saying per se that it is a scam, just that i for one wouldnt want anything to do with him on the basis of a few emails.

good luck to all.

Now Gary, if you want to start your own thing, i have a friend in China who is looking for a partner to start her own thing. She speaks fluent english, she is a nice and well educated young professional and she is open to offers in terms of methodology and business strategy. She used to work with a new-zealander here in shenzhen, the new-zealander has gone back to be with her husband and so Bella (the young chinese lady mentioned above) is looking for someone to work with her.

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