Start Your Own School

Financial assistance for running a school in Dhaka Bangladesh
By:sujit Ghagra <[email protected]>
Date: 13 February 2018

Hello friends and well wishers. I am Sujit Ghagra from Bangladesh. I have been running a school since 2007. This school is basically for underprivileged children and less fortunate students who pays only minimum rate of fees. But the fees I get is not enough for renting the building. I have been running this school with our own income but now it becomes more difficult for us to run the school. I have already taught more than 7 hundred students who are from the rickshow pullers, laborers, garments worker and domestic workers. I enjoy teaching but lack of finance is the great obstacle for continuous educating these less fortunate children. If any one who wants to share your portion of love for these children kindly do according to your capacity. God loves the cheerful giver and He returns you back with manifold blessings.

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