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Chain of training centers in China is looking for investors to expand operation
By:Alexander <iwilldoityesterday@r7.com>
Date: 8 March 2017

We started operating in 2012 and have grown to four centres (organically) and although we have a sound business model that we have "reproduced" three times successfully, our profit margins are intentionally low (because I believe in fairness of pricing and because i understand that the idea of universal profit is mathematically unsustainable and therefore flawed) and do not allow for growth when we occasionally suffer losses.

Our number one priority is quality and in a service industry like ours, service means staff. Unfortunately, staffing (E.S.L. teachers) is a problem in a market where there are noticeably more jobs than potential teachers.

We need to grow quickly so that it then makes financial sense for us to set-up a recruitment and training program in partnership with a UK based company.

The way we see it, we would need another six or seven centres and the corresponding number of staff for a recruitment and training program to be financially cost-effective.

At present we have an average profit margin of 12pc per site (this is an average, one of our sites actually manages a 35pc pre-tax profit margin) and we are confident that the increased market presence and more structured management that an extra 6-10 sites would mean would in turn help increase profitability to 20pc+ thus allowing us to offer a more than decent R.O.I. to potential investors.

We are open to offers but would favour a corporate investor/partner who could bring some form of commercial partnership in any (or all! why not dream!) of the four areas we cover which are arts, english, E.R.S. (engineering) and sports.

We have the managerial ability and the experience necessary to open without help (other than financial and recruitment) 6-7 sites within the next 12 months. We would be willing although with cautiousness to consider something bigger but would require a bigger team to make it happen.

The minimum total investment for our current purpose would be about USD200000.00 (two hundred thousand US dollar equivalent).

This total would allow for :
- 6-7 new sites
- 3 months of cash-flow (we typically break even in the fourth month of operation of each site)
- set-up of a recruitment and training program
- establishing commercial partnerships
- P.R.

Interested parties should write to 297238652@qq.com or iwilldoityesterday@r7.com with a name and contact number. We will ring to assess the seriousness of potential investors before sending anymore information (Business development plan).

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