Start Your Own School

Free consultancy from 25 years experience school administrator from india
By:achuthanandan j <>
Date: 27 February 2017

We are happy to offer free consultancy to set up schools like nursery/primary/cbse sylabus also day care and inclusion schools for autism childrens.We can guide you from start to commercial .we have a team to help you.we are offering this consultancy to provide best education to our future generation.we charge you a monthly freelancing fees of Rs 10000 and we give you all guidance through skype call/whatsapp even directly visit the site and give advise for which we charge the transportation cost(Flight) plus the accomodation/local convayance.We are ready to help any one with passion for education from any where in the world.From any where in the world we charge $200 per month.No Royality,No franchisee can call any number of time to ask your doubts.we make your school best with good returns.

please contact in our email id also skype -alwaysjoydeliveringhappiness. we are willing to give any support for educational ventures in india.

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