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Italian Pre School Franchisee Opportunities in India
By:SURESH NAMBAIR <[email protected]>
Date: 18 December 2016

ITALIAN PRESCHOOL FRANCHISE IN INDIA - Day Care, Play Grup, Nursery, K1 & K2 proposes it’s FRANCHISE to all those who would like to contribute to the Early Education System of the country. Parents look out for the best early learning and care environment for their children since their birth and now a days it’s a trend to start schooling at play school right after second birthday of a child. So to run a successful International Kindergarten such as ours, is not only a lucrative business but is also an entertaining and a pleasurable one. Our philosophy, our people, our commitment and our resources are all focused on helping us to give the children an excellent start in life, exposing them to the best of both oriental and occidental ethos. When this is achieved, success of our franchisee is guaranteed and high returns on investment are expected. We are here to welcome you into Global Family.

• Global Brand Positioning.
• European Curriculum.
• 24*7 Dedicated Support Team.

• Globally Recognised
• Internationally Acclaimed and Designed Curriculum
• Efficient Aid and Support by Team
• Italian Trainers on site to guide and train

• There are a lot of advantages of becoming a part of our family. A new school can be assimilated into an already functioning school or be built from the foundation.
• Site visits for infrastructural and related development are carried out by the designated team. The team also provides the guiding instructions and aid for an enduring structure.
• Advice regarding the selection of site, the designing and finishing of the building is also provided.
• Elaborate Training is provided as to how to set up the preschool and operate it successfully.

• Training, academic or otherwise, will be provided at the beginning.
• Observation and coaching on site will be carried out; online aid may be provided on demand.
• Access to the imperative workshop carried out by an Italian professional, will be given, which will be held locally on an annual basis.
• Advice will be provided on operational procedures and updated policies.
• Support will be provided throughout the year by Italian Trainers and designated team.
• Parents’ workshops will be held.

• The right to use the brand in compliance with the regulations of the corporate identity guide.
• Online campaigns and E- marketing.
• Guidelines for marketing and brand collateral already in place.
• Social Media awareness and marketing through monthly newsletter
• Designs for leaflets, pamphlets, posters, invites etc.
• Aid in media and print management and merchandising ideas.

• Free web space on our website, and Google updating, mapping and related functions.
• Free creation and maintenance of email accounts.
• Free maintenance of social media accounts and portals.
• Software to run and administer

• Frequent visits to branch.
• Efficient team to address all queries.
• Frequent audio and video conferencing.

• Access to syllabus designed by Italian Educationists.
• Access to centralized curriculum followed by all around the Globe.
• Intricate and detailed academic calendar.
• Day to day Lesson Plans (We are the only ones in this sector to give daily Lesson Plans).
• All our books and worksheets are designed in ITALY and published by Publications.

• Space: 1700 - 3000 square feet (carpet area).

To start a franchise in India the total initial investments is Rs. 10-20 Lakhs* which will cover the following:
• Franchise Fee
• Branch Set Up Fee
• Furniture, fixtures and related infrastructural material
• Educational and related equipment
• Accessories for enhancing the internal look of the premises.

The investment amount will be decided depending upon the city, condition of the site and other such logistical aspects.
Contact : mail: [email protected]

cell : Suresh Nambair +91 9000947265

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