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Is a scam?  by: Concerned
Anybody heard of those clowns? Are they a scam, should I send them my resume? What will happen to my resume?
Re: Is it a scam? Find Work Abroad  by: Roberta
i'm surprised you had a bad experience, I personally had a great experience with Find Work Abroad. I liked the customer service provided- Jenkins and Cherry were both very helpful both looking for a..
Re Union Jack Schools in Napoli ( Naples ) Italy, a real school that scammers are impersonating  by: englit2017
Thanks for sharing Molly. I received the same offer and went through the same "interview" process with the individual Franceso Lotto. In my case, "the school" referred me to a..
Re Union Jack Schools in Napoli ( Naples ) Italy, a real school that scammers are impersonating  by: Akhilesh
Thanks for sharing Molly. I received exactly the same offer and had a feeling that something wasn't quite right about it right from the beginning. The same technical issue happened during my Skype..
SCAM ALERT: Scammers using the name of the "Ritz Carlton Hotel Canada",  by: Admin
*DO NOT REPLY TO THE SCAM MESSAGE BELOW* Submitted to the Resumes board of our site ------------------------------------------------ Canada, By:Ritz Carlton Hotel Canada,..
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Homestay in Nepal  by: Indra Foundation
Explore Nepal & Community Volunteer in Nepal This is a unique opportunity to visit rural community and experience Nepal with a difference that leaves a lasting impression! The opportunity to stay..
Host in Glendora, California  by: Tammy Palmer
Hi students, please contact us if you want homestay parents in southern California at the above email address.
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School for sale in Kyoto  by: Modern English
School for sale in Kyoto. Approximately 60 students in 24 classes per week. Would suit teacher-owner-operator. Room to expand classes and/or offering. Projected figures to March 2018 in JPY..
Seeking investors/financiers for school  by: S.Ramasivasamy
Hello Friends/Well wishers. I am running a Private school for the last 10 years in Rural area Tirupur District, Tamilnadu, India. I would like to further develop the school. So I am in the need of..
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Agent in the US for U.K., USA, AUS and New Zeland institutions is looking for agents worldwide  by: Mandela Lofton
Hello, My name is Mandela Lofton I am the CEO of Universal Student Fund in Washington D.C. We have over 200 partner schools for high-school, community college, and university across the U.K., U.S.,..
ESL Summer Camp in Canada is looking for Agents  by: Jessica Irwin
We are a language organization that is looking for agent(s) to help with our recruitment for our all inclusive ESL Summer Holiday Camp near Ottawa Canada. Our campus is extremely unique in its nature..
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Re AVOID  by: Banana Joe
Tell them knockers at the British Council. Real English lessons are no longer in demand and the time for white dancing monkeys has come instead to fill the gap. Feed them some bananas, and you will..
Re: Re Is Wuhan Chinaexpat a scam?  by: In the Know
Yes, you should take matters in your own hand. But please be careful and think twice before doing anything. Good luck!
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Re: Re Gonorrhea rates in Australia up 63% in 5 years, data show  by: The Basher
LOOL! SB's posts suggest his education comes from online sources while gonorrhea from Pattaya.
Re: Re The Chinese connection to the Zimbabwe 'coup'  by: Curious
An interesting post!!!