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#1 Parent Melay - 2017-06-24
Re Is a scam

it's a big yes...the is a big scam...they're hoax...they told to me to pay for the placement...and 20% for the airfare charge..i just borrowed the money i gave to them...they promised me, that they will send the parcel (employment contract, employment letter and flight ticket and booklet) inside. they calculated the time of the parcel arrival...and it was supposed to be yesterday...but none had delivered via DHL..i checked and called the DHL track the shipment from June 17 - 22, 2017...any shipment came from ivory coast...sadly, there was none.

i was calling the number of the Person named Mr. Samson IBeh...who happens to be the senior recruiter of the Teaching-Experience agency based in IVory Coast...but the phone was deadbat...and another number that i called last night...the voice said that the number is not accepting any outside call.

I repeatedly sent emails to them but the didn't get back on it.

GOd bless what they're doing. So don't believe

#2 Parent me - 2017-05-13
Re Is a scam

they have just told me that they have a very good position for me, but they say that i need to pay a fee yo have an interview with them, and if i pass the interview they give me the school details. do u have the same problem?? have u get a job abroad because of them??

they tell me to make a payment to ivory coats xD

this is my experience.

the position is too good to be true.

#3 Parent George Alexander Brown - 2017-04-13
Re Is a scam

Hello there,

I have also been contacted by this guy and everything he is on about just seems to good to be true. Smells fishy

#4 Parent Itsav - 2017-03-01
Re: Is a scam

Thank you

#5 Parent Ex Teacher - 2017-02-28
Re: Is a scam

There is some info on their domain at Was created 6 months ago, their server is in Denmark, they provide names in Copenhagen (which real scammers would not do, they remain totally anonymous).

Itsav - 2017-02-28
Is a scam

Hi Guys,

I would like to know if the below company is a scam or not. I cant find anything on the black list sites.

Rohn Culture Exchange Ltd.
Room 304 unit 3 no. 3 Huaxin
Block Changxin Street, Kuancheng district
Changchun, Jilin, China


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