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#1 Parent Hilaria - 2015-08-04
Re Need Help!! Into English, Milan Italy

Hi all,

My husband also got an offer.
Same as they advice to contact the attorney.
Am waiting if they will ask money, so far nothing but all is not confirm from their end adn our end....i have no idea what will be the ending of this.
The same offer below of Amelia.
We are hoping to get a feedback on this school and this person his name is Mr. Christopher Heatley (School Owner)
thank you.

#2 Parent Syed Aslam Hasan - 2015-07-04
Re Need Help!! Into English, Milan Italy

Dear Mr. Christopher Heatley,

My name is Syed Aslam Hasan. I have been offered a job at intoenglish as conversation teacher. I received all the emails from

I am skeptical about the email address and found your email id on the website. so in order to verify whether this is a real job offer, i am writing this email to you.

Kindly confirm whether you are offering this job or is this a scam.

Thank you in advance.


Christopher Heatley <>
Attachments7:31 PM (3 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Syed,
I am afraid that it is a scam and in this very moment I am writing to gmail to report it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Best regards,

Christopher Heatley

logo for outlook firma

Into English
Via Cadorna 5
20037 Paderno Dugnano (Mi)
Tel. 02 99043215

#3 Parent Admin - 2015-07-05
Re: Re Need Help!! Into English, Milan Italy

Typical scam

#4 Parent Syed Aslam Hasan - 2015-07-04
Re Need Help!! Into English, Milan Italy

Dear Amelia,
I got the same offer from Into English in Milan, and i have signed the contract. I had the same experience with Skype interview, no audio from school end. I typed everything and i got selected, everything is too good to be true and that is why i am also paranoid. I also tried to search information but there is only one that is their website. All the email i received was from, whereas the website contact id is

They have also advised me to contact an attorney for visa and work permit.

I don't know what to do, once they will ask for money it will be clear that it is a scam.

Amelia - 2015-07-04
Need Help!! Into English, Milan Italy

Into English, Milan

I have got an offer from Into English in Milan. In general they seem legit but there are little things that don't quite line up that are making me wonder. Has anyone else had offers or ever heard of this school?? Please help me

To start with their offer seems to good to be true. Super high pay, everything paid for including flights, accommodation etc.
They don't show up in the yellow pages and I have only seen their school mentioned once in a list of Italian Language schools.
The skype interview was done by typing with no audio or video because the schools audio didn't work. I asked for another one but the question was ignored (though he does tend to only answer one question, normally the last one I ask, per email).

This is the original email


Details of Position

If you've ever thought about moving abroad to live, work and study, why not, with no time limit, feeling free to live your experience, to embrace a different culture, meet people from all over the world, establishing relationships that may last a lifetime and learn the English language in institutions of quality, we have the right proposal to make!!

Fluent communication
Clear pronunciation
Enriching of vocabulary

We seek 2 mother-tongue, and 2 languages, creative, lively teachers with experience in the private sector. The job requires teaching children, teens , adults at all levels, some of whom will prepare for the Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE and IELTS.
We have a warm, fun and challenging school in which you are provided with freedom and support to succeed. All teachers are encouraged to develop professionally, through an Oxford University Professional Development on-line course and by classroom observation with colleagues.

Having the right teachers is integral for our future success. When you work with us you will enjoy a friendly and positive environment, committed to investing in the development of our people and inspiring them to grow.

At present we are looking for the following teaching positions:

Teaching English to Adults
Teaching English to Young Learners
Teach Spanish, Italy, French or Arabic to Adults or Young Learners


Bachelor's Degree or any Teaching certificate
You must poses a valid passport
Ready to teach Adults or young learner
You must be a team player

Salary and Benefits

€2,400 per month (net).
Accommodation assistance.
Internet access in the school and apartment.
Visa assistant.
Travelling Allowance of a round trip ticket.

Our courses consist of a maximum of 6 people, so talk, listen and learn will be easier!


Qualified native teachers will teach English in a practical and concrete.
During the course are planned stimulating opportunities for discussion and cultural exchange with young teachers from around the world that will allow you to learn English/Language more useful for your work and your travel.

Courses for Children and Youth


Courses develop the understanding and use of English in a fun and communicative.
The classes consist of maximum 6 people like that talk, listen and learn will be easier.
You can also prepare international exams of Cambridge.

Into English offers 2 weeks holiday studio in England with our accompaniment .... You live this fantastic experience full of memories that will accompany you for a lifetime!!
It is a summer camp attended by children (7 to 17 years old) from all over England and other countries.
This mix of cultures favours direct contact and communication through the creation of new relationships and friendships.
The children will not be committed to follow lessons (after a whole year of school!!!) and can engage in fun activities and adrenaline in the parks, well-equipped water sports and excursions.
The camp is recognized by the British Council as a meaningful experience for learning the English language.

If you meet these requirements, please forward your CV, passport, degrees/certificates and recent photograph to us:
Interviews in Milan or by Skype. A traveling allowance to attend interviews will be paid.

I may be super paranoid as no money etc. has been asked for yet. But there is so little on the internet about this school so I just want some extra advice.

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