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#1 Parent Turnoi - 2013-05-02
Re: Is this a good program?

If an ad is as unclear and confusing as you have told in that case, simply keep your hands off!
Who has the time and means to really investigate the matter?
It's the job of the advertiser to make sure he comes across as credible and genuine!

#2 Parent Patrick - 2013-04-30
Re: Is this a good program?

Yea, I came across this too. I also came here looking for information about it. Did you watch the videos they provided on their Craigslist ad? The first one shows the supposed school, but it looks much different from the school shown in pictures on the Craigslist ad. There is another series of videos, allegedly from one of their teachers. I'm watching it now, but so far he hasn't mentioned the program in the ad by name. I'm not saying these are fraudulent (I'm new to this and really have no idea), but to me, they don't do it any credit. I think we should try to gather more information on the program before making a decision.

#3 Parent mark - 2013-03-27
Re: Is this a good program?

they are advertising on craigslist and back room or back channel.

a scam?

there is zero information online about them.

Dinnie - 2013-03-14
Is this a good program?

I came across for teaching in China. Does anyone know anything about them? Is this a good program? Thank you!

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