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Dom - 2011-12-30

Fellow Teachers and prospective teachers, I want to draw your attention to some unscrupulous fellows in Zhengzhou.One of them carries a fake name on his yahoo chat window-Jacky Chen,yahoo id,his QQ number is 1196608433,Tel 13633809624.They are actually a gang that have ripped a lot of foreign teachers here who are desperately looking for teaching positions.Those from Africa who cant easily get jobs will resort to or fall prey to these fellows.
What They Do?
You contact them and they will tell you they have got a lot of jobs around and make you choose which location is suitable for you.Then they will brandish a fake contract to you which looks really good and enticing.They dont often ask to see your documents.The attractive "contract" then will make you smile and then they will tell you they are an agency and will charge you a fee for giving you that "nice" job. An account number is given to you.This is one of their account numbers at ICBC Jacky Chen: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China---ICBC 622202 170202 6477067 . chinese name:陈长岭:pinyin:chenchangling.This was given to one of their potential victims.Once the money is paid to them,they will change tactics and wont answer your calls any more and that will be the end of the story. Usually when these teachers plead with them to allow them go to the schools before paying in the agreed sums,they never agree.
There is one lady presently stranded in Guangdong province named Maria from Kenya.Jacky Chen asked her to come here on an F visa and she got in here three weeks ago.Called him from Guangzhou and all he told her was to send him the "agent fee" first before he connects her to the school.When she did the story ended there and the girl has been stranded and God alone knows where she has been staying and what is going on with her.Frantic attempts to get back the money have been in vain.She is now in a bad situation and has to go back to Kenya next week as she has no money to stay on here and worst still no money to extend her visa and later get a job.
Ladies and gentlemen,Jacky Chen and Nemo are just two out of the lot of fake guys that are ruining the lives of foreigners here in China. Is there no one to put them to order?

Bewarned,beware and be careful.

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