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#1 Parent Turnoi - 2011-12-08
Re: Fraudulant TEFL Job Advertisements


I am getting such scam emails on a regular basis, and the senders sign up at no-name accounts like yahoo or similar with *,hk extensions for Hongkong or whatever. Some personal and place names may change, but the story full of lies they are telling you is almost the same and always follows the same pattern:

send your documents - you are promised a job - they need money to process your visa or for any other fishy reason - once you have sent the money, you will never hear back from them again.

Just delete such emails and let them end up in your spam filter! Do not respond to such unsolicited crap mails, and most importantly, do not send any money to any unknown person, you will lose it!!!!!!

Don't fall victim to these crooks and take good care of yourself in such a matter!

Todd - 2011-12-07
Fraudulant TEFL Job Advertisements

There is a person or a group of people posting fraudulant job adverts in the name of El Centro Britanico. They use the adverts to receive personal info, and eventually try to con people out of money. The format of the adverts is quite convincing, but the working conditions are unbelievable. The only way to differentiate between the fakes and what would be a real job advert from El Centro Britanico is the email address. The proper email address is The frauds have all been email accounts hosted my or

Please be weary. When it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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