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cunning linguist - 2011-07-02

Got this in my Skype account a week or so ago.

[25/06/2011 18:36:11] William Clark:

I am Dr.William Clark Account officer to my late client who preceding his unexpected death deposited the sum of($18.400,000.00) Eighty Million Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)with my bank, (UBA) United Bank For Africa.

And nobody has operated in this account till date. Moreover, this account has no beneficiary status attached to it. Definitely,this fund will be confiscated by the Bank due to the banking code of ethics if it remains dormant for a period of [10] years without any claims. In this regard, I earnestly need your full cooperation in transferring this money out of the bank to your country as the next of kin.

I have however contacted you on trust to discuss your assistance and commission in this endeavor.

I have monitored this deposit and managed it over the years before his death and since nobody has showed up as the next of kin for the past years, I now solicit for your assistance to present you as the beneficiary and holder of value of subject matter.

To facilitate the approval and transfer of ownership of said funds to you as the end beneficiary,I need you to forward the following details to me;

1). Full Names
2). Physical Contact Address
3). Occupation
4). Telephone, Fax and Cell phone numbers.
5). sex
6). Nationality
7). Age

I look forward to your swift response with your required contact particulars to this email:

Yours Truly

Dr. William Clark


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