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Mubasher Hussain - 2011-05-13

I have also receive the same appointment scam from Toh Lee Chan Model


No.24, Jalan SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.

MAY 2011


To confirm the recent screening processes, which were conducted by the
Screening Department of TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL are pleased to offer
you an initial position as the:



JUNE 2011. On this date, you are to report at 8:00
a.m. to the Human Resources Department, where you will be provided with
packet containing information on TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL. Benefits,
facilities, and seravices as well to attend an orientation program
before job commencement.

Should you accept this job offer, per school’s policy you'll be
eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.

• Salary: Monthly Net starting salary of 5,320 (USD) exclusive of any
taxation. All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in MALAYSIA
shall be 50% paid into an offshore account to be provided by
employee with the remaining 50% paid locally in MALAYSIA. This is in
line with the MALAYSIA Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws.
• Job Description: (Your job profile will be duly stated on your
compulsory 2 weeks orientation training/program which will equip you
with the basic knowledge of the job at hand and familiarize you with
the syllabus at your disposal).

Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual net salary,
paid quarterly by your choice of cheque or direct deposit.
Contract Duration: 2 Years (Renewable)
Benefits: TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL. provides benefits for all
employees, which includes the following.
 Child daycare assistance
 Education assistance
 Health, dental, life and disability insurance
 Sick leave
 Vacation and personal days (TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL. have 30
working days annual leave (which is additional to
public/religious holidays), which can be taken at any time during
the year (subject to approval). During any of your vacation TOH
LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL. shall pay for your flight ticket. All
Employees will receive USD 3,205.00 Take home for each leaves
Period. Employer for each Inter-continental trip shall pay USD 1,720.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee.
Travel shall be by business class.
 Accommodation (Three-Bed-Room Apartment for married staffs and
Two-Bed-Room Apartment for single staff, this accommodation is
 Transportation (Free Transportation, from home to place of work


1. Visa: All International Applicant should note that TOH LEE CHAN
MODEL SCHOOL shall duly secure their Visa from the Home office of the
MALAYSIAN Immigration Services here in MALAYSIA for every applicant
coming from outside the MALAYSIA.

2. Work Permit: On your arrival, TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL. shall
secure your work permit papers from the HOME OFFICE here in MALAYSIA
which will enable you to live and work legally here in MALAYSIA.

3. Flight Ticket: Your flight ticket shall also be sent to you, a week
before your departure. You are to provide a working and valid postal
address where your ticket shall be delivered through a courier service
agent, inclusive of the Hardcopy of your Offer Letter and Certificate
of Employment.

4. Accommodation: TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL. provides accommodation to
all foreign nationals at the schools’s staff estate in KUALA
LUMPUR,MALAYSIA. Employees are entitled to take meals free of charge at
the General Staff canteens. Dietary options, Customized cooks and
Dieticians are available options.

5. Orientation Program: Candidates are advice to arrive a week before
job commencement date in order to attend the orientation seminar. Note
there will no be further interview as your appointment is basically on
the information, which you have provided on your resume before
screening. There will be a routine check of your credentials on arrival
by the Human Resource Department to confirm validity.

6. Reimbursement: You are to bear the cost of processing your Affidavit
of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation from the Accredited Attorney and
TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL will duly reimburse you of all the expenses
you incurred only on sight of your valid legalization documents to show
seriousness in joining the team. The First two months upfront salaries
shall be paid in advance before consultants/employee embark on journey
to assume duty to enable you take care of pressing needs at your home

7. Safety and Security: Safety and Security of personnel
(Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities are no
small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure
hitch free operations. All operations on Job Location are designed to
adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy as
applicable in the School Sector. All expatriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by
qualified safety and environment experts.

8. Medical and Health Care: Employer will provide the employee with
comprehensive Health care for the time of contract, and follow-on care
for injuries suffered during the time of contract for employee and

9. Communication and Internet Facilities : Laptop Computer, Intel
Pentium M Processor, 1 GB RAM, 48XCD-RW, 20GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive,
Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 86K Modem, Spare Battery and
Necessary Software’s. 24 hours Internet access is also available. The
school will also provide the employee with one land line phone at home
and one mobile phone both will have a reasonable credit amount each

(Monthly),Car Maintenance: USD300.00 (Monthly), House & Furnishings:
USD 2,000.00 (Yearly),Entertainment & Recreation:USD285.00(Monthly),
Travel & Events: USD550.00(Monthly)


----------------- ----------------
Mr. George Hu Prof. Toh Lee Chan
Expatriates Relations Manager Managing Director


Employment Terms
I understand that I may voluntarily terminate my employment. I further
understand that I will not be terminated involuntarily at will, rather
it will be with cause or prior notice, at any time, regarding of
documents or oral or written statements issued by the TOH LEE CHAN
MODEL SCHOOL. or its representatives. With this understanding, I accept
the position with the terms as stated above.

Visa Information
Due to the high rise of contract break up in MALAYSIA, the management
has made it mandatory that every prospective employee who wishes to
work with us must first procure an Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of
Attestation from the MALAYSIA Crown Court of Justice stating that he /
she will honor the terms of contract therein till the end of its
duration before the management can go ahead and secure the residence
and work permit / Visa of the successful applicant; This is coming as a
result of high rise in the number of employee’s that decamp their duty
post and end their contract without prior notice of us. Procurement of
this affidavit will further highlight you have accepted to honor the
contract till its expiration; this Affidavit is obtainable only at the
Malaysian High Court of Justice through an accredited attorney
representing the applicant (Employee). See below one of the accredited Attorney whom you need to contact via email to secure the Affidavit of
Guarantee and Letter of Attestation from Malaysian High Court of

02 - 23D, Tingkat 2, Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam Persiaran Tasik.
Shah Alam 40450 Selangor,MALAYSIA
Designation: Solicitor and Advocate in Law
Contact Person: Barrister Ng Tan Chun
Tel: +60163812088

Once you obtain the Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation
from the Malaysian High Court of Justice, you are required to send to
us via e-mail scanned copies of the following documents which will aid
us procure your residence and work permit / Visa:

1. Scan copy of your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation
2. Scan copy of you’re duly Signed Letter
3. Scanned Copy of International Passport (Data Page)
4. Scanned Copy of Passport Photograph (Colored)

Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents from your side TOH LEE
CHAN MODEL SCHOOL will secure your residence and work permit here in
MALAYSIA and will contact the MALAYSIA Consulate in your country and
fax all your documents to them to facilitate your visa.

Within a space of 7 working days your papers were faxed to the Malaysia
consulate, we shall notify you on when to go to the Consulate Office in
your country for the endorsement of your international passport with
your two years Visa permit.

NOTE: You are to process your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of

Attestation from the Accredited Attorney and TOH LEE CHAN MODEL SCHOOL
will start the processing of your traveling documents only on sight of
your valid legalization documents to show seriousness in joining the

Enclosures: 6

Accept Job Offer
By signing and dating this letter below, I,

Name of Employee: ___________________________,

Accept the job offer of: ________________________________________by


Signature: ______________________________

Date: _____________________

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