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#1 Parent JENALE - 2011-05-17
Re English Teacher - Carrie Qian []

Not a scam. Been teaching with them for 1.5 years. Lots of frustrations because NONE of the staff speak very good English and their system ALWAYS crashes. But they ALWAYS pay on time or early! AND you don't need a camera! It's audio!

#2 Parent Angela Dow - 2011-04-09
Re English Teacher - Carrie Qian []

i've once applied for this school. there is really such a school and Carrie is nice and friendly. Her English is pretty good and also gave me some advice on online teaching. But unfortunately there're some problems with my computer and can't continue. But i am sure that this is not a scam.

#3 Parent Sanguine - 2010-09-22
Re: English Teacher - Carrie Qian []

Not so sure it's a scam, not enough info to know for sure. Also not sure about what kind of classes. At first it sounds like online teaching, but then I get the impression there is also some in person teaching. This woman's English is clearly pretty poor, however that is quite common with Chinese English teachers, imagine that.

It might be that someone answered who doesn't speak English, cleaning crew or one of their staff. Believe it or not but not everyone who works in and English school actually speaks English. You might have called at a time of day when their simply was no English speaking staff in. It can be dangerous to jump to conclusions and make assumptions without enough information. I'd call back on another day instead of being so quick to judge.

I'll be the first to jump on any school or training center that presents itself with what I know to be sure signs of fraud, deceit, or any other kind of abuse of foreign teachers, however if no such signs present themselves I will reserve judgment. Give them a call back, and email her, set up a time to call so that she is there waiting for your call. If at that point the same thing happens, well that's different, she would be unprofessional for not being there for an appointed call, and you'd be best not pursuing it further.

#4 Parent Anna - 2010-08-28
Re: English Teacher - Carrie Qian []

No it's not a scam, I worked for them last year. It's a pretty professional set-up actually and good money which they pay on time. At least that was the case last summer. It's worth trying again to contact them.

#5 Parent Ursula Krause - 2010-08-26
Re: English Teacher - Carrie Qian []

Hi , i dont know about Carrie, but I do know about Hiknow. They really is such a school , or at least there was. I did some curriculum development for them on powerpoint. and they even paid in advance. I also did some teaching for them. Their system is not so good, and there are problems, but I never had any problems getting paid. they paid via paypal

Vernon Stamm - 2010-08-23
English Teacher - Carrie Qian [] China

Teachers if you see this ad don't answer it. I did and received the following, but when I tried to contact the company, all that happened was the phone was hung up. I believe it is a Chinese scam.

Dear Applicant,

Thanks for sending us resume. Could you please add my Skype: carriehiknow? We need to have a talk and move on to the next step.

Hiknow is one of the most successful online teaching companies in China. We have a very stable timetable for our teachers. All of our teachers have taught here for a long time. We pay our teacher always on time. Most of important, we pay respect to our teachers and we seek for long term cooperation with every excellent teacher.

Our process is:

1. Software training: 1 hour

2. Demo 30 minutes (another day)

3. Sign the contract and start the formal class

Some info about the job

Salary: 17$ per hour after tax.

Class time: 8:00PM or 9:30 PM Beijing time (GMT+8).We also have some morning class. 1.5 hour or 1 hour per session. Fixed schedule in every week.

Students: pre-intermediate or intermediate.

Style: online group class. There are 4-8 students in one classroom, using our software.

Lessons: in different level. Business and conversational English. We provide all curriculums.

Contract: Good teachers can teach as long as you can.

How to pay:Pay by PayPal on 10th every month. (Pay all sessions for the last month)

If you want a reliable and long-term partner for online teaching, we are a good choice!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

PS. Please also tell me when it is convenient for you to have a word with me and the time difference as well.

Best wishes,

Carrie Qian

T:+86 21 6163 6288 ext 103

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