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mr.joel - 2011-04-04

My name is Joel Morrison, I am an ESL teacher. You need to know that the job for Parque 15 Huesca Spain is a scam. After offering me a job, they wanted me to pay for tickets and a visas for my family to go there with a promise of reimbursement... amounting to a whopping 2000+Euro. When I asked to speak on the phone or skype they told me they were too busy with their recruitment. After insisting and it was apparent I was going to bolt, they called me. The country code that popped up was 234-NIGERIA(+2348034245878)... I spoke in my limited Spanish, he answered in English. I asked him to say one sentence in Spanish, he couldn't do it...that says it all doesn't it?

Antonio Ramirez was the guy's supposed name. Go ahead and call the guy, check it out. The number posted in the ad is bogus. I was told I needed to immediately send my payment western union to a Brian James of Madrid. I looked on Facebook, here is the only Brian James in Madrid!/profile.php?id=100002163341458 , surprise, surprise...he's an African, I'm going to dare say NIGERIAN . I am furious as I almost lost another(real) job screwing around wth this guy.

Here are the scumbags email addresses: "Antonio Ramirez" <>

"Antonio Ramirez" <>


By:Parque15 Huesca
Date: Thursday, 3 February 2011, 1:49 pm

A private elementary and Secondary school located in Huesca, Spain (PARQUE 15 HUESCA) is seeking a native english speaking teachers to work as a full time teacher. The main dutie is to teach conversational English, Speaking and writing. Should you find any interest in working with PARQUE 15 HUESCA, We assured that you will love the friendly and good hospitalities of the Spanish besides enjoying your work with the children. The school provides housing and a fair living allowances. Please send us your C.Vs and recent photo via email ( to the Corresponding officer Mr Antonio Ramirez and feel free to ask any questions.

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