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#1 Parent cunning inguist - 2011-02-11
Clarification of 'High School' in the UK

The connection with Studely High School is undoubtedly a big scam.

The term 'High School' came from The Royal High School, in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1505. Scotland’s education system is different from other parts of the UK.

Usage of the term in England and Wales varies. “In some cases, the phrase is used specifically for girls' schools (e.g. Bedford High School, Truro High School for Girls). In certain areas, such as Liverpool (e.g. Alsop High School), Manchester, Cardiff, and Herefordshire, secondary schools are generally called high schools.” The use of the term seems dependent on the way education is organised in each locality. In areas where there is a two-tier schooling system – primary and secondary, the term may not be in use except in the case of public schools, (misnomer as they are generally private fee-paying schools).

Some parts of the country have a three-tier schooling system that include a Middle School and the term 'High School' is used unofficially. “In Northumberland and some areas in Suffolk, Somerset, Staffordshire and Worcestershire there also exists a three-tier education system comprising of First, Middle and High school.” The Isle of Wight uses the term High School to distinguish them from secondary schools that have a different age range.

Adapted from Wikipedia.

#2 Parent Turnoi - 2011-02-07
Re SCAM: Studley High School in London (fake teaching job, England)

"Studley High School" is definitely not a High School, but the scammer's place!

And pretend "Studley High School" is definitely not in London; in fact, there are no High Schools at all in England and probably the rest of the UK.
There, they call it differently - perhaps "Grammar School" or "Secondary School" or similar - High Schools exist only in the US and those nations having copied the US school system.

Whenever you receive a mail like that with a pretend High School in the UK, then be advised it most likely comes from a scammer who is out to cheat you; most of them are stupid and do not even know about the differences that exist in the education systems of certain nations!

Now, all you scammers, what you are going to tell us next? What about Extra-terrestial High Schools on planet Mars with a principal called "Alien"?...LOL

Admin - 2011-02-05
SCAM: Studley High School in London (fake teaching job, England)

Submitted to our site from an IP address ( traced to Brazil


By:Studley High School <> (
Date: Saturday, 5 February 2011, 12:49 pm

Studley High School is popular and oversubscribed, with 750 pupils aged 11-16
which enjoys an excellent reputation and benefits from responsive students supported by positive and caring staff. Studley High School is a Trust and Foundation School in association with Warwickshire Education Authority Ofsted April 2007 named it “A Good and Improving School”.
We are looking for an enthusiastic and hardworking teachers/staffers in Drama,Music,Mathematics,Science,Geography,History,Art,languages of Poland,French,German,Spanish and Arabic.

Salary:£2,400 Monthly.

Submit CV/resume to :Pam Stephenson,

Studley High School,
Crooks Lane,
B80 7QX .
United Kingdom.



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