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#1 Parent cunning linguist - 2011-02-04
Re cheap cellphones from CELLPHONE FACTORY LTD.

I'm sorry to hear you have had a problem. My advice to anyone buying online is to do as much research as possible before you decide to part with your money. This might sound obvious but scammers only succeed because of gullible victims. Try to pay for your purchases with a credit card (CC). That way you have recourse to the CC issuer to get your money back if it is a scam, but only if you have exercised some due diligence in the process. Sending money to Nigerian scammers may not qualify, for example.

For British companies there is the Office of Fair Trading and also each local government unit (county, municpal borough, unitary authority etc) has a Trading Standards Dept. In addition there is consumer legislation and several TV and radio programmes that deal with consumer protection isues. Then there are the local newspapers in the area that may run your story.

If you look at the link below, the company is fairly new and the local trading standards department for the area will have records of any customer complaints. It appears that the company's profile will be removed from this website. And be very wary of hotmail email addresses in this context! The comapny had not filed its annual accounts as of July 2010 and although that is some time back it may indicate a problem and possible bankruptcy or going into administration. If either of these things happen I guess you would be pretty low down the list of creditors to get your money back.

By the way, it is illegal in the UK under the Misuse of Computers Act to send, or encourage, to send viruses. Email the company and tell them what you expect them to do to honour the business transaction. Depending on the response and timing, if this is not satisfactory, inform them immediately that you will contact the organisations mentioned, especially the local trading standards office. In fact it is a requirement in consumer law to give an opportunity to the company to put things right. Good luck.



Cindy crawford - 2011-02-03
cheap cellphones from CELLPHONE FACTORY LTD. (Other Scams, Western Union)

Hello Everyone,

I wrote this to warn everybody who wishes to buy iphones never to buy on line with this website : CELLPHONE FACTORY LTD. LAKENHEATH , BRANDON,UK. BY torres, Mark.
This is a SCAM. AND THIS tORRES mARK Is a scambug. I send money thru western union to buy one unit of iphone 4 32 G and He promised he will send me the fed ex tracking number and deliver within 48 hours. I did the transaction January 28,2011 which makes 5 days with no delivery and He kept writing me emails asking for more money 700 usdlr. Thick face MO!

His email is : Mark Joel (
I hope someone can send him a virus on his email so he can stop scamming people around the world pretending to be a legit salesman of cellphones but then a big scambug.

BY the way, anyone who can send a virus to his email: will be highly appreciated and be awarded in heaven.

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