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jenny - 2010-09-28

Beware with this information below saying that "he could work for visa" he have been deceiving many people since 2005. he will let you send your passport in the address he'll give it to u then later, he'll call u saying he got ur passport and same time claiming money for ur downpayment, after few days he'll say ur visa was there already u need to give the last payment, wait for 24 hours ur passport will be back to u..... but u keep on waiting till you will find out calling the express mail .. no one pick your passport so there.... even you report to police they won't do anything... how many cases has been reported to PSB but they never did anything ... so to avoid big lost don't trust anyone in China may either chinese or foreigner "coz" this man speaks like a foreigner you might be deceive....there are some visa agents too in China but at least you will appear to the PSB. and take note you will see this post in Ejobfair or in ESL websites....

Basic info of employer
Name : visa services Tel: 15972694392[VIP]
Address: china E-mail:
Post code : Contact person : zhang
Type of employer : College/university Location
Registration Date: 29-07-2010 10:52

visa services

We are a chinese australian visa service company..... For many years, we are continuously enlarging our service field, based on the slogan "Serve you the best", we enjoy good reputation in this field. WE PROVIDE AUSTRALIAN AND CHINESE VISA SERVICES FOR ALL NATIONALITIES INCLUDING EU, USA ALL AFRICAN COUNTRIES, ASIA AND SOUTH AMERICA.
Generally speaking, there are ranges of service that we provide for foreigners in China or who is preparing to come to China

The first range: Invitation letter
F Invitation letter: this letter is suitable for foreigners who want to come to China for research, visit or plan to stay longer in China. Foreign friends who have this letter can get one month F visa in the Chinese Embassy in other countries. It's easy to do F visa extension in Chinese mainland

The Second range: L, F, Z Visa Extension

F visa extension is much more flexible. Generally, there are three kinds of ways for extension
F ---- three months extension (0/one entry)
F ----six months extension (1/2/multi entry)
F ----one year extension (multi entry)

The needed documents for F visa extension are as follows:
The passport with current visa
One two-inch photo

Z visa extension.

If foreign friend wants to apply for Z visa in China, but has no job right now. Our company is qualified to help u solve this problem. we also have the chance to fix expired visas for foreigners here..if your visa has expire, dont worry just contact us.

The above instructions are the service that our company can do for foreign friends. Besides that, we also do inter-language translation work.
If you have any questions or want to know more about our service, please feel free to contact .

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