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School and Recruiter Reviews at
Re AVOID Huamei School, Huaihua.
TONY -- 2019-00-19 23:28
I worked at the school from 13 to 14 and loved it. The chef was an absolute legend. Miss living at that place. It was such a happy place and all the staff were amazing. Beautiful countryside around. Wish I still had contacts....
Cheating on contract
Angry Employee -- 2019-00-18 14:01
This school is situated in other suburbs or rural area of Yichang City, Hubei Province in China. It is on a high hill you would say with beautiful location overseeing the river. The school has a Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary High School as well. The secondary high school is, however, does not...
Re: E-World in Yeosu, South Korea - ESL school review
Catherine Dapshis -- 2019-00-17 18:35
I have read all these amazing reviews about this school but cannot find any contact information for them. My husband and I are wanting to move to Yeosu in April as a friend of ours stayed there and loved it. Would be so grateful if you or anyone could share an e-mail address to get in touch with the...
Hate VIPKid
Janine Chandler -- 2019-00-16 19:53
Big conglomerate. No personalized attention and no love lost. They want you to refer more teachers to them when they won't give you hours. And heaven forbid you get sick and cancel classes....
Re Beware Of Skybar Online School
Gary Verderamo -- 2019-00-16 05:40
For the record, you may want to start proofreading your posts before submitting them. WOW! Just WOW!!! I get that you are angry, but come on! Also, this is not exactly professional. To slam a former employer in a public forum. If any future employers do their due diligence on you and find this.........
FLUENTRUSSIA, Russia, Moscow
Don Johnson -- 2019-00-15 09:24
Im from the UK and worked for FluentRussia for 3 years and had a great experience—stressful sometimes sure but great company and always got paid on time. Recommend it to all teachers who want a Russian teaching experience Enjoyed teaching Russian learners at company’s corporate clients; students...
Giraffe Nanjing
Bogan -- 2019-00-14 16:33
found this on google yet when I look at the this website its not there? If this website deletes reviews how can we trust it?? Giraffe English Nanjing Avoid - ESL Teachers Board Nov 5, 2015 - ... have some loyal teachers who get paid to tell...
Re FLUENTRUSSIA, Russia, Moscow
Mike -- 2019-00-12 19:50
This posting was not written by you, it was written by Ron Nathan. It is a fraud letter....
Re Stay away from Shane English Shijiazhuang
sadexpatabroad -- 2019-00-12 11:25
I'm waiting for a friend to get his visa out. As soon as his visa is out I will report them to the local PSB....
Mike -- 2019-00-07 23:14
Does anyone know what school in Taiwan has changed their name too? Please post here, thank you....

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