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Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE)  by: Melly
Hello everyone! Has anyone used Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE) for help getting a job in Chengdu? I've searched the web and haven't found anything about them. Here..
Re Carlyons bearded lady the loser, exposed Guangdong Country Garden School,Foshan Guangdong,bgy,PRC  by: Star
Whatever happen to the fake C. Carter from CGS?
Re i2 International  by: McNamara
Stay away from them; they are complete crooks, and they have rats in their canteen which they catch and serve for dinner. WTF!
Re i2 International  by: Doreen
Hi after hearing such scary stories I'm afraid to move now which school did you work in? Because I was interviewed for country garden school in huidzhou.
Re Jilin Younovo Education / Tian Shuo Education / Younovo  by: Melissa
Hi, my name is Melissa and first off, I'm very sad to hear of all these bad experiences. I happened to be with Younovo Education for a one year contract. The first two weeks were bad and the first..
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Re Mod can sit back ,have a fag and a cuppa!  by: MikeK
Flexibility, which cannot be provided by any automated system, should be instilled in all walks of our lives from politics or education to forums discussions. Correct - an automated system by it's..
recruiter virus  by: FTinPRC
Caring, I do hope that direct contact by candidates has limited the number of reputable universities and high schools that need to advertise and/or use agencies. Chinese universities are receiving a..
Re Wha to do in case you get an unsolicited emaiol from a Chinese recruiters  by: Not a monkey dancer
LOL...That's a good one, hahaha.
Re again  by: ESL snake
Oh, isn't that Mr Wang Badan that famous turtle from next door? Most online schools have an owner who is a relative of Mr Wang Ba Dan
Re Wha to do in case you get an unsolicited emaiol from a Chinese recruiters   by: MikeK
Here's another suggestion
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Others:   by: Dee
Hi We conduct various short term Professional courses International Business Protocol, Social with Dining etiquettes and others for trainees from China, Cambodia, Yangon, Vietnam and others..
English Tutor: Online British English Teacher/IELTS specialist £10-12 per hour - Skype Lessons   by: British/IELTS English
Hi, let me show you how to boost your level of English / IELTS score with private lessons online (Skype) *I offer a free 15 minute lesson* I have helped hundreds of people to boost their English..
English Tutor:   by: Expert English Teacher
Do you want an expert English language teacher? Do you want a real professional? My name is Sandi; a professional English language expert. I am a British English native speaker, but does that alone..
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China Youth International Cultural Consulting Development Co.Ltd.,  by: Kathy
Hello, i have had an interview with China Youth International Cultural Consulting Development Co.Ltd., they say they are a recruiting agency in Hangzhou and sent me an offer by email. I have checked..
ReOrchid Blossom Energy recruitment  by: kennedy
I got the same interview form massage today 4/6/2018 from orchid blossom energy. please who has confirm if it is geniue or not?
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Re Confused Words: Words That English Learners Tend to Confuse   by: Antecedtly smith
Investigate these two sentences – one of them contains an error: I poured over book after book. We pored over the catalogues. Is it accurate to say that you are questionable which one is correct?..
Learning Tips: Are you ready to study an advanced English course online?   by: Dr Norman
Studying at an advanced level online requires you to consider: 1. If your English is at the right level and you are ready to study; 2. Your goals for improvement; and 3. Your learning style and level..
TESOL, TEFL and CELTA forum  · See all 1298 posts ·  by: Michael
I just did the 120 hour TEFL course with is a great TEFL course. I highly recommend it other teachers. I just got a great teaching job in Korea. Can't wait to start!
Advert: Aceish Education looking for collaborators on online teacher training courses  by: Sammy
We are looking at collaborating with teacher training organisations or awarding bodies in the UK / US who can validate our courses or issue certificates based on our curriculum (Cambridge TKT). We..