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Re Taizhou Number 1 Foreign Language School Review  by: FTinPRC
If you are a competent enough teacher, you have a fairly good opportunity here at the TN1FLS to go ahead and competently enough teach Splitting infinitives has become acceptable, even in The..
Reward Foreign Language Centre - Volgograd, Russia  by: Quit in disgust at Reward Volgograd.
Do not ever work for Reward School. It is probably the most dishonest and fraudulent school currently operating in Russia. Please avoid this school like the plague. They are thieves and are set up to..
Re Nova International School advoid at all costs  by: happyatnova
"I was at a school (not Nova) that didn't treat me very well in Sudan I approached the owner of Nova school, who offered me a job at his school, he got me a flat and a wonderful environment to..
Taizhou Number 1 Foreign Language School Review  by: David Vance
I have now completed one academic year at TN1FLS, teaching IGCSE Maths, Physics, and Chemistry to middle school students, and maths to grade 3 students, and am contracted to return to teach in the..
WARNING!! Tianhe College of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University / Guangzhou   by: Samantha_93ru
I just finished my contract at one the worst schools I've ever worked for there are so many problems about this school there is basically nothing positive to say about it. The full name of this..
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Re Beijing Royal School Info  by: ricky
school sucks. they tried to frame me when a student broke his leg in the class room. was not even on campus when it happened. they also hired a convicted felon who was on probation at the time for..
Re AEUA AIA Meihua International High School in Kunming, Yunnan, China  by: John
So there is a new post online for hiring teachers to restart the Monash program at AEUA AIA Meihua 美华 campus. They tried this many years ago and the program had lots of difficulties. Now they are..
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?  by: PageWhite
Hi, everyone! Just to help others to quickly find a job I would recommend to consult this site as it really helps to write a good resume which significantly increases your..
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?  by: The Spirit of Migsey
Not so bad that hothot pretend school then it seems. Been a lot about football from Thailand recently. I have been reluctant to mention the cave rescue because by the time it gets aired it'll all be..
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?  by: Scouse Magic
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Online Schools Looking For Tutors: All Vietnam  by: Topica Native
1. RESPONSIBILITIES – Teach conversational English to adults following provided lesson plans. – Correct grammar and pronunciation mistakes for students 2. BENEFITS - Work anywhere with stable..
Business English: English for Specific Purposes  by: Mark Fyers
In today's globalised economy, English is essential for bridging relationships between you and your clientele. With demand growing strongly for better skilled and more practically-trained employees,..
Others: Online Courses for Kids   by: The Thinking Kid
The Thinking Kid is an online school for children. We offer courses in math, science, literature, humanities, history, French, Spanish, and more. If you are a parent keen on homeschooling your child,..
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Re Wuhan Chinaexpat HR, is it a scam?  by: Dan
Remember..... Anything with "HR" in a company in China is basically a scam. This acronym is used to help foreigners feel comfortable, but ultimately there is no HR in Chinese business.
Re UK/Turkey Spam  by: Jelena
It happened to me today. I googled the address and fortunately found this group.
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Grammar: How to Use Articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ in Sentences?  by: Huban
Articles are a part of speech in the English language used to modify nouns. There are two types of Articles–Definite ‘the’ and Indefinite ‘a’/’an’. Here we are going to learn about..
Idioms: 5 Common English Idioms   by: Huban
Every language has idioms, there over 25,000 idioms or idiomatic expressions in the English language alone. They fall under what is called ‘formulaic language’, which includes proverbs, rhymes,..
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BE TESOL CERTIFIED! 150-Hour Online Face-to-face hybrid TESOL Course Certificate from TESOL Coach Master? 🎊🎊We will still accept students for Batch 001 until Friday, 13 July 2018! 💡How to..
International TEFL Acadamy  by: Brett A Arbogast
Has anyone used their service? Is it good in Europe? Trying to decide if I should sign up with them.