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Re Kiddie English Qingyuan school  by: Nick
Exactly, it's a total mess.Guy who is the owner, would, for example, put other foreign teacher and me to sit in front of the whole collective and take the blame for some minor thing that happen that..
Re VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China  by: no-fluff
Any news about VU? They seem to be recruiting year-round for their campuses in China, yet it's hard to find decent info (reviews) about them!
Re Shimen Middle School, and recruiting company called Fartop  by: Justdid
Oxford man?
Re Haida Agency in Hangzhou is a big scam  by: Burned
Avoid Haida Agency. Everything they say is a lie. They will try to bully you if you don't comply with their illegal requirements (work visa). They will invent stuff in order to cause problem with the..
Re Scam Alert: Tawheed Private School and Yascine Travel  by: Cha16
Good to know. I know that schools abroad will take a lot of process before they hire someone. Like degree certificate, police check from home country, recommendation from current or previous..
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Re MGTOW  by: Silverboy
That's beautiful.
Re MGTOW  by: foxy
Yes, Malta is a good place for a holiday. Especially during the festive season for Brits looking to avoid freezing Blighty winters. Then the daytime max temperature in Malta will be 33 centigrade...
Re: Tradcon propaganda.  by: Silverboy
Please tell me about your "exciting" life. LOL!
Re MGTOW  by: Silverboy
I've heard that Malta is a very nice place. A close friend of mine's father is Maltese.
Re: Tradcon propaganda.  by: Silverboy
I am looking forward to January 20. I expect to see Republicans and Democrats in the streets hitting each other with baseball bats. Should be grand entertainment!
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Online Schools Looking For Tutors: We are looking for Native English speaker - US or Canadian accent (mandatory)  by: Liquid Language
Apply here: Who we are: Liquid Language is a young language school that provides Online English Classes through video conference..
Teachers Looking for Online JOBS: We can provide you with Online Native English teachers for your students  by: English-Classonline
We are English-Classonline; an online English school specialized in teaching different Educational programs to ESL learners throughout the world at affordable prices. We offer high quality..
English Tutor: Online English tutoring  by: Mike
I'm a native English speaker from the UK, now living in China. I focus on helping you to improve your spoken English. I have experience in universities and colleges teaching business English, and in..
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Re Avoid Sultan British Private School in the UAE  by: Lientjie
Do not continue anything or make any payments.. i made a payment en for sure this is ascam.. Do not make the same mistake please...!!!
Re Avoid Sultan British Private School in the UAE  by: Yuliia Chorna
I applied for a job at Tawheed Private School in Am Ain, Abu Dhabi. I visited the website of the school and had a voice interview via Skype on 8 January, 2018. Yesterday 10 January, 2018 the school..
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Re Confused Words: Words That English Learners Tend to Confuse   by: Antecedtly smith
Investigate these two sentences – one of them contains an error: I poured over book after book. We pored over the catalogues. Is it accurate to say that you are questionable which one is correct?..
Learning Tips: Are you ready to study an advanced English course online?   by: Dr Norman
Studying at an advanced level online requires you to consider: 1. If your English is at the right level and you are ready to study; 2. Your goals for improvement; and 3. Your learning style and level..
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Advert: TEFL course in india  by: TEFL Certification Courses India
As per my concern you may consult or get suggestion at for TEFL certification course in India. They offer both in-class and online courses with quality services. They also have the..
M.TESOL  by: Masters TESOL
Hi guys I am undertaking a masters of TESOL and have to prove this point, How would most of you demonstrate this? Question/Task: I am able to carefully observe and reflect on the teaching and..