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Travel in the Philippines

Beaches near Manila
By:Mandy Brown

Manila is located on the western coast of the Philippines. It is the capital city, and, according to the Tourist Center, has been consistently voted as Asia's top spot for entertainment and nightlife. The Philippines has one of the longest coastlines in the world, so there are many beaches within driving distance of Manila.

Batangas Beaches
Batangas is located two to three hours from Manila. In Lian, Batangas, Matabungkay Beach is known to be a favorite among locals and tourists, according to the Philippines Board. You can rent a bamboo raft that will carry you to a deeper part of the sea, where you can picnic or explore. The beaches in Bauan, Batangas, are best known for their water sports like snorkeling and diving. If you are looking for beauty, consider staying at a San Juan beach.

Cavite Beaches
A famous tourist spot, the Puerto Azul Beach Resort is one of the nearest attractions to Manila, with just a 90-minute car ride to Cavite. It has a nine-hole golf course that, according to enjoyphilippines.com, has hosted some prestigious golf tournaments. Marbella Marina is another Cavite resort about two hours from Manila. There are public beaches available in this area if you choose to stay in Manila instead of at the resort. Caylabne Bay is considered a more upscale area, according to the Manila Board. It is surrounded by forest, giving the illusion of seclusion.

Bataan Beaches
There are many resorts available in the Bataan province, as close as 40 minutes from Manila. Some of the most popular resorts include Sun Moon and Gold Coast Beach Resort. Montemar Beach Club is also a popular tourist spot because it has a refuge for endangered turtles.

Corregidor Island
Also located in Bataan, Corregidor Island is about 30 miles from Manila. You can take hydrofoil boats from Manila to Corregidor, which is known for being a stronghold for American and Filipino forces during World War II. Mainly a historical area, there aren't many resorts available in which to stay. If you are just making a day trip, however, there are many beaches you can visit, such as Breakwater Point and Geary Point.

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