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Philippines Dating Customs - Some of the Things Observed in Filipino Courtship
By:Alyana Cruz

Philippines dating customs are very unique and are rooted from the pre-colonial period. Filipino women are basically shy. Young Filipina ladies are being taught to be modest and graceful too. It is taboo for women to take the first move with men. The family's reputation is at stake if the woman will break this rule. This is one reason why Filipino parents oversee the activities of their children especially their daughters.

In the Philippines, the woman has to wait for the man to express his affection for her. But expressing his feeling and his intention to court are not as easy as buying a candy in the store. He needs to observe the stages in courtship.

First, the man has to ask permission from the woman's parent. He would express to them his intention of courting their daughter. If the parent especially the father gives his consent to the man, then he could start courting and visiting the girl at home.

During his visits, he could not sit beside the girl. It is indecent if the man advances himself with her. Sitting next to her, touching her hands or even kissing her are considered as offensive acts. These behaviors can stain the reputation of the Filipina woman and her entire family. So the man needs to conduct himself in an acceptable manner. Be polite, respectful and a gentlemanlike especially when he is around her. Whenever he visits, the father and other members of the family are staying nearby.

The second thing that a man must do is to convince the woman with his feelings. A Filipino lady is also expected to play hard to get even if she also likes the man. She will put on hold her answer for a week or more. This is also to test the man's sincerity with his feelings towards the girl.

You need to understand that it is quite impossible for the man to invite her on a date if she has not committed herself into a relationship with him. It is also hard to get the approval of the parents when the lady has not accepted the love that is being offered to her. But if ever the man has to date her out, one of the Philippines dating customs that is observed even to this day is that the lady is being chaperoned by one member of the family.

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