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ESL English Lesson: Fancy a cuppa British grown tea?
D.J. Robinson

Fancy a cuppa British grown tea? You might say they don’t have tea plantations in Britain. Surprisingly, yes they do. British tea is now grown in Scotland and Cornwall, and what’s more, it’s a rapidly growing business.

Climate change is one reason why this is happening. The cool, wet British climate is now ideal, as it is helping the plantations to thrive. British entrepreneurship and business is another reason. The result is, exports of British tea are now causing a stir in China and Japan.

Article quiz: 1) Explain the term ‘Dig for Victory’. 2) Who was Winston Churchill? 3) Why is higher altitude tea better to drink? 4) Where is British tea now being sold? 5) What does ‘entrepreneurship’ mean? -- Discussion: In groups. One of you is the interviewer. The others are one of the following people. You are in the Discussion FM radio studio in London. Today’s interview is about: Fancy a cuppa British grown tea? 1) A tea expert and consultant. 2) A British tea plantation owner. 3) Someone who likes to drink tea. 4) A journalist. -- Game: Form a circle - The first person says “I went to a tea plantation and I saw…” Go in a clockwise direction and repeat the phrase repeating what has been said. Add one more thing at the end. Forget a word and you are eliminated! -- Presentation, Grammar, Etc.

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