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ESL English Lesson: English regional accents to die out – urban accents to increase
D.J. Robinson

A report analysing language trends from the past 50 years has been published by dialect coach, Brendan Gunn, and Dr Dominic Watt of York University, who is a sociolinguistic expert. The two looked at major modern cultural influences, to help predict what the future might sound like.

The analysis said that English regional accents are likely to die out in 50 years. Whereas, urban dialects are likely to rise, in big cities like Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. The Queen’s English could soon be a thing of the past, due to immigration. Multicultural London English, which incorporates pronunciations from West African, Caribbean, and Asian communities, will spread across the regions.

Speaking - Roleplay: In groups. One of you is the interviewer. The others are one of the following people. You are in the Discussion FM radio studio in London. Today’s interview is about: English regional accents to die out – urban accents to increase. 1) Someone from the UK. 2) A linguistic expert. 3) An English teacher. 4) Someone visiting the UK. The teacher will choose some groups to roleplay their interview in front of the class. -- Discussion: 1) Did the headline make you want to read the article? 2) What type of accent do you have? 3) What type of accent do your parents have? 4) Which accents do you hate most? 5) Which accent is your favourite? Why? 6) Do you speak The Queen’s English? Why? Why not? Explain. 7) How important will voice recognition be in the future? -- Gap Fill: Grammar, Sentence Starters, Homework, Etc.

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