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ESL English Lesson: Back to School!
D.J. Robinson

Today, let’s talk about going back-to-school. It is September and the school holidays have now finished. It is time to start a new term. This could be at school, university or college, at language school, or even in the office. Students are now returning to lessons, following their summer break.

For schoolchildren, the new term may result in meeting new friends, as well as seeing old ones. It means a new school timetable. It will probably mean new subjects to learn, with exams to study for at the end of the school year.

Speaking (warm up): What does ‘back-to-school’ mean? Go round the room swapping details with others. -- Reading: Students should now read the article aloud, swapping readers every paragraph. -- Article Quiz: 1) Explain what a tablet is. 2) What is a bus pass? 3) What is homework? 4) What might the teacher say? 5) What are rules? -- Grammar, Spelling, Etc.

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