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ESL English Lesson: Would you like to live and work in Antarctica?
D.J. Robinson

Recently four jobs were advertised to work in the British post office in Antarctica. More than 50 people applied for them. The jobs at Port Lockroy in British Antarctica Territory offer a monthly salary of around £1,100. Applications are now closed.

Those selected will see some wonderful mountain scenery including a lot of snow and virtually 24 hours of daylight. Applicants should however be aware of the 2,000 odd penguins they’ll have for company. The job itself involves cleaning penguin poo from the surrounding paths near the post office.

The lucky four will travel 11,000 miles (17,600km) to be a post office worker in Antarctica for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Part of the job will see them hand-frank 80,000 letters and postcards from all around the world. They will run the gift shop, the post office and museum operation at Port Lockroy.

Article quiz - Student questions: 1) How many penguins are there? 2) How many cruise ship passengers visit every year? 3) What does ‘hand-frank’ mean? 4) How many people applied for the jobs? 5) What is the average temperature? When is this? -- WRITING / SPEAKING: In pairs. On the board write as many words about the ‘Antarctica’ One-two minutes. Compare with other teams. Using your words compile a short dialogue together. -- In pairs – What three things might you do in your free time whilst living and working in Antarctica?

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