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ESL English Lesson: The Stock Market Crash
D.J. Robinson

Fear is what has been driving stock markets to crash recently. Why? Because of plunging oil prices and China’s falling economy. Saudi Arabia is determined to control the world’s oil prices so refuses to reduce its pumping in the hope of putting other types of energy companies out of business.

Oil prices have plunged from US$110 per barrel to a low of US$26.19 a barrel. This is damaging for the world economy. It has caused stress in the credit market as oil is tied to many products.

Listening/Writing/Dictation/Reading. Speaking/Understanding: In pairs think of three advantages and three disadvantages of a stock market crash. Write them below. Talk about them! In pairs – You have US$200,000 to invest. Think of three ways to invest it in the current market. (Imagine!) Discuss together. Speaking/Presentation: Prepare a 2-3 minute presentation on The Stock Market Crash; Allow prep time! Google it if necessary! -- Homework; etc.

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