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Texas ISD School Guide

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ESL English Lesson: Do you judge a book by its cover?
David Robinson

Today we are going to talk about books. When you go into a bookshop do you judge a book by its cover? Is the front or back cover important when deciding whether to buy the book or not? Perhaps you like to read what is written on the back cover. It is normally a bit about the book. There could also be a review or two that might make you impulsively buy the book! Some people like to nosey inside it and read a snippet or two.

Writing/Speaking: In pairs: On the board write as many words as you can to do with ‘books’. One-two minutes. Compare with other teams. Using your words compile a short dialogue together. In pairs: Each of you chooses three books you have read in the last year. Write them below. Talk about them! The teacher will choose some pairs to discuss their findings in front of the class.

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