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Polish in Lodz, Poland

Poland is located on the Baltic Sea. It is now a member state of the European Union and is part of the space shengen since December 21, 2007.
Courses on offer:
9-month course Polish language course (20-25 lessons a week)2500€
The academic year begins on September 03, October 03, November 03, December 03, 03 January each year.
The course is excellent for people who wish to study in poland and who want to prepare well for an exam. we provide educational materials and the certificate of graduating the course of polish. We cooperate with public university.
For more information please contact with us.
Center Of Polish Language For Foreigners
Ul. Łąkowa 29, 90-554 Łódż/Pologne
Tel./Fax +48 42 661 54 50

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