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Paso Robles Wine Tours - Enjoy A Taste Of California
By:Ned D'Agostino

Originally it was the waters that drew people from near and far to visit the city of Paso Robles, California. Since the late 1800s, the city was well known as a destination for healing hot springs and natural mud baths. As time progressed and the city grew larger, it became a popular destination for immigrant families looking for the ideal place to grow grapes for wine. Thus, beginning in the 1920s, commercial vineyards began populating the area and winemaking has grown steadily since then. Today, Paso Robles has become a popular destination for tourists looking to sample the vast array of wonderful wines grown in this region.

The grapes cultivated during this earlier period were passed on and have become the foundation of many premier and award winning wines produced by Paso Robles winemakers. When you visit Paso Robles, one of the things that strikes you immediately is the charming, historical flavor of the town, and the sunny disposition of its local residents. Blessed with a warm and moderate climate, the area has several scenic parks that are perfect for strolling and basking in the sun.

Each May, the city plays host to an annual Paso Robles wine festival that draws wine lovers from near and far. The festival gives you a chance to taste countless varieties of wines from up to 80 wineries. In addition to all of the great wine, you can enjoy lots of tasty food, handmade items from local artisans and good music. While not officially a part of the wine tour, attending the wine festival is a fantastic way to get a sampling of the types of wines that are being produced in wine country. If you search online, you may be able to find a special tour that includes this fun festival.

If you can't make the festival, going on one of the Paso Robles wine tours is the only other way you'll get to experience the divinely intriguing wines being produced here. Unlike some other popular wine tour destinations, wine tours in Paso Robles can be designed according to your personal preferences. Most tours here can easily accommodate individuals, couples and groups of various sizes.

Types of Wine Tours in Paso Robles

Private Tour - If you wish to do a wine tour, but want to have a lot of say on where you go and what you'll be doing during the tour, look for options that allow you a more individualized experience.

Wine Connoisseur - You're not just out to have a good time, you have a strong desire to smell, swivel and taste premier wines in an upscale setting. This kind of tour is for those who want to experience the best fine dining and wines the area has to offer.

Educational Tour - You love everything about wine and want to find out even more. This kind of tour fills your mind with all sorts of juicy facts about winemaking. Taste various wines while learning all about how they're made.

Picnic Tour - Visit several wineries during the day and let your taste buds explore many delightful wines. Enjoy a picnic lunch, while gazing out at the beautiful wine country scenery.

Whether you are looking at Paso Robles wine tours or San Francisco wine tours http://sanfranciscowinetours.org/paso-robles-wine-tours/, there are a number of great destinations in California and elsewhere to sample some great wines. Learn more about all of them at SanFranciscoWineTours.org.

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