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| Motorcycle Rentals in California: Top Motorcycle Tour Routes
By:Peter Crider

If you prefer riding with the wind in your hair and the powerful hum of a motor between your legs, then riding a motorcycle is the perfect activity. There is nothing like the feeling of the sun in your face and the great American countryside laid out in front of you, all ready to be explored.

If you want your bike trips to be memorable, start off by going down the most popular bike routes in California. These include the Santa Barbara County Ventura Loop, the Twisty Redwood Ride, the Salmon Falls Road, Sonora Pass, and the Golden 49 Route.

Santa Barbara County Ventura Loop

The Santa Barbara Ventura Loop starts from Ojai and ends in Cuyama, with breathtaking views of mountains, fields, and the coast, in between for a ride that takes about 5 hours. This loop is known for having good places for experienced riders, especially route 33, while there also are roads that are good for beginner bikers.

Twisty Redwood Ride

For big redwoods and the feel of driving deep into the cool forests with creeks and trees on either side, then the Twisty Redwood Ride is the route to take. This 22 mile stretch of asphalt also has a number of camping and motor grounds.

Salmon Falls Road

You can see parts of Folsom Lake as you go through this area. With very tight turns and sharp corners, this is a very twisty ride indeed. Those who want high speeds and knee dragging will love this stretch of road. There are restaurants and gas stations at the start and the end of the road.

Sonora Pass

This is one of the most breathtaking views of wildlife, which include amazing views of the mountains and valleys covered in flowers. Bikers can see snow capping the mountain peaks even at the very end of the summer. The road can be narrow and twisty in some parts and there are sheer drop offs in some parts where you need to be careful. Strawberry Ski Road is one of the best places to make a rest stop for lunch.

Golden 49 Route

For the most stunning illusion of unending asphalt and the best view of the Sierras, a bike ride through the Golden 49 is a good experience that any biker will not soon forget. The road also has a number of twists and turns as you start from Coulterville and end in Maripossa. Use first gear when navigating the twisties. The route also has a number of rest stops and refueling stations along the way.

Motorcycle rentals in California

Although die hard biking aficionados like to own their Harleys, if you only drive during the weekends or after every few months, renting your bikes is the more practical option. There are a lot of California companies who rent various kinds of bikes for different levels of bikers. When renting a bike, make sure that you choose one which suits your driving skills and body size. Make sure that you also have a major credit card which you can use for the initial deposit, as many rentals consider this as a requirement.

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