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Memphis - For All It's Worth
By:Chase Henderson, Sr.

For anyone that thinks there isn't much to do in Memphis -- think again! Memphis, the largest city in Tennessee and the 19th largest in the United States of America, bursts with the vibrant and active bustle and hustle of day to day life. However step back from the Memphis bustle and hustle and you can observe that there is actually a hint of some attractions and historical spots.

For all those museum lovers out there fantasize of the peacefulness of a museum for an information filled weekend of fun, Memphis has 16 different types of museums to visit.

The Pink Palace Museum is one of the Memphis city's biggest museums. The Memphis mansion was the to be home of Clarence Saunders, one of Memphis' celebrities who started the famous Piggy Wiggly stores, before the company was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Some of the other intriguing museums are the National Civil Rights Museum, which takes you back through the civil rights struggles of Memphis city as well as the nation, enabling you to set foot into the world of yesterday. The Memphis 'Rock n Soul' museum, 'Slave-haven Underground Railroad museum' are just some of the other popular museums there.

Apart from museums, there are some places in Memphis that a tourist or anyone else just has to see. The Mississippi River is an example of such a place. It is the second largest river running through the country and acts as Memphis' western border. There are a lot of establishments at the banks of this river that enable you to sit by it and relax. There are also a lot of parks and some water recreations that one can enjoy there.

Beale Street is one of Memphis' busiest streets with a vibrant intoxicating pulse that is both entertaining and refreshing at once. Bars, restaurants and coffee houses line the street, enticing tired customers with refreshments. It also houses clubs and live bands, for those dying to break a leg or get tantalized with music of all sorts.

The AutoZone Park is Memphis' own baseball stadium and home to the minor league baseball team, the Memphis Redbirds. This is a special place for the people of Memphis, bringing them together to cheer for the team they all support.

One of Memphis' greatest tourist attractions is Graceland. The home of Elvis, his living conditions and grave can be seen in Graceland. This place is an attraction to all music lovers and Elvis fans and is often thronged with crowds like no other.

The Peabody Ducks is another Memphis tradition since 1932, where their ducks march from their house to the fountain of the famous Peabody hotel to the sound of the King's Cotton March. They return back in the evening.

The sounds and sights that one will see in Memphis are unique in their own way. It is a fun place to visit and an even nicer place to stay. The people are friendly as can be and always help make the trip worth its while.

Also, if you're a Memphian or interested in Memphis check out these helpful pages: Memphis Weather and Memphis News http://www.mdpatrick.com/memphis-news/.

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