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Self-improvement motivation - Self Improvement *Picture*  by: Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD
Setbacks Are Part Of The Process When working toward your goals, a setback isn't a reason to quit. Setbacks are temporary, unless you choose to allow them to be permanent. When working toward a goal,..
Movies that Mend a Broken Heart  by: Brian McDonald
The title was a lie, but whoever believes that a number of titles mentioned in article in a dating website can in fact mend a broken heart has not had her heart torn in several parts enough to..
Destroying Negative Thinking  by: Mark R James
Thinking negatively can affect our lives in many ways. Once your mind is programmed to negative thinking it is very difficult to change. We all know somebody who has, or is, being treated for either..
Turning 'Can't' Into 'Can' And 'Did'  by: Robert Daniel
I completed the Landmark Forum in Perth, Western Australia in 2002. I had ‘stuff' going on like everyone else, but it wasn't major. There were people dealing with mind blowing life issues, and..
Five Simple Ways to Enjoy Life  by: Manish Kapoor
Every one wants to live a happy life. Everyone wants a life which is free from stress and worry. But the question is how can we live happy life? Well, it is impossible to be completely free from..
Stop Stress Immediately By Finding Where It Originates In Your Life.  by: Michael C. Miller
Although it is common knowledge that stress is a major contributor to bad health, knowing what to do to change the stress in your life is hard. You may be looking at the next few weeks thinking you..
The Law of Attraction - Making it Work For You  by: Cashmere Lashkari
The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law. It has nothing to do with what religion you are. It has nothing to do with believing in a certain type of God. It is a law of the universe that is just as..
Activating The Powers Within - Your Chance to Excel  by: Larry Icabandi Nabiong
Whenever I see flowers blooms, sun shines, leaves sway, clouds move---I feel the urge to smile. You too, I am sure, do. With these around us, beauty and quietness exude magic to our soul making us..
What To Do When Self-Motivation Comes And Goes  by: Luc Reid
Here’s an issue Merrie Haskell, a writer, mentions in a comment to an earlier post: “I’ve noticed that I go through periodic surges of willpower. (I guess that’s what I mean.) I will be in a..
Personal Development Tips - 7 Tips For Mixing With Positive People  by: Kevin J. John
You want to change your life and be more successful but you’re living in a world where you are immersed in negativity. Your friends are negative about your desires to succeed and don’t support..
Personal Growth Exercises - 3 Fun Exercises to Boost Your Self-Image and Peace of Mind  by: Michael Lee
Personal growth exercises are a great way to usher ourselves into a healthy and happy life. They help us see where we are right now, how far we've come along and where else we can improve ourselves...
The Good News About Your Self-esteem  by: Kathleen A.
It’s so true that NO ONE wants to admit to having any type of diminished self-esteem. Admitting that seems to most of us to be as humiliating as walking around with LOSER tattooed on your forehead...
Positive Attitude – Energize Your Life - Self Improvement  by: Sacha Tarkovsky
Can having a positive attitude energize your life? It can and does, daily. Just as the opposite is true. Having a negative outlook enervates your life and you. Why? What is a Positive Attitude? A..
Self-Confidence Arises From Preparedness  by: JOHN VESPASIAN
If you are well prepared, good things will happen to you. Closed doors will open, opportunities will materialize, and jobs will become available. Preparedness brings not only material benefits, but..
Easy Steps to Self-Esteem and Success  by: Steve Tallamy
I truly believe that you cannot have an abundance of success without an abundance of self-esteem. Sure you can have a little of one without the other, but who on earth wants that? So if you need to..
Gratitude and Beyond  by: Nancy Heimstra
It is early morning and I am enjoying the stillness before another busy day. It is a time for reflection in the busy holiday season. The traffic is heavier, the stores are crowded, and there is a..
Would You Believe?  by: Reggie Odom
Would you believe that what you believe is alive and well in every aspect of your life today? What do you have faith in? What do you believe to be true? If you let this question live in you for a..
How Much Can You Handle?  by: Jason Johns
I was talking to one of my friends just a few days ago, and she got me thinking. She was telling me about all the problems in her life and how bad she was feeling and that it seemed that the universe..
Reduce Sports Stress In 5 Best Approaches  by: Nelson Berry
Being an athlete can be very rewarding. You get to pursue one of the things you love to do, be paid handsomely, and even keep your body physically fit and healthy. But it also brings a lot of danger..
The Secret to Instant and Lasting Motivation  by: Justin Popovic
Do you have a list of goals and desires that have yet to be fulfilled? Do you find yourself generating exciting new ideas only to find that you lose the motivation to complete them shortly after you..
5 Positive Attitude Activities For An Awesome Life  by: Michael Lee
Positive attitude activities help us deal with the pressure of everyday responsibilities. Now more than ever, we are faced with different challenges and become vulnerable to stress, making it hard to..
Dealing With Guilt  by: Ade Shokoya
Guilt is a negative feeling that most people have experienced before. It's also one of the biggest things that holds us back from being happy and successful in life. For example... You might feel the..
Your Attitude Determines Your Success - Self Improvement  by: John Kunkle
Your attitude is the number one criteria to your success in wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of your dreams. I’m sure that you have heard that many times before. But it’s true. Attitude is..
Staying in Neutral  by: Natalia Alexandria
Sometimes, staying in neutral can be a great thing. In the midst of challenging life situations and everyday hurdles, we might want to consider that it may not always be the best time to "do"..
Opportinity Is Knocking... Are You Coming Out To Play  by: Karen Senteio
When we were kids, it was the best thing in the world to have friends knock on our door and ask you to come out and play. You did not have to know what you were going to do that day. You were..
Motivation  by: Devon D. Harris
I hope that over the last two issues you actually invested the time to identify the goals that would have the most significant impact on your life once achieved, determine the steps you need to take..
Relieve Stress - 3 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress  by: John Purfield
Do you feel you need to relieve stress? If you are living a life with many things going on such as a challenging job, parenting or struggling relationship, then you may have bouts with stress once in..
Cure Complacency Before It Kills  by: Mark Thompson
Successful living is no accident. If you're not on your toes, you can lose it all before you know it. One common thing that those who start to make progress do it to start to let it roll, sit back..
Setting Personal Development Goals- An Important Step In Achieving Success And Fulfillment  by: Donald Newton
Goal setting is one of the important steps toward personal development. Some people prefer to strive toward several larger goals in order to avoid feeling too constricted by more numerous, smaller..
Living in the Now: Use it to Enrich Your Life  by: Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.
At about this time of year, some months after New Year’s resolutions have been made and kept, or made and neglected, one thing is undeniable: we have a chance to learn and grow every day, no matter..
Lift Your Spirit & Reduce Stress Now! - Self Improvement  by: Sacha Tarkovsky
In this article we are going to look at adopting a positive attitude and de-stressing your schedule so you have a better attitude of mind and get more done. These are simple tips but they will lift..
10 Tips on How to Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success on a First Date- Especially if You Have  by: Amy Schoen
Let’s say during the last couple of weeks you have communicated with someone of interest via emails and several telephone conversations. There is obvious “phone chemistry” and there is a mutual..
How to Handle the Fear of Rejection  by: Dr. Raymond Comeau
No one will dispute the fact that fear of rejection is one of the major reason why people fail to take action. Dreams are put on the shelves and some of the more promising projects will never see the..
Motivation- Get the Daily Dose that Keeps You on Fire  by: Beth Tabak
"One of the strongest characteristics of genius is the power of lighting its own fire." John W. Foster If that's the case we each have the ability to manifest the genius within. Motivation seems to..
Are you truly living the life you want to live?  by: Heather Redmond
Some of the things people most desire to have, or to improve in their life are money, a loving relationship, a successful job, great health, nice house, and a new car. Most people just dream about..
5 Most Common Relationship Problems!  by: Andre Palmer
Crisis 1 - Just After Falling In Love, the new love feeling not as strong! The first intense love rush has died down and the two I must be a common we. You discover each others weaknesses and are..
Success Training Strategies- The Success Secrets of the Greatness Grower  by: Doug Firebaugh
"The power inside of you would stagger you if you really knew what it could accomplish. It is a power that conquers, empowers, and Grows Greatness. But most of us have been conquered by Greatness..
Six Great Tips For Creating Balance in Your Life  by: Dion Daly
You all have experienced a period in your life where you have felt out of control and imbalanced. It is perfectly natural! But how can you attain a balance in these chaotic periods? If you can..
Loving Yourself  by: Rebbie Straubing
I love Myself so much That I can love You so much, That You can love You so much, That You can start loving Me -Chant From The Sound of Agape Chant; Collection 1 Rickie Byars Loving yourself allows..
Taking Time Out For You  by: Cheryl Wright
TAKING TIME OUT by Cheryl Wright Many women function in multiple roles with multiple responsibilities. And sadly, while today’s technology boasts of the capacity to simplify our lives and make it..