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Get the Habit of Building Your Confidence  by: John M Nolan
I think one of the most common requests I receive as a personal coach is to help people build up their confidence. If people feel more confident they do more things and consequently get more from..
Empowering Yourself to Succeed  by: Berg
All people need to provide some means to pay their bills and maintain the lifestyle they have created. Therefore, most all of us must go to work. The question is: do we work to live or live to work?..
Momentum In The New Year  by: Mark I Myhre
How can we change? How can we make this new year better than the last? Let me offer one suggestion: Learn what responsibility really means. See, if you're like I used to be, you may believe..
The Most Courageous People in the World  by: Graham Harris
Who are the most courageous people in the world? Armed services? Coastguards? Astronauts? Firepersons? Explorers? Mountaineers? ……Sports? For us, the most courageous people in the world are those..
How To Turn Shoulds Into Want Tos - Self Improvement  by: Liz Sumner
I hate Shoulds. They're evil. They scream at me and shake their fingers. Ought to Have to and Must are just as bad. They make me the opposite of motivated. You SHOULD write another newsletter. You..
Release Your Subconscious Fears  by: Melissa Kitto
Let's take a look at how to apply the Law of Attraction in your daily life. Simply stated the Law of Attraction means "My thoughts and feelings create my reality." Often, people become frustrated..
20 Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking  by: Rene Graeber
1. Start the day with cheers and smiles. Your whole day depends on how you greet the morning. Therefore, as long as you welcome it with energy and high spirits, everything will go okay. You don’t..
Celebrate To Raise Your Self-Esteem  by: Liv Miyagawa
As a self-esteem coach I always recommend my clients to celebrate! Celebration is an important and fun way to raise your self-esteem. Why is celebrating good for my self-esteem? When you celebrate..
The Secret to Motivation  by: Andrew Watton
It is not too over the top to suggest to you that motivation is quite simply the petrol in the engine of life. It is what makes us do just about everything in our lives. Money motivates us to work...
8 Tips to improve your communication skills  by: John Khu
If you often have difficulty in starting conversations and maintaining the interest of people you are speaking with, you are just a member of what is probably the largest group of humans on this..
Avoid Road Rage - 11 Simple Tips to Keep Safe While Driving  by: Stephen Carr
Keep yourself, your family, and those who drive around you as safe as possible by avoiding road rage. These simple tips will help you. The key is to get in the right frame of mind while driving. Many..
The Desperation Cycle And Failing Motivation  by: Kurt Mortensen
Many think motivation is useless because it doesn’t ensure long-lasting results. This thought tendency can be seen in what I call the Desperation Cycle. The Desperation Cycle shows how human nature..
How To Stay Motivated To Live The Life You Want  by: Thomas Straub
Distractions, excuses, reasons to quit... with so much working against us everyday, how do we stay motivated to achieve our goals, to get what we want out of life? If our goal is to improve..
Negative Self-talk is Too Expensive  by: Alan Fairweather
I'm always fascinated by the people who lift huge weights, particularly in competitions like the Olympic Games. There are events for men and women and they get up on stage to lift a bar with huge..
Six Daily Motivation Tips  by: Steven Gillman
How do you achieve a more consistent level of daily motivation? Use the following powerful techniques, beginning at the start of your day. 1. Start The Day Motivated Have a morning motivation..
Stop Procrastination Now - Clean Up the Clutter  by: Roger Moore
Procrastination is "The deferment or putting-off of an action which requires immediate attention, usually by focusing on some other distraction" as defined by Webster. Why put off tomorrow what you..
The Secret Of Success  by: Alex Goad
There are several definitions of the word determination. The two that I retain for this article are as follows. Determination: the quality of being determined to do or achieve something. And also..
How to Improve Your Self-Esteem Without Losing the Real You  by: Louisa Chan
To All Who Are Committed To Be Congruent And Authentic As I was going through my journal this week I came across this coaching tool which I researched on and designed for my paper; a tool I call..
How My Mother Taught Me Motivation  by: Jan Malloch
I do not recall being motivated to do anything in particular as a young child. I do not think I was any different from most other children in that respect. There was, of course, always the motivation..
Misplaced Motivations  by: Daniel Massicotte
Ever have one of those days where everything goes right? Motivation is more than a few reasons you want to get something done. Most people use money as their primary vehicle for motivation. I..
Should You Attend a Motivation Workshop?  by: Wendy Pan
Do you feel you lack motivation in your life? Do you feel lost and have no idea which way to turn? Do you have an idea of what you need to do or where you need to be in your life, but no idea how to..
There is Only NOW  by: Ian Crossley
I have noticed on my journey that most self help books aim at sorting out your financial problems. I have found from mentoring that money has very little to do with happiness, if you are not in..
Negative vs Positive: The Ever-existing Battle In Your Mind  by: Lynne Dean
WE ARE ALL THINKING ALL OF THE TIME. Can you believe that our thoughts never leave us. Wow! Silly thoughts, hungry thoughts, angry thoughts, melancholy thoughts, happy thoughts; that’s a bunch of..
5 Easy Daily Habits To Supercharge Your Personal Success And Effectiveness  by: Warren H Wojnowski
How would you like to discover 5 easy daily habits that supercharge your personal success and effectiveness? As a student of personal development and self improvement, you've no doubt come to the..
If You See It You Will Achieve It  by: Sharon Capehart
Everyone has a vision of how they would like their life to be. I find often that people get too caught up in the big picture to see the path that they are supposed to follow. They get caught up in..
Motivation Tips - How to Defeat Procrastination  by: Anthony D Carter
The two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow. ~Author Unknown Do you find yourself putting off important task? We all have felt that way at one time or another..
A Time to Rest, A Time to Heal  by: Bonnie Moss
Life is not always a pleasant walk down the garden path.Who has not known pain and anguish? Who has not suffered the wounds of a relationship discord? Problems are challenges life casts our way. We..
Online Dating - 8 Sizzling Tips To Make Your Profile Standout!  by: Amanda Lee
We know one of the hardest part of creating your profile is describing yourself to others. Dating gives you the freedom to define & express yourself so you can put your best foot forward...
Anger Management Techniques: How  by: Dr. Joe James
One anger management technique that is particularly important is to be aware of how you and your partner respond to each other in everyday conversation. Forget the big fights; its these little..
Change Your Routine To Keep Motivated - Self Improvement  by: Matthew Roberts
Often the way we live day by day starts to become habit, and we do things almost without thinking. Wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come home, go to bed, wake up and repeat. Know it's no..
Social Anxiety Can Strike Without Warning  by: Herbal Anxiety
If you get tensed or nervous while giving a speech in front of many people or attending an interview regarding a job, there are chances that you might be suffering from social anxiety disorder. The..
How To Build Confidence Easily!  by: John J Thompson
How to build confidence is all about learning how to value yourself. Most all people who have low confidence have one thing in common which is low self worth. Low self worth simply means that you do..
Habits That Save You Time  by: Jim Estill
You are the product of what you repeatedly do. If you have well-trained organizational habits, then you are an organized person. If your habits include reading a lot, then you are a well-read person...
Destiny And Living With Purpose  by: Zoe Young
As we walk through life, sometimes we fumble and lose our way; we neglect to choose the right path or follow our destiny. How do we know when this happens? We know when we find ourselves living a..
Love Is an Action, Not a Word  by: Winston A Henderson
How many times have you heard the words "I Love You"? Not enough, sometimes, too often maybe. Now how many times have you seen the words "I Love You"... How many times have your significant other..
Obtaining Back Your Worth Through Self Esteem Actions  by: Daniel Mariano
Have you ever hoped that you will try self esteem activities? May be you don’t, but actually that activities can make you consider good about yourself. As we know that things go by so fast..
Nurture Yourself by Giving and Receiving  by: Helene Rothschild
Did you ever resist a friend's offer to treat you for an event, movie, meal, etc.? I did. Many years ago, my girlfriend and I were sitting at the table and reading the menu of a fine restaurant. When..
Confidence And Its Origin  by: Anmol Rana
Confidence and its Origin Don’t you have the confidence to do this work …… Come on, you can do it……. Have confidence…… What does all this mean? Why do we say all these words when we are..
Are You A Victim Of Low Self Esteem?  by: Dan Farrell
Self-esteem is vitally important for the positive approaches towards facing problems. Self-esteem is a road for smooth approaches to seeing life's problems Self-esteem creates a self confidence in..
The Decision  by: Steven E
By the time I was nine, I was already overweight. I didn't feel like I was as good as the "thin" girls. By age 14, I had started the "dieting roller coaster." I tried diet after diet but was never..