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Motivation - i don't really seem to have motivation to do much of anything in my life  by:
... and i don't know why. i'll need to clean the house - i keep putting it off. i'll wait til the last minute to do lots of things. i wanna start working out, but i always say i'll do it and i don't...
Develop an Attitude of Gratitude  by: Hilda Carroll
I have to confess to being a big fan of the X Factor. If, like me, you avidly followed the contestants who competed in the run-up to Christmas 2005, you won’t have missed the week where Chico was..
I Need You…I Need You Not: Is Needing Part of the Love Equation?  by: Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.
Why is it that so often when we feel we are in love, we also feel we are in bondage if anything happens to shake the feeling of “security” in the love? Why does love so often make us dependent on..
3 Ways To Break Free Of Resistance  by: Carolyn Ellis
We’ve all had those great moments of inspiration, where an amazing idea is sparked within us and we’re totally energized to make it happen. Your focus is clear and your creative juices are..
An Easy Way To Overcome Fears  by: Jeremy C.
It may sound a little strange, but just learning to breathe properly will help you to overcome fears. One particular fear a few people have is when they are about to drive over a bridge. This..
Tips On How To Get Focused To Reach Your Potential  by:
Are you frustrated by knowing you could do a lot better in your career and other areas of your life? Wondered why you just can’t seem to do better? Are you angry with yourself because you are not..
Motivation Tips - 5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination  by: Anthony D Carter
Procrastination is a common hindrance to success. When we put off doing what needs to be done we also postpone taking advantage of opportunities. It is very important that you become a person uses..
Never, Ever Give Up!  by: Caroline Jalango
There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream. ~Author Unknown~ Are you on the verge of giving up on your dream? Are you just about to let all your hopes and dreams..
21-The Importance Of Being Able To Say "No"  by: Ab Van Deemter
Do you easily manage to say “No” to someone who wants a favour from you, while deep inside you feel you want to refuse? Or do you, like I used to do for quite some time, roll across your feeling..
Think Thinking  by: Marshall Wade
Yes, once we have made the decision to change our lives for the better, and persist at it on a daily basis, our will to live increases exponentially, we wake up every morning actually looking forward..
Fear - A common Motivator for Self Confidence  by: Abe Cherian
If you are like most people, you are often confronted with fears that hold you back - consciously or subconsciously. Although you weren't born with them, you are under the strong influence of the..
Just Say Yes  by: Debbie Friedman
I was never a fan of the big purple dinosaur. As a matter of fact, I used to make fun of him. Then, my grandson Ben was born and I bought Barney’s Great Adventure video. Over the years Barney has..
When Your Emotions Become Like Ticking Bombs  by: Rino Soriano
So, where does disease come from? How does it get manifested in your body in the first place? Do environment and diet really play key roles in causing disease? Well, the information contained in this..
If I was the Boss of the World  by: Craig Harper
The other day at work I was walking past a couple of young kids who were sitting on a couch and chatting. The first sentence I heard come from a little boys lips was: "If I was the boss of the world,..
How To Improve Your Health By Getting Rid Of These 3 Negative Mood Swings  by: Gary T
If laughter is the best medicine, then negative mood swings are the worst poisons. Moods and attitudes play a crucial role in our health. A happy go lucky person tends to be a lot healthier than a..
Flexibility-Create A Dynamic Experience  by: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
Flexibility may be seen as both a set of capabilities (internal: "What can I do?") and a source of competitive advantage (external: "What do others see?"). You might want to make plans that take..
How To Manage Tension And Stress - 4 Useful Tips  by: Rene Graeber
Stress has always been a part of our lives. It is but a common occurrence for people to hear someone complain of how stressful his life had been in the school, in the workplace, or even with his..
How To Get Motivated - My Personal Tricks  by: Thomas P Hays
Let me start off by saying that I'm not a motivational guru or a New York Times best-selling author on how to get motivated. I'm just your average Joe who has problems at getting himself motivated at..
Correct Your Mindset and Expel The Fear  by: Mark Claridge
The main problem with many of us is we loose our direction in life. We have great aspirations upon leaving school or college but then just loose direction or do not know how to achieve our dreams. We..
It's The Way You See Things  by: Dr Kem Thompson
Has this or something similar ever happened to you: There's this new staff member, 'X' who you'd like to make friends with. But she seems uninterested in you or anyone else, and mostly keeps to..
Attitude - Is 80%, Skill And Effort Are 20%!  by: Ellen Farquharson
A: Accountable: answerable, responsible, and dependable. The first thing you need to decide is your attitude about your own personal business. Are you going to except your director to do everything..
Overcoming shyness - video  by: web
By: Bob Parson - CEO and founder of The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
Do You Use Your Time Wisely?  by: Rene Graeber
When I was younger, I never considered the importance of time. I just laze around, watching TV, lie in bed, and play video games. As I grew older, I thought about the things that I have achieved. To..
What is Happiness? Can it Be Defined?  by: CD Mohatta
Happiness is one of the most commonly used words. We all say - the children look so happy. I am very happy today. You don't look happy. Any reason? How to make a happy world? How to avoid sad..
The Thief of Time  by: Craig Harper
I wake up with a jolt. My eyes are still shut but I have an awareness of light in the room. An abundance of it. Brilliant, almost blinding light. For a moment I'm not sure where I am, what time it..
Motivation and Personality - Which Type Are You?  by: Peter Murphy
The level of motivation that a person has depends a lot on the personality of that person. If a person has the personality of a quiet, shy type of person, their motivation will come from living..
Maximizing Motivation Steps To Get Unstuck In Life  by: Dr. Steve Tuggle
Maximizing motivation is the secret to living a consistently happy, fulfilled, and energetic life. The word motivation implies that we are moving forward. Our goal then becomes to maximize this..
Separate Yourself From The Opinions Of Others  by: Jaime Adriance
Miriam Webster's definition of an opinion is a "view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter." The first thing that we need to realize about an opinion is that it resides..
Staying Calm During Times That Are Stressful  by: Jeff Douglas
How can we achieve well being and stay balanced during times of stress? Is there a way of remaining calm and not falling victim to the world around us? Can we escape depression, fear and other..
Wisdom of the World's Proverbs  by: Rodney Ohebsion
You don't have to excavate diamond mines or oil fields to find one of the world's greatest treasures. All you need to do is look at the world's proverbs--the "people's wisdom." Legendary Spanish..
The Mystery of Mastering Motivation  by: Jim Janowiak
Each of us, at one point or the other, could use an extra dose of motivation. Those of us building internet businesses are no exception. As you know, there is no easy "business in a box". The reasons..
The Truth About The Rich And The Successful  by:
A recent survey conducted by Forbes magazine shows that majority of its readers would prefer becoming a billionaire rather than a Nobel prize winner, a renowned scientist or a famous athlete. It is a..
Personal Development Lies  by: Craig Harper
Have you ever bought something only to discover down the track that you didn't actually get what you thought you were buying... that you've been well and truly scammed? Of course you have. Me too. We..
Are You Angry At The Whole World?  by: Julianne Rowat
There are at least 50 negative emotions that people have. One of the worst emotions you can feel is anger. Anger is one of the most powerful and destructive emotion you can inject on your body. If..
A Better Life In Seven Easy Steps...  by: Craig Harper
So we've covered a fair bit of the motivational and head stuff recently. Now I reckon it's time to stop talking and start doing. We've discussed how and why we think, feel, react, process and behave..
How to Stay Motivated on the Job  by: Tony Jacowski
Any job can become a pain if you do not feel motivated enough to do it. When you are not motivated, it shows. You will soon find yourself passed over for raises and promotions. You will not be..
Habits! Can They Be Changed?  by: PJ Bath
Like buildings and houses are made up of bricks in Asia, our lives are made up of habits. We are creatures of habits and they are bricks of our lives. We have a choice, we can either build a Taj..
Getting Motivated to Succeed  by: Ravi M Kumar
Motivation is one of those intangible things in life that many have a love/hate relationship with. One day you may start your morning fully charged and overflowing with motivation to tackle whatever..
One Great Way to Improve Your Life  by: Laurent Grenier
Perhaps there is no greater means of improving one's life than striving to answer in the most enlightened way this single question: Why live? I started to ask myself that question about thirty years..
Inspirational and Motivational  by: Elijah James
People would definitely agree that at least once in their lives, they have felt what its like to be down or empty. This might be caused by the loss of a loved one, a tragedy, or simply from too much..